The Adelphi Organization


The Adelphi Organization is an educational, not-for-profit corporation offering instructional opportunities to those interested in developing a more loving and humane civilization. Toward that goal the founder, Richard Kieninger has authored The Ultimate Frontier, which outlines the principles of an optimum way of life and has established the community of Adelphi, Texas, where these principles can be practiced on a daily basis.

Mr. Kieninger’s book was written for the purpose of presenting Truth to those who are searching for more than their current philosophy provides. It acts as a guide to help people freely explore reality while steering clear of the interferences of dogmas, gurus, priests or political rulers. He explains how members of a world-wide organization of saints called The Brotherhoods were quietly involved in establishing the United States as a stepping-stone to a greater nation while also forming it as a nation where freedom and self-responsibility would allow men and women to better explore and discover Truth.

Adelphi is a close-knit community composed of individuals of all ages who develop their human and cultural potential by practicing the Philosophy of Life, as outlined in The Ultimate Frontier, in a safe environment surrounded by the peaceful sounds of nature. Adelphi has instructional materials and knowledgeable people for providing effective early childhood education. Our children’s resource library is currently available to parents. Our emphasis is on children as they benefit most from growing up in a wholesome environment. Adelphi has successfully operated adult education programs locally and through correspondence for many years.

The Adelphi Organization’s Membership Criteria appeal to the practical idealist who possesses a certain degree of psychological maturity and has the desire and determination to relocate to our community. Now is the time for persons with similar goals and interests from all over the world to gather and contribute to an evolving, uplifting culture where our children and future generations can develop the fullest human potential in what promises to be the Golden Age in mankind’s history.