German 1970s 'radicals' surrender


Jan 4, 2007

Two suspected members of a left-wing German group that carried out attacks in the 1970s and 1980s have surrendered to police, German officials say.

The unidentified members of the Revolutionary Cells (RZ) are said to be a man and a woman, both aged 58.

Confirming reports, officials said they gave themselves up in December.

The RZ emerged in the early 1970s from Germany's radical scene, which also gave birth to the better-known Red Army Faction (RAF).

The surrender of the two alleged militants was first reported by Der Spiegel magazine.

Confirming the report, federal prosecutors said they were not being detained, but were expected to stand trial.

The RZ is said to have carried out some 186 attacks, mostly aimed at causing material damage, before disbanding after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

RZ members were also linked to the 1975 hostage-taking at the Opec conference in Vienna and the hijacking of the Air France plane stormed by Israeli troops in Entebbe, Uganda, in 1976.