Church of Caduceus


"The Church of Caduceus is a federally recognized interfaith church of Wicca, Earth Spirited Religions and Individuals. We are a member of The Aquarian Tabernacle Church; which is a service oriented religious organization with over thirty churches across the globe. In this spirit of service The Church Of Caduceus is a healing ministry.

We provide service to the individual members of the community on all levels of healing: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual. We work for the community as a whole by teaching tolerance for and between religions, races, and sexual orientations. We enjoin eco-sensible practices, positive self-development, and the spirituality found in actively living what we teach.

Our Basic Beliefs

It is our belief that healing and peace in our time is dependent upon each individual developing a personal relationship with the Universal Divinity as revealed to them by that Divinity, as reflected through their lives on Mother Earth, and infringing on no other individuals' freedoms. Each in their own way and on whatever path they choose. We honor all paths. For it is our belief that any spiritual path, followed from the heart and with reverence, is a true path for that individual.

In support of these tenets we stand ready to serve as teachers, guides and healers for those who seek our assistance. We do not convert or recruit. We facilitate and promote an individualized connection to spirit for those who come to us."