The Inner Circle Coven of Laiad



"The purpose of this group is to forward the intellectual and spiritual acceptance of the lifestyle and ideal of Satanism from a feminine world-view. The IC Coven of the Laiad is a group of individuals who have similar ideals and goals concerning the realm of Satanism, its magick, and its way of life. The purpose of this group is to use each individual's talents and abilities to develop members both spiritually and intellectually, as well as to provide a vinculum among those of the same faith. "


  • Feminine based organization
  • Each human being makes his/her own life in the way that they choose. From this, each person is responsible for his/her actions.
  • They do not condone the forcing of one's will upon another.
  • They do not condone the harming or manipulating of children or animals.
  • "Do what thou will shall be the whole of the Law."