The Quantum Dance and Physics of Creation

The Base Structure of Quantum Consciousness and Intelligence and its relation to Universal Consciousness and Intelligence


I am tempted to write this article in response to some comments received to the article “ The Truth - The Structure of Consciousness and Intelligence (”. There is no basic change but some more elaboration of the Truth. I have restricted my self to speak the fundamentals/foundation and not bothered to refer and quote the highly acknowledged researchers in the field of consciousness and intelligence research. It is not deliberate.  My journey against Time seeking the simplicity behind the complexity was driven by some intrinsic energy or force. I was not even aware of it. So the initial period was turbulent. But after I was initiated in to Faith and touched by spirit, turbulence settled bringing the simplicity behind the design and perpetuation of nature. Human mind always wishes to go forth, attempt to return is highly energy consuming. Mind fails to go back unless a specific demand occurs. So I request the readers to ask questions  or pose problems so that my mind finds finds a reason to go back and write from that point to lead others out of the complexity to the simplicity

The Foundation of System Design and the Secret of Quantum Conscious World

The system design is built on facts of nature and some simple logical conclusions and visualizations, which even ordinary people can understand if he stands aside from “self” and observes nature.  It is built on the belief that there exist a fundamental design and principle to the building blocks and the whole nature. It reveals this fundamental design, principle of quantum phenomena and then constructs and explains the whole nature we live in. It is an attempt to move science onto a new foundation where nature is understood through some ratios, which Einstein dreamed. Here are the important facts of nature

1] The existence of the opposite particles as one system. Everything in nature seems to exist in pairs, capable of exchanging energy or spirit. There exist a constant and Quantum flow of energy between them. The fact that these particles or building blocks can give out and receive invariably means they are designed in a non-equilibrium manner within itself and between them. A quantum flow occurs between the two giving rise to two phases of Quantum Reality [This is explored in the first part of this article and every where in the site ( See article “ The Truth ( ”]. This exchange is fundamental to Quantum Reality and System design. It forms the “Quantum Dance” See fig below

The following figures give the spatial vision of flowing and static field or relative equilibrium field

The two particle we visualized above could be understood as two energy particle one kinetic the other potential. They are in fact two light particles that go to form a matter. See Physics of Soul (  The actual process of dance is a three-step spiral winding of the system, as the system reaches the third critical state the system collapses by inversing and the left changes to right and vice versa. The flow direction is changed. The process is unwinding with exchange and return to the original state changing the direction of flow. This process is accompanied by spinning and a curved displacement in space. The process could be visualized as the inner spiraling out and outer spiraling in and vice-versa. This is the fundamental process behind the phenomenon of motion. This produces the wave in the medium, the motion it self manifest as a wave. The process accounts for uncertainty. This is the Quantum Reality or the Quantum Dance. It is the enfolding and unfolding of Time/energy.

We noted in the first part of this article that motion begins by the instinct to seek equilibrium but by design equilibrium is forbidden. Equilibrium is death. However we noted as the flow occurs from dominant to the recessive a relative non-equilibrium state comes up in the process. This relative state is a state where, one whole non-equilibrium system is divided to form two and thus form a balance. It is a second order of folded state in space [static field]. See figure above. The system seeks to exist in this relative state of equilibrium and works instinctively to oppose all forces that disturb its relative equilibrium. This is the “Basal Universal Field” in which all system exists. The whole field now is conscious by virtue of the “Spirit” that is enfolded. It has three parts the inner the outer and a middle. The middle is reality the outer and the inner forms the Creators, one the Father the other Mother and the middle forms the Child. They form the “Trinity”. The Father and Mother exist as overseer and they become participant in the over all “Quantum Dance” when it is pushed to the critical limit.

We must note here that the Quantum field we visualize is nothing but the helium atom we visualized in the article “Physics of Soul: Part –1 ( and Physics of Soul: Part -2 ( It is capable of surviving day-to-day cyclic change of time/energy and universal cyclic change of time/energy by simple transformation in the left and right.  It can also develop Information to stabilize the balance. [This critical aspect will be discussed later at length].

Now a vital question arises. We noted the system has the inherent instinct to stay in the second order of non-equilibrium then from where the force emerges that pushes the system to third critical state that leads to Quantum Dance?

