The Genesis Seed

By Clyde Lewis

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Nearly six thousand years ago mankind kept scrolls and records that have been translated manipulated and falsely interpreted in order to keep the great mysteries, mysterious. In 50 years time we have been able to produce more information with the aid of computers and retrieval systems. Keeping faith in a magical God is fading. Believing in God now is more frightening than it used to be.

It usually began with a fire under the stars. The shaman would use what they could to carry you into another realm and used metaphor and simile to paint the picture on the empty canvas known as the mind's eye. The magic occurred at the mere suggestion and the mind would see the unseen and experience what we call the supernatural.

If it was seen it was believed and the stories were passed on from person to person, from village to village. The scribes would write, the poets and the playwrights would dramatize, and the people would feed off of what was given to them. It was the first steps to relaying information. There were a few who had control of what information would be reported to the people. The secrets were held tight to the vests of small groups and organizations and the first strands of misinformation were fed to those who they believed, did not have the need to know.

History so it seems, is nothing more than a random memory of preferred beliefs. Old beliefs die hard and have remained in our religion and mythologies for centuries. The Information Age has given us a fountain to drink from, quenching our thirst for new and innovative ideas and it has given us the medium to challenge silly culturally accepted assertions.

Consensus reality is also being challenged. "Fact" is now subjective and changes everyday. Religion is also under a new microscope and the keys of truth that it claims to have are also being scrutinized and studied. As new revelations are unearthed they are immediately ignored for fear that it will turn the people against the faith. The Old Christian hell fire doomsday prophecies will be self fulfilling to those who continue to use economic, political, social, and ecological tragedies as signs that an angry God is ready to cast out all that are blemished.

The Word "Apocalypse" means to reveal what has been hidden. The Apocalypse has been misinterpreted all this time. While old Christianity continues to tighten it's grip on a vanishing world, a new light is shining on what will be self evident truth.

People tend to forget that most religions have their base in The Roman Catholic Church, the most powerful religious influence in the western world.

For Two thousand years a book called the Bible has controlled the way we worship. This Bible has been translated and given to us by the Roman Catholic faith.

The Bible that is the staple of every religion. Religious History is fundamentally everything the Catholic Church wants it to be. Other religions add to or take away from the scriptures only to fit their belief systems.

Argument after argument is rising up from the congregations as to whether or not the "Christian" of today is being persecuted for his beliefs. The presses have been buzzing about Christians who declare their love for Jesus before they are cut down by crazed gunman who are confused and fearful about apocalyptic paranoia that Christianity created nearly two thousand years ago. Christianity also has created an invisible Satanic conspiracy that has pitted brother against brother in something similar to the Salem Witch trials.

The Truth is that Christianity has been responsible for many western cultural "truths" and confusion because it has been the staple of spiritual growth for many people. It has been the "infallible word" in a "fallible world".

It has been the miracle provider in a world of sign seekers. However it moves slowly when it is confronted with new evidence that may remove the magical atmosphere and the so-called power of infallibility. Since the space age and rise of technology man is not the man he once was he is becoming more and more like a God.

Mankind is at a point where it sees the earth as God has allegedly seen it. Man has now seen earth from an extra-terrestrial perspective. He has looked down on his home planet and realizes that he is also capable of creating worlds. Playing God is of course forbidden and becoming as God has been a sin from day one in paradise. So is this the great evil? Knowing your universe from an extra terrestrial perspective?

It has always been taken for granted that man should keep himself on the earth and to leave what is extraterrestrial to the mind of God, but now that seems to be fading. There is a reason why the secrets have been kept from us and while many people demand to know the truth, many may not realize the full impact of what the truth involves. Many people say that they are ready to accept the truth about our extra terrestrial heritage. However If mankind finds contact with his space brothers it will be more devastating than you can imagine.

What the church doesn't tell you is that the Bible has shown what happens when man reaches a point where he has his extra terrestrial mind is jumpstarted. It always ends up with him destroying himself, or altering his surroundings. It leads to suspicion, fear, even conflict. It then evolves to bias, and an ignorance of science.

