The meaning of the famous classical Labyrinth

By Jerry Vano

Ancient sages new that in the process of the precession of the equinoxes when the earth’s polar axes was pointing away from the center of the galaxy, mankind would fall asleep and lose the memory of the past. During the precession when the pole was pointing toward the center of the galaxy, mankind would wake up and remember the past. As we go through the 12 constellations of the zodiac in our trek through the precessonal cycle, each sign is as a world age and is a copy or image of the precessonal cycle. Because of this the same sleep process happens in each zodiacal age.

During the first half of a zodiacal cycle mankind is awake but about 1000 years into the age mankind falls asleep and forgets the knowledge of the past. This is a natural process in the evolution on this planet. Because we are now going through the last half of the age of Pisces, we have been sleeping and lost the knowledge of our past. As an example this is evident in the fact that much of the knowledge of our past was lost because of the destruction of the Alexandrine Library.

But because we are on the cusp of the Age of Aquarius we are starting to wake up. People are starting to see and understand the truths of the past that have been hidden. Jesus said, “in the end times all mysteries will be uncovered and you will know the truth and be set free.” The Bible says in a chapter of Joel that God says “in the end time I will pour out my spirit on all flesh.” Many people think that what is meant by the end time is the end of the world, but what was meant here is the end of the age, the Piscean age. In other words mankind is, as was said a few paragraphs back, going through the natural process of waking up by resonating with God’s holy spirit. One of the examples of how we lost the knowledge of the past is evident in the fact that we have lost the knowledge of the meaning of the symbolism of the classical labyrinth, a picture of it is shown in the following drawing.


This symbol represents a real mystery: It appeared in so many different places in the world and at different eras of time. Pictures of the labyrinth were scratched on rocks and cave walls as well as painted on temple walls and set in mosaics on temple and church floors. They started from as far back as 10000 BC. And continued on until 2 or 300 years ago. It’s meaning has been lost to the past. Its common appearance in so many different cultures through out the world leads scientists to believe that it has a meaning of some kind of an important common thread of knowledge that ancient man knew. Some researchers believe that it is a "ritual course", confining it to the religious-mystic field.

All kinds of explanations have been given but none seem to resonate. When I first saw it I seemed to have an insight of what it meant. The reason I seem to know what it meant is because I just wrote a book that is about uncovering mystical secrets of the past and it seemed to resonate with what I say in the book. The name of the book is “The Uncovering of the greatest story never told”. It can be seen at . What is about to be revealed I believe was common knowledge to the people of the past. But about 3 or 400 AD. The Roman Catholic Church suppressed this knowledge by distorting its true meaning to gain and keep control of the masses. This common thread that went through out the world that had been broken I believe originated in the ancient Sumerian Civilization. The source of this knowledge was the Anunnaki aliens. These Aliens are called the Nefilim and are referred to as the son’s of God in the biblical scriptures. I will only give enough information here to get the point across about the meaning of the symbolism of the labyrinth.

If you want to get a full explanation of the mysteries behind it I suggest you get my book The Uncovering, The symbolism of the labyrinth has to do with the precession of the equinoxes and the zodiac. The first clue comes when you study this labyrinth in relationship to the legend of the “Cretan king Minosse.” The legend mentioned the Minotaure, a monster with a human body and a bullhead. The zodiac has 4 cardinal signs or houses that form a cross in its circle. The 4 signs are Leo the lion, Taurus the bull, Aquarius the man, and Scorpio the eagle. Notice the signs of the bull and the man. If you tie them together you have a bull man. If this is heading in the right direction then it can be shown that the Minotaure symbolizes the time in precession of the equinoxes that represents the time flow between Taurus the bull and Aquarius the man.

Because this labyrinth has a cross in its pattern some Christians thought that it related to the Christian cross and some showed this by displaying pictures of it in their churches. But the depiction of the labyrinth goes back thousands of years before the birth of Christ. You may be wondering what the cross signified even before the age of Christ. I believe what can be shown is that there is an earth shaking cross over or pole shift during the precessonal cycle and this knowledge that was suppressed by the Roman church was the very fact that there is a connection between the zodiac and the true Christian church. The cross in ancient mythologies symbolizes this earth-shaking crossover event and what it is depicting is a pole shift that is due in the year 2012. What has been shown in my book is that during the processional cycle there are 4 times were because of the change of direction of the polar wobble relative to the center of the Galaxy, disasters happen on earth.

Two of these times are pole shifts. One of these times is when the pole perfectly lines up and points towards the galactic center. And the other time is when the pole points away from the center. During these times there is a perfect alignment with the 4 cardinal signs to form a cross. The significance of these events just described is what makes the cross important in our history. The relationship of the 7-cycle labyrinth to all this is that it depicts the path to salvation. The path to the womb of creation. The path to the Christian Millennium age. The path to the Age of Aquarius. Each zodiacal age has 2 cycles as was shown a few paragraphs back.

From the age of Taurus to the beginning of the Age of Aquarius there are 6 cycles and then the cross or pole shift at the year 2012. If you live through the crossover you enter the 7th cycle or the first half of the Aquarian age. This is the Promised Land or the womb, Millennium, Aquarian age. You may be wondering what is the relationship to Jesus and His cross to all this. If you read my book you will see that Jesus dying on the cross personified the pole shift event just as the 12 tribes of the Jews personified the constellations of the zodiac. AS ABOVE SO BELOW Jerry Vano is a retired electronics engineer. For thirty years, he has been involved in the studying of science and the spirit. Twenty-five years ago, he went to Egypt and visited the Pyramids. While there, he had an unusual spiritual encounter with a spiritually gifted person. Since then, his whole life changed; he began to experience bursts of revelation knowledge. He then started to have dreams and visions and developed mystic abilities. He is well known in the South Shore area of Boston as a mystic and for his unusual spiritual abilities