OBE As A Result Of Overtiredness

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article from the newsgroup: alt.out-of-body Date: Sat, 02 Mar 1996 (from G. Fidler) (with his permission)

I would like to share my one and only outerbody experience. This happened maybe 10 years ago. I was on a camp with handicapped kids, one of the kids became ill and we took him to hospital. He was an epileptic and hit himself on the face repeatedly. The kid (maybe 16 yrs old and very strong) was lying on the bed in a waiting room and I was holding his hands to stop him hitting himself, I had my eyes closed and was resting against the bed as I was very tired. I was waiting for one of the other camp leaders to come and pick us up. I found myself floating down the corridor just outside the room. I was near the entrance to the hospital, and saw one of the camp members coming inside, but he was not the person I had been expecting, so I thought I was imagining things. I could see everything very clearly, his worried expression, he had changed his clothes, I seemed to be floating about a metre infront of him. When he reached the room we were waiting in, I was back in my body, I realized I couldn't have just been imagining him walking in. I thought that perhaps this experience was due to the fact I was holding this kid's hands in a very tired yet concentrated state, and the fact that he was transmitting some sort of epileptic impulses through me. I would love to hear of any similar experiences or comments on this.

My e-mail address is G.fidler@latrobe.edu.au

OBE Letter 246 An experience from Kim

My next experience happened a few days later. I had insomnia for 3 or 4 days, my body simply would not let me sleep for more than an hour or so a night. I was not on drugs of any kind during these days. Nor am I these... : ) Anyway, I came home from work one night, exhausted, not having slept in so long. I collapsed on my couch and was out. I woke up later that evening, on my side, palaysed. I was looking at my hand trying to will it to move but it would not. At some point during this, I became aware of a tapping on my patio door. I became convinced that there was someone on my porch, trying to break in. And I still could not move, I began to panic.... I don't remember getting up, but I found myself standing in the middle of my living room, facing the patio. I did not realize that I was out of my body. I felt as if I was on drugs or messed up in some way, I could not see, there was a whiteness all around me and I was so very heavy, I felt like I had a ton on my shoulders... I did somehow, have my bearings about me, and in my state, I decided to walk towards the patio door, with my arms in front of me, until I could feel the hanging blinds. At which point I was going to part them to look out. I walked forward, and at the momemt when my hands should have hit the blinds, they didn't. I took another step and found myself on my patio...

The heaviness was gone and my vision clear, as if it was not the evening time. At this point I knew what had happened. I stepped forward to the edge of my patio, which was on the second floor, and thought that I could fly if I wanted to. This next part makes no sense, but, at this point I became unsure as to whether or not I was actually out of my body, I thought, if I walk through the railing, I'll fall. I decided to go back to see if I could see my body. Before going back, I will add, that I saw people down in the parking area... Spirits I think, or a hallucination.. Too embarrassed to say what they were doing...

OBE Letter 248 An experience from Charles

Another experience which I am not sure of took place for me last summer. At that time, I was travelling. I live in Quebec and, at that time, I was in Banff, Alberta, Canada. I was working at night in a grocery store and I was sharing a bed with my brother in a youth hostel. He was sleeping at night and I slept in the daytime. Sometimes, the schedules changed so I couldn't sleep at all.

One day, I was tired to the extreme, I went to bed and I decided to try going out of my body. I started to try this that same summer. I went to bed and I tried to relax and to think to nothing but the bed on top of me. After a while, I had a black-out or a kind of loss of consciousness and just after that I had the impression I was going out of the hostel flying at ground level. This lasted for one or two seconds then I was kind of shook up or scared and I woke up.


The name of the subject in this case was not given. I caption it "The Rosseau Case" merely because it was translated for me from the French by my friend, the writer, Victor Rosseau. The subject, a so1dier says:

"We left Monchiet in the afternoon, and, after a dreadful march along a muddy road, mixed with melting snow, we reached Beaumetz in the night, A short halt, and we started for Vailly, on the firing-line. We entered a trench about a mile long, which seemed to us interminable. The liquid mud was up to our knees. The frozen rain made it impossible to see.