That is why the truth has been covered up. When there is a meeting between Ethospheres the Universe becomes a different place entirely. Jesus Christ himself is proof of that . He showed us that the way to becoming perfect is to act as his father in heaven acted. He urged us to reach out and grasp that which is of heaven and not of earth. He urged us to do so in spirit, however man has always had a longing for a physical encounter with his maker.

In a more secular view we can point to our own modern Science Fiction literature which suggests that man becomes more than man when he comes in contact with something that is extra terrestrial.

In Kubrick's 2001 a Space Odyssey the ape man reaching out to the Monolith and touching it gives new meaning to what it means when the Ethosphere collides with mankind. We see it also in artwork such as Michelangelo's portrayal of Adam the first Man reaching out to heaven for the touch of God.

Which brings us to the Christian Genesis where Man became as God. He ate from the tree of knowledge. The fruit given to him by his soul mate. The fruit was first shown to man by a being that is metaphorically called the serpent.

A reptilian creature who gave man knowledge. An extra terrestrial knowledge which caused a great fall of mankind.

The serpent obviously is either a Metaphor or it is a constant for a being with superior knowledge that has interacted with mankind and it's subsequent progeny. This serpent reptilian being appeared and gave man an extra terrestrial knowledge catapulting him into perhaps a downward spiral. It all depends on how you look at it. The confusion that the bible fails to illustrate is that man in paradise did not grow and could not replicate.

After the arrival of the serpent being , or extra terrestrial entity, mankind was able to duplicate his species. Which was what God had commanded him to do in paradise. But in this state he couldn't. He was stuck in a paradox that only an extra terrestrial messenger could solve. The Extra Terrestrial serpent being gave man his second leap into his evolution and gave him the powers of creation within his own physical body.

The Serpent or the "visitor" has gotten a bad rap in the Bible but it was the intervention it's self that set a plan of human kind in motion. It was the next step.

The stories of reptilian alien Greys in society today indicate that once again man is on his way to become kicked into another phase of his evolution.

Or it could be a blurring of what man has been awaiting all along, and that is a messianic arrival of a God from space. Either conclusion signifies that God is an Extra terrestrial.

So I conclude that belief in God and a belief in Extra terrestrial overseers can be interchangeable. As I pointed out earlier the Bible has lost a great deal of it's impact when you consider that new information leads us to understand that the Church at the time withheld truth in order to empower itself and create a following. There is great power in mystery and if we find out that God is not a God at all but an entity from another world we may see mankind fall apart.

Think of the scenario that would play out. A Huge beam ship would appear in the heavens. Clouds and fire would boil in the skies above the earth. It would double on itself and remain in the skies for days until it penetrates the earth's atmosphere and positions itself over the land and sea. Television news organizations would have to report it.

Every man, woman, and child would be aware of what has happened. Governments would be paralyzed and would dissolve overnight. Science would be helpless to explain how the Beam ship arrived on earth. Science would have to go back and figure where they went wrong. Various religions would dissolve as well. It would be the end of the controlled world upon the mere visage of an object. It would only take a short time for the upheaval to occur.

If you find this hard to believe go back to your New Testament and understand it took three years for Jesus to shake Rome. After he left the world a religion began and to this day continues to thrive. However one must understand that even though Christ shook Rome , it took Rome to control Christ. It took Rome to tell us who Christ was. It took Rome to embrace Christ in order to control the people.

So let us pause and think for a moment about a UFO event that has taken on a religious significance in the hearts and minds of latter day saucer worshippers. The Roswell Crash represents a Science fiction nativity that was denied after it happened, to keep the world from losing it's foundation. People worried that if it was revealed that something from space fell to earth it would cause a panic.

If you don't believe that it would have caused a panic just look at examples of how the trickle of information is leading to arguments in science and the ostracizing of those who claim that the event at Roswell was an extra terrestrial event. The leaks of information are causing mild conflicts to those who even dabble in the possibility that perhaps something unearthly fell from the sky.

The information leads us into the belief that man has once again been jumpstarted into another phase of his evolution and that is with technology given to him by extra terrestrials or Gods if you will.

