UFOs? It's just the weather

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May 13, 2006

Cheltenham ufo expert Robin Cole has backed a government report dismissing the idea that mysterious objects in the sky are aliens. Defence Intelligence Staff examined 30 years of flying saucer sightings and came to the conclusion that UFOs are probably caused by the weather.

The 400-page report says those seeing glowing round or cigar-shaped objects in the sky were describing unusual but entirely natural events in the atmosphere.

Maintenance engineer Robin, 40, says he sees a lot of sense in the report.

A member of the Cheltenham-based Circular Forum, one of the longest running UFO groups in the country, he said: "I don't think aliens exist in the way the media suggests they do. I call them unidentified flying anomalies rather than objects because they aren't always solid.

"If people see something in the sky, they think it's a UFO because that's the conclusion they've been educated to come to.

"I'm always more objective in my line of thought. I've made a few enemies in the UFO field for taking that stance."

Robin has been interested in UFOs since spotting one when he was a child growing up in Leckhampton.

He reckons he witnessed a solid metallic object at close quarters. He said: "Who knows what they are and that's why there is such an interest.

"There's no solid evidence to back anything up. The Government is saying it's an anomaly and that theory has been going around for years."