Large Black Shapes

By: Franklin B. Reams

We shall name her Bonnie. She is a member of MORA. As far as we know, her case has never been published. The original investigator was Joe Nyman and the hypnotist was Ben Greene. This investigation took place from August, 1983 to mid-1985 while Bonnie lived in the New England area. This report is taken from the tapes of the investigative and hypnosis sessions.

Although Bonnie had seen a UFO in November, 1964 along Ohio Route 23 while driving between Marion and Columbus, Ohio, this was not the event that led to this investigation. While living alone in an apartment in Mamaroneck, New York in 1965, Bonnie had a "dream" in which a large black figure was leaning over her while she was in bed. She wanted to scream but the scream stuck in her throat. The next thing she remembers is waking up in the morning. The dream was so frightening and so real that Bonnie couldn't believe she had been able to go back to sleep so easily the night before. Bonnie went to a friend who was a neighbor in the apartment complex and said to her, "You won't believe the dream I had last night." Before Bonnie could say more, the friend said, "You won't believe the scary dream I had last night," and then proceeded to tell Bonnie about her dream which was exactly the same as Bonnie's.

Bonnie took no action to learn more about this dream until she attended a lecture by Ray Fowler on the subject of UFOs and abductions. Curious about the similarities between her own dream and some of the experiences being discussed, Bonnie told Fowler about it. As a result he set up a meeting between Bonnie and Joe Nyman.

First Hypnosis Session

August 11, 1983

Asked about the November 21,1964 Ohio sightings under hypnosis, Bonnie replies, "I've got goose bumps and cold, and I'm driving by this ... it's like a Boy Scout reservation [Camp Lazarus, north of Columbus] ... I got goose bumps and...It's like hovering over the field and it was just a glowing oval. When I looked at it ... I don't even watch the road. It's ... I'm almost hypnotized by it, and ... it's just taking off at a 45 degree angle. And it just disappears."

She is taken back in time just before the sighting began and asked what time it is. "I think it's about 11:00 o'clock (PM)." Bonnie started her trip at 9:00 PM and it would have taken her 35 to 40 minutes to reach this spot. She is confused by the time discrepancy. When asked, she replies that she got home around midnight. She notes that she should have gotten home around 10:00 PM.

Bonnie is asked if she told her husband about her experiences of the previous night. She replies, "No." When asked why, "I don't even remember, I don't even think about it."

Bonnie is asked under hypnosis about the oval object. She replies, "That's not where my attention is now. It's on the other side of the road. The observatory and the trees and how out in the country ... it was weird. This observatory is stuck out in the middle of the meadow with this stream going past it." (There is an Ohio State University astronomical observatory near Camp Lazarus on the other side of the road. It can't be seen from the road. It is on a hill, not in a meadow, and is surrounded by trees.) "It's cylindrical and it's standing up. It's about 40 feet high and got a dome on it ... and a little ... I don't even know why I thought it was an observatory. It's got this little protrusion on the top that goes from the top down the side, down as far as the cylinder." She says the object is in the meadow 10 to 20 feet off the road. This event takes place in late afternoon and Bonnie says the sun is very bright. The location is opposite the field where she saw the oval the previous week. There is no tar on the road.

Still under hypnosis, she is then taken forward to the dream incident at her apartment in New York. It is 1965. "Waking up and my eyes just fly open all at once and there's this big black shape standing over me, looking down and I'm just ... I can't move at all and I'm starting to cry deep down in my throat ... not even making a sound. It's hard to breath. It's really hard to breath. All at once I'm calm and it's morning, it's just morning. And I'm just wondering how I could be so scared and go to sleep like that." The session is ended.

Bonnie reports that she has some conscious memories of part of this incident. People from all over the apartment complex were gathered together in the courtyard. She went out of the window over her bed into this courtyard and observed an object hovering about six feet off the ground. The people were all in a trance and were being taken up [levitated] one at a time into the object. Other black figures were around the courtyard. She said that she felt she was being tagged like an animal so that she could be followed later.

September 27, 1983

Bonnie is asked if she had any recurring dreams. She replies she used to have a dream as a child that she would stop at a field on her way home from school and a large hole would open up in the ground. The hole was very black and she would always go up to the edge and then the dream would stop. These dreams occurred before she was in the fourth grade, she believes.

The subject of the New York incident is explored further. Under hypnosis, Bonnie is asked to look closely at the face of the black figure. It is hard to see because it is so black, but she can see that the mouth is just a slit. She again remembers going out of the window into the courtyard and standing there with many other people. She observes that the object is 12 feet (not the six feet which she consciously remembered) off the ground at the end of the courtyard, is a gray-yellow color and that there are three black figures there.

