The foundation

Preached by David Koresh

Recorded in October 1989

Transcribed by David Bunds

Here is the transcript that I witheld from the Internet since 1994. I obtained it from the transcriber, David Bunds, who was, at one time, a member of the Branch Davidians. I later obtained an audio cassette of this message which is now housed in my personal archives.

I had decided to supress this transcript because its content is shocking in places. Also, the media had obtained the audio recording of this teaching and had used some of the "sensational" excerpts to further demonize David Koresh. Eight years have passed and I believe that it should now be made available to the world. To withold it at this time - in 2001 - would serve no purpose.

Note: the speaker - Vernon - is Vernon Howel aka David Koresh.

Here it is - unedited - in its entirety.

...Mark Swett February 1999

In our study this afternoon, we are going to lay out some wonderful information, it's wonderful to me! Some of you may not be able to comprehend it. Some of you have not had enough experience in the things of God to know why God is, and why we are, and why God is the way that he is, and why we are the way we are.

But in the beginning it was not so, in the beginning all the heavens beheld the word of God. And God, who said let there be light, manifested the power of the invisible world, the power of the unseen, the power of the prophet, the power given unto men, that they might declare what is to be. We, the children of the prophets, are to know our signs. We are to know the authenticity and the power of the word of the fathers, the family of God, the children of light.

As you know there is a great crisis amongst us in this message, but not for me! As a matter of fact, after five years of allowing my body to feel the torments of the soul, while allowing my body to suffer the effects of the mind in the physical form, I have not in any wise deferred from my responsibility to give the truth that this God has given to me, that is, the God that I have never known.

The power of the Spirit is the power of the intellect. Mind is Spirit. As a man thinks, that's the way he is. Well, my thoughts have consistently been forced into the avenues of darkness. My body has suffered greatly because of the spirit of doubt, the spirit of wonderment, considering the penalties that could be incurred upon the human body, such as imprisonment, death, suffering, and above all, the reality that one day, if your wrong, you'll be amongst those great and mighty men who once lived, who lived in the body of their own minds, who lived in their own opinions. Those men who were condemned from the foundation of the world, great and mighty men who will have to also come to the knowledge of the truth, that the wisdom of this world is foolishness unto God.

God, who is above the things of the world, has manifested the world to the angelic beings. The word of God spoke and it was so, and it was such a foolish thing, because the complexity of the world was simplicity to the heavens beyond. I am saying that all that the world has shown was simply made from the dirt, from the dust of the world. God's word made the simple things, that the worlds beyond might see that the world that now is, is such a simple thing! We are so simple. We are so base. We are so dishonored. And yet man of this world will take these things and with such a small comprehension, will glorify himself, that he may consider himself one who is wise. And we're all just a bunch of dirt!

The wisdom of this world is foolishness. The object lesson of this world is just a joke played on the inhabitants thereof, that they may also with God smile and laugh about it, once they come to the knowledge of the truth. And greatest joker of all is Satan himself who, in the turn of the centuries yet to come, will find out that the joke was played on him. Those who exalt themselves against the wisdom of God shall and will be abased. They can, and will be, and shall be brought to the lowest form of existence, that they may uphold the wise, that the wise may walk over their existence. They'll be dirt won't they? Ashes under the souls of the feet of those who have overcome in the wisdom of God.

What is wisdom? What have we learned? Well, I knew that I knew nothing. After five years I have laid hold of a doctrine, strictly biblical! I have not written down my visions except two. I have not spoken amongst the congregation, my spiritual experiences. I have only in part, in the simplest form, related to these experiences, as I directed the host of God, the congregation, into the knowledge of the bible.

We know the men of the bible, they're the ones to whom God in the flesh said two-thousand years ago, "Woe unto us if we believe not all that the prophets have spoken." He wasn't referring to me as of yet was he? He was referring to those who as a foundation had laid their lives down, declaring the testimony God had given them. That's what we're talking about today.

So, the one to whom we say we believe, that God in the flesh, that Christ, that's the one we want to exalt today.

The wisdom of God was foolishness unto men. God made Himself manifest in flesh, below the flesh, under the flesh, that the flesh who thought that it was exalted, that the flesh who thought that it was wise, might in turn see, that the foolishness of God is wiser that the wisdom of men.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ is our foundation. The bible student witnesses the great apostle. I say the great apostle. The apostle of which scripture says, "To whom Jesus loved." John. What an honor. What an honor to consider an apostle of which scripture says, "The one whom Jesus loved." This apostle was a prisoner on the Isle of Patmos for the word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ. It was not the word of God that got these men in trouble was it? The Jews had the word of God. The learned had the words of God. There were prophets in the day that the baby Jesus was revealed. They weren't in trouble. They had been shown visions. They had been given inspiration. But it was not to them the commission was given that they might proclaim and announce the coming of the Messiah. That's why that the prophetess and the prophets were allowed to see the consolation of Israel. They were allowed to see the coming of this child. But they were not allowed to live on, to see the sad work that must be done amongst the sons of men. They were prophets! Did they exalt themselves above the child Jesus? Did they? No, they did not!

But we're going to see a sad record of how that the men, who were blessed with the greatest light of all, the light they could see with their eyes, the light they could hear with their ears, how they in turn became the murderers of the only true Revelation of God. God in the flesh. The Word made flesh. Understanding and Wisdom.

The child grew the bible says, and he was in this church, and one day he got up to read out of the bible. What did he read? What did he read class? What?

Class: Isaiah.

Vernon: Isaiah what?!

Class: Sixty one.

Vernon: Sixty One. "The spirit of the Lord is upon me because the Lord hath anointed me," to do what?

Class: To preach good tidings.

Vernon: "To the meek, that he bind up and heal the brokenhearted, deliverance to the captives." Those people could not relate to these words. A day of vengeance is not mentioned. Christ shut the book, rose up and told the people, "This day is this prophecy fulfilled in your ears." And he reminded them the day would come when these very people would say, "The works which thou didst to others, do amongst us. Physician heal thyself." And then he told them point blank, "You don't believe in God!" He told them that many widows were in the days of Elijah, but only one had her son restored to life, many poor women in the days of Elijah, but only one, only one could receive the gifts of God. This was a direct insult to this congregation. And what did those people want to do?

