Fourth Density Relationships - New Models

Greetings to all of you. This is Germane. It is a pleasure to be with you this day. The type of channeling we do with you is an interactive process, and we want your participation, for we are co-creators of this interaction with you.

When we talk about relationships, first we'd like to say that we're not talking only about the love/mate relationship but about relationships with your family, your children, your mothers, your fathers, your friends, your co-workers. We're talking about the actual interactive process between humans. We may at times structure what we're saying as if we're talking about a love relation-ship. That is for convenience only. What we are saying is applicable in every relationship in your life.


First we will talk about the nature of the change your planet is going through at this time. We reference the change as the transformation from third to fourth density. Third density represents a vibrational reality or a state of mind that your planet has been expressing for several thousand years. The basis of this third-density expression is the idea of separation, which is the idea of not looking at reality holistically, but looking at it in part, seeing each other as separate, seeing the parts of yourselves as separate. Because of that idea of separation, you also view your connection to God as separate - "someone up there," an authority who can dictate your life - who's not you. This is a natural process of human evolution through which you will grow and evolve into the next stage which is where you are at now.


You are moving now into a fourth-density reality. Fourth density is characterized by reintegration. This means that you begin dissolving the boundaries, whether they are symbolic or literal, and that as those boundaries begin to dissolve you begin to see reality holistically, as if it's one big machine entirely supportive of itself. You're also going to find that your points of view about God are different. Instead of seeing Him as existing up there and dictating to you, you see yourself as a part of that creation equal to every other part as a total, perfectly working system. You are moving now into this realm of integration.

There are two models of relationships we'll speak about. One is a third-density model and another is a fourth-density model. Do not think that we are saying one is better than the other, because that is not so. It is simply a choice. However, we will outline these models so that you can recognize where your choices are based. If you want to change those choices, this will make it little clearer. So first we will talk about the third-density model.


Since third density is based on separation, then the foundation laid in third density for relationships will be that of separation. Thus one of the key ideas inherent in it is secrecy. We will define this: If you are in a love affair, it is not telling your partner you're having an affair. That's a blatant example. However, secrecy is also withholding your true feelings from another person. If something someone said made you angry, or if you see how a person can grow, and you don't want to tell either of them, that's secrecy. It cannot exist in fourth-density reality.

In fourth-density reality the polar opposite is honesty - lOO% of the time. In fourth density you will be living the fullest expression of who you are, and that means not withholding from anyone. Anytime you withhold your natural self you help to construct a lie upon which the relationship is based. That relationship is then an illusion, because you never really know your true selves or each other.


The second key idea is that third density supports conditional love. This means that you will extend love to someone only if they meet your needs and expectations. You extend love to them "if..." (fill in the blank). Now, this is not always conscious. It's not like you can sit down and say, "Well, I didn't extend love today because I wanted him to ask me to marry him, and because he didn't, then I'm not going to give any love." It's not that conscious. It's a very deep-seated behavior pattern, and one that you are moving out of.

In moving out of that process, there can be pain as you learn the idea of unconditional love. There doesn't have to be pain, but there can be. The quality of that pain is similar to sitting on your foot until it's asleep, then standing up and feeling the "pins and needles." That sensation reminds you that there's something there to feel. In that sense, when you are learning the idea of unconditional love, people will often choose to feel pain to remind themselves they have a heart. We know that sounds a little bit strange to many of you, but some people need the pain to feel they are alive, to know that they can feel, to feel their heart. That is what frequently happens in the transition from conditional love to unconditional love.

All of you have had moments of total unconditional love. They've been small moments so that you could get a taste of it. The mass consciousness on your planet is not yet strong enough to support that framework for an extended period of time. But this is changing and growing every minute. It is changing much faster than you realize, and you are all part of that changing framework by getting more in touch with yourself and learning to love yourself.


The third key in a third density relationship is the idea of control. Many, many people on your planet feel they have to control in order to feel their life is in order. That means controlling their relationships, and they will use manipulation to do so. That's a third density technique or methodology for relationships. Its polar opposite in fourth density is allowance. Now, you've all heard that word and you can imagine it. But when you make that connection emotionally with what it feels like to truly allow whatever happens to support your growth without needing to control it, you will have healed an important part of yourself.

As you are moving from third to fourth, it's going to be as if you've got one foot in each, and you may waver back and forth. Do not judge yourself, do not chastise yourself for doing that. It's part of the natural plan. Some of you are too hard on yourselves, saying, "Well, I can't be spiritual if I'm feeling this." It is often important: that you do feel, so that you can open your heart, so that you can remember your heart's there, so that you can train it to feel the things you will be feeling -- the ecstasy of the fourth density. You have to open it to feel it.


This is a package deal. For instance, if you are keeping a secret from your friend or your lover and you're attempting to build a fourth-density relationship of unconditional love, it's not going to work. When you choose something from the third density category, you get the package of the third density relationship. And that's quite all right if that's what you want. Just let it be a conscious choice.