It is very much like the film "The Gods must be crazy." A Coke Bottle thrown from a plane is believed to be a gift from God. When the tribesmen fight over it and eventually use it for a weapon, It changes the tribe's very existence.

The Extra terrestrial God's intervention can be pointed out in ancient texts and scrolls. The Bible touches on it and many other texts conclude that man has a tradition of paying homage to Gods, Angels, Devils, and Demons.

The western term God itself is arguably the wrong term for the beings that dwell in the heavens. The Hebrew God Elohim has been written of in Old Testament scrolls and the true meaning of the word has been held in secret by many religions. The word Elohim is the true name of God and when the root of the word is broken down it translates literally as those who dwell in the heavens.

I have often thought that the word GOD is merely an acronym for the Grand Order of Developers, or the group who created all of us and placed us here on earth. It works when you replace the word God in the bible with "those who dwell in the heavens" or the "Grand order of Developers" because of the fact that as you move through Genesis you run into a plurality of Gods as opposed to one God. In Verse 26 in the 1st chapter God speaks and says "Let US make man in OUR own image after OUR likeness." This suggests that God was not a single entity but a collective of many.

Many will argue that this scripture would include God and his angels, however their glories differ and their appearances differ as well throughout the Bible so who are the many? I think it is self explanatory that our existence is the end result of many entities experimenting and creating the human bodies we now enjoy.

If it was a literal mating process where hominid mothers were used. It has been pointed out in the Bible as well that this hybridization occurred several times. One such instance is the "The Sons of God or The sons of those who dwell in the heavens came down to mate with the daughters of man."

For the longest time there has been an argument over creationism and Darwinism. There have been arguments over missing links. The truth is, there are no missing links. We were jumpstarted by a race of entities that dwelled in the heavens, whose purpose was to develop a race of beings that they could watch over, train, and manipulate.

I can also understand that those who are reading this will not agree with me. There are a lot of people who do not believe that Jesus Christ was a savior. There is also the fact that not everyone believes that Moses saw God. There are people that have ignored Greek Gods like Zeus and Athena. How many people worship Horus or Thor? Not many.

Are we to conclude that all of these beings are a total fabrication? Are they all lies? Why is there a preoccupation with Gods, or extra terrestrial Alien Greys?

Is it because they physically exist and make their appearance known to a few people? An all out dismissal of all of these entities is as easy as saying "I refuse to believe." All it takes is an assurance that it defies everything that we consider real. So the scary part is believing. What does believing say about you?

In the modern era cynics will say that it means you are easily duped. That a person who abandons reality steps into uncharted realms that are meant to be left unknown. In one breath we are told to embrace God, an extra terrestrial being, and in the same breath we are told to reject the very thought of Aliens which are also extra terrestrial beings.

It is scary to accept all of the "God" beings as real. They are either true beings or wishful thinking. They cold very well be real saviors or bogeymen created by people as outward embodiments of their hopes fears and expectations. Taking that leap of faith and finding it all to be a hoax could make you look foolish, or nuts.

No one wants to be looked upon as being a child who believes in myths.

Some will tell you It's unhealthy to believe in anything outside of that imaginary circle we draw to protect us from darkness and evil. They will point out to you that there is no proof of a biological survival after death, so why bother believing in a God? Why pursue the silly notion of ghosts, or the Ethosphere where goblins and demons have their domain?

They will dispute whether it is possible to return as ghost or materialize at a séance. Yet people claim it happens. People feel the presence of a loved one. They claim that extra terrestrials travel at great distances to meet with them, yet science will tell you of the impracticality of it all.

Faith does people well. However it is reassuring to have that faith backed up with fact. Not one scientist has tried to find a place called hell or a paradise called heaven, so by scientific standards these places do not exist. But who cares man continues to go into space. He has declared over an over that there is no proof of life in the void. But yet he continues to spend billions of dollars exploring.

It is interesting to note that from Aliens to Gods it is agreed that the deity live among the stars, Or as Ezekiel in the Old testament exclaims "The fiery stones."