Class: Throw him off a cliff.

Vernon: Throw him off a cliff. The ministry of God has no place in the world of men does it? Does it? Unbelief, unbelief. The statement was made by this man called God, "But when the Son of Man cometh shall he find any faith in the earth?" He was not referring to the faith as of men, he was not referring to the faith of men with their speculative power of reasoning. He was referring to those who could follow a direct commandment from the word of God. He was referring to those who would be children of light, children who could know, that in the beginning, God's Spirit, which is one with God, said let there be light. And God saw the light that it was good. The light of Christ was not good to the sons of men.

John the disciple whom the Lord loved writes, "In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, it was God and all things were made by Him. There was not anything that was made that was not made by Him. In Him was life, and that life was the light of men."

We see. We have the ability to know what is in existence. We have the ability to look and to hear. But the light, the light of the precreation shined in darkness and the darkness, man of this world, comprehended it not.

So God sent a man from heaven. A man came from God who's name was John. He was not that light, but he came to bear witness of that light, the true light, the light which lightens every man that cometh into the world. God, the beginning, in the beginning God created. Psalm 139, the person in that Psalm knows God. "Thou didst see my substance, yet being imperfect which in continuance was fashioned when as yet there was none of them."

This person has the mind of God. He declares that it is the God who created him in His mothers womb.

But who can be such a person? What is inspiration? Well, the Revelation of Jesus Christ was the revelation given to the beloved apostle, John. Is not John the great apostle? Wouldn't you say he would be the greatest of the apostles? Sure he would be. He's the one whom the Bible says the one whom the Lord loved.

John on the isle of Patmos, as a prisoner for the word of God. This is my foundation. This is my argument. This is what I have shown you. John is taken to the heavens, after receiving a counsel from the Holy Ghost. A counsel which cannot be forgiven should a man decide to go contrary to it. A counsel given through the apostle John to the churches of Asia. A counsel which allows all men to have freedom. He that hath an ear to hear, let him hear what the Spirit, or the Holy Ghost, saith to the churches.

To the church of Laodicea the Holy Ghost announces the Holy Ghost by saying, and to the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write, "These things saith the Amen." Now what does amen mean? {It} means that's it. When a person makes a statement and you can't add to or subtract, that it's so true your mind becomes blocked to see anything but that statement, it's amen. There is nothing to added to it, nothing to be taken away. The word of God. The beginning of the creation of God. The true witness. God, who had spoken heaven and earth into existence, God, said let there be light. And it was so, and God saw the light that it was good. And God separated the light from the darkness. God called the light day. God called the darkness night. And the God, my God, declares the end from the beginning and from ancient times things not yet done. That's the God I'm going to talk to you about this afternoon.

I'm going to send this tape to Australia, to remind those people {of} our foundation. Our foundation is in the beginning. Our foundation is in the end. Our foundation is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning of the creation of God. This Holy Spirit, which you cannot sin against, tells the church of Laodicea, the church that proclaims judgement, "I know thy works, you're neither hot nor cold, I would thou wert hot or cold. But because thou art lukewarm I will spew thee out of my mouth." The Word that made heaven and earth is the word that proclaims the prophecies. And when God does not speak {of} you in the light of prophecy, then you are not a part of those of the living testimony of God. You cannot be hid in the mind of God if you do not know prophecy. If you do not know what God says for the future, then you walk in darkness, and the darkness is night, and the day is light. So the children of light, if you have ears to hear, hear what the spirit saith unto the church of Laodicea.

The church of Laodicea is given the full instruction, "because thou sayest." The opposition is because "thou", the Laodicean sayest, "I am rich and increased with goods." The Laodicean's a person who thinks that what they think is sufficient. Everything in the world that your eye sees must be programmed in the mind. All things that you see are the things that you think. There is the visual eyesight of man. You see in front of you the new car, but that is only fact. And then there is the spiritual eyesight, when you shut your eyes and you see the same car. That is the spirit in man, which is of the man, which is the free man. We have no choice but to see what is in the world, for we are prisoners of the world. That's why God who made the world says, let there be light. That God we do not see in the world. That God we can only see in the spirit. We can shut our eyes and we can know that word by seeing that avenue God has chosen. The book. The truth. The record. The sign.

Because thou sayest, because you the individual who knows God not, who has not the spirit of God, because you think you have something, because you have evaluated what you see as something valuable. You have experienced what you have seen, and you have seen what you have been shown, both in your eyes, and in your mind, and you have placed a value upon it and you have concluded that what you have seen, what you have known, has placed you in a rich and increased with goods position. The Holy Ghost that made heaven and earth says "thou art blind, miserable, poor and naked, and knowest it not."

This is the only true work of faith amongst the children of light. No! We cannot see the light! We cannot see that we're blind, miserable, poor and naked. We can't see that light, by the eyesight of our eyes. We see the plate of food in front of us. We see the clothes on our back. We see the comforts the world affords us. We see our spiritual condition. We are blessed above any in the world as regards to light, bible truth. How can we see! How can we see that we are in this condition? How can we see?

Well, in the beginning, God divided the light from the darkness. He called the light day, and He called the darkness night. And the evening and the morning were the first day. And the bible student becomes amazed when on the fourth day God made the Sun, Moon, and stars. What?! What?! You mean there was light before there was sun, moon and stars? How can that be? God said so. God who made heaven and earth said so!

That's the light that the Holy Spirit tells the Laodiceans that they've got to pay attention to, the word. But how can I see that light?! How can I see the light that does not manifest the things of the world? When the world awakes in the morning it's because the sun is out, or because the moon or the stars reflect their power upon the world. How can I see without seeing an image? How can I see without knowing? Well, the Word, the Spirit, said "let there be light" and it was not seen, but it was the Word of God. "And the light shined in darkness, the darkness comprehended it not." The darkness knew nothing about the light. And the light knew nothing about the darkness. But yet they were as distinct and separate as we see night and day in the visible world. Well, how can this be? Well, we hear the Spirit tell the church of Laodicea, "I counsel thee," The word speaks, the Spirit speaks, "I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire." Gold was the highest wager in the days of Babylon. And today the world money markets establish their credential on gold.