Many of you are confused because you're choosing the third- density list and expecting fourth-density results. You can't have both. You must be conscious of what you want -- third or fourth. Make a choice from a place of consciousness and be aware of what experience you will have because of your choice. If you choose secrecy, you choose everything that comes along with it. If you choose honesty, you choose everything that comes along with that. It can work in your favor. More than anything else, let your choices about your relationships be lOO% conscious. It may entail some very deep soul-searching for many of you, and you may find that some of the relationships you had in the past no longer serve you, and you will have to do something about it. That's very painful for a lot of people. But you either stand still, go backward or go for tomorrow. Once you attain a certain level of consciousness, it's very difficult to go backward into the darkness. You must continue to move forward, and in that moving, many challenges await you, but there are also many joys, many freedoms.

People may feel very threatened about the idea of giving up control. However, many of you have experienced "letting go and letting God," as you say it. There is a tremendous freedom, a liberation in that experience. We're not saying to let go and let someone else do it for you; we're saying to let go of your need to consciously control it, to let your natural path unfold and then interact with that natural path. That is the path of free- dom, the path you are all moving toward.

The challenges are mostly in the next 20 years. For some of you who choose to be ground-breakers in this, the challenge is in the next five years. So fasten your seat belt and get ready for a pretty wild ride. But recognize at the same time that you are the driver as well as the passenger, and you can guide the car in the direction you want to go. And you don't have to go any faster than is comfortable for you. But do understand consciously the choices you make about relationships.


We are going to tell you a little story about John and Mary. Mary is afraid of heights. When Mary came into this life, her soul said, "I want to heal this fear of heights." Let's say she gets to adulthood and she still hasn't healed it. Then she marries John. Now, John continually protects Mary from her fear. Every time they drive a steep road he has her close her eyes. Whenever they walk on a steep path, he walks between her and the cliff. He never ever lets her confront the very thing that she came here to do. This is a pattern that happens between many people, where they take responsibility for another person's emotions and feelings.

Let's say you have a friend who is an alcoholic, who drinks far too much. You love him very much and want to tell him that you think he's an alcoholic. You are faced with several differ- ent things here: You don't want to stir up trouble for him; you don't want him to feel pain - so you don't say anything. That's very common. On the other hand, you could march right up and tell him what you think. If you feel responsibility for the feelings of that other person, if you never tell him about what he's come here to change, you enable him to continue this pattern. If, however, you are your natural self and in your excitement you express yourself to this person because you care about him, you actually then allow him to look at himself in the mirror of you and heal the very thing he has come to this planet to do.

If we were to advise you to stop doing anything, we would say, stop protecting each other from their emotions. If these emotions are not confronted, you will always keep yourselves separate from one another. You will always be walking on eggshells around each other. You are all in this together, and as your hearts are opening up you're going to start feeling that connection. And as you feel that connection you're going to want to share with another person. If you withhold out of fear of hurting them, you never really give them your love, moving into fourth density is about your giving love, learning to give and receive love, learning to become a holistic unit, learning to dissolve the barriers between each other. Secrecy will keep the barriers intact; honesty will bring you all together and help to create the world that so many of you have been envisioning.

So make your choices. Think about the people you love and care about, and think about the things that you're not telling them because you don't want to hurt them or because you fear their anger or you fear they will withhold their love from you. Then imagine what it would be like to tell them those things and watch them grow before your eyes because of what you've said. Ultimately, that will be what happens, whether it happens quickly or slowly. You will aim the mirror that you are in their direction, and they will be able to clearly see their reflection if they choose. They may choose not to see it; that's their business. You've all learned that you are reflections for each other, but many of you keep your mirror slight askew; you never really reflect any light in another person's direction, so they can't see their reflection. When you squarely position yourself as a mirror objectively, with no judgment and allow a friend to see her own reflection, she has the choice of moving forward. That choice in and of itself is a very empowering choice.


We're going to talk for a moment about the idea of monogamy, a thing that pushes many of your buttons. There are at least two different types of monogamy. One type is fear-based. Fear-based monogamy takes the following path: Perhaps you've been looking all your life for a love that you didn't get from your parents or whatever. You're looking for that one person who can fulfill you so that you can feel safe. Let's say you get that person and as soon as she's in your life you hold onto her. Both of you are clinging to each other because you're afraid of taking total self-empowerment. Whatever happens in this life, -there is a connection between you- but you try to force a connection even though there is one to begin with. This type of monogamy, based on the fear of being alone or the fear of AIDS or the fear of anything, will adhere itself to a third-density model of rela- tionship. In that type of fear-based relationship, you don't want to do anything that's going to trigger a fear, so you're certainly not going to tell the truth, whether it's your true feelings or what you've done or whatever.

Then there's monogamy by choice. This means that you meet someone with whom you feel a real strong connection and because of that connection, because of your excitement together, you choose to have a type of relationship that does not cover up your fears but takes you on another path. That's monogamy by choice, which can lead to a fourth-density relationship when there's no fear involved. So when we talk about having relationships with each other, give yourself the opportunity to make conscious choices. Examine what your needs are, what needs you want met, and see if there's fear there. If this is something you want to work on, don't put your attention on the relationship put your attention on the fear. If you put attention on those fears within you, whether it's self-esteem issues or fear of being alone or whatever, your relationship will become wonderfully different, very supportive. When a relationship reflects what's going on inside, not causing what's inside, then you have monogamy out of choice. Be conscious of that; keep checking in to see if it's fear or excitement. There is a difference.