Further understanding of the “Basal Field” or “Universal Field” cannot be understood unless we take the reality we observe. Nature we observe constitute billons of stellar system, material systems, the living system that are spread out in the Basal Field that is enfolded and divided into two equal halves. How possibly these system are formed from the action of two living particles and matter particle existing in 8 parts of space is described in article “Creation (”. To understand the difference between the stellar system, material system and the living system, I call your attention to the article “Quantum Action” ( To say it briefly stellar system are non-equilibrium system they emit [twitch out] energy in to the basal field on one plane and twitch in [take] energy into it from another plane. They are stable. They emit energy or light particle in relation to its pair that is separated in space. They are motivated by the instinct to seek equilibrium and thus they propose motion. They have no inertia and have maximum speed. The material systems are formed from the collision of energy particle or light. The matter particles are formed in 2 pairs, one each on the left and right of the center of the Universal Field. Here the pairs are united in space to form a relative equilibrium system in space. They instinctively resist or oppose motion. Yet they are capable of motion [mechanical motion by the action of external force] when pushed to the critical limit they twitching in energy from the producer of the force give out [ twitch out] energy one the other plane. One must make note that these systems exist in “Universal Field” that is divided into two and balanced. Since the non-equilibrium is the basis of design, the basic instinct is to seek equilibrium at the center. So all the material system and stellar system are in fact gravitational or centripetal. But by the design of the “Universal Field” it is balanced by equal and opposite exchange. The “Universal Field” largely remains undisturbed and becomes the witness. 

Note – here we are differentiating sensibly the Newtonian matter and Einsteinian matter. In Newtonian matter the pairs exist in union and thus instinctively resist any disturbance or motion. But in Einsteinian matter the pairs exist separated in space and thus instinctively propose motion. Thus Newtonian matter has inertia and Einsteinian matter has no inertia.

This steady state flow of energy in the “Universal Field” and its component occurs in quantum a manner. The “Universal Field” works as a “Double Pump” or Heart. When the west awakes to light and expands, the east is devoid of light. It sleeps and thus it contracts. The process is simultaneous. Our understanding of nature cannot be complete unless we take in to consideration the most important aspect of nature, that is life constituting of the plants animals and most importantly the humans who are enquiring into nature.

If you observe living system from a point of freedom we note the characteristic of life is different from matter. In fact it is opposite to matter. When matter is guided by Gravity and centripetal force and has a tendency to contract and get compacted, life seems to be anti-gravitational, it grows against gravity. It takes gravity and converts into anti-gravity. The second law of thermodynamics applied to living system and material system shows this opposition. When material system tends from order to disorder under the time direction the living system tends from disorder to order.

As a biotechnologist, attempting to clone some of the most difficult but highly commercial plants I had the opportunity to observe life in nearly 4 lack cultures. These observations and my interaction with nature led me to question the very foundation of biological thinking. I felt that life is more than information; probably a particle that perceives the environment and changes in it and reacts accordingly exists in it. I logically concluded that since gravity has its base in non-equilibrium then life that is anti-gravitational should have a particle that has some form of equilibrium and life is simply a product of a process of protecting its equilibrium. In short it should have the structure similar to “Universal Field”.

My search led me to inert elements of the periodic table, which reacts only to temperature-induced disturbances and are incapable of forming bonds with other elements. See article “Beyond Genes- The Secret of Self-Organizing Life and Cosmos (”.  This particles takes up the winding force and converts it into unwinding force, it develops information near critical states. The process of developing information simply is a process of adding weight to a balance to balance it. See Dynamic Information (

The picture of universal system now unfolds as a steady state pulsating system where life acts against gravity and vice-versa. It is a random world. The collective action of matter is opposed by the collective action of life. But the question remains what causes aberrations in this steady state, what causes the time direction in the whole system. Or do we assume there is no direction to the universal system? I do not agree to any directed evolution to the body. [This statement will be elaborated later as time permits]. How can be a directed evolution occurs to a system that is designed around a balance that is subjected to random oscillation? The evolution of information in such system should be random and both positive and negative. However one can note a definite directed evolution of the consciousness, intelligence and information in human system. The balance can break down by the movement of balanced objects into one balance or when everything moves to the fulcrum. This necessitates the balance to regain its balance or create again.

