Aletheia Psycho-Physical Foundation


The Aletheia Psycho-Physical Foundation is the international headquarters for the amazing teachings of JACK SCHWARZ and now continued by Lois A. Scheller Schwarz, his partner of 34 years and Co-Director.

Founded in 1958 as a non-profit organization dedicated to self-health research and education to bring forth the integration of body, brain, mind and spirit.

Aletheia's programs synthesize the findings of science, and the revelations of spirituality. Aletheia provides resources and services through research, education, networking, and public advocacy.

The word Aletheia finds its roots in the ancient Greek language, and is today part of that language. Aletheia's meaning and usage is 'truth.' Plato used this word extensively in his writings. It has been suggested that the word originated from three other words: a = non, lethe = from the river Lethe or the river of death, and eia = for experience. This adds up to the meaning of: a non-death-experience or immortality.

In Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary (unabridged), the following is found: Aletheia (Greek) truth and logos, discourse; Alethiology - the science or doctrine of truth, the branch of logic that deals with truth; and Alethoscope - (Greek, Alethes, true and skopeic, to view) an instrument for viewing pictures, producing a stereoscopic effect.

The study of our brainwaves and the importance of the science of Autogenics for self-regulation is emphasized strongly at Aletheia. The I.S.I.S. instrument that is used to photodrive you to the different brain states was invented in 1969 by Jack Schwarz, and is used in all Autogenics Sessions.

Today, the Aletheia Institute is growing into a network of people actively studying and applying the principles of Jack Schwarz's wisdom and his teachings to everyday life, to live a more healthy, happy, and harmonious life.