Another fourth-density relationship is one that is not monogamous. (Doesn't mean they have to be that way; it's just another choice.) You can have those in third density, of course, but in third density that type of relationship must be in third density concepts, so they're usually secret. How many people on the planet have had affairs? We have heard one statistic saying that at least 50% of the married people have secret affairs, half of the population. Obviously you feel connected with each other. You want to connect with each other, but in a third-density framework it has to be done in secrecy. In a fourth density framework there's a very different point of view. It's done by conscious choice. Just so that you are clear about it, we're not saying that non-monogamous relationships are the only thing that should exist in fourth density. Conscious choices in relationships is what will exist in fourth density, based on honesty, allowing and unconditional love. There are a lot of implications in this. You'll work on them as you work on the relationships. It may be a rough ride as you transition from fear-based to choice-based relationships, but we guarantee that when you make the shift to choice-based relationships, the sense of empowerment and freedom you will feel is unlike anything you have felt thus far. Many people feel that's a thing to fear because it's an unknown. But once you feel it, you won't understand how you could have been fear-based. It will be as if a weight is lifted off your shoulders.

Many of you are familiar with some of the information that we've channeled to your plane having to do with relationships and extraterrestrial civilizations. We like to use the models as an example - not to take you away from the Earth! but to get you to look at yourselves reflected in these other cultures. The Pleiadian type of relationship is a wonderful example: It is basically in the moment. Although they do have monogamy, they call it monogamy-of-the-moment (we are teasing you a little bit). They have group marriages or group matings. They have any number of people involved - two, three, four, whatever. Not all of it's sexual. Sometimes it's just like family grouping; maybe they choose to live together as a mated group and some are not sexual. It really doesn't matter whatever goes is really their motto.

The difference between them and you primarily is that they do not see relationships as a threat in any way. They do not see any issues in relationships as a threat. Many of you on this Earth see a third person in a relationship as a threat, even if your spouse's friend is the same sex and it's a nonsexual relationship. The Pleiadians do not have any of this. They feel the connection with each other so totally that there's no such thing as an outside force. They're all part of one holistic unit. That's an example of the way your closest extraterrestrial genetic family member experiences relationships. Sasha, who has described Pleiadian relationships in her time, comes from approximately 1000 years of evolution beyond you. They had their periods of history just like yours. They have evolved from a place of turmoil in their relationships to a place of empowerment, and you are doing the same.


The most important thing to know is what you want. We're talking about clarity here: Know what you want, know what will empower you. Then seek to feel deserving to create that. The key here is the idea of deservability. That's a heart quality. And that's why in this time period as you're moving from third to fourth density (third density based in the solar plexus chakra; fourth density based in the heart chakra) the heart is experiencing all these feelings it hasn't felt before. Deservability is really coming up. Many of you are in touch with those deservability issues. Some of you are not; you don't even know they're there.

From birth on your planet you are conditioned to put other people first, to sacrifice, to be a martyr; to believe that it's okay for you to feel pain as long as somebody else feels better because of it. It has gotten you in trouble and will continue getting you in trouble until you can see yourself as equal to all others. All you really ever have is you. Your relationship is with you; you'll never get a divorce. This relationship will never end because of death. It is the only relationship that's permanent, the only one that really counts. If you can't have a relationship with yourself, you cannot have one with anyone else - and you can't have one with God, either. You will continue to keep yourself from God; you will be subservient.

As we all know, that time is ending. A loving relationship with yourself means empowerment. That is a most important thing, so pay attention to when you make a sacrifice; when you do, ask yourself why and be very honest with yourself. If you learn that you're sacrificing because you don't want to lose someone's love, then let that answer be okay. You don't have to judge it, thinking you're unspiritual. Feel it; know that's what's inside, and until that's let out, you won't ever feel the true heart energy, the true love that is there. Let it be okay. Don't judge it, and you are well on the road toward healing. Relationship with yourself is primary. We absolutely guarantee you that when your relationship with yourself is based on self-trust, self-love and self-respect, then all the relationships in your life will be based on those qualities. It cannot be otherwise.

All of you are pioneers because you have chosen to lead mass consciousness through the shift from solar plexus to the heart - third to fourth density. The role of the pioneers in your America was one of hardship - not that it had to be, but sometimes it was. If you feel pain, do not assume you are doing it wrong. Feel it from the depths of your being and let it go. If you refuse to feel it, it's not going away; it will be buried. Is it any wonder that the major killer is heart disease? What does this reflect? That without that heart energy to go into fourth density your bodies cannot survive. Is it also any wonder that another killer is AIDS, where you're eating yourself up from the inside? Your immune system is shut down because that energy, that life force, that heart energy is not coursing through your veins. Those are choices people have made for themselves and through mass consciousness. Those reflections will not continue when you learn to love yourselves. They will be a thing of the past. Comments or questions?

