Divine Science

From: http://www.divinescience.org/history.htm

Divine Science was founded in 1887 by Nona Lovell Brooks, Aletha Brooks, and Fannie Brooks James. During the early years, while practicing the principle of the Omnipresence of God, they became acquainted with Malinda Cramer, who lived in San Francisco. They discovered that she was working along the same lines of Truth. This brought together two closely related streams of thought and in 1898, the Divine Science College in Denver was incorporated to train teachers and practitioners, organize churches, and ordain ministers.

In 1932, Dr. Grace L. Faus came to Washington, D.C. and began the first study class in the teachings and principle of Divine Science. In 1956, the present site became the location for Divine Science teaching in the Washington area. Our current minister is Reverend Janet L. Friedline, who succeeded Dr. Al Salazar. There are several other Divine Science churches throughout the country.