Do Extra-terrestrials Exist?


Scientists have claimed that with billions of stars in the universe, intelligent life beyond Earth is certain. With this in mind, millions of people have witnessed evidence of an Extra-terrestrial (ET) presence either in person or through verifiably untampered video footage. This evidence continues to run into a dissembled gamut of denial by the Establishment. The main question of the many people who remain sceptical of an extra-terrestrial presence, pivots on the enquiry, as to why would such an extra-terrestrial presence be denied.

ETs either exist as many individuals and grassroots organizations claim, or they don't, as the Establishment from government agenices to mass-media organizations assert. If they do exist, then indeed why would the Establishment seek to deny something so profoundly important to humanity?

The answer to that question is actually relatively simple; and can be understood within an elucidatory context. If ETs do exist, as many individuals and organizations claim from documentation, then the group(s) that deny their presence could be considered to be the modern day versions of the "Earth-is-round deniers". Y'know, clerics and state elites who had denied that the 'Earth is round, saying it was 'flat'... and saying also that the Earth does not revolve around the Sun, but instead is at the 'centre of the universe'.

The political objectives, of the groups which had denied that the Earth was round, was to oppress the human consciousness, and to place it into an established doctrine of state and institutionalized religion, toward social control and domination by these groups.

Elites use social control to manipulate people into servicing the elite-pursuit of power and domination. In the current prevailing run-away context of Corporate Globalization, elites promote and pursue greed via the device of 'commercial profit' at whatever human, social, or environmental costs.

ETs who were able to travel to the Earth, would posses advanced knowledge which might conflict with the greed-driven objectives of Earthbound elites. Some groups claim that ETs posses, for example, "free energy" technologies, which would free humanity's dependence on destructive fossil fuels and nuclear sources of energy, which are currently destroying planet Earth via "Climate Change". (and other such groups, internationally) furthermore claim, for example, that "unofficial" ET contact with humanity has already long been made, and that such contact can cultivate the very know-how and social consciousness that humanity needs to save itself from self-destruction. Exopolitics groups seek to support the rejuvenation of humanity away from its current state, as a self-absorbed destructive species in the universe, and into an enlightened species which participates in a "democratic community of enlightened sentient ET species."

As represented by 'Exopolitics" groups, alleged ET concerns for the plight of humanity under venal elites, could very well be encapsulated in the following quote. Representatives of these 'exopolitics- related groups allege that these statements were made in 1980, by an alleged "Ummo" ET to Dr. Antonio Ribera, one of the Spanish UFO researchers that had taken up their case:

For 30 years we have studied your science, your culture, history and civilizations All this information we have carried from your Earth to Ummo in our titanium crystals codified with data. We HAVE DEMONSTRATED to you our culture and our technology in purely descriptive form - so you cannot convert them or realize them practically. We have done this because we note with sadness that you employ your sciences primarily for war and the destruction of your own selves, which cont[inue] as your principal objective.

You are like children playing with terrible and dangerous toys which will destroy you. WE CAN DO NOTHING!

A cosmic law says that each world must take its own path, to survive or to perish. You have chosen the second. You are destroying your planet - annihilating your species, and contaminating your atmosphere and your seas until now this is irreversible. With sadness we contemplate your insanity, and understand that the remedy is only in yourselves.

We can not look forward a great distance into your future because your psyche are completely unpredictable and capricious bordering on paranoia. As your elder brothers in this cosmos, we urgently desire with all our hearts your salvation. Do not destroy your beautiful blue planet, a rare atmospheric world that floats so majestically in space, so full of life. IT IS YOUR CHOICE. [Sources: and]

It is plausible that the same groups of elites, who are willing to destroy vital ecosystems that billions of "their own kind" depend upon for their quality-of-survival, would also be willing to deny new knowledge which would liberate humankind from the prevailing oppression, at the hands of these same elites.

The reason why ETs would be denied by prevailing Earthbound elites, is therefore directly related to the dissembling nature of the prevailing out-of-control system of American led 'global capitalism', which operates by creating a worsening path of human, social, and ecological destruction.

The current operating elites have become so transfixed in their shortsighted materialistic lifestyles, that members of these elites may very well have literally sold-out the Earth along with humanity. The elites who prevail over a political-military-industrial complex, which feeds off a culture of iniquity and violence to prop-up commercial profit, do so with the transfixation of a crack-cocaine drug addict. Personal and communal devastation is similarly irrelevant to both the crack-cocaine addict and members of these elites, who both pathologically pursue self-consuming "highs".

To further elaborate, it is theoretically possible that the existence of ETs is being denied by the very nature of capitalistocratic elites, who prevail over a self-destructive political-military-industrial complex. It is this very 'Complex' which has brought the world a contrived "War of Terrorism", based upon the falsification of the presence of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" in Iraq.

Clearly, the Establishment has shown that, in the apparent pursuit of oil, and other commercial riches, it is willing to cause the loss of millions of lives based upon a verified system of lies and fabrications.

Elites who seek to maintain the destructive but "commercially profitable" course of capitalism, would theoretically seek to deny the existence of Extra-Terrestrials from "Off-world civilizations"; and they would also deny the existence of certain know-how and philosophies which conflict with the prevailing capitalistocratic global economic system. In the view of these elites, certain "know how" could be directed at socially liberating humanity contrary to the very objectives of these elites who seek to enslave humanity.

In capitalism, "science" must serve the objectives of elites, who often try to manipulate the scientific community within a system of financial rewards, and accompanying political pressures. Indeed, it is well-documented, for example, that the Bush administration has pressured scientists to suppress the truth concerning the horrific consequences of "Climate Change". Elites in the Bush regime, view such data as conflicting with the commercial profit objectives of the elites that are linked with greenhouse emissions polluting industries, which in turn are creating a "Climate Change" which endangers humanity.

Therefore, the denial of ET contact with Earth, could understandably operate in the same context as circumstances that cause worsening poverty in Canada, and globally. The denial of ET contact with Earth, could also operate in the same context that has lead to worsening environmental destruction (i.e. "ecocide"), and the related overall ignoring of the plight of humanity. This plight includes contrived wars for oil, and genocide including AIDS. That denial could also operate in the same context as that which denies people in a cloud of secrecy, of information on the ingredients in food, (and other "products") that have led to shareholder "profits" in associated corporations, which have been responsible for causing cancers, and other serious health problems. That reason for the pervasiveness of the 'blanket of denial' is succinctly 'greed'.

As long as our world is being governed by the directives of greed-pursuing capitalistocrats, humanity will continue to descend into self-destruction, which will be accompanied by a plausible elite-enforced widespread societal ignorance about ETs.