Finally, we reached the spot where we were to relieve a French battalion. We were in one of the worst of the trenches. H and I were chosen for guard duty at the same time. We were so fatigued that we had not the strength to curse our bad luck. We were prostrated and frozen to the bones, starving with hunger and with nothing to eat.

There was no possibility of lighting a fire and not an inch of dry ground on which to sit; no embrasure in which to light a pipe, to stave off the pangs of hunger. Neither H nor I would have thought before this time that human beings could suffer so much.

Several hours passed for me in this horrible situation, and then everything changed in an unforeseen manner.... I was conscious, absolutely conscious, of finding myse1f outside my body. I knew that this was 1 a real and conscious spirit literally freed from the corporeal organism.... From without, I examined my wretched body at tired in green-grey, the body which had formerly been my own. But I looked at it with complete indifference, as if it belonged to another.... I knew that my body had to suffer in an atrocious manner, but I, that is to say, my spirit, felt nothing.

As long as I remained in this state of existence, it seemed to me that it was a perfectly natural happening. It was only when I re-entered my body that I was convinced of having gone through the strange experience. Nothing could destroy my absolute, certain, and intimate conviction that on this night my spirit was temporarily separated from my body...."

(S. Muldoon, H. Carrington, "The Phenomena of Astral Projection", pp89-90)

OBE Letter 332

I remember when OBE first started with me, it was usually when I was up late, got up early, then after I was awake for a couple of hours, I went back to sleep. 90% of the time, I was successful with OBE- I could almost predict it. I also had many experiences with seeing.

.... Is it right, if I suggest that your "method" is based on overtiredness? (I got similar hints by fiends of mine, who have told me that when they were awake all the night - they had a party - and when they took a nap afterwards they had OBEs).

I would be very pleased, if you could tell me if you then were in a state of overtiredness or if the situation only was one of "out of the sleep rhythm".....

It would be out of rythym; it seems to put you in a lighter stage of sleep; your brain is a lot more active; it can usually start when you are very active in a dream, controlling everything, then the dream ends and phantom stages start.

OBE Letter 400

"....oke some months later i want it to happen, it dint work, than i' notist, that when i' stayed up for 20 hours, than go to sleep for 4 hours and than stand up again stayed awake for a' couple hours than when i' was lying down it was dare! direct'so at that moment i' could play with it. but the stupidist thing was that dare was still that fear of lating gó, i'can go on and on."

I thought that if you have an OBE by means of over-tiredness your OBE experiences are short and shadow like - you can't stay still in order to have an accurate look at anything and you have no control of your movements and everything is less clear.

OBE Letter 472

"I am writing to you to tell you what has been happening to me, and to see if you could offer some advice/wisdom.

I believe that I have been having spontaneous out of body experiences. They usually happen when I am trying to go to sleep at night. I feel that I am floating a bit (this is a little cloudy, because I am usually almost asleep), then I feel like I am falling, or falling asleep too fast, and I wake up. Sometimes when I feel the falling sensation I can stop it and keep the floaty feeling. I have no other way to describe it other than I feel like my spirit has left my body.

Most of the time I experience a sense of panic when I jolt awake and feel like I have almost died. There was one experience in my past when I stayed up twenty four hours and fell asleep in the car while my parents visited my grandma in the nursing home. I remember them leaving the car and telling me that they were going to the second floor, and that if they took too long, to go and find them. I fell asleep, then woke up and went into the building, to the second floor. I could not find them. But I passed this room where an old lady was sitting in a chair. I went in and talked to her for a little while (i don't remember what it was about) and then went back down to the car. The next thing I know, my sister is pounding on the car window (the car was locked). She said I had been sitting there with my eyes open just staring out the window. I don't believe my body ever really left the car."