Black Apologetics Ministry

Organization devoted to the defense of some black religious movements. Read the following page from the site:

Why Black Apologetics?


I want to address specifically why there exists a need for Apologetics to be explored and dealt with from a "black" or African perspective...

I believe that it would surprise non-minority Christians or Christians who are not of African decent to know the kinds of objections that are frequently raised by those within our community against the Christian faith. The objections are not the usual - intellectual, atheist, secular humanist, deist, etc. They are a bit different. Here is a sampling:

  • Christianity is a white man’s religion
  • You are following your slavemaster’s belief system
  • You lack “knowledge of self”

Christianity is merely an opiate that has been offered to blacks as a mind-numbing substance to deal with the after-effects of slavery

Many of these objections that are raised stem from the fact that the word of God was indeed perverted and used to subjugate African people. The purpose of this site is to separate the actions and the sins OF Christians (nominal, ignorant, in name only etc.), from the Bible’s primary message TO mankind.
Black men have fallen prey to this type of thinking more so than women. In many cases, the objections against embracing the Christian faith because of its “white” roots is simply passed along with NO historical data, no proof, just word of mouth. It then becomes fodder that is used in arguments against Christianity. Our people need to be re-educated. Black Christians need to be educated first so that we will know how to respond to such claims.

Because these accusations go unanswered due to a lack of historical knowledge on this subject matter, other religions are embraced. The Nation of Islam is rooted in Black Nationalism, Black Hebrews claim to be God’s chosen people, with salvation being withheld from non-blacks, and Five Percenters claim “esoteric” or secret knowledge that is full of conspiratorial propoganda. They also share the roots of Black Nationalism with the NOI.

The bible says that ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). We as a people have to forgive non-minorities for what was done to our ancestors. If we can get past the actions of ignorant, nominal Christians then we can get to the crux of Christ’s message.