But this is God's gold. What can the Laodicean do to obtain this gold? He must buy. What is the medium of buying? Well, what does he have? God says he has nothing. But the individual, in the condition of Laodiceanism, they can't see that. They can see what God is saying, but they cannot see in the light of the world that they [don't] have nothing. In the light of the world they see they've got a lot of things. More than the heart could wish for. And if it's not more than the heart could wish for, what they got, they want even more, because they don't have enough. If they get rid of what little they do have, they have nothing. And they don't want to see that. They want to keep what little they have because to them it means a lot. It's very valuable.

Humanity cannot inherit divinity. The human mind cannot be one with the divine mind. The choice is the Laodiceans to purchase, to buy. It costs the Laodicean everything, everything that they think is valuable. It costs them their opinions, it costs them their feelings, it costs them everything, that they might get that value that God says buy of me, hmmm gold. God has some gold. He thinks it's worth something. Tried in the fire, pure gold. God thinks it's worth something, this gold. If God thinks it's worth something, then God must have an idol in His heart! God must have placed some value upon something He wants to sell. Huh. Well, why don't God give up His gold? Why don't God give up something that's precious to Him? Well He is. He's telling us to give nothing for something that He thinks is valuable.

So, the Laodicean realizes that this is a 50/50 opportunity. Now, what's the counsel, "and eyesalve, that thou mayest see, that the shame of your nakedness do not appear." This God desires the Laodicean not to be found naked, not to experience the shame of being exposed amongst the judges.

"As many as I love I rebuke and I chasten," The rebuke is being told, you don't have anything and I'm going to spew you out. The chastening? Well that's yet to be experienced isn't it?

To he that overcometh, here's the reward, will I grant to sit with me in my throne. Is that worth something? Even as I also overcame. Well, how did the Spirit overcome? It was the power of God's word. "And am sit down with my Father in His throne."

"He that hath an ear let him ear what the Spirit," the power of Creation, "says to the angel of the church of the Laodiceans." You got to listen! "I stand at the door and knock. Any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in and will" what?

Class: "Sup with him."

Vernon: "And he with me. He that hath an ear to hear let him hear."

So that's the key isn't it? Those who want to listen, those who want to hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.

John, beholds a door open in heaven. And the voice of the Holy Ghost, the unidentifiable Christ, the Spirit of truth, which the world cannot receive, because it seeth Him not, this Spirit commands John to come up hither to see the beginning of the creation of God in the end. To see things which must be hereafter. To see the power of God that proclaimed heaven and earth into existence. This is the Spirit I'm talking about. It's not the spirit of the visions, it's the Spirit of God. The spirit of the visions is recorded in the book of Peter. "But not unto themselves but unto us they prophesied and they diligently searched into those things." Prophets were never given the ability to know what they prophesied about. None of them did. Daniel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, none of them did. But now the greatest of all prophets, the Spirit, declares to be the Son of God. That's the subject we're talking about now. The prophets say one shepherd. Doesn't say two shepherds does it? The prophets say one shepherd. Zechariah does not say in vain, "that if any shall yet prophesy, their mother and their father shall thrust them through with a sword."

We have a schism amongst us. We have a schism. There is competition now. I'm happy. I'm happy to see that the Spirit now has opportunity to manifest herself in a way that we've never before seen. That we might discern the children of light and the children of darkness.

There are those who have walked with us in the flesh. They have not been children of light. They say they have seen, they have seen, but now you see they have seen nothing. We now realize more clearly the testimony of Uriah, and the testimony of Zechariah the son of Berechiah. Two stories of truth, two different meanings. One thing witnessed. Two different forms of light. One light is darkness. One light is light. That's what I'm talking about.

Who will stand in the great judgement day? Will it be red, yellow, black or white? No. No flesh may be saved. Only those who've been made partakers of the word, the Spirit. Right, Henry? The Word. The Spirit of truth. Spirit tells John to come where?

Class: Up hither.

Vernon: Not on the earth, the earth will pass away, and they that dwell therein shall die in like manner. Man of the earth is earthy, and is of the world and cannot receive the things of God. Man of heaven is spiritual, and no man has gone to heaven except he which came from heaven. Those are the ones who realize that the word created all things. They are the offspring of light. They are the sons of the most high. And they have learned to be so. They have followed the Light wheresoever the Light went. They did not turn back to the things of the world. They are those who are lightened, in that they or every man that comes into the world that's born of God. This is the true Light, which shines in darkness.

And the first voice which I heard as it were of a trumpet talked with me which said, Come up hither. The Spirit tells John the prisoner upon the isle of Patmos to come up to heavenly places. Immediately he was in the mind. He was in the word. He was in the Spirit. His attentions were being taken from his imprisonment upon earth, to the beautiful freedom and glory of heaven. As a man thinketh so is he. John in the Spirit was a free man. Free man. The world cannot comprehend such light. And in heavenly places John beheld One on a throne. The highest judicial system in the universe. A rock. And uniquely enough this rock was identified because beside the throne and round about the throne was a rainbow, a beautiful glorious rainbow. There you see it, the light, the light of God's word. The light placed in a prism to where men can see that the word of God is light, just as distinct and separable and life itself is. The rainbow is the interpretation of the reflection of the prism of God. God's word is a prison house, we are trapped within it. We do not know it, yet it still exists. The children of prophecy the children that shall be, and they do not know that they are in the word, in the world, in the spirit. They're the children of darkness who never come to the light, although they are that light. They never come to the knowledge of the truth. As a untimely birth they will never see the sun the Psalmist says. Then there are the children of light, who by the reflection of God's own imagery, who turns light into darkness, and makes darkness light, they see the clouds, they see the rain, they see the revealed will of the spirit, God's word in creation. As in as it is now raining, they see that in the rain there is a new truth revealed as the light shines through, they see the rainbow, a memorial that the light of God is to be seen, the light that shines in darkness. How can light shine in light? How can light not manifest the world. Well, don't you see the rainbow? Can you touch the rainbow? Can you feel the rainbow? What do they say about the rainbow? At the end of the rainbow there is a pot of gold. Oh! That must be a counterfeit of the true pot of gold. Huh!

