The Temple of Nine Wells


The Temple of Nine Wells – ATC is a public Wiccan congregation currently administrated by Rev. Richard Ravish, H.P & Rev. Amy 'Gypsy' Ravish, H.Ps. The TNW was founded in 1992 e.v. by Rev. Laurie Cabot, now H.Ps. Emeritas, as a focus for worship and to facilitate a multi-traditional practice of the religion of Witchcraft in order to best serve the spiritual needs of the growing Wiccan community in Salem, Massachussetts. As a chartered affiliate of The Aquarian Tabernacle Church, we welcome all to our rites who share the common goal of celebrating the ancient nature festivals and commemorating the sacred cycles and seasons of life, as did our spiritual ancestors in Northern Europe and the British Isles.

Wicca, the modern revival of the ancient religion of Witchcraft, is the worship of the Great Earth Mother seen in Moon and Earth and the Stars that course through the Heavens. She and her consort, the God whose horns or antlers represent our connection with Nature; protect and watch over the destinies of all true Witches. To the practitioners of Witchcraft; Goddess, God and Divine Spirit are immanent in all creation. All nature and life is sacred and the Magick Circle is a temple where humans blend their wills with the Goddess and the God.

The primary purpose and function of the Temple of Nine Wells is to support, propagate and teach the tenets and practices of the Wiccan religion, and to encourage and foster tolerance and interaction between members of our religion and the many differing faiths of the world. It is the belief of our temple's clergy that religious diversity and freedom of thought is of benefit to all members of society, and thus it is our intention to educate the general public regarding the true nature of our religion.

The Temple of Nine Wells clergy consists of initiated and legally ordained Priestesses and Priests who posess competence in the use of psychic skills and teach the Holy Art of Magick. Our services are available to all members of the Wiccan faith for the celebration of important rites of passage. We officiate at Wiccanings (the blessing of new-born children), handfastings (Wiccan marriage ceremonies) and funerary rites.

It is our intention to train and ordain suitable candidates for the ministry of the religion of Witchcraft and to expand the availability of services we provide to the Wiccan community at large. Though we do not actively seek converts to our religion, we will help those who come to us to learn of our beliefs and ways of worship so that they can make their own intelligent and informed choices.