Myths about mind control

Myth # 1:

"Real" Christians can't be fooled by religious cults.

FALSE ! Christians, pastors, theological students and professors can become involved in religious cults, given the right conditions, false information and deception.

Myth # 2:

Only uneducated or emotionally troubled people get involved in religious cults.

FALSE ! Very sophisticated, wealthy people, college professors, college students, well adusted, intelligent people are deceived into religious cults every year.

Idealism and wealth are often taken advantage of by cult leaders who usually aren't interested in uneducated or troubled people.

Myth # 3:

Mind control and brainwashing are the same thing.

FALSE ! Mind control is accomplished through subtle, friendly persuasion. Brainwashing is done against one's will by a known enemy. Different methods are used.

Myth # 4:

Cult involvement happens to "other people", not to me or my family.

FALSE ! Religious cults are common dangers to every one of us. Many families are broken by them. Society, culture, even nations are affected by them. And the eternal consequences to souls can never be tallied.