Johrei Fellowship


Self description

"We are a multi-cultural, multi-faith, service-oriented organization with a common vision. The Fellowship embraces the spiritual philosophies of both the eastern and western world, with the practice of truth, goodness and beauty in our daily lives. Our mission is to help bring about the transformation of the human spirit."

What is the process of Johrei?

You will be invited to sit comfortably facing the Johrei person. You may join the person (server) focusing the energy in a silent prayer, opening yourself to the universal energy for purifying you in spirit, mind and body. The energy is directed towards your forehead, upper chest and abdominal area from the front for five to ten minutes. You are asked to face the opposite direction for about another fifteen minutes. The energy is directed from the top of your head to the center of your head and down the spine, then to the back of your head and on to the left, then right shoulders. The process continues down the back concentrating on the spiritual body that corresponds to the heart, stomach, left and right kidney and lower back areas of the physical body. You are asked to face the front once again and you can join the giver in a final silent prayer of gratitude.

Universal energy, or the divine light, when focused on the spiritual body of an individual dispels “clouds” or negativity, from the spiritual body and raises the spiritual vibration, thereby causing reactions in the spiritual, mental and physical bodies. Through the process the spirit is uplifted and the divine nature unfolds itself more and more, causing the finest spiritual qualities of the individual to come to the fore. The mind is properly focused, relieving it from confusion.

When clouds are dispelled from the spiritual body, toxins in the physical body dissolve and are eliminated to a large extent. Pain or discomfort felt by the individual is part of the purifying process and Johrei accelerates this process, bringing it to an end more quickly than it would terminate otherwise.

The use of universal spiritual energy is not limited to human beings. Many plants which have been weakened from insect blights, extremes of weather or other destructive forces have been revived through Johrei, and the quality of the soil itself has been improved. When the seeds and the soil have become sufficiently purified, a considerable improvement is seen in the quality and quantity of crops too.

Any individual, when properly prepared, can focus this universal energy. The intensity may differ according to the level of the individual’s awareness, but it is possible for any individual to focus it effectively.