Holy Order of MANS

From: http://www.pokrov.org/controversial/hoom.html

The Holy Order of MANS began in 1961 and was called the Science of Man Church. It was founded by a man named Earl Blighton, a retired electrician and mail-order minister. Blighton had several religious influences, including Roman Catholicism and the Rosicrucian Order, a secret worldwide brotherhood that claims to possess ancient esoteric wisdom. Blighton's new church combined both traditions. Male and female followers of Blighton dressed like Roman Catholic priests, but studied Christianity, astrology Buddhism and Blighton's own theories. Many considered Blighton to be the reincarnation of Apostle Paul. After being accused of being a cult after the Jonestown massacre in 1978, the Order began looking for more legitimacy.

Attracted to the Orthodox faith, the leaders began to substitute Orthodox prayers, garb and rituals, in place of original Order traditions. By 1990 the Order had been taken in by Metropolitan Pangratios of Vasilupolis. Their spiritual leader is Abbot Herman (Gleb) Podmoshensky who was a ROCOR priest, but was apparently defrocked for not answering serious moral charges. Currently they go by various names, including Christ the Saviour Brotherhood (CSB). The Order runs Brother Junipers restaurant, and a former leader, Paul Brown, claims that in 1987 the Order was worth $14 million.

According to Bob Larson [no relation to web master of this site], the Order appeals to those who have been wounded in life and wish to escape the world and find a moral haven. The Order's outward image is very peaceful and, at this point, orthodox. Unfortunately many people that are attracted to this aspect of the Order are unaware of the secret teachings. Bob Larson states the purpose of the Order as follows:

The Holy Order of MANS promises to reveal hidden, ancient Christian Mysteries. These "truths" will elevate one's spiritual consciousness and prepare him for the New Age which will soon dawn upon humanity. Members are promised entry into "the Greater Brotherhood," a company of "Christed" individuals who will someday reign with "the Cosmic Christ."