Well, it's simple. Did not the Holy Ghost tell the church of Laodecia, that they were in a condition that they couldn't see? But don't they see it? Don't they see it?

The Spirit said let their be light in the day of creation. And then the bible records the sun, moon and stars were made on the fourth day. Well there is the light of this world, sun, moon and stars. But then there is the light of the world beyond. God's world. God's light. You understand that class?! You understand you're not going to go anywhere unless you learn how to fall on the rock of God's word?! We don't walk by sight in this message. For five years I have suffered in the flesh. My guts have rotted out because I have walked in the light of God's word that you could not see. My body and my flesh have decayed within my guts, because of the anxiety and turmoil of my mind. I have won the crown. I have endured the race. I have seen the vision. I have exalted that testimony, because you were in need of it. You people, you were the ones who gathered around and shook your head yes. You were the ones who accumulated. You were the ones who contended with the spirit of the living God. I never believed the message. I believed you. You were in need. You were the little sheep in need of a shepherd. You were the ones who with your mind, I knowing in my flesh you being far more smarter than I, you were the ones who shook your head yes. And I went on, and I kept following the Spirit, I kept following the truth, and I kept hearing the words and seeing the visions and I kept showing you from the word of God where it was at. But not once did I ever cease to think in my body that I was being led of the devil. I never not once ceased to think that I would be the one who would eventually be lost and every one of you would eventually be saved because I knew you were sincere. I knew you wanted the truth. But I of myself, I knew my heart. I hated the message. I hated the truth. I even hated you. I felt in my body every pain of anxiety of a one that stands before God a hypocrite. Even the truth that came out of my mouth was a lie to me, in my feelings. I would point out the points of doctrine and I would see the points to be so, but that did not mean that my body felt that I wanted it.

I want simple things. I want a fishing pole and a rod and reel, that's all I want. I want to go fishing. That's all I care about in life. I'm one of those fools you see. But you were in need. You were the one that agreed to the doctrine and I persevered. And now I see the truth. And now I will be exalted. Now I will give you the test. I will put the baton in your hand. Let's see if you can't walk through the paths of darkness, where the greatest enemy of all is yourself. Where your body will scream, damn and cuss within and your guts will fall out and your bowels will become hardened and you'll end up digging' the crap out of your bowels because fear and anxiety, self will stare you in the face every day and hack your head every day showing you you don't care about the word of God.

The word of God is true and men are liars. The word of God is true, it is light, and men are shadows of darkness. That's what I've learned. But now in a time when man is revealed to me, I will declare the light. I will show you He of whom I have hoped in. My God is a hard, cold, feelingless, ???? of a rock. Jacob laid his head upon him. Jacob suffered fear and anxiety for years. Jacob knew heartache, terror.

I want to show you about a God that you haven't yet known. You've all been spoon fed, you've all been diaper padded. And now it's time for this cloak to be thrown off and your going to go through the fires. You're going to see whether you believe this message. I'm ready to be delivered. I'm ready to go through the portals darkness and death and you're not! Let's see if you believe the message after so many years.

The rock sits upon a throne. The Amen. The final Word. And next to Him stands a rainbow, a memorial of His word, His light. And those who go contrary to this word, to this light are babylonians. They are children of darkness. Their horns can only reproduce babylonians because they are a seed of falsehood, children of the adulterer and of the whore. Their mouths are open to contradict the clearest statement of the testimony of this God, the final say, the Amen.

John witnesses the God, and sees a jury of twenty four elders, they are kings, they have been crowned as so. And they are amazed at the wonderment of this rock. There are four creatures, living creatures. Nebuchadnezzar we know represented these creatures. Men who think they are rich and increased with goods, learning shortly after, after seven years of eating grass, that as an ox is happy eating grass, so can men be made the same. We can be made happy to eat shit, if God wanted us to. We could be a bug. There are bugs who love shit. There are bugs who, when shit lands on the ground, they grow in it, they live in it, they love it! Isn't God's foolishness wise? How would you like to be a fly and be raised in shit. If you were made a fly by God's wisdom you would enjoy it! Wouldn't you?

We had been made men, and now it's time to be made gods. It's time to think like God. It's time to act like God. It's time to talk like God. God does not change, he is a rock! That's my foundation.

The jury is better than any of you. They have crowns of gold. They're honored of this rock. The living creatures, they, somehow or the other, they feel that God is holy, holy, holy, and they cease not day and night, referring to this rock.

In the right hand of this rock there is a book. Only those who are in heavenly places can comprehend that there's a book! And a mighty angel, not a wimpy angel, not a mediocre angel, not even a strong angel, but a mighty angel. One who excels above the majority of the host. A mighty angel proclaims with a loud voice, "Who is worthy to open the book and to loose the seven seals thereof." This is heavenly vision. And no man, John records, on earth, or in heaven, or dead under the earth was able to open the book and to loose the seals thereof. John the great, beloved disciple, the one who became an apostle, John greater than any of you, John weeps. Not even John is given this sacred privilege. John is disqualified. The twenty four elders, those who will judge, are disqualified. The living creatures who say that God is holy, are disqualified. God himself sits on the throne and stands aloof from this responsibility. One of the elders brought to the attention of John, behold, weep not. And now our foundation begins.

The sea of glass, crystalline clear, not a turbulent wave in it. The same voice on earth that said peace be still, who stilled the rough waters that men might have rest according to their own understanding, is the God who sit's on the throne. Peace be still. Not a wave a stirring. The doctrines thus now to be taught, we had better say holy, holy, holy, or we are going to hell. No questions asked, Isaiah 57, "The righteous perisheth."

Behold, the Lamb. And I beheld in the midst of the throne, stood a Lamb as it had been slain. Those, who in heavenly places, begin to become turbulent, begin to have reactions in the flesh, begin to become disturbed because of the doctrines thus taught from that book by the Lamb, are the ones who crucified the Lord. They are the ones who are guilty of the blood of God. The ones who cannot obey the doctrines thus to be taught in the light of heavenly places, are the ones to whom it is tacked upon their forehead the mark of the beast. And his image is to be revealed. Think of this subject, the revelation of the Lamb. The revelation of the word of God. The revelation of the mercy of God. And the Lamb came and took the book, out of the right hand of Him who sat upon the throne, and all of heaven rejoices, all of heaven is thankful for the word of God that is now to be unloosed. They overcame by believing in the beginning that this word made heaven and earth. And now they get the full satisfaction of seeing it in it's completion. And when the Lamb opened the first seal, one of the four beasts said, come and see. And there was the sound of thunder. And behold, a man riding on a white horse.

