Is Universe a Gravastar?


By John Paily

Universe is an Argon atom - Space-Time in it is a Superfluid. A sensible and systematic attempt tell its Truth from the premises of knowledge understandable to common man and what was known to our ancestors through the spirit


I am tempted to write this article, after I came across an article “ Is space-time actually super fluid” June 2006 new scientist print edition” which gave another explanation to the Universal Reality. It says universe could be a Gravastar or Gravitational Star. This New Theory put forth by Pawel Mazur a physicist at the University of South Carolina in Columbia and George Chapline of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, seems to be advancement on Big bang and Inflationary Universe Model, and claims to find answers to many key questions. It appeared quite interesting to me conceptually, because it fitted the theory and conclusion I drew after two decades of relentless search for truth fallowing the eastern approach. I am a biologist and I do not understand the mathematical intricacies of great theories of science such as relativity and quantum science but I have traveled them repeatedly to understand it conceptually. I have reviewed science trying to answers some of the basic questions sensibly and seek the basic design and principle on which nature works.

My quest also involved a journey into the spiritual realm and the ancient knowledge systems. All most a decade back, my effort led me to a truth that this universe is a Gravastar. I did not coin the word Gravastar, but I struggled within my limits to convey the same truth as pulsation. The universe is a living system and we exist in its pulse. To convey this essential reality I perceived from nature, I reviewed the foundation of science and the way we understand motion. I reviewed the whole conceptual developments in science from the premises of fundamental design and principle ( that governs motion.  I did try to communicate to all the acknowledged temples of science both in the process of the development of the idea as well on its completion [almost a decade back], exploring the possibility of putting them in rigorous mathematical form to bring the theory of inter relationship and oneness or the unification theory that is so essential to human survival. But the high priest of the temples of science perched to different branches of science failed to respond. I began to write and rewrite hoping to leave it in some form. Eventually when the Internet came to the city near to my village. I began to keep it open to the world. [ - Titled “The System Design  – Secret of Nature]. I intensified my communication sending thousands of communications specially after I began to feel that the Universal Quantum wave is Collapsing ( and is tying to release negative energies caught within the earth’s core, its environment, the individuated living universes, the communities, nations and the whole resulting in the present world of disorder and destruction

I am not trying here to take any credit for the discovery of Gravastar Theory. Nearly two decades back I detached from the modern world and its system, which struggles to seek credit even at the cost of sacrifice of once own consciousness and strangulation of its inner spirit. But the objective here is to extend it so that it becomes understandable to a common man and also scientist who exist in different branches of science.  As of now it is arena that is limited to few scientist working in a branch of a tree called science. There is humble request to every one who reads it. Please read it by emptying your mind. Read it completely, interact if it is confusing, and then pass your Judgment.


Any theory that goes to explain the universe in a sensible manner will have far reaching effect on all aspects of human life. It signifies human quest for knowledge and his unity with substance of the universe. The great living scientist of modern world Stephen Hawking in concluding part of his book “ Brief History of Time” said “ if we discover a complete theory, it should in time be understandable in broad principle by everyone, not just few scientists. Then we all, Philosophers, scientists and just ordinary people, be able to take part in the discussion of the question of why it is that we and the universe exist”. Modern picture of universe is rather confusing and conflicting and is understood only by few who speak it

Our knowledge of the universe is the product of human quest for knowledge. It is important we must know what is knowledge. Let me quote the definition supposed to have come from Universal Substance, the Absolute Perceiver it self.

“ That knowledge by which one undivided spiritual nature is seen in all existences, undivided and divided, is knowledge in the mode of goodness. That knowledge by which a different type of living entity is seen to be dwelling in different bodies is knowledge in the mode of passion. And that knowledge by which one is attached to one kind of work as the all in all, without the knowledge of the truth, and which is meager, is said to be in the mode of darkness.” Bhagavad-Gita.18 20-22

Note – Every scripture speaks this essential aspect. I just quoted this one, which gave clear presentation.

Very clearly the science and even the modern religion we practice belongs to the third mode defined above. True Knowledge should have brought order, peace, happiness, security and so on at all levels of human organization. But the modern knowledge has given the opposite results. The individuals, family, society, communities, nations and the world that is restless and unstable and this proves that we exist on the foundation of unreal knowledge.

I view the theory of Gravastar as one more step in the evolution of science back to its beginning point and beyond. We must note that science has its root in isolation of mind [spirit] from matter and a journey to seek the secret of nature by breaking down matter. Their approach led to multitude branches of science one contradicting another without knowing the inter relationship and oneness. The quantum science that is in the fore front of scientific branches, tells us that motion, the principle phenomenon of nature, is some how, not only related to mind but also to consciousness. These words were forbidden in science, in mechanistic and relativistic era. With quantum knowledge scientist began to view life from a different angle, the consequence is the modern information technology. The modern scientists are not at home with these words. It is a thorn in their throat. But the ancient were at home with these words and explained the whole universe its existence in simple terms. Those now appears to be the era of True Knowledge, many scientist are seeking the elusive answers in the eastern knowledge. If we look back, it appears that force of time is forcing the seeker of knowledge to observe himself and understand the truth of  “self” and thus initializes with Universal Self.

