The Plasma Universe


The Epoch Times
Jun 01, 2005

SQUATTER MAN: Rock art discovered all around the world. (, gathered by Anthony Peratt)
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This weekly column is intended to entertain you by exposing some of the more glaring scientific and historical anomalies which have been bypassed by our educational system.
“Anomalies” also wants to challenge our readers to take a fresh look at our changing world and perhaps consider whether our established belief system is adequate. As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

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What if...?
Our existing scientific model or paradigm of the universe, including the “Big Bang” has to be scrapped in favor of a more correct understanding that accounts for new evidence?

Thanks again to Carol Wickenkamp for this week’s source information, which is the website below (executive editors David Talbot and Wallace Thornhill):
Other links relating to this week’s article and listed on the Thunderbolts site are: (Managed by Anthony Peratt.) Website for the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies (Managed by Wallace Thornhill.)

This week’s Anomalies is probably only one of many that will deal with the concept of a universe that is basically filled with plasma and electric currents. From this “new” mindset the controlling forces in the universe are electrical in nature while from the existing, or “old,” mindset the force of gravity is the predominant force at work throughout the cosmos. A very compelling example of the use of this new understanding of the universe is the explanation of a specific type of rock art that has been discovered all around the world, the so-called “squatter man.”

As stated in the article accompanying these graphics, which was written by Anthony Peratt (also downloaded from the website):

“The illustrations of one interesting formation—the ‘squatter man’ shown above—are taken from Peratt’s recent paper in ‘Transactions on Plasma Science’ of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, in December 2003. Peratt states his conclusion forthrightly: The recurring petroglyph patterns ‘are reproductions of plasma phenomena in space.”

“Peratt’s findings are particularly significant in their contrast to traditional explanations of rock art. The majority of rock art authorities, particularly those with primary interest in Native American sources, argue that only images of the sun, moon, and stars reflect actual celestial phenomena. Apart from such associations, most authorities claim that global patterns do not exist. Rather, they tell us, the ancient artists projected onto stone the subjective content of shamanistic trances. Peratt’s investigations say the opposite, and they confirm dozens of patterns of rock art that occur globally. Through massive labors, some apparently taking whole lifetimes according to Peratt, the artists recorded immense discharge phenomena in the heavens.”

“The ‘squatter man’ configuration occurs when a disk or donut-like torus around a linear discharge column is bent by magnetic fields induced by intense current flow. From the viewpoint of the observer, the edges of the upper disk may appear to point up (forming ‘arms’) and those of the lower torus may appear to point down (forming ‘legs’). The underlying ‘hourglass’ pattern, with many subtle variations, occurs around the world.”

“Our idealization of the hourglass discharge form accents the visual relationship of the two symmetrical dots or circles to a transparent doughnut-like torus, viewed edge on. But many other nuances of such discharge configurations must be taken into account. The warping of the upward and downward extremities of the hourglass form can occur in almost limitless variations. To illustrate the extent of the variations anciently recorded. The first, closely tied to the more elementary ‘squatter man’ formation, includes the two dots to the right and left of the torso. The incongruous additional pair of ‘legs’ also accord with observed patterns in the evolution of Peratt instabilities, which typically send out stacks of ‘arms’ or ‘legs’ in the very fashion depicted. Even more bizarre is the accompanying squatter man whose head is replaced by the body of a duck. But this pattern too, particularly widespread in the Americas, is no accident according to Peratt.”

“If Peratt’s conclusions are correct, then only a few thousand years ago the terrestrial sky was ablaze with electrical activity. The ramifications of this possibility will directly affect our understanding of cultural roots. What was the impact of the recorded events on the first civilizations? What was the relationship to the origins of world mythology, to the birth of the early religions, or to monumental construction in ancient times?”

While Anthony Peratt’s observations and understanding certainly do not constitute a “final and complete answer” he certainly is far ahead of the understanding being taught in our public school system. For those readers who would like to get a preview of the information that will be used in our classrooms of the future I strongly suggest that you buy a copy of his book, “Physics of the Plasma Universe.” Also, go to and click on the link “the book” to get information on the upcoming book, “Thunderbolts of the Gods” by David Talbot and Wallace Thornhill.

I hope this article on the plasma universe will cause you to take a fresh look at our changing world!