The forty fifth Psalm. The hard rock begins to speak now. In the 45th Psalm, the rock, who wrote the book, by the mouth of all the prophets, the God takes full credit. "My heart," you thought he was a rock, you thought he was hard, you thought in the judgement you'd be judged by the light given to the seven churches of asia didn't you? didn't you? Because the Lamb showed you it, didn't he? didn't he? You are being judged by it. And God sees in the light of the holy ghost you are lost, so God has planned an avenue for you to escape. Come up hither. On earth you saw what happened to God didn't you? He was put on a cross!! The world does not honor God's judgement. The world does not honor the way God feels. So come up hither, God says, where my authority is appreciated. Who can open the book? No man. Here is the book being opened. Behold the Lamb of God, behold the gift of god. God's letting you know His heart is inditing, his heart is judging a good matter. I speak of the things which I have made.

The world does not regard the Holy Ghost. The world does not regard the Spirit that made heaven and earth. That's why he was on the cross 2000 years ago. That's why the one criminal says, what are you doing up here God? For you, I had to come up here to get equal with you. These three men were exalted above those who killed them. They were raised up! They were in heavenly judgements weren't they? All the world considered all three worthy of death. Well being dead is better than life isn't it? The other man was in heavenly places with the criminal wasn't he? And he was cussing God on the throne, no doubt because God was keeping silent. Why don't you deliver yourself if your God?!!! Justify yourself!!! Say something!!! Bring us off this cross!!! No, God's high, he doesn't say anything does he? He's a rock. But the one criminal heard this rock whispering, Father forgive them for they know not what they do. He caught the little voice didn't he? Lord remember me when you come into your kingdom. That's all he had to hear, remember me, God says, I say unto you today, you will be with me in paradise. You will be recreated. You will overcome through my power. You are mine. You see we're in the same boat, that the world does not know how to judge.

My heart is judging, God says, a good matter. I speak, I create the things concerning my king. My tongue is the pen of a ready writer. God has spoken His word in the book. God says to the one you're beholding in heavenly places, who's showing you these prophecies, God says, He is fairer than the sons of men, fairer than the children of men. Isn't he good looking? Look at those seven eyes. Naturally no girl would -- {end of side one} He's the ultimate standard of God's glory. He, God, takes full responsibility. He's the one that sees the light. He's the one that shows you are lost. He's the one that shows you the truth, 'cause He also came up hither. He is the elect, behold my servant, God says, whom I uphold. I'm keeping Him up here on this sea of glass. He's not sinking. He's looking to me the rock. My servant in whom I uphold, mine elected one. I've put my spirit on Him, that's why he stands on the sea of glass. He's not turbulent, He's not sinking.

Gird thy sword upon thy thigh, Oh most mighty, with thy glory and thy majesty and ride prosperously because of the truth in my book. This Lamb is going to ride. This Lamb is going to win. I have already won. I am ready. I am not confused. So hearken, Oh daughter, and consider and incline thine ear. Forget your own people, and your fathers house, that's what God says. So shall the king greatly desire thy beauty. Condition? Listen. He will desire your beauty, for he is thy lord and worship thou him. Perfect equity here. The responsibility is on the girl. Huh. My arrows are sharp in the heart of the kings enemies. Psalms 127. Children are his arrows aren't they? Uh huh, seven horns means more than just meets the eye. But who am I going to destroy? Revelation 19 shows my work is against Babylon, my work is against confusion. Those who don't see the God on the throne, do not see the rock! Those who don't see the rainbow seem to forget that our work had better be founded in the word of God or our work will be building that tower of confusion.

There are four horns in Zechariah's prophecy, four horns come as carpenters don't they? Four dicks, red, yellow, black and white are all striving in the race of mastering the things of God, the world and the things that are seen. But God says there's a light that's put in the clay, that only the spirit of the foundation of the world can declare. And God said let there be light. They have forgotten there is another minority, which is not a minority but in the world. It is the majority of all the stars that lie in the heavens, upheld by the word of God. We are the majority. We are the moral majority. We're the ones who follow the testimony of that living Spirit. We are light and there is no darkness in us. God has spoken, mine elect. Who is blind but he that is perfect God testifies. I have given you truth without seeing it! I have told you truth without hearing it! Because you needed it! I suffered because of you! My guts, my throat, my body has told the tale. Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God!! Fear and anxiety are things of the world! Terror and pain is in the world! You people are souls, you have given me money, you have done all for my flesh, and my flesh because of pride and arrogance has rebelled against you.

But the word predominates, and now it's time for me to be delivered up. And now I worry for your sake, will you know the word, will you go through the portals of darkness, will your body endure the pain, while your mind tells it there is no other avenue of escape. My body must be put into subjection, and God who has spoken all things is my strength.

God says His heart has indited a good matter. No wonder Psalms 108, the Lamb, who knows all mysteries, says my heart is fixed. If God's heart be for me, who is my heart, that it should condemn God? If God has elected me, mine elect in whom my soul deliteth, I have put my Spirit upon Him, If God has declared, who am I to judge God unworthy?!! Damn be the flesh. Damn be my carnal thoughts. Damn be that which I once knew. The old man must die, the new man must be revealed, in the wholeness of the Spirit of God. In the beginning and in the end, the Alpha and Omega. God's doing the judging, let all the earth rejoice! God will rejoice in the people whom He shall create. I will sing and give praise even with my glory, not with the woman, not with those girls, not with those enemies of mine who have sucked from me the precious Spirit of truth, and have left me empty, have left me without desire. In my body has been desire, but it deceived me. I looked upon the desire and said, this is love, but once that love came through my testicles and left out of the head of my mind and went into their body, my body turned into hatred, my body found no more desire and my body ached, my stomach grabbed a hold of me and says, you don't love these girls. I said, God, what is love! God said "no man knoweth love, nor hate, by all the things that he sees under the sun." And I persevered. I continued my work, feeling dead, feeling lonely, feeling like a dirty dog, cause God said that they that bear the vessels of the Lord shall triumph.

