Jellyfish-shaped 'UFO' spotted in Shanghai


Jun 21, 2007

SEVERAL people reported seeing a jellyfish-shaped unidentified flying object about 8pm in Shanghai on Monday.

A man surnamed Zhu told Shanghai Morning Post yesterday that he saw the UFO in the sky at the crossroads of Jiujiang Road and Xizang Road M. in Huangpu District that night.

"It's definitely not a kite," Zhu told the newspaper. "It was flying quite high."

Zhu said the UFO was a blue-colored object and hovered around the area for several minutes and then flew away.

He tried to take a picture of the UFO with his cell phone, but since it was far away the photo only revealed a blurry image of a shiny object.

Zhu said the UFO was spotted by more than 100 people in the area, but so far, no clear picture of it has been released.

Experts at Sheshan Observatory have not yet responded to the report.

An unidentified flying object was seen above the boundary between Hongkou and Yangpu districts about 9pm on April 11.

Though many witnesses were convinced it was a UFO – the color of the V-shaped object changed regularly from red to blue to green and then yellow – an expert said it was just a night-light kite.

UFOs appeared over Shanghai and its neighboring area in 1987, 1990, 1991 and 1999. They were acknowledged as UFOs as no physics theory could explain their movement in the air, according to previous reports.