Before I speak of the “Physics of Creation”, let me at this point call your attention to creation aspect known to ancient spiritual knowledge systems. After all in the modern world after quantum science came into existence we have recognized spiritual knowledge and religion as a science. The ancient spiritual knowledge speaks that mankind was created in the image of the creator and was given the full power over His Kingdom. A law was however placed by the creator – Not to seek the Center. All the ancient knowledge system has projected the universe as living one with a “Universal Consciousness” and “Universal Intelligence”. Time and death is understood have come from the individuated consciousness and intelligence or the material and living forms formed from the “Universal Field”. This means the universe could be understood as human living system. There is a Central Universal Consciousness and Intelligence from which every cell of the body is created to the left and right. Every cell is a universe in it self, with its own consciousness developed from the parental one. However by their position it is limited. In spite of the fact that they are made in the Central Image and has the complete information of the whole, the full information is limited and blocked by the Law. The Law was Life. Every cell goes to form the body of the Universal Consciousness and Intelligence. The Universal Consciousness and Intelligence has no meaning with out a body to rest and act. Like wise individuated cells have no meaning without the Universal Consciousness. So all the ancient knowledge systems taught the wisdom of living or the Art of Living within the Law and in union with the Universal Consciousness and Intelligence or “Spirit” or the “Superior Knowledge”. These ancient were also aware of that “Time Cycle” is a Reality and the “Superior Knowledge” in “Time Cycle” will erode to give way to “inferior knowledge” that necessitates renewing and initializing everything in “Superior knowledge”. This means the cycle of Creation is nothing but Conception of Superior Knowledge and its Revelation, which in time fades and gives way to “unreal knowledge”, which in turn, only gives way to “True knowledge”. Creation in short is the “Cycle of Light”. The Truth of all religion is to believe in light in the phase of darkness and fight darkness in the phase of light. The seed of the one exist in the other.

Those of you have read the article “ The Physics of Soul (” would have noted that all life has a basal field similar to the Universal Field. The information and the body are constructed around this Basal Field. Here the mankind by its structure stands separate. By design it exists separated from the Basal field and thus it exist in the realm of mind to survive. This makes him incapable of perceiving the change in Time and surviving the change in direction of Time. Another way to put it is that, since mankind living a mind centered life, being the cause of directed Time is incapable of perceiving Time. So Time and its direction stresses human consciousness and intelligence to evolve to see the Truth and initialize it self.

Modern world is caught in the grip of the vortex of  “inferior knowledge”. Today our scientific quest or the quest for matter has evolved and stressing us to discover the “Spiritual Reality” of nature. With quantum science it has come one circle back to its foundation and poised to evolve to see the “Spiritual Reality” of nature or the “Unity of Nature” or the “Grand Unified Theory”. Unless this reality is revealed there is little hope for humanity and its survival.

The Physics of Creation

Big Bang Origin Visualized before my initialization into faith

This is discussed at length in the article “Creation (”. Here it is visualized to emerge from two living particle one male and female [dominant and recessive] that encloses the 8 parts of space containing matter with in its fold. The union of male and female leads to a winding of the whole system to a critical ratio of 3:1, which leads to explosion and creation. More about it explore the article “Creation (” and “Creation of the Body” (

Reduction and Creation Theory or Little Pulse and Transformation Theory that Revealed after my Initialization into Faith

The quantum big bang vision showed us the force inter action between two living particle that leads to collapse leading a possible Creation. This vision of formation of the universal system presented a really disastrous cycle of creation, death and recreation. However, the vision changed to a real more assuring and “Loving Reality” when I was initiated into faith. Here the spirit field enfolds and unfolds transforming and initializing everything by Revealing the “Absolute Knowledge” than giving us into to total destruction. “Creation” and “Time Cycle” is understood as a process of unfolding and enfolding of knowledge

It is important here we must understand quantum action and reaction that is fundamental to the idea. The article Quantum World ( discusses how a quantum action probably takes place. A quantum action occurs in three step of dimensionless spiral winding. Each of these steps in turn encloses three more minor spirals. The minor steps are where left turns right and major are where the system breaks and folds or undergo quantum winding or unwinding phenomenon. When it reaches third critical point the whole system breaks down inverses and expands on to new plane. It is important that reader should understand this phenomenon please refer article Quantum World ( and Quantum Action (

