Saudis hold 40 'Islamic militants'


Saturday, June 24, 2006 Posted: 1239 GMT (2039 HKT)

(CNN) -- Saudi Arabian security forces arrested 40 suspected Islamic militants in raids across that country, an Interior Ministry official said Saturday.

Three Saudis and an Iraqi described were seized in the northeastern town of Hafr al-Baten, and weapons were found at a place described as their hideout. Their detentions led to a raid in the same area that netted nine Saudis from the same group.

These 13 were described as involved in terrorism.

Twenty-seven other men were detained recently in Mecca, the Eastern province and the northern border region, the official said. They included 24 Saudis, two Somalis, and an Ethiopian.

These men were said to be involved in "suspicious activities" connected to radical Islamists.