The Association for Christian Development


The Association for Christian Development is a non-denominational Christian ministry dedicated to proclaiming the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God. We believe God has a Grand Plan for mankind, which at its core calls us to become like him—after his image in character and mind. We believe God has given us all Scripture (OT & NT) to guide us in discovering him, his true faith, and his way of life. Therefore ACD is committed to restoring and teaching the original Gospel message of God’s soon-coming Paradise Kingdom, and proclaiming his invitation to all people to have an eternal part in it.

MISSION: To make plain the Grand Plan of God to as many people as possible, inviting one and all to join the everlasting Kingdom of God now, and to taste now of the powers and blessings of the Age to Come.

To nurture the spiritual, mental and emotional development of the widest possible audience through a serving ministry dedicated to the educative process of helping all to grow into the fullness of the stature of Christ.

PHILOSOPHY: Our approach stresses education not indoctrination; respect for law, not legalism; edifying doctrine, not dictatorial dogma; a helping hand, not a "holy hierarchy"; tolerance for other Christians and faiths, not the tyranny of "one true church"—teaching above all, love of God, his Son, and our fellow humans. . .male and female, friend and enemy alike. This nurturing way—utilizing professional pastoral care and expertly trained, balanced scholarship—aids us in the process of:

Discovering God;
Forming Christian character and identity;
Learning how to live exciting, joyful and fulfilled lives, both in community with one another and before God.