Can you give us an example of a fourth-dimensional conversation? [Laughter]

Fourth density is not linear, so when you speak you have a certain rhythm and pattern to what you're communicating. Let's say that you're having a really meaningful conversation and each of you are sharing deep-felt things with the other person. Let's say that the first person says, "It's all about arrival." The other person hears that sentence the way he needs to hear it. He interprets it in that way and responds accordingly. The first person meant arrival as in coming and going. The person hearing it interprets it as, "It's all about a rival." So he responds based on his interpretation, and the synchronicity of the conversation is tremendous. Even though the person "misinterpreted" what the speaker was saying, the exchange is perfect. That is a fourth density conversation.

In that both parties receive something from the conversation that is a gift, not having planned upon that gift?

Exactly. If you had thought A plus B equals C, as you do in third density, you never would have seen the gift. However, if you go out of that linear thought and experience a different type of communication and from your excitement answer back, you create conversation or communication outside of time. Now, in a fourth density relationship with your friends or your lovers, this happens all the time. In fourth density the interchange that was just described is in the moment and there's no expectation. So in each moment the full meaning on all levels is achieved.

Let's give you a third-density version of this conversation, all right? Let's say you are the speaker. You say, "It's all about arrival" and we say, "A rival? No, it's not! I don't have any rivals!" That's third-density version. See the difference? The misunderstanding triggered a fear and anger was expressed outwardly. So your shifting from third to fourth is about releasing the fear, releasing the anger and getting hooked into the synchronicity, the heart energy. It's about communicating on many different levels that you're receiving and sending from already.


Here's a little homework assignment for you: Pay attention the next week to your normal communications with people. When you feel yourself lapsing into a fourth density type of communication, see the different quality that exists between that and third-density relations. Third density is about reaction: I don't have any rival!" Fourth density is about response: "Ah, a rival." Reaction is usually based on fear or anger. Response is based on reflection. You'll see a lot more changed in communications between yourselves. So do not be surprised.

In some ways there are some blinders that limit your vision. That's not a major thing, but it's what you've chosen in this reality. From a bird's-eye view, what is happening to all of you is miraculous, astounding and incredibly beautiful. Have faith and know that what you're moving toward in your lifetimes will be unlike anything your planet has experienced in the past. You all have heard about the light at the end of the tunnel, but you're not seeing the light yet. If you can't see the light, then at least feel the heat. That heat, that warmth, will guide you. You're going to feel the heat in the heart, in the chest. Let it guide you. Know that you're not taking any wrong turns on the path, and that the most difficult and challenging relationships you have that are exasperating you are all part of the miracle that is occurring. We can't convince you of that; we can't give you proof. But you'll have to feel the heat and guide yourself and know it is so by looking at the miracles that happen in your own lives.

Can you talk about the third kind of interaction contrasting third and fourth density?

Ah, you mean like one person?




Oh, fireworks. Whenever you are in a relationship with someone, it's a co-created relationship. It's not like this person's in third and this person's in fourth, and you constantly clash. Instead, the interaction that occurs between you is part of a dance. When one person is more interested or is expressing herself in fourth density and the other person is expressing in third, the communication is the challenge. As we've just demonstrated, the third-density person may totally misunderstand the communication coming from the fourth-density person and react instead of respond. Any time you react you may as well put on a blindfold, because you will see only your own loops playing.

It's very difficult for people to maintain relationships when one operates from third density and the other operates from a fourth density philosophy. It's not impossible, but very difficult, especially around the honesty and secrecy issues. The fourth-density person is going to be totally honest, and each time she is, the third-density person is going to feel hurt. The third density person is going to be secretive, but the fourth-density person, because she is allowing, doesn't care one way or another if the other person is being secretive or not - but that person feels guilt because of it. The dynamics in this situation are literally endless. If any of you are oriented more to fourth density and you think your partner is oriented more to third density, there's got to be a common thread between you for you to be together. That common thread is what binds the relationship. It means that in some way you must have at least a little toe in third density and the other person must have at least a little toe in fourth density. That's the bridge.

The critical point of the relationship will be the subject of conscious choice. That's going to make it or break it. The fourth-density person will lay out the choices he wants for himself. The third-density person may or may not lay out her choices, because she's fearful. The choices are going to be very different. It would be very difficult to keep that relationship together. Now, one other thing we'd like to say. We have used the idea of monogamy as an example, but it is representative of other things as well.

Let's say that a third-density person (it's not that clearcut, but we're using it as a model) says, "I consciously choose monogamy. Therefore you, my partner, must not sleep with anyone." That is an expression of third density. But wait a minute - you can make choices only for yourself. You cannot make choices for another person. You cannot allow your fulfillment to be based on another person's actions, otherwise you will be disappointed every time. You can do it, but you'll be disappointed. The fourth-density statement would be, "I choose monogamy for myself. This means that I will not have relations with anyone but you. I cannot force you to make that choice, but it is a choice I make for myself." That pushes a lot of buttons for people. Because the current definition of monogamy is based on what the other person does. How can you ever be fulfilled if your fulfillment depends on the other person? Never. When you are truly integrated, loving yourself, clear in your choices, you can make the statement, "I choose to be monogamous with you. I don't feel the need to express myself with another person" and not feel threatened by the actions of the other person because you are very secure in your decision. If you still depend on the other person to fulfill your choice, you will never be fulfilled - bottom line.

