Hill Abduction

Perhaps the most famous alien abduction case may also be the first reported during the 1950's UFO Wave. Betty and Barney Hill's story has been told and retold by countless millions as the leading abduction case involving two very solid citizens.

After a trip to Quebec, the Hill's were traveling south on U.S. Highway 3 towards Groveton, New Hampshire when around midnight when they spotted a strange light in the cloudless sky. The light was to the lower left of the moon and above Jupiter. As they watched, the light traveled in several different directions- including towards the face of the natural satellite. Since they were alone on the highway, the couple felt the uneasy fear that the object was following them. Barney soon stopped the car and located a .22 pistol from the car's trunk before continuing on their way. Once reaching a forested area, the couple stopped the car once again to watch the object. Using binoculars, Betty could see the object was actually a craft that included a row of windows. As Betty watched, the craft drifted across the sky in several "stepping" motions.

At this point, Barney still felt the craft was an airplane. The Hill's regrouped their thoughts within their car and traveled slowly until they reached Franconia Notch in White Mountains. After stopping again the couple watched as the craft disappeared behind Cannon Mountain only to reappear as the couple restarted their trip. The object began to close on them and was close enough for it to be blocked from view by trees.

Roughly two miles north of North Woodstock, the glowing blue-white disc-like craft descended to about one hundred feet. Getting out of his car, Barney approached the craft with his pistol in hand and used his binoculars to get a better view of the vessel. He could clearly see several figures standing behind the craft's windows. The occupants appeared to be watching him for several minutes before they began to use the controls of the ship. The apparent leader of the group became Barney's focal point as he kept the binoculars focused on the figure. Barney felt the uneasy fear that he was about to be captured. The craft was now only seventy-five feet away.

Barney quickly turned and ran to his car as he screamed, "They're going to capture us!" Betty and Barney quickly reentered their car and sped down the highway as Betty rolled down her window and searched the sky for the object. All she could see was a black and suddenly starless sky. Barney was sure the object was so large it was blocking their view of the sky. The couple soon heard a strange beeping sound that originated from the rear of their car and both felt tingling and drowsy.

The next thing the couple remembered, they were driving along a path they had been hours before. Betty asked, "Now do you believe in flying saucers?" to Barney's harsh reply of "Don't be ridiculous." Several hours later, the couple arrived home and somberly walked into their home. Barney, for a reason he could not explain, put their suitcases in a back room while Betty noticed a strange pink substance on her dress. Barney's groin bothered him enough that he had to check himself in the bathroom mirror. Barney also found that his binoculars had a broken strap.

After several hours of sleep, Betty called Pease Air Force Base to inquire about any strange sightings the previous night. Betty was asked several questions, which she answered while leaving out stranger details of her experience. A report was sent to Project Blue Book, which concluded there wasn't enough information or evidence to warrant further investigation.

Although the couple knew they had experienced something strange, the actual abduction was still too cloudy to completely remember. Betty soon began to have vivid nightmares that focused on her abduction. She later described her dreams were taking place in the woods, with strange men surrounding her. Betty and her husband were then led to a large metallic disc-shaped structure. After being taken inside, they were separated and Betty was led to a small room where several medical experiments were performed. Hair and skin samples were taken while pregnancy tests were given. At one point, Betty was in extreme pain that was extinguished when the leader waved his hand over Betty's face.

Once the tests had been conducted, Betty began a conversation with the leader. Among the points discussed were an understanding of time, human characteristics and the layout of the universe. At one point, Betty was promised a strange book as a souvenir. The book was later taken away, to help her forget the experience.

In about February or March, warts began to appear around Barney's groin. As time went on the couple began to use hypnosis to try and solve their burning questions. Before taking this large step, though, the couple tried to return their memories by returning to the scene of their abduction.

Barney was first to receive hypnosis on January 4, 1964. Betty was not with him, to keep her account untainted. Most of Barney's sessions involved screaming and crying brought on by fear. Before returning from his hypnotic state, Barney was told not to remember his sessions until he was told to do so. Barney's sessions lasted until June 6, 1964.

Betty recalled basically the same events that took place in her dreams, with small changes in the appearance of the men who held her and her husband captive. She was able to draw a detailed map of the stars that included several characteristics that had yet to be discovered.

Barney soon described a rectal exam and a fascination with the creature's large black eyes. The creature's were said to stand about five feet tall and had gray skin. Their noses and mouths were very small but their chests seem larger then usual. Communication was performed solely by telepathy.

Sadly, Barney Hill died on February 25, 1969 due to a sudden cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 46. Debate continues to this day about the star map that Betty drew after her abduction. Although new information is unlikely to be found, the Hill case is one of the most important UFO cases ever.