I'm talking about let God be true and let my body be a liar, let it perish, that's what I'm saying. But my glory, that truth in me, the word in me, the spirit in me, when I was alone and destitute in this body of sin and death, the Spirit came to me, and manifested to me the highest honor. I became that woman. I look to Christ as the ultimate reward, the man that I desired, considering the damnation of my creation, that is, I am a man of the flesh. Be now no more an honor but a hinderance, coveting the position of womanhood, the hope that's within them, the desire to be equal with God. And I lamented that I had been so cheated by the nature of my flesh, being born through the lusts of my mother and my father, being given that horn that must be broken.

And the spirit came to me and says that in me all things are possible. And I desired that highest position, I desired Christ to be in me, that feminine entity, that Spirit of reception, and God gave me Christ. God says, you are my Son. And I declared to the woman of the flesh my position and they rejected it! But then God says you are that Christ, and in you hides the hidden mystery. I labored without light, walking in the light of darkness, God's word that said I will lead them through paths of darkness and will not forsake them. I will make darkness light for them and will not forsake them. And then I heard her voice, the glory in me, the truth, the true light, the true Spirit. She only comforted me, she kept me in company when there were none to uphold my soul. She is my reward, she is God's word, she is God's truth that shines in darkness but the darkness comprehends it not. She is my own soul, she is what I shall be, she is that perfect image, the light clothed in the wedding garment. I shall win Christ and she shall come forth from my side as bright beams, and I will have her because she has been mine since I first heard that word, let their be light. When I took hold of the mind of God I saw the wisdom of God, but I didn't know she was so intimate with me. I didn't know she was the great reward of the sons of light. You didn't either did you?

I will sing and give praise, even with my glory, that's who my comforter is. Awake psaltrey and harp, I myself will awake early. I will praise thee Oh Lord among the people, I will sing praise to thee among the nations, for thy mercy is great above the heavens and thy truth reaches unto the clouds. The rainbow, the book, the judgement, God's heart. Be thou exalted, Oh God, above the heavens and thy glory above all the earth. God's wisdom is going to be given to me. She loves me. She's within me. She'll set me free.

I'm talking about Adam and Eve. I talking about God's work being finished in me. God put the spirit, the light, in the clay, and the clay was the wedding garment of God's own spirit, wasn't it? Who's Spirit do I have? God's wisdom. Is she not the glory of God in me?

That's the whole vision isn't it? The children of darkness can't see it. I gave up Rachel. I gave up all things that pertain to the flesh. And I took a hold of the work given to me. They were the ones who believed in the king.

I could not see it. Isaiah testifies that I'm blind. They heard the truth. I didn't have ears to hear it. I did it for their sake. There is no other light in the world that shines as bright. Do you understand what it means when your own body and mind will not comprehend the light because God says, who is blind but my servant or is deaf as the messenger that I have sent. Who is blind but he that is perfect? As blind as the Lord's servant. Opening the ears, but he heareth not. Opening your eyes but he, he, he, he seeth not. The Lord is well pleased for His righteousness sake. He will magnify the law. The law! Magnify the law?!?! Isaiah 51. For a law shall proceed forth from me, and I will make my judgement to rest for a light to the people. Oh! You mean the law where it says look to the rock whereby you are hewed. Compare it to the pit from whence you were digged. What law? The law of prophecy? The law that says no man can open the book but the Lamb? That's God's word. God can't lie! That's the word! It's the law, law of prophecy! God has a rainbow. He cannot lie! I'm perfect. Every sin that Isaiah says I'm guilty of, I agree. I'm perfect to give you this message. I have been chosen of God, and God says His word is what I will be.

Be thou exalted, Oh God, above the heavens, Psalms 108, verse five says, and thy glory above all the earth. Forget what you are amongst the sons of men. Come up hither. God's judgement is condemned in the sons of men. God can't come down here and heal the sick and raise the dead anymore! They'll just keep killing him! God can't manifest His love in this world of darkness. You got to come up there to find out about God. Come up here. Judge me will you? Judge me, make me prove I'm the Lamb, will you? Huh? Judge my Father.

So it's a sea of glass, but what happens, I see a wave. What's happening! Who's this person over hear, jiggerin all around, causing the water to start moving. But the wicked are like the troubled sea who's waters cast up mire and dirt. There's no peace saith my God to the wicked. Wicked don't listen to God. God says in Isaiah 51 he'll make His judgement. Well, what is the man on the white horse? It's found in the book? Who wrote the book? God. Psalms 45. Now do you see His heart?

Now go contrary to that revelation of truth, and I guarantee you I'll kill you one day.

The man on the white horse is given a commission by God. Gird thy sword upon thy thigh, Oh most mighty! Here's a man who points to the rock whereby you are hewed. Look at the pit from which you were dug, look at that wound, look at that beast and it's image, look at that inheritance of man.

Now, God has a rainbow back in His word don't He? Don't He? Now go and do contrary to that word and guarantee yourself a free ticket to hell! That's what Babylon is going to end up as, Sodom an Gomorrah. The lesson's simple isn't class? God is the one who upholds His servant. Why is there a schism amongst us? Well, huh.

Verses 6. That thy beloved may be delivered, saved with thy right hand and answer me. God's word says I am perfect. There are those who say I'm out trying to get other men's wives. Huh! What confusion! I never taught that. But seeing they're in confusion, that means they're what?

Class: Babylonians.

Vernon: And if they're babylonians that means they must want me to fulfill Isaiah 13! Man! How cruel can they be? They know what Isaiah 13 teaches don't they? So if they think I'm going to do something that I'm not going to do, and I tell them that they're a liar, and show them in God's word that they're a liar, and they still follow their lie, that means they're babylonians, and what happens to the babylonian women, men!

Men: They get raped.