Theories of origin interested me. The first page that nature revealed to me when I gave up my research career as a biotechnologist and returned to begin meaningful interaction with nature from a point of freedom was that life by its instinct is anti-gravitational. This meant the big collapse and the big bang cannot occur if there is one life left in this universe that opposes gravity. This meant my search got principally directed at differentiating life and material systems and understand their unity. Read article - Beyond Genes (, Physics of Soul (, Quantum Dance ( What is Time ( In fact it is the core of all articles in my site.

Let me round up the situation of the modern scientific knowledge and the link it to the ancient spiritual approach to knowledge by taking the example of Living Tree called Tree of Life. Every living tree grows in space and time. The scientist here could be viewed as people giving it a vegetative growth. With every passing year the different branches sprout new shoots, they are new and creates a hope of further advancement. The process creates new branches and become isolated and distanced in space and time. What these scientist forget is that the tree it self has a life span. The growth is vigorous and natural in the initial stages [From sprouting to maturity]. This stage is the radiant phase. As the time proceeds radiant phase dwindles.  The energy needed to sprout becomes increasingly difficult to obtain, the natural communication that hold them becomes hindered. The system begins eat up its own resources and eventually collapses. It is the Gravi-Collapse state or the collapse of the body for want of Living Force that binds and creates it.

The approach of the spiritualist of the ancient world and the knowledge they accumulated could be compared to reproductive growth that involves reduction or submission to Living force. The cells that submitted to the living force does not die, they capture time and its collapse. Ready to sprout to give new trees as the cycle of time changes.

A living system could be viewed as Gravastar. The universe could be viewed as living tree that goes in cycles of time. Before the Gravi-Collapse occurs, it is supported by millions of cells that have gone into form seeds. They cushion the fall and give another breath to the whole. Every ancient knowledge system teaches this truth. They teach that the very goal of man is to attain Moksha, Nirvana, or Getting Born in the Spirit to become the seed that sustains life and Creation.

There is permanent gap between these two knowledge systems but they break down when the time reaches the critical point of transition to the New Time Cycle. This means we will enter the ancient Golden period or Dharma Yuga or Enter the Kingdom of God. A period when mankind would come to live in Real Knowledge and Spiritual realm rules than the material realm. Jesus in Bible tells us “

“So have no fear of them; for nothing is covered up that will not be uncovered and nothing secret that will not become known. What I say to you in the dark tell in the light: what you hear whispered, proclaim from the house top” Mathew: 10.26

The Question of Time rediscovered

Space-Time notion of the modern world is influenced and conditioned by one experiment of Galileo where he showed that acceleration due to gravity is independent of weight. Let us review this experiment and interpret it in a different manner. Galileo rolled balls of different weight but same size along a slope and measured the Time taken by the ball to reach the lower end and showed that all the ball reach the bottom at the same time.

We know that while doing the experiment Galileo has spent energy proportional to the weight of the body lift it to the top of the slanted table. This means in terms of energy he has given the Kinetic energy and has taken proportional amount of potential energy from the weight lifted in space. When the weight is let down the, weight has to exchange the kinetic energy and gain the potential energy from the environment. If we view that the time taken for the exchange is proportional to the weight of the body then it lead to conclusion that

1] Time is energy and there exist two forms of time, which are opposing and they exist as unity in the form of ratio [Potential / Kinetic]. There exist two systems Galileo [Representing life] and the ball.  Both space and time are constant and mass becomes the measure of non-equilibrium. Motion is the product of exchange and is determined by mass. Higher the mass higher is the time taken for exchange. This in simple manner calls for the review of notion of time

2] Since gravity is centripetal the action of Galileo was Anti-Gravitational  

See article What is Time  - the Secret of Dark Energy and Matter (

The Question of Space rediscovered

The time or energy exchange or flow occurs in space. Which means there are a left and right for space. There should be non-equilibrium between the left and right such that flow occurs. If we extend our picture into space then there are three left and right frames in space [three dimension]. To understand take an apple and cut into vertically twice and horizontally once though the center at right angles. A flow can occur in such a space only when a path for the flow exist init. The path has a definitive relationship between the left and right frame. Such that it consists of four pairs each pair has 4:3 relationship and is related to the other pair 4:3 relationship. This gives a winding path to the center and unwinding path away from the center or the fourth dimension of time. This understanding is vital. This gives the structure of helium atom discovered in the site. See Physics of Soul. (

The Reality of Time

The space has no meaning with out time and it forms the base field in which everything exist. In other words time or energy is structured, as the space we discussed above and everything exist in it moving to a center and away from it.

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