You are, in a sense, the product of what you've been taught and what your parents were taught and what their parents were taught. Not every planet goes through this. It's simply what's been passed down - relying on another person for your own fulfillment. That's an illusion because you never can truly be fulfilled by depending on the actions of another. We commend all of you because you've made some very difficult choices as individuals and as a mass consciousness. Those choices are eventually going to reap the rewards that you want. It may take some time, but you're moving along magnificently. We commend you and admire you.


We now want to talk about what's going on at this time on your planet. The channel just returned from Japan, where she talked to many people. You will be astounded that all over the world people are saying to us the same things: "I don't know what it is, but for some reason I'm a lot more emotional than I used to be. All this stuffs coming up. I don't know where it's coming from. I'm feeling pain and love and all these emotions that I never knew were there. Am I crazy?" Of course we say "No, you're not crazy. You are experiencing fourth-density symptoms."

Right now, in June of this year and ever since October of last year, but accelerating since February, there is an energy shift. Some people call it a time shift; some call it a gateway. There's a shift, a change, an acceleration. For those of you who've been interested in metaphysics for the last several years, it's the most significant shift or change or gateway since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. It's a doorway that's allowing more energy to come to your planet than ever before. As this energy comes to your planet, it's going to accelerate you. In our estimation, it will begin in late July; the peak is in August, and you will experience another peak in October. Should you choose to open to this new energy and go with the flow, you will experience lots of emotion, both painful and joyous. You'll experience old stuff coming up that you had long since thought you'd dealt with. You'll experience childhood memories not thought of in years. Take that analogy of the foot falling asleep: You're starting to prickle awake now, and as you do you're remembering what's inside of you. You're bringing up what you don't want to carry anymore and getting ready to release it.


After October it will be more difficult or intense to deal with repressed emotion. Between now and October is the prime time to deal with your repressed pain and your desire to be more unconditionally loving. Most of all, it is a prime time to confront your deepest, darkest fears. If you choose to do this between now and October, the universe is going to be very supportive of you. In fact, it's going to throw things in your face to get you through it as fast as possible. Because if you're walking through an airport carrying your luggage, it is easier to walk than it is to run with your luggage. When you accelerate your vibration, moving faster, the more luggage you're carrying the more energy it's going to take you to get from point A to point B. If you're not carrying luggage (or carrying very little), you'll be able to accelerate yourself very easily with little pain. It's up to you.

Consciously seek to confront these fears, your pain, and the transformations that you want to make within you. Do not shy away from nor blame others for your state. Then miracles will happen in your life. You'll go through it quickly, intensely - but at the same time you'll feel yourself lightened in a way that you've not felt before. Take advantage of this energy coming to the planet now, because after October you're going to be running through that airport. And if you still have your bags, your energy will be drained and it will be a lot more difficult to catch your breath. We know each and every one of you, no matter what your life's history has been, is totally capable of becoming the unconditionally loving being that you condition yourself to be in confronting and processing this fear and pain. You have available all the tools. Do not despair, do not worry that you're not strong enough. Nothing that comes to you would be coming if you weren't strong enough to deal with it now.


So what kind of changes are going to happen in your physical body We'll give you a couple of examples. Anything that is repressed and not dealt with or released produces symptoms, whether it be colds or any other kind of physical distress. If in the coming months of the accelerated vibration you choose to hold onto that stuff and not let it go, your symptoms are going to get worse.

On the flip side, even if you're in the process of healing this and letting it go, your symptoms may get worse because it's a purging. It's like the idea of homeopathy, in a sense, you're introducing something into your vibrational field and you may feel the symptoms as the toxins are being released. So it's likely that in the next months until October your symtomology, your physical body, may go a little wacko. Do not worry. Question yourself first, though, if it's from denial or if it's from purging and the release of toxicity just so you know where you are.

Another example is digestive changes. Many of you are already noticing this; digestive changes are taking place where things you used to be able to eat you can eat no longer. Things you never thought you would eat, you are now eating. Your physical body structure is also going to change. The changes are occurring on a deep cellular level, and as those changes occur your physical body will adapt to those changes. Those of you who have had spinal troubles are going to notice structural changes in your body, as if you are literally becoming a new person. As this stuff is cleared away, you'll be much more aligned and centered and without a need to create negative symptomology to give yourself a message.

Some of you may also experience between now and October what you would call nagging or low-level fevers. If that's the case, don't worry. (Of course, we suggest you engage in whatever belief system you have, whether a doctor or a nurse or Chinese medicine, to make sure that it's nothing you need treatment for.) But know that if it continually happens, it's a symptom of your body accelerating itself, getting itself ready for the higher vibration in order to shake off some of those toxins, like a sweat. You may find it helpful to participate in sweatlodge ceremonies or use saunas and such. They will be very useful at this time to help you release on the cellular level a lot of those toxins.