Vernon: Ravished, Isaiah 13 says. Boy, they're just begging' you guys to have their wives aren't they? Aren't they? They're just begging' for the sons of light to slay them and humble their Babylonian women. God has a rainbow. When God says a flood's going to come you'd better build an ark. When God says a flood ain't going to come and says here's my sign, you'd better look at it. It's light in many colors. But it all points to one thing, the God who said let there be light. You hear me?

The Lamb is going to destroy the kings enemies. Kings enemies are babylonians, that's all they are, babylonians. Hmmm!

God has spoken in His what?

Class: Holiness.

Vernon: I want to hear you answer me please!

Class: Holiness!

Vernon: What has God spoken? Follow the vision!! He's got a book!! He gives the book to the Lamb!!! The Lamb shows you the man on the white horse!!! Get it in your minds!!!! That's what he says!!! You stupid idiots!!! Get it in your minds!!! He says His heart has declared a teacher!!!! If you don't follow the truth your going to hell!!!!! Psalms 90!! You'd better start fearing God, 'cause he's going to burn you in the lowest hell!!! His love!!! He's trying to show you he's going to kill you!!! If you don't listen!!! Listen to Lord!!! You don't know his fear now!!! You don't know his terror yet!!! You haven't seen His anger!!! But you go ahead and dare Him!!! Calling another fellow brother a fornicator, or a thief, or a liar, you stand in the judgement of God!! What's God going to call you one day?!! How much evidence does He have against you, poor weak dust!!! Did you hear Psalms 45?!! Get it in your mind!!! Is that the first seal?!!! Get it in your mind!!! You fools!! Slow to believe God!!! Fools!!! Get it in your mind!!! So you believe in a movie about spaceships, so do they!!! Look what they do with it!!! Fools!! Get wise, wisdom says!! Get wise!! The man on the white horse comes first!! That's Psalms 1, that's Psalms 2, that's Psalms 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8!! Learn 'em!! That's what God says is going to happen!! Do you hear?! Do you understand!! It's war!!! These governments of this world are coming to an end. The minds of men are going to be focused upon a fact!!! Go ahead and laugh!! Go ahead and muse in your minds. And see what happens to you, fools!

For five years I have suffered, but I have continued on! Wait until the proverbs catches you, and the fear comes upon you! See how well you believe the message then! See how well you have faith in the very message you don't even know! Psalms 45! The man on the white horse! Nobody can reveal these things God says, but the Lamb! I'll prove who I am, by showing you who God is.

God has spoken in His holiness, the man on the white horse will destroy the Babylonians. And all the world wondered after the beast, man. And they worshiped the woman, saying who is like unto man? Who can make war with man?

I will rejoice, I will divide Sheshcem, and mete out the valley of Succoth, Gilead is mine, Manasseh is mine, Ephraim also is the strength of my head, Judah is my lawgiver, this person takes total control, Moab is washpot. The Arabs are going to be destroyed. Over Edom will I cast out my stinking shoe. Huh! Over Philistia will I triumph. Philistines, all those ancient empires, we're going to wipe em all out. The world comes to it's end God says. Who will bring me into the strong city. Who will lead me into Edom? Edom represents the world that all they care about is eating' and sleeping'. Wake up.

"{Wilt} not {thou}, O God, {who} hast cast us off? and wilt not thou, O God, go forth with our hosts? Give us help from trouble: for vain {is} the help of man. Through God we shall do valiantly: for he {it is that} shall tread down our enemies." Psalm 108:11-13

I'm a winner. I'm a winner.

The Psalms do not talk about Marc Breault, except in the negative. Psalm 41, Psalm 55. So Marc's inspired? I never said he wasn't. But when God elected Moses, God also elected 70 others didn't he? Did not they have inspiration? Were not they given a measure of the Spirit? But when Moses' word was given wasn't their opinions to be final? The Bible says one shepherd.

There's a schism amongst us. But not in God's word. So it's not amongst us, where I'm at they can never touch me. Where I dwell they could never find. They have not the seal. They shall receive the reward of Psalms 73 won't they? Huh!

Psalms 110. The Lord said unto my Lord, sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool. In other words, my Father said unto my Mother, Sit down sweetheart, your the Woman of Revelation 12, your the Wisdom of God, your the Mother of Cyrus, your the Mother of the Lamb, the Root of David, the life source. The Lord said unto my Lord, Father said unto Mother, sit down sweetheart, till I make your enemies to dwell under your footstool. It was the Word of God that made heaven and earth. It was the word of God that created man. It's the word of God, the Holy Spirit with paps, that said come up hither and I will show you things which must be hereafter. Your in heavenly places, you can't show the book, only the Lamb can, only in heavenly places.

The Lord shall send the rod of thy strength out of Zion. Mmmm! Good! A rod, disciplinary action. The Holy Spirit's strength is the word, power. Rule thou in the midst of thine enemies. Yeah! I will rule amongst mine enemies. Thy people, those who are of God, shall be willing, willing to do what? Anything that God asks of them. They want to buy that gold tried in the fire. It does not say that the devil's people will be willing does it? No, it says God, thy people, the Holy Spirit's people, the people that believe in Proverbs 8 and 9. In the day of thy power, in the beauties of holiness, whoa! Mama! Beauties of holiness. From the womb of the morning! My mother is going to bring me to birth! God's word is create me perfect Rev. 11 says. The two witnesses of Rev. 11 are killed, who are those two witnesses, class?

Class: Moses and Elijah.

Vernon: Well, who is that son born of the woman of Rev. 12?

Class: Cyrus.

Vernon: You mean the Lamb? Oh! So in other words, the Lamb opens the second seal and it's a man on a red horse and he causes war doesn't he? So Zechariah records, I saw by night, behold a man on a red horse.

Well, there's some special light we have to know. Because Zechariah shows Joshua standing before the Lamb. {The} Lamb is trying to get somebody to be in a position of equality. But this Joshua must learn {that the} only doctrines {that are} to be taught are the doctrines revealed from the Lamb. Behold I have set before Joshua a stone with seven eyes. I will bring forth my servant the Branch. The Lamb has a servant. The Lamb has a branch, right in his side, right in him, the wisdom of God, my glory. My glory is inspiration. My glory is the power of God to direct all my ways like the Father said, and I will show Joshua how to do the same thing.

