Hizbullah: Views and Concepts

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Freedom, right, justice and peace are essential values for any society to rise and develop. Freedom is the basis for this rise, while justice cannot be applied without right and peace is inaccessible with the exclusion of justice.

Adopting and practicing these human values require commitment and credibility, for they make one impartible whole; freedom can not be enjoyed by one group and denied to another, right should not prevail here and be paralyzed there; if abated, justice turns into injustice; peace can not be achieved unless it is comprehensive.

These values have been established by the divine religions, the clearest and most comprehensive of which has been Islam, whether in theoretical or practical conception.

Hizbullah - Lebanon.

Hizbullah-Lebanon is an organized striving current that has been established on the basis of its commitment to the above-mentioned values, seeking, with its noble religious and national struggle to achieve these values in Lebanon and the region and to eliminate all the artificial barriers that would obstruct that purpose.

Hizbullah has faithfully, courageously and persistently resisted the Zionist invasion of Lebanon and prevented it from achieving its political objectives that were represented at that time by dominating this small country and establishing a political regime whose decision was to be controlled by the desires of the racist Zionist Jews.

In order to liberate the occupied land, maintain the national dignity and materialize these values, Hizbullah has sacrificed hundreds of martyrs, injured and disabled as an act of faith in the legitimacy of its resistance against the usurping invaders.

Hizbullah between Peace and Violence.

Hizbullah has a strong belief in the necessity of achieving the security and peace that are based on right and justice in Lebanon, the region and the world. Consequently, it rejects all forms of aggression and terrorism; at the same time Hizbullah views the Zionist Jews' occupation of Palestine, displacing its people and establishing the entity of Israel on its usurped land as the living materialization of the most hideous kinds of aggression and organized terrorism that is supported by the USA, the sponsor of international terrorism, and some other states that claim to be democratic and protecting human rights whilst they support Israel that was founded on invasion, killing and blood-shed, besides its daily violations of human rights in Lebanon and Palestine.

Hizbullah does not believe it is right for some people in the world to view the Zionist Jewish occupation as accepted violence and terrorism, while they condemn the counter-violence, which is a natural human reaction to the Zionist violence and terrorism.

Hizbullah and the Resistance.

Hizbullah has benefited from the experiences of the nations and peoples of the world and read the history of the French people's resistance against the Nazi occupation, and the resistance of the American people against the colonialists as well; It saw how the free world countries and the peoples of the world respect these resistances and annually commemorate their memory because they had expressed the will of freedom and the longing for right, justice and peace.

When Hizbullah resists in Lebanon against the Zionist Jewish occupation lying heavily on its soil in the South and West Bekaa, it is exercising its legitimate and sacred right that was once exercised by the French and American peoples.

Considering Hizbullah's resistance to the Zionist Jewish occupation as "terrorism" is a kind of injustice, discrimination besides being a renunciation of the Bill of Human rights and the Charter of the United Nations.

Therefore, we call on the peoples of the world to distinguish between aggression, which is none other than terrorism, and the honest resistance that is the only way to deter the aggression and confront the terrorism resulting from that aggression. Israel is an aggressive entity that practices terrorism; occupation is one of the forms of terrorism. Hizbullah of Lebanon is a popular resisting trend against occupation and terrorism.

Hizbullah and Dialogue.

Hizbullah observes the creed of the genuine Muhammadan Islam and the sublime human values emanating from it. This observance arises from ideological conviction that is established with proofs and evidence and does not originate from emotional liking or sectarian, denominational or racial group spirit. Since reason is the source of this observance, Hizbullah has always been ready to have dialogue with others over its convictions and creeds or even its method and positions; Hizbullah does not seek to impose its convictions on anyone, as it does not like anyone to impose their convictions on it. It is attached to have mutual understanding with the others. It does not think of annulling anyone, as it does not accept anyone to annul it. Therefore, continuing and incessant dialogue is the best way to rectify visions and positions; it is also a feature of Hizbullah.

Hizbullah and the Political System in Lebanon.

Lebanon's political system which is based on the principle of political confessionalism can never achieve justice or realize right and peace. Perhaps one of the most important reasons of the civil war that broke out in 1975 lies within the confessional tendency that had been established by the political system.

The Taif Charter of National Reconciliation did not resolve this dilemma, but rather established it and re-distributed the sectarian quotas anew. This implies a foundation for a future crisis.

That document, nevertheless, is viewed by Hizbullah as a bridge to transfer Lebanon from the stage of bloody conflicts to a new stage of internal peace that we, in Hizbullah, very strongly and definitely desire.

In spite of that, it never calls off our looking forward to more change and development in the Lebanese political system in order to abolish the abhorred sectarian discrimination and achieve justice among the citizens.

Hizbullah and Human Rights.

It is axiomatic to say that Hizbullah considers, as its religious task, serving human beings, protecting their rights, maintaining their interest, exerting effort to provide them with the requirements of a dignified living and developing their society.

If the existing regimes remiss in fulfilling their duties toward that human being, Hizbullah has efficiently contributed in providing humanitarian services to the citizens in various Lebanese areas without discrimination between one citizen and another, or one sect and another.

These services have included many domains; some of them are restoring damaged buildings, farming guidance, providing utilities for the least cost prices and sometimes for free, providing medical care and hospitalization at the health care centers that are distributed in the areas and in private hospitals, providing primary and intermediate schooling, providing the needy students with scholarships to continue their college schooling plus providing them with scientific orientation, and securing fresh water to the neighborhoods that the public water network does not reach.

However, the most important human right that Hizbullah sacrifices blood and lives in order to maintain is the right of the Lebanese human beings in their land and in determining the political system they desire.