Order of the thelemic knights



1989 e.v.

Can our children have a healthy future while the ghost of our past tries to wipe its bloodstained hands on the present? Must we share the nightmare with the future generations of our race? These are the concerns that we have put foremost on our minds.

Through much observation and contemplation, we have concluded that the present condition of our world his entirely due to man's ignorance pertaining to his own True Nature.

We have recognized and identified the value of a specific set of virtues (call them truths if you prefer) whose essence have remained unchanged throughout the ages. We believe that adhering to these principles is a most effective and expedient tool to subdue the human/animalistic instinct which will inevitably lead to the destruction of the world as we know it today. It is every Knights personal duty, to bring honesty, consideration, and self discipline into their own lives. These are essential, not only for Thelemic Knighthood, but for all persons.

Since the beginning of time, earnest people and seekers (being aware of their spiritual needs) have focused their awareness to the understanding of the internal principles of Nature.

All hermetic and religious societies or orders have been fashioned after some form of philosophical, religious or occult knowledge.

When Buddha died, hundreds of books were written to explain why he didn't speak. These books failed to convey the Truth because the Buddha's message was that Truth is beyond words.

When Jesus died, many books were written about what he said by people who never knew him, and never heard him speak. These books did not convey the Truth because the writers did not know what the Truth was.

When Crowley died, thousands of books were written by selfish, crude individuals who have everything to gain and nothing to loose by twisting his words so that the beautiful philosophy and powerful formula which was specifically geared toward the liberation and emancipation of all people only benefits a few social outcasts.

History has shown that there has never been a shortage of crude, rude, uncouth and power hungry vultures that hover over the death beds of brilliant minds; who are drawn by news of the death of a prophet, and are driven by their own agendas for recognition and power, to peck one more time at the carcass of a Master, the memory, the contribution to society, their Work.

There are many groups and organizations today which prepare the individual, and guide the wanderer into the service of the Divine Light, there to become disciples of the One Truth. Unfortunately, the number of its associates are considered measures of the group's success, with the emphasis on quantity rather than quality. As a result, the individual is not taught the way of the Warrior-Priest, which requires much earnest effort and discipline, because there is a fear of losing members, no matter how insincere or disruptive those members may be. Instead of instructing and advising against fraternal violations, or destructive social behavior, the candidate's weaknesses are accepted and tolerated, because that candidate is a statistic.

This sort of thinking is self-defeating for several obvious reasons; one of the most important being the potential loss of earnest, hard working and dedicated members who will not tolerate the invasion of their inner peace by social outcasts, unfraternal scoundrels, or self proclaimed know-it-alls.

Order of Thelemic Knights is a modern fraternal organization whose aim is to enable its members to reach the ideal balance between soldiering and religion. We wish to lead each member to the life of the Spiritual Warrior by requiring each member to adhere to an honorable and chivalric code of conduct. This fraternity is truly fashioned after the New Aeon. These disciplines carry within them a power of immense potential.

We recognize that the complete, awakened individual instinctively recognizes his or her relation to the powers of Nature; that these powers are every person's birthright and that men and women are entitled to use these powers to improve the condition of their surroundings and their life; thereby simultaneously improving the condition of the environment where that individual lives out his existence. He becomes his own God. We call this "Gnosis."

We postulate the existence of a Personal Supreme Deity, which holds the reality constructs of each individual's spirituality, and reflects each individual's Gnosis. We encourage each Knight to draw on a personal and recognizable God/spark, which is individual to them, and reflects their own True Will. This enables us to postulate and use the different tenets of all religions and philosophies, and have something to offer all people.

We believe that balance lies within each of us, not outside, and that it is to be found as the polarities of Order and Chaos perform their mystical dance around us. We do not adhere to the belief that balance is to be found within the sexes, as this creates ideas of supremacy.

We therefore believe that existence free from illusion is pure joy and ecstasy.

We also believe that this very Earth is the Garden of Eden, and that all sorrows, including disease, hunger; and even death itself, come from the ignorance of these facts. We do not seek to escape this world; we attempt to destroy the veil of illusion which conceals its True Beauty.

We believe that all disease begins in the mind when the spirit is afflicted. Health can only be accomplished when the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual bodies are brought into perfect balance.

We believe that we are caretakers of the Earth, and strive to live our lives in accordance with the Law of Thelema. We believe that our interpretation of that Law is one among many. Furthermore, we perceive any attempts to dominate Nature as an abomination of the worst kind. We feel no need to tamper with something that is already perfect.

We believe that Truth is incommunicable because it manifests itself in us according to our individual capacity to understand its essence. We attempt to bring the individual to that Light by way Honor and Chivalry.

We exist in the real world, for in the world is where our battle must be fought. Our teachings and methods have been tempered by time; they have caused socio-political revolution and has been the only stable source of courage and strength in times of great danger. Our purpose is the spiritual evolution of humanity by aiding men and women to acquire the strength to recognize the Truth.