Between now and October we would suggest that you be more conscious of your physical bodies than you've ever been. Treat yourself well. If that means get massages, do that. If that means chiropractic, do that. If that means paying attention to your diet, do that. However you do it, treat your body well. At the risk of sounding like a commercial, get plenty of exercise drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep. Even though that is a cliche, it is very important now, especially the water (preferably purified or distilled water). That water is going to be moving out the toxins in your body to get you ready for a new framework into fourth density. And until the third-density body structure is cleared, it may be a little bit difficult to shift. So drinking water will help you.

Could you give a specific example of successfully confronting and releasing a fear?


Ah, good question. We've often said the thing you desire the most is often the thing you fear the most. Let's say that the deepest fear you have is of being abandoned by your male. That may even go back to your relationship with your father or to other lifetimes. The first thing to do is recognize the fear, know what it is. Write it down in big letters, stick it on your mirror so that you don't lapse into the forgetfulness that often comes when the ego is trying to protect you from pain. After you do that, look at all the ways in your life that you are trying to protect yourself from that fear. Let's say you keep tabs on your husband wherever he goes. Let's say that you are afraid for him to be in a room with another woman, so you conveniently don't go anyplace where there's going to be single women. (We're being a little bit dramatic here.)

Become aware of the games you play that stop you from confronting that fear and that build a false sense of security around you. Start identifying those things; then you can feel them. You can start feeling the terror that causes you to act in a way to control your husband. Already at this point there are going to be shifts and changes. And those changes are likely to bring more situations your way to challenge your fear. Let's say that you have a private detective tailing your husband. As you start processing this, you start unlocking the energy you've been repressing, so you're going to draw the fear to you so you can look at it and process it.

Let's say that one day the private eye loses your husband, so he has no record of where your husband has been that day. That may freak you out because there's one day where he could have been cheating on you. These things are going to come up so that you're actually made to feel more fearful than you've ever felt - not because anything's going wrong but because something's actually going right. You're opening to the pain, you're drawing the fear to you to look at it, confront it and then move through it. Each time you create a situation in your life like the private eye losing your husband, own the fear, take responsibility for it, and take responsibility for your actions - not only on an intellectual level but on an emotional level (even more difficult for some people). Own that experience, and each time feel as much as you can how much you really don't want to live with that fear anymore. See it like a roommate inside of you who leaves dirty underwear all over the place. You've put up with it for a long time but now you're starting to realize, "Wait a minute, this is MY place. I don't want to share my space with this anymore! It's too distasteful."

When you can start wanting to change the fear because it's too distasteful or painful to carry it anymore, you are 50% through it. We're not talking about an intellectual want like, "Yeah, I wanna get through this but I'm not willing to open my heart to do it." It's wanting, feeling, yearning for life without that fear, life without that roommate. When you can do that, your entire biochemistry changes. Your belief patterns change, and once those two things start changing, you're drawing to you different things. You may be drawing to you challenging things, and they may be difficult. But they're things that will no longer mask your fear but will cause you to stare it straight in the face. After you get to that point of no longer wanting to live with that fear, of being so tired of carrying the fear that you're willing to let it go, each of you will take your own individual way of getting through it. If you can get yourself to that point, you're going to sail through it, because once you glimpse what it's like to have your own place without your roommate, you'll never want to go back. So get yourself to glimpse it. We cannot stress to you how different you will feel, how free you will feel when that roommate no longer ruins your life. It is an entirely different reality. To some degree, it can be said that third density is based on fear and fourth density is based on love. When you relinquish fear from your life, it's the primary third-density characteristic you've relinquished. It is the anchor you are finally free from. It's the luggage in the airport you're no longer carrying. It's the key to your freedom. Does that answer?

Yes, thank you.

Comment or question?

Lately, I seem to be viewing things through different eyes. When I speak the truth, it seems I get very negative and hurtful reactions from people whom I've always been close to or worked with. They rebuff me. How do you adapt when you want to help or let them know the truth, which is the right way? I end up just withdrawing and meditating because I feel drained.


This is a difficult one because all of you have people in your lives who are not on the same path as you. You still love them and want to support them, but you can't connect with them the way you want to. Now, it may at first seem like a dichotomy. and it may be the most fearful thing that you can think of but to truly heal this you must be 100% willing to let them go and never have them in your life again. If you can do that, your relationship will be based not on need but on true freedom and choice.

Whenever humans, whether they're couples or friends, enmesh themselves with another human, you lose sight of your boundaries and can no longer tell whose reality is what. You then can no longer express yourself cleanly because of that enmeshment. We know it causes you pain. However, in the long run, as you have already discovered, withholding your true self also causes pain. The only answer is to let go and let it be all right for them not to be in your life. That doesn't mean they are going to be gone; it's simply an energy dynamic that's going to shift within you. When you can let it be okay if that that person's no longer in your life, then they are free to be who they are and you are free to be who you are. You are both free to interact on the common ground between you.

