Transplanted Texas Family Comforted by Image of Jesus in Tree


Jan 7, 2007

Some people in Florida say the image of Jesus has appeared in a tree. A woman discovered it a week before Christmas.

The images appears in Daryl Brown's front yard. Brown just moved to Florida from Texas. He say’s it is giving his family comfort about their move to their new home.

"It's a blessing for me just coming to town, getting introduced and meeting new people out here ... When she showed me that, I said, 'OK, there is a Jesus.'" said Brown.

The likeness has created a buzz in the neighborhood and has many residents at a loss for words.

"I see the face, eyes, and you can see the crown," said one neighbor.

"I can't say what I feel, I just feel it," said another neighbor.

The image was discovered a week before Christmas by a woman walking her dog, the report said. Overjoyed by what she saw, the woman shared the news with her neighbor.

Similar to other cases of similar sightings, there will be skeptics. However, Brown said no skeptic could convince him the image is anything but Jesus Christ.

"Jesus don't just pop up like that. If you know the word of Jesus and you believe in Jesus, then there you go. He does exist," Brown said.