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Men's testicles 'HIV hiding spot'
Green tea 'may keep HIV at bay'
New drug for HIV 'shows promise'
Selenium pills 'may combat HIV'
Blood 'may provide new HIV drug'
HIV infection theory challenged
Libya commutes medics' sentences
Merck abandons HIV vaccine trials
Key HIV strain 'came from Haiti'
Laser treatment 'could kill HIV'
Hormone linked to autistic traits
Bird flu
Japan has third bird flu outbreak
EU lab confirms Hungary bird flu
Australia registers H5N1 vaccine
Egypt teenager dies of bird flu
Egypt reports 13th bird flu death
First bird flu death in Nigeria
New bird flu outbreak in S Korea
Scientists find bird flu antibody
Drug company 'hid' suicide link
S Leone bans child brides not female genital mutilation
Doctor 'prescribed an exorcism'
Police plea on genital mutilation
Libya commutes medics' sentences
Gene switch makes tumours shrink
Bugs help scientists fight cancer
Cheap molecule may attack tumours
Breast cancer
Breast cancer drug 'cuts deaths'
Key to breast cancer spread found
Red meat 'ups breast cancer risk'
New breast cancer genes discovery
Herceptin could cut mastectomies
Grapefruit link to breast cancer
Faulty gene link to breast cancer
New breast cancer drug unveiled
Bowel cancer
Blueberries tackle bowel cancer
Aspirin 'prevents bowel cancer'
Bowel cancer risk gene pinpointed
Gum disease cancer link disputed
Sunbed cancer risk 'increasing'
Many gene mutations drive cancer
HRT linked to ovarian cancer risk
Multivitamin prostate warning
Oral sex linked to throat cancer
Brain tumour link to pesticides
Low cholesterol 'link' to cancer
Mouse virus link to breast cancer
Obesity 'fuels cancer in women'
Researchers find pancreatic cancer stem cells
Cervical cancer vaccine meeting roadblocks
Chemical 'may stop cancer growth'
Marijuana Compound May Fight Lung Cancer
'Chemo' gene helps cancer thrive
Sea squirt drug 'treats cancer'
Virus jab may help combat cancer
Light activated cancer drug hope
Be thin to cut cancer, study says
Stem cell find for child cancer
Bat techniques could find tumours
Drug 'cuts long-term cancer risk'
Particle physics on the cancer ward d
Dogs Smell Cancer in Patients' Breath, Study Shows
Tiny implant could monitor cancer
Breakthrough made in child cancer
Fake menopause can cheat cancer
Skin cells 'fight child cancer'
Genome study charts genetic landscape of lung cancer
Type 2 diabetes genes mapped out
Fish pollutants' link to diabetes
Firm in GM insulin breakthrough
'Rebuilt' immune system shakes off diabetes
'Insulin pill' hope for diabetes
Artificial pancreas for diabetics
Drinking milk cuts diabetes risk
Diabetes drugs 'pose heart risk'
Diabetes problems 'vitamin link'
Bones offer new hope for diabetes
Insulin pill hope for diabetics
Digestive system
Stomach ulcers 'prehistoric link'
Ebola infects hundreds in Congo
Vaccine-linked polio hits Nigeria
Superbug kills 90 in UK hospitals
Human genome further unravelled
Gene linked to childhood asthma
3D face scans spot gene syndromes
Pioneering heart surgery trialled
Heart valve grown from stem cells
Air pollution link to heart risk
Viagra used to save baby's life
Foetal clue to adult heart damage
Heart disease genetic link found
Scientists create 'plastic' blood
Chocolate 'lowers' blood pressure
New blood pressure control found
Inmune system
Vitamin pill for prostate cancer
GM mosquito 'could fight malaria'
New malaria drug targets children
Multiple sclerosis
Parasites 'may help MS patients'
Pregnancy provides MS repair clue
Oral contraception 'cuts MS risk'
Multiple sclerosis hormone link
Biogen Discovers Myelin-Production Protein
MS risk 'linked to birth month'
New MS genes after 30 year hunt
Stem cells trial for MS patients
MS nerve damage repaired in lab
Blood pressure drug hope for MS
Muscles, skeleton
Drug 'mends' muscular dystrophy
Arthritis 'hope' over new drugs
'Silent' brittle bone genes found
Mysterious diseases
Deadly fever spreads Kenya panic
Mystery illness at Mexico school
Mysterious illness at BP plant sends workers to hospital
Health experts continue to investigate mystery bug bites
Deadly virus linked to fruit bat
Man in coma after mosquito bite
Obesity, diets
Clear obesity gene link 'found'
'Gym pill' trips fat-burning gene
Pill to make dieters 'feel full'
Hunger 'links asthma and obesity'
Weight loss pill warning issued
Obesity 'linked to birth defects'
Pot belly linked to heart disease
Obesity 'affects prostate risk'
Obesity 'may be linked to virus'
Gene 'controls body fat levels'
Appetite 'control centres' found
Prions key in Alzheimer's disease
Indian girl has extra limbs removed
Greek cancer 'cure' sparks frenzy
Human metabolism recreated in lab
Human skin harbours unknown bugs
Scientists 'reverse' vCJD signs
Drug may boost Down's performance
Test snares rapists without sperm
Gene mutation 'varies sex appeal'
Sperm made from human bone marrow
Spinal disc transplant 'success'
Tai chi may help prevent shingles
Drug could treat 2,000 hereditary disorders
Gene clue to longevity uncovered
Hepatitis C drugs provide 'cure'
Potential MRSA cure in bullfrogs
Serious diseases genes revealed
Scientists find new dementia gene
Coffee 'could prevent eye tremor'
Key hearing loss gene identified
Autism symptoms reversed in lab
Team claims synthetic life feat
Cloned sperm created in the lab
Trials start on new TB vaccine
Mahjong game 'can cause epilepsy'
Ovary removal raises brain risk'
Stomach virus 'could trigger ME'
Patch promises painless injection
Elephantiasis gene secrets mapped
Needles 'are best for back pain'
Chilli compound fires painkiller
New nerves grown from fat cells
Therapy for 'Lorenzo's oil' boys
Alzheimer's cold sore virus link
How Hep C bypasses cell defences
Gene 'links breastfeeding to IQ'
Respiratory system
Vehicle fumes 'stunt lung growth'
Stem cells
Stem cell first for Parkinson's
Cardiac team in stem-cell tests
Q&A: Stem cells
New stem cell could aid research
Nanotech helps blind hamsters see
Trials for 'bionic' eye implants
Gene therapy first for poor sight
Cell transplants 'restore sight'
How irises 'reveal personalities'
Drug combats vision loss disorder
Key genes for sight defect found
Stem cells used for eye disorder
Vision Restoration Shows Promise
Zinc could be key to eye disease
MIT discovery may improve robotic eyes
Stem cell therapy for eye disease
Alzheimer's drugs 'help glaucoma'