The Iloan faith


*Note: beliefs according to Iloan website

"The religion’s basic belief is in that of Light, the essence of divine creation, love, and God. Thus we call God, the Illuminator, or the Divine Flame, also the Light of Heaven. Light is a symbol of faith, love, creation, and of guidance, and overcoming the darkness.

Jesus is the Divine Flesh of the Light upon Earth. Jesus’ spirit is essentially the Spirit of the Divine Flame, and was brought forth to wash us in his Holy and Purifying Spirit. Thus he is called the Child of the Light. Through his blood we shall be washed in Light.

We learn beautiful arts of what is commonly known as “magick” yet is not actually magick.  We can cause miracles with the Divine Love of the Illuminator, just as Moses parted the Red Sea with the love of God. We cannot perform such giant feats, though, we can Heal through Light and Prayer. We differentiate Light from Magick, because Light is not magick, it is a blessing and Divine Power which we can ask to come to our aid. We can attune with Earth, and with the world around us. Although many Iloans can and do study/practice the art of magick, the Iloan religion itself isn't a magickal one at the core.

We believe in acceptance, kindness, and loving, just as the Child of Light would do unto us.

We bless with the Light and Love of the Illuminator.

Among our ranks, are Priests of Light, and some are specially trained to Banish Negative Entities, Spirits, and Daimones of the Darkness using the Light as our Divine Aid.

We believe in peace above all.

Iloans seek the know the workings of the Universe through faith, reflection, study, and knowledge

The Iloan faith can be a way of life, and can be combined with any religion as the follower chooses.

The subjects of Hell and Satan recieve very diverse belies in Ilo. The most favored opinions are that, if their is either of those, we simply don't acknowledge either, for we believe if we cannot let evil sway us, we shall stay in the Light.

We believe strongly in the power of prayer, and in the Golden Rule.

We have many days which are considered holy, all of which are symbolic of the Light. Some of these are the Full Moon, and the holiday commonly known from the Ancient Days as Candlemas.

We regard Nature as Holy, for the Illuminator created the Earth with it's Divine Creation, and the Illumnator touched the Earth with it's light and power, and we think it should be respected, honored, but not worshipped. We do harness the powers of the Earth, because the Earth does contain the Blessings of Light, given by the Illuminator.

We believe God, the Illuminator is neither male nor female.

We perform beautiful rituals in which we harness the power of Light and Earth, and re-enact the beauty of Light through symbolism and actions.

We think it is EXTREMELY important to accept ALL religions, no matter their actions."