As technology constantly shows us miracle after miracle man's knowledge of the universe increases as well. The thought of other life forms becomes a stronger possibility.

In the Movie "Contact" our leap into evolution is explained once again. On one hand we have a man who believes in God, and on the other we have a scientist who believes in the possibility of Aliens. The Aliens communicate with us and their idea is to have man create a ship that can go to another dimension. They send us the plans and while Hollywood makes it look as if it takes only months to accomplish, the reality may be happening gradually off the screen as you are reading this from a computer.

What is man's purpose in exploring space if it is devoid of life? Maybe his purpose is to continue the cycle. Maybe his purpose is to jumpstart a civilization far into the reaches of space? Or perhaps Man is doing it to please his God.

To aid in the Gods or entities plan of seeding other planets and other civilizations with living breathing beings. Making life where there is death.

Or maybe man is the direct offspring of God or the extra terrestrials and his genetic makeup has already determined that he must be an extra terrestrial caretaker and explorer.

Since so much remains unknown about the past it is hard to disprove that God or those who dwell in the heavens were explorers and extra terrestrial care takers.

Our messiahs have admonished us to become perfect and mimic what our Gods do. Yet we have been told not to play God by men who have put themselves in the positions of power.

This is the confused state of man. If you believe in the divinity of humanity, if you believe that we are indeed offspring of God, then the frightening conclusion to all that is scared is that man will eventually become a member of the Grand Order of Developers.

It's in his heredity. It is a royal potential. It is the common trait that we all share. Humanity itself has to be of extra terrestrial origin.

That is if the earth was colonized by extra terrestrials.

It is what is hidden in the Bible. That is, if you believe in the ancient texts that say that the kingdom of God is already here.

It is like the good witch telling Dorothy in the classic story The Wizard of Oz that she had the power to go home all along. We have had the power to create many worlds by applying quantum physics. It has been kept from us by only a few who feared what the outcome would be. Mainly the draining of their power to hold men in virtual servitude.

So it is probably normal for you to now dismiss everything I have just written.

It is also normal to say that it is irresponsible for me to say that man will become like his God because it has been bred into him. Nevertheless it has opened your eyes to the very possibility. I have merely invited you to set your imagination loose on the origins of the universe.

But before you dismiss the idea that man is no where near becoming like an extra terrestrial God consider his ability to create. The mysteries of creation, which took nature hundreds of millions of years, may now be accomplished by Man within five years. A leading genetics researcher has worked out the process to create a synthetic bacterium. Scientists say it is only a short step to the creation of much more complex life forms.

It raises the prospect of humans ultimately being able to create new species of plants and animals. Dr Craig Venter revealed at a US science conference in January that he planned to investigate the possibilities of making bacteria using artificial DNA. The production of a written blueprint for creating a synthetic organism so rapidly will confound skeptics. It will make human beings the creators of other living forms far sooner than expected, possibly just a few years into the new millennium.

Where will man put these new creations? He will have to find a planet and a solar system capable of sustaining life. If a sun does not exist he must find a way to create one and place it in an area where it will be beneficial. He must put his new creations on the planet and watch them grow. He may not be able to watch the planet so he must put a caretaker on it to maintain life. What better care taker than his offspring? A creature that is created after his image and likeness?

Let the fearful dwell in irresolution, let the brave begin man's next step in his evolution. Our responsibility on this planet is a heavy one. Our responsibility to the universe is also a heavy one. That is our destiny, to understand that in order for us to get closer to God, we must think like him and utilize the inner light called wisdom.

A belief in God is a belief in yourself. We all have an important mission to accomplish.

A belief in God, a belief that we are all literally offspring of people that dwell in the heavens, a belief that we all are potentially members of a Grand order of developers is a frightening thought. It is even more frightening if the Aliens we hear of were the very creators of our physical selves and not some bearded old man in a sponge painted neverland.

It is by studying the past that we can begin to understand what lies ahead in the future. If we can learn that we have this direct bloodline to God and that it isn't shameful to take our place in the family of what seems to be a never ending seeding process of human kind , we will certainly flourish in the new millennium and many more to come.

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