In 1965, by Paul Twitchel (b. approx 1910- d. 1971)

Current Organization

Headed by Sri Harold Klemp, Eckankar can be found in some 100 countries.


Eckankar describes itself as the "religion of the Light and Sound of God". It embraces a number of Eastern, esoteric ideas such as Astral travel.


  • Soul is eternal and is the individual's true identity.
  • Soul exists because God loves It.
  • Soul is on a journey of Self- and God-Realization.
  • Spiritual unfoldment can be accelerated through conscious contact with the ECK, Divine Spirit.
  • This contact can be made via the Spiritual Exercises of ECK and the guidance of the Living ECK Master.
  • The Mahanta, the Living ECK Master is the spiritual leader of Eckankar.
  • Spiritual experience and liberation in this lifetime are available to all.
  • You can actively explore the spiritual worlds through Soul Travel, dreams, and other spiritual techniques.