Now let us now imagine Quantum Relative Equilibrium Field we visualized above inside a sphere. A sphere has 8 equal components.  Now it is important that we note that the central system is not a truly equilibrium system. This means all the component space are not equal but they give spiral nature to it. The center to which the force was originally directed now exists off centered. The center point is taken by middle zone from which the spirit spreads out. See the first figure

All these components of universal field contain material systems and living systems. They are balanced by design but the existence of human kind who breaks the law and tries to conquer and corrupt nature gives a time direction to the system. The mind of mankind existing in the ignorance becomes the cause of disruption of the steady state. His “self” interferes in the functioning of the system. Under “Time” directed to the center the death engulfs the system. The pulse weakens with time, as it touches the center the whole system would have reached the third critical point of quantum world, where the system undergoes collapse and begins the inversion and unwinding. The direction of “Time” is changed. The mankind by ignorance continues his corruption and conquering motive. Propelling the whole system to another critical point and collapse at the periphery such that cycle is completed. Here the wave or pulse associated with the system peaks to a limit. They form the 0 and 1 of the random world See figure

The change in direction of time that is accompanied by unfolding and enfolding of the field imagined physically is destructive. A consolation from this fearful reality came to me with the initiation into spiritual world, which speak of existence of spirit or God as Creator, Controller and Perpetuator of Time. Religion speaks to us repeated intervention of spirit or God to restore Justice and Truth and control the “Time” and its Flow.  A shift in thinking occurred from enfolding and unfolding of the field to enfolding and unfolding of spirit or intelligence or knowledge in the field.

The quantum action and reaction we discovered has four steps. Between the first and third step exist the reality. The moment the system touches the third critical point, the system collapses and goes into inversion, and a change in direction of time takes place. The process takes it to the fourth point that is also the beginning point of new cycle. When it reaches the first critical point it undergoes first level enfoldment, when it reaches the second critical point it goes into second level of enfoldment. The second level of enfoldment is relative equilibrium system in space.

Now instead of visualizing such enfoldment let us assume that the universe exist in the second order of non- equilibrium or enfoldment. [See the first figure in the article]. In this “Universal Conscious Field” with enclosed spirit, let us visualize the human beings Creating time direction and stress. This would lead us to a picture of "Creation through Transformation"

The Time “0” or the Beginning

The Time “0” is also is time “1”. It is time when everyone is initialized into the Kingdom of God. It is a time when all are one with God and the Spirit. The knowledge is at its peak and the law is abided.

The first quantum point and enfolding occurs, when ¼ human population is turned against the direction of flow Quantum Universal spirit or God. Our understanding of quantum action tells us that the journey from one critical point to the next step in turn is a three-step spiral winding process.  The enclosed spirit would gets enfolded to a third critical point it then unfolds relieving the stress bringing the balance to the system and taking it in predetermined winding path. The time direction however continues. When 2/4th of people turn against the spirit, again the spirit is stressed to the third critical point and it inverses thus relieving the stress and directing the whole in a predetermined winding path. When 3/4th of the people turn against the spirit or God, the spirit again collapses. This however is the third critical point of the universal system as a whole. The whole system should collapse and turn around. The action of the spirit in the first and second critical point only takes the system in predetermined path diffusing the stress developing in the system and upholding Justice and Truth. But the third is vital one. Here the action of the spirit should change the direction of “Time” it self. It should take it past the forth-critical point [death point] and initializes the time cycle into Birth.

History of religion and spiritual science speaks of God manifesting to take human form and lead the world in the path of Justice. See Men and God ( The third one was critical. For it over looks the Law by Love and gives the freedom to transform. It amounts to conception and creation in the womb, where the old cells are broken and new one are developed. What is conceived will eventually be delivered and thus “Initializing Time”. In short the conquering of Time and its Initialization follows the same pattern that we witness in living system. The act of conception is painless and goes largely unnoticed, it only happens between two cells. But the deliverance of the same is quite painful. It involves the whole body every cell of the body is bound to feel the pain.

