The Bear Tribe


The Bear Tribe Medicine Society is a network of contemporary people of all races drawn together by the vision and legacy of Sun Bear, a Native American teacher whose life's work was to form a tribe of teachers responsible for sharing with others those lessons of earth harmony and responsibility that they had each successfully learned.
The Bear Tribe is not a tribe bounded by geography or ethnicity, but rather by belief and action. It is a tribe-in-progress composed of people who are constantly learning better ways of serving the sacred web of life. The Bear Tribe is a non-profit organization. The Medicine Chief of The Bear Tribe is Dixie Wind Daughter (shown above with Sun Bear, see bio on programs page.).

While the Bear Tribe honors the Native tradition from which Sun Bear came, its cross-cultural teachings are based on many sources of Earth Wisdom. The Bear Tribe teaches what its members are learning: earth awareness, the philosophies of worldwide earth cultures as they relate to contemporary society, personal vision, personal responsibility, self-reliance, self-generated ceremony, working with and for the earth, and finding ways to preserve and protect the environment for this generation and all generations. We strive to achieve this through our programs, books, and other items.