People are taken one at a time under the object and then a light lifts them up. When Bonnie is taken up she is met by two of the black figures and placed horizontally on a table. One of the figures comes to her right side, the other to her left. One examines her with a tube like instrument which is 12 inches long and approximately one inch in diameter with a round end. It has a cord hooked to it. She is asked to look at the figure's hand. It has three long fingers and a thumb. She is then asked to look at the face. She can see eyes, but not well.

The tube is inserted into her vagina. There is no pain. Then a smaller instrument, which looks like a metal eyedropper, is inserted up her nose. She then gets up and looks at the table. It is like cold hard metal and it has one pedestal for a base. No communication has taken place with the figures.

Bonnie steps down through the glowing hole in the floor of the object and is returned to the courtyard. There are three people left, while there were about thirty when she first came out of her window into the courtyard. She goes back into her apartment through the window, returns to bed and falls asleep.

When asked if she had a dream while she slept Bonnie replies that they planted a suggestion in her mind that her recently deceased husband had been looking for her and had found her. Thus, this event was OK.

October 13, 1983

Bonnie is asked to go through the New York story again and does so. It is the same. She remembers two new details. When the probe is placed up her nose it hurts and she has her clothes on when she is examined.

Bonnie remembers more about the second time she was abducted on November 21, 1964. She remembers a white light that turns pinker and pinker. The light is on her skin in the form of a circle that extends from her waist to her neck. She hears a low hum. The beings are on both sides of her. These memories bother her and she jumps ahead to when she gets off the table. (During a later hypnosis session Bonnie remembers seeing her chest cavity opened up. She experiences fear that she is dying. She never learned what this procedure was for, but it frightened her badly.)

October 27, 1983

During this session Bonnie is taken back to when she was six years old in Marion, Ohio. Bonnie describes a field with a hole in the ground. The edges of the hole are very sharp and even. She steps inside and it has smooth walls. She comes to a small dim waiting area. No one is there. She sits down on a child-size bench and waits. A black shape comes in finally, takes her by the hand and leads her down the hall. The being's hand has three long smooth fingers and a thumb. Bonnie is not afraid. The being lifts her under the arms and places her on a table. She lies down, but doesn't remember anything happening. She leaves the area by herself and returns home.

She is taken to another time when she may have had a similar experience but resists going through with reliving it under hypnosis.

Bonnie is taken ahead in time to when she is nineteen. She is being chased by something mechanical. She is afraid. There are bright lights and it is "white all around." She finds herself lying on a flat surface and someone is using this machine. She says it is "taking like X-rays," but no one is touching her. She has no clothes on. She resists going on with the story. In a later session she remembers the floor felt like plastic, but again resists going on with the story.

Bonnie is briefly taken back to the 1964 incident. She remembers that the cylinder had a metal ramp which she walked up in order to enter the object.

November 17, 1983

Bonnie is taken back to the time when she is driving to Marion, Ohio on November 28, 1964. She is passing a park that is next to a water reservoir on the east side of the road north of Delaware, Ohio. It is dark, about 6:15 PM. She turns into the park area and sees a light high in the sky. It gets brighter. She stops her car, gets out, and waits. The light is a soft white and is in the shape of an oval. She feels a vibration, then an object comes down behind some trees.

She walks toward the object. It has a domed top and bottom and a row of windows around the middle. The bottom opens up and there is a ramp. She goes up the ramp. She claims she is not scared.

The floor inside is a glowing translucent surface. There are two chairs in the room and a counter between them. There are lots of gauges and dials in front of the chairs.

There are two six-foot tall black figures in the room who pay little attention to her. She wonders why she is there. She later gets the feeling that she is there so that she will knows that these things exist. She believes that they influenced her to take the trip to Columbus so that she would have this experience. She now remembers leaving this craft on her own. They didn't stop her. However, at the time, as she drove to Marion she completely forgot about the experience.

November 29, 1983

Under hypnosis, Bonnie is taken back to November 21, 1964. It is daylight. As she approaches the Boy Scout camp her attention is drawn to the opposite side of the road to what she calls an observatory. The object is round with a dome on top and a ridge on the bottom of the dome. It is close to the road. There is a pale yellow, misty light around the edge of the dome. She stops her car next to the object. It is only 4:30 PM but there is no traffic on the road. She gets out of the car and walks toward the object. She describes a doorway which is rounded on top. She walks up an incline to the door and walks inside the object. It is bright as if the light is coming from the walls, so bright she can't make out a lot of details. There is an entrance way to her right. The ramp is grayish and bumpy.