Vital Conclusion

Universal system is quantum system that is “Dancing in Time”. It is living system that is enfolding and unfolding. It has an associated basal pulsating wave. A new wave conceives with in the old before death strikes and this wave grows within the old and takes control of the whole as the old dies. The universal system is conscious and intelligent. It is a pulsating system. It is comparable to a life where the Father’s essence enters the womb of the mother and creates a new body out of the old to conquer and perpetuate time. The individuated cells and organs formed from first cell to its left and right could be considered as human system. Each cell is a complete system, a universe by itself, yet its information is truncated such that it is dependent and related to the whole. The whole has no meaning without the body and its cells and cells have no meaning with out the whole. The “Time Cycle” is a never-ending reality. The universal system conquers and initializes Time essentially by the same process by which life does it. The cosmos that the astronomers are visualizing is simply the internal picture of a human body. The earth is the off centered center or the heart of the universal system and the sun the centered mind. The planets form the dynamic information unit of the living universal system. When time is directed to the center it stresses the heart of the universal system to create and when time is directed away from the center it stresses the mind of the universe to reveal and initialize. The power that directs the “Time Cycle” is ignorance that manifest as conquering motive and corruption. The Living nature conquers Time and initializes it by wiping the ignorance by revealing the “True knowledge” and restricts the flight of time by laying the Law.

What is important here the perception of  “Time Period” in which we exist. We are in the expanding stage that is due to give way of the opposite or Initialization of Time. There is a universal wave and within it there is another wave that is trying to emerge or take Birth. We are poised to enter a “New Time Cycle”. The expanding wave of the Quantum World is poised to collapse and give way for new wave that will take it to Relative State. This is a crucial period. I am not sure how the great Mayans concluded the 2012 December as the “End of Time”. The signs in and around the world are speaking a Truth that the “Universal Quantum Wave (” is already collapsing to give way for the “New Time Cycle”. The collapse will complete it self by 2012. This could mean great catastrophes striking humanity. The negative energies concentrated in the Universal Field [within the earth core and its environment] by the ignorant negative human actions are bound to get released [See article Natural Catastrophes (]. This is also true for the negative energies locked up in the individuated conscious field. This means the terrorism will increase like never before. This could mean disorder at all level will peak before 2012. The only way man can survive is by the intervention of Lord the Creator. Modern world determined by science can never retreat unless the Truth and the dangers are Revealed to Him. The “Spiritual Force” or the “Life Force” today lives subordinate to physical science. This has to Change. The Truth initializes humans back into the Kingdom of God and Law. Only Truth Revealed to Mankind will free mankind from the bondage to darkness. Only this freedom can help him Transform the negative energy into positive energy and thus evade the horrors of “Transformation”. The prayers of thousand are helping to sooth the negative energies; however in the absence of Truth, mankind is still part of the huge vortex inching to death. The jump from death to life or “0” to “1” Exist in Revelation and it is time the responsible bodies of the world act before greater and greater catastrophes strike us.  Only Truth and light [True Knowledge] can help him fight addition of negative energies and at the same time convert the negative into positive energy. If not for my spiritual initialization I would not have had any hope for this endangered world. Further I would not have been struggling to take the Truth revealed to me against all odds to you all. I would have been concentrating on applied aspect making my life a meaningful one in the context of the people in whose midst I live.

My primary aim thus has been to call the attention of the world to the foundation of Quantum Reality and Time. The knowledge has immense application to all field of science. It can take us to a new realm of technologies that are nature compatible and health promoting. The foundation laid can help rediscover the ancient knowledge systems such as Vedas, Ayurveda in all its grandeur. Our knowledge of nature, life and its manipulation is bound to enter new realm where matter and its manipulation will be replaced by spirit and its manipulation. It is essential that every one know the Truth of the whole - the secret of Time cycle and the Law. The Law should guide the use of all knowledge other wise it will be exploited with out control leading to disaster.

Very recently I had an encounter with a scientist associated with worlds most acknowledge research institute who happened to perceive something in my work. He was persistent that I should not reveal but rather put them in packages so that it can be commercialized. I strongly believe the world is inching to disaster by the lack of True Knowledge and Truth. It can never come to order unless Truth is revealed. What Good is my commercial thinking when my life and the lives of my family members are in danger?

Readers are welcome to interact. The quantum foundation I spoke has relevance to all fields of science, religion and even social sciences. But to write article specific to any branches is quite demanding on my energy unless you throw threads to me so that I can each your mind. Help is needed to pursue further. I am only human bound by the laws of life and the stress and strain of my struggle is speaking on me.