Universal Faith Fellowship

From: http://www.universalfaithfellowship.org/sof.html

Spiritual fellowship, accepts all religions as valid paths.

Statement of Faith

"1. We believe that we are LIMITLESS spiritual beings existing within these LIMITED physical bodies.

2. We believe in a 'Life Force' of the universe, which created everyone and everything in it.

3. We believe in doing 'that which is right', and not infringing upon the rights of others to believe in what they want to believe.

4. We believe that we have been given abilities to use for the good of others, including the 'tool' of INTUITION.

There is more that will be added to this. We are continually finding new ideas about ourselves everyday. We will share with you these ideas as we can, when we get them. All we ask is that you find what works for you, whatever that may be. We are constantly reminded that what may work for us may or may not work for others. If you agree with us, that's great. If you don't, that is "acceptable to us as well."