She is in a room that is oval shaped and about twelve feet high. There is a shelf on one wall. Bonnie walks over, takes off her clothes, and lies down on it. No entities are present. Small tubes come out of the wall with needles on them. The tubes are stuck into various points on her body. She feels that she is being examined to see if there is any damage resulting from when her chest was opened up the week before. When the exam is complete she sits up and gets dressed. As she starts to leave she realizes that she is supposed to stay, so she sits down on a small ledge by the door. An entity enters the room. Using telepathy, this entity seems to be trying to convince her that their motives are good, but she doesn't believe him because of the way she has been treated. She is then allowed to leave and continues her trip. It is around 6:00 PM.

In summary, to the best of our knowledge at this time, Bonnie has had two events as a child, an event when she was nineteen years old, the two experiences on November 21, 1964, the abduction near the water reservoir on November 28, 1964, and the experience at her New York apartment complex in 1965.

Bonnie's story as told above was taken from many hours of tapes of hypnotic regression sessions. Obviously, we have only hit some of the highlights of her experiences. Many details have been left out because of a lack of space. Also, it is apparent from the story line that many details have yet to be recalled by Bonnie, should she wish to try. At this point in time, however, Bonnie is more interested in talking with other people who have had similar experiences and in helping them to deal with their own memories as she has learned to deal with hers.

More Information From Bonnie

After reviewing the write-up in the above article and making corrections where necessary, Bonnie wrote up the following notes:

New York Incident in 1965

After the first hypnosis session [was over but] before I left that night, I remembered going out the window into the courtyard. About thirty people [were there]. UFO hovering at one of the courtyard. On the [left side of the disk shaped] UFO was one pale yellow light and an orange light. [A "pale misty white light" came down from underneath the UFO to the ground.]

The courtyard was slightly bigger, but the UFO filled up one end. The UFO could not be seen from outside the courtyard [because] it was below the tops of the apartments.

I remembered going into the ship - lifted into the ship in the white light. Don't remember being naked. Vaginal probe [used]. Nasal probe [used]. Both [appeared] pretty much the same - not painful as I remember. [The slightly enlarged ends of the probes glowed slightly.] Bad sores in sinus after. Passed bloodless tissue about the size of a medium avocado [from vagina] within a [few days].

Back to Six Years Old

Small waiting room. Small bench. Dim [light]. Figure comes in and holds out its hand. I take it. Leads me into a large room. Three entities. One holds me on the table with one hand on my chest. Seems to be a scanning device built into the table. Dials on the wall - two other [entities] monitoring the dials.

First Experience - November 21, 1964

Light high in sky. Get out of car. Stand and look at light. It comes down behind the trees. I walk to it. The side of the vehicle is opened up. It is resting on the ground. I walk in. They show me around the [one room using] arm gestures. They are letting me know [telepathically] that everything is OK and they are harmless. They are saying this but they are not convincing. A veneer of "not caring." I wait until I am allowed to leave and then go on to Marion. This was to set me up for later the same night.

Second Experience - November 21, 1964

The same night coming home. I saw a UFO take off. I consciously remember seeing [the] UFO. The car stopped - goose pimples - cold - electricity in the air. Got out of car - [walked] across field - stepped on the end of a metal ramp - ramp retracted into the ship with me on it. Clothes ON. Hot pink light on chest - panic reaction. Chest seemed to be ripped open. Blacked out - lost time within lost time.

November 28, 1964

A week later. Observatory. Did not want to enter object again after being made aware of what happened the week before. Air shimmered on the road in front of me and I pulled the car over to look at the object in the trees by a stream in the meadow ... entered "observatory" by walking up the ramp. The ship was on the ground and the ramp was a very slight incline.

The hall from the entry to the inside door was on the right. The inside room was oval and the walls glowed a white pearlescence. No entities were present. I crossed the room, stood by a ledge that was hip high, removed my clothing and laid down on the ledge. Tubes with needles on the ends came out of the wall and entered my left upper arm, my left hip and left upper thigh. The needles were in place for awhile and [then were] retracted. I feel that this was to check body fluids to see if I was damaged the week before by their procedures. I then sat on the edge of the table [ledge] to get my bearings and then got off the table and put on my clothes and headed for the door.

At the door I "knew" I wasn't supposed to leave. I sat on a low ledge by the door and waited. A few minutes later a tall black shape came from the other end of the oval room, stood in front of me looking in my eyes. It then turned around and walked back the way it had come. I knew it was time to leave then. I left and continued [on my trip] to Marion.