When people are enmeshed, you don't even know where the common ground is. You cannot see it. But if each of you are what we call sovereign, or self-empowered, and express yourself from that without a need for the other person, the common ground is apparent. When any of you let go of anyone in your mind and your heart, you let them be who they naturally are, and the love you can then share is profound beyond words. You cannot experience that kind of Love through need or enmeshment but only through allowance and sovereignty. Allow yourself to ask - all choices being equal - what's more important? Having them in your life at all costs, even at the cost of your integrity, pretending you are someone different to have them in your life; or speaking your truth and always causing conflict; or energetically releasing them, letting them go so that your bond is a bond of integration rather than conflict. Different choices, all of them equal. Make your choice a conscious one.

Does that apply to letting go of your children?

Yes, yes, yes.

The small ones?

It applies to letting go of your children in the sense that it's okay if they do not become who you want them to be. If they grow up to be extensions of you, they are not free to discover who they are and you are not free to discover who you are. The conflict that occurs between you is because you cannot find common ground. You can't communicate. In civilizations like the Pleiadian civilization, when children come into the world the parents are not bonded with them out of fear or need. They are sentient beings who need caretaking, but from the day of birth they are individuals, not owned by the parents. They are not looked after and possessed by the parent, but a part of the community. They are also themselves. When the children grow up, they have strong self-identities and strong ties to their parents and their society because the ties were not forced upon them. They were allowed the choice of bonding or not bonding, and whenever you are given that choice, as long as there is compatible vibration, you will always bond. But if you are forced to bond, you will invariably pull away. That's the nature of humankind. Letting your children go does not mean packing up their little bags and sending them on their way. It means energetically letting go of the desire for them to fulfill what you need.

Many parents have children because they need a companion or because they need someone to make their empty life complete. Imagine the burden that the child feels who comes into a life like that. And imagine the feeling of a parent who is never ultimately satisfied by that relationship but can't let it go, either. You are all at this point now of being extremely conscious of what you're doing with your children and of what you're doing in your society. It's only been since the '60's - 30 years - that's not a long time in the history of mankind - where you've awakened from the shell that you've been in. And anyone who's been in a shell for a long time, not willing to look at things, is little tender when he comes out. That's what you're feeling.

You have seen on television your models of the perfect family, like Beaver. Pain covered over nice, false smiles on the face. Children must be good, they don't take drugs, they don't steal, they don't lie. No, they repress their emotion and grow up to be psychotic. A choice equal to any other but now you're teaching your children to feel and you're beginning to teach them sovereignty, or individuality. You're just beginning. Any of you who have children actively in your life, recognize if there's any part of you that needs them for fulfillment. Be aware of that and see where that awareness takes you. Your children also come into the world being taught, not by you but by your society, to need the parent for fulfillment also. So it's a two-way street. That is dissolving, and tremendous freedom comes from that. Comment or question?


If one is working around people who seem stressful with these new energies, will it become easier to detach from their stress?

Many of you are having trouble with that now. Each person has a choice about whether you want to make third-density or fourth-density choices. If you make third-density choices, then a certain reality structure surrounds you. If you choose fourth, a different reality structure is in place.

You're finding now that the time of separation is coming near. It's not that those of you who choose fourth density are going to float into some other etheric realm and leave everyone else behind, but that your realities are simply going to restructure themselves so that you have fewer and fewer people in your life who operate from third density principles. Either that or they will really recede into the background of your life. You'll be aware of them like a TV on in the next room, but they won't distract you.

For the time being, when you're trying to shift from third to fourth and you've got one foot in each, you're still hearing the clamor over here and reaching for the light. It can be very stressful. But that will change as you change. It's not anything out here that's going to change, but YOU. As you change, you are going to be changing that dynamic and how you perceive it. Comment or question?


What is happening between what might be termed lifemates now as we move into fourth density?

It depends on the specific lifemate. Lifemates who are committed to personal growth will experience through that relationship tremendous growth, tremendous shifts. In a lifemate relationship if the top priority is not personal growth, and safety or keeping the relationship intact are put before growth, chances are the relationship will not stay intact. So it's really dependent on the specific individual. Those whose number one priority is personal growth are going to find mirrored in their mate and also within themselves a wellspring of information, growth and, in a sense, Christ energy coming from the unconditional love/heart energy that you've not really tapped into yet. And if these lifemates choose a fourth density expression based on honesty rather than secrecy, unconditional love and allowance instead of control, the potential of that relationship and the relationship each individual person has to the world is limitless and endless, and will be almost alien to what you know now.

If those are the choices you make and you are truly acting on fourth density choices and are in a partnership, be prepared that what you will create may be alien to what you know now. Let that be okay, because there's nobody breaking ground in front of you. You're the groundbreakers; you're going into new territory. It might as well be another planet. You can't recognize it, there's no familiar object. Sometimes you may scratch your head and say, "Is this where I'm supposed to be? Did I take a wrong turn?" That's because you can't identify landmarks. There's nothing familiar. Know that in all probability this will happen. So when you're confused and you can't identify landmarks, remember it's the groundbreaking. Remember that there's no one in front of you leaving a trail. So if it's alien, it's all right. Just keep going.