Now, Zechariah wakes up and sees a candlestick. That's light isn't it? Has seven lamps. Right? How many horns does the Lamb have? Seven. How many eyes does he have?

Class: Seven.

Vernon: Only the Lamb is to be given the job to raise up the seed of the house of David isn't he? Isn't he? You know that in the prophecies, Psalms 45.

Now, who agrees with me. All of a sudden there's two olive trees, and these are the sons of oil! And, what are these my lord? These are the two anointed ones that stand by the Lord of the whole earth. Well then sir, Mr. Lamb, what are these two branches out of their side? That's their wives. Huh?

When Moses suffered 80 years in the service of God, learning and unlearning, he did not go by his own glory. He went by the knowledge of God within him. And when he obeyed and walked up that lonely mountain path he died, because God says, "go unto this mountain and die." He had every feeling, every impulse to turn away and rebel against God. You will not go unto the promised land with these people, for you have sinned against Me. He saw the visions of God, the land of Canaan, the final vision ended up with a vision of the garden of Eden restored, only thing about it was he did not see anybody in that garden. {The} man died in loneliness.

But his sleep was soon disturbed. He opened his eyes and he looked into the face of a beautiful woman! And he knew her. He knew her! He had had so many conversations with her for years and years. She was the one who had given Zipporah the wisdom to circumcise Gershom, so that he wouldn't die. She was the one who kept him reminded that God was doing the work, not he. She was the one that never let this man fear beyond measure, so that he could consistently stand before two million rebels. She was the one who had backed him up to stand in front of God. She was the one who became his heartbeat, "God! If thou destroyest them, take my name out of thy book!" She was love beyond understanding and she was now his wife taken from his side.

His attention's diverted, here's an argument taking place. A homely looking angel. Standing, contending against a once strong, noble looking warrior. Satan looked tired and worn out, looked like a rock star who had rocked a little bit too long, contending over the body of Moses. It's not right for Moses to live with a perfect helpmate! It's not right for Moses to be given a body far more glorious than that of the devil. Moses had a glorious body and he was twain in one. He's a witness to my truth. I've been shown a vision. I don't need to write it down and pass it around. I'll show you in the books. God says he'll give you double.

I have had a lot of helpmates. I have only one wife. Mate! Aye, Mate! How's it going' mate! I have only one glory. Do you understand me? Many of you women have had many husbands, according to the law. You've got many chromosomes inside of you, many voices of men declaring to your body what you shall be and what you shall not be. But you have only one true spirit of Christ. You have only one seed that can deliver you from death. Psalms 68. "To the Lord belong the issues from death." There's only one hard on in this whole universe that really loves you, and wants to say good things about you. Remember Mary and God? Yeah. God couldn't make any advances because the world would misjudge.

Thou hast the dew of thy youth. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm. I'm still wet on my head. That's Psalms 2, {The} Lord hath declared the decree, thou art my son, this day have I begotten thee. The Lord hath sworn! This Lamb in heaven, don't you see him? He's got the book open don't he? And will not repent! Psalms 45. God has spoken, see the rainbow, God can't lie. Thou art a priest forever after who?

Class: The order of Melchizedek.

Vernon: God in the flesh! Do you know who I am? God in the flesh! The Word of God in the book has been shown to you. The most powerful of all prophets, the prophet that's found in the books. Lo, in the volume of the book it is written of me, Psalms 40, I come to do thy will Oh God. Thy law, prophecy, is within my heart. Now what better sinner can know a sinner than a godly sinner? Huh?

The Lord at thy right hand, that's called the Word, the Book, shall strike through kings in the day of his wrath. He shall judge among the heathen. He shall fill the places with the dead bodies. Isn't the Lamb, isn't the man on the white horse going to cause a lot of people to be dead? He shall wound the heads over many countries. There way of thinking will be changed. He shall drink of the brook in the way therefore shall he lift up the head. I have a river of life, a water, Ezekiel 47, it comes forth from the throne. I will be exalted amongst the heathen. Stand in awe and know that I am God. Hmmm.

What does it mean in Psalms 89? Verse 13, "thou has a mighty arm, strong is thy hand and high is thy right hand." See that book? God's word is to be fulfilled. "The Redeemer is to come to Zion to turn away ungodliness in Jacob." Justice and judgement are the habitation of thy throne. Is God a judge? God says that the Lamb, that shows you these things, he will make that man perfect. Hah! Don't you believe it? I do!

Blessed is the people that knoweth the joyful sound. You know the sound of God's word? They shall walk, Oh Lord, in the light of your countenance, your face. You hear me? Read this Psalm. Understand this Psalm.

Moses and Elijah, they already have their perfect mates don't they? They allowed their horns on earth to be directed by the God of heaven. People who cannot obey the Lamb cannot obey God, because without the Lamb they don't have God's word, without the Lamb they have to figure the bible out on their own don't they? And that's the message of the day. God's prophets declared a teacher to come. Romans 11 makes it plain. Who is the light put into the clay? {It} says in Isaiah 45, that the heathen shall come saying, "surely God is in thee and there is no other." What do these things mean? God's rainbow, what does it really mean?

What is Babylon? Those who go against the revealed truth, {the} man on the white horse, {the} man on the red horse. How can they go on to learn about the man on the black horse? Who knows about the staffs in Zechariah. Who knows about the feast days that become joyful feasts instead of days of lamentation? Who knows the mysteries of the candlestick, which is the word of the Lord to those who come from Babylon? You cannot leave Babylon if you don't get it out of your mind. You must exchange God's thoughts for your own thoughts. Giving up your own thoughts that God's thoughts, his wisdom might dwell in you. His woman might live within you men, and his man might be in you girls. None of us are in unity. None of us know the minds of men, but we can know the mind of God and be in harmony can't we? God's mind must predominate, it must increase, you must decrease.

That's the message of the gospel fear God and give Him glory, for the hour of his judgement is come, and what does he think about his Lamb? Psalm 45 tells you. You don't think you can back it up? Well you better get the hell out of here because he can't do nothing' for you either. Can he?

Any questions? So say the word then.

Class: Amen.

Vernon: Amen. That's what the Spirit says. Amen.