The UFO Abduction Problem


Abductees, those who say and think they’ve been abducted by alien beings and hosted (or hoisted) aboard a flying saucer, are not, generally, fudging the truth. They have been subjected to an actual, physical “kidnapping.”

The essence of that kidnapping is what is in question.

The abduction phenomenon is not, in most cases, a matter of sleep paralysis or other mental anomaly. It is a real event, one that may be explained by inter-dimensionality.

Persons who seem to be taken from their beds, cars, or dining room tables are, indeed, taken someplace, and taken there in toto, not psychically or “spiritually.”

The fly in that ointment, however, is that only the members of the hoi polloi are abducted; no one of stature or fame has reported an abduction, unless one assumes that such noted individuals are taken but not returned: Judge Crater, Amelia Earhart, Ambrose Bierce, et alii come to mind.

That aside, those who are elements of the lower class get taken away rather frequently, and returned intact – shaken by their “experience” but no worse for wear evidently since most go about their normal living routines, unencumbered by the thing that has happened to them.

(That routine, by the way, belies the events that these people describe, but that for another time.)

What is happening, and this is just an hypothesis, is that some interactive entities have access to thee dimension(s) we as human being find ourselves restricted to.

The have entered this dimension from time immemorial, and interacted with humans, many of significance in the past, which doesn’t appear to be what is happening nowadays.

For example, Socrates was visit by an otherworldly being shortly after his sojourn in the Greek military. Moses was also visited, as were many others mentioned in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament). St. Paul, Thomas Aquinas, Dante, Joan of Arc, Napoleon, Malcolm X and dozens of others had visitations from these unearthly beings. But these notables weren’t abducted as such. Just talked to.

That’s what is strange about the modern spate of visitations: those confronted by these beings are taken away, and not talked to.

Why the difference? Because the current raft of individuals allegedly being abducted are without the mental acumen of those noteworthies mentioned above?

Or the intruders have become less selective of late, for reasons unfathomable to us.

The change in the modus of the intruders took place in the 17th century, when The Old Hag appeared. Or there are several distinct manifestations, and the most recent examples of intrusion derive from either a different inter-dimensional race of beings or entities who didn’t make themselves so overtly known in the past.

Jacques Vallee’s Magonia beings can account for the past and present encounters pretty much, but that doesn’t explain the why.

The earlier encounters seem to have been purposeful: messages and helpful (or destructive) instruction was imparted.

The current spate of abductions or encounters impart nothing. The beings are mute and without clear purpose.

And those who’ve been “abducted” can report nothing worthwhile or significant after they are brought back; episodes are totally useless and without obvious meaning.

So, can we learn anything from the abduction scenarios that have taken place and are taking place? We don’t think so.

Just as with the UFO phenomenon, abductions offer nothing of value and to continue ruminating about them is futile.