Those of you who are lifemates choosing a third-density expression, it's likely your relationships could go on the way they always have, with secrecy and control and all of that until you die. That's one option. Not very much fun, but if it's what you choose, then so be it. Most likely, however, is that if the lifemates continue to choose third density ideas, the relationship will end. Even if it keeps going, it may not be such of an enjoyable ride.

So the most important thing for those of you who have lifemates, helpmates, friends, is to define your intentions, your motivations for the relationship, truthfully, on a very deep level. If you find that the relationship is primarily there to keep you safe, to keep you feeling secure, to keep you feeling value, understand it, but know what comes with that. The happiness that you seek does not come with it, only illusion. So it's really up to you. Lifemates have a very challenging time, but that challenge can also bear much fruit, depending on the choices you make. Does that answer?

Yes, thank you.

Anyone else?


How do you envision intentional communities of fourth-density people getting together7

Again, the Pleiadian civilization is genetically tied to you, energetically tied to you, spiritually tied to you. So they represent a similar way that you will evolve. We don't envision one way that you will manifest these types of communities. We envision that you will do it in many different ways. Some may actually come about through anger, as strange as this sounds. You may get a group of people who are angry at society, and because of that anger reject society and build their own community. Some communities may be founded on anger and separation like this and then may evolve into the unconditionally loving fourth-density experiences later on. The initial anger and rejection of society was necessary to stimulate the action of building the foundation so that the fourth density could evolve upon it. Do you understand what we mean by that?


That's one option, and it's already happening. Another option in a totally opposite direction is a group of people who are into "Light and Love," no substance, floating-in-the-clouds idea, and they may think it's really nice to have a community like this. It won't be that grounded, but they'll do it; then that will shift into the fourth density idea. It's the same situation where they will lay the foundation for later generations to build upon.

There will also be some visionaries, people compelled to live a certain way and not know why. They just have to create this and move forward without really having a future vision of what it's going to be. Those communities will start with the fourth-density framework earlier (because the builders will not yet get caught in their vision), but will stay in the moment. That is another common way.

We perceive your planet will take the form of the Pleiadian civilization - again, these are just probabilities. This means that you will have community environments and you will also have people living alone. There will be everything, so whatever type of experience you want, you have an opportunity to have. That's pretty much unique in terms of your galactic family and other civilizations. Often planets are very homogeneous, and their civilizations take the same steps in their evolutionary path. You are all so diverse that you're actually going to be creating an evolutionary path through diversity. So there's going to be many, many different ways to do things, which all will eventually create the same goal.

One other possibility we see is somewhat probable. Ecologically, your planetary system may get worse and worse, overcrowding, etc. You may create these types of communities in order to adapt to stressful circumstances in the environment. We perceive it is likely you will begin to build communities before you actually need them. If your planet's very reluctant to change, it's possible that you won't create these communities until it's almost too late, until you must have an immediate solution. It's not highly probable. Does that answer, or was there something more specific you wanted?

No, I wanted an overall picture and you gave it, thank you.

You're welcome. Anyone else?

Is there anything you'd like to say tonight about the ener- gies of today?


We would say that both the solstice today and the equinox in the fall are very powerful times of transformation. Today's solstice is also synchronized with Fathers Day. We perceive the significance is that for a period of time between now and the end of September, the male energy is needed in all of you so that you will take action to confront the things that you want to confront and move through the things you want to move through before October. Today is the gateway for the male energy. We're not talking about unbalanced male energy or patriarchy, but about the male warrior energy, the action energy. Today a doorway is opening for that energy between now and the equinox. During this time you will be supported by the universe, by this male energy, to be the warrior within and to tackle your challenges with spear in hand, screaming into the forest, and rescuing all of the locked-up things you have within you.

Characteristic of the solstice today is that the masculine energy between now and the equinox - and in terms of the topic for tonight all of you seeking balanced integrated relationships can call upon the masculine energy within you to take action to create the type of relationships you want. Many of you are passive about creating relationships. You let yourself just fall into it. Many women are taught that the man handles everything, that they lead the way and you just follow; and some men do just the opposite. But it's the time now for that masculine energy in relationships to get you to consciously make your choice and to put that choice into action, whether action is communication or actual physical movement. Between now and the equinox, action is the key, that male energy. Get out the loincloth and really go for it!

At this time we would like to thank all of you for the wonderful conversation we've had with you. We would also like to thank you for being humanity's pioneers. As you know, in any age those pioneers are needed. You have not fallen here accidentally; you have all chosen to be pioneers, and with all gratitude and all respect we thank you for the position that you've chosen, we thank you for your guiding lights. We tell you without a shadow of a doubt that the world that all of you are trying to create is just around the corner. Keep on plugging away, enjoying yourself, loving yourself. Never shy away from growth, and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel and feel it and become part of it.

Our love to you. Happy dreams, happy lives. Good day.