Order of the Midnight Sun


Order Structure

"In the beginning doth the Magus speak Truth, and send forth Illusion and Falsehood to enslave the soul. Yet therein is the Mystery of Redemption." (Liber B vel Magi - sub figura I, vs 1)

1.) ALL members from the grade of Philosophus and up will have an EQUAL vote on ALL matters and decisions concerning The Order of the Midnight Sun.

a.) The Magus will vote only if the matter concerns him directly, or if to break a tie.

b.) Even though a Philosophus is NOT an Adept, it is by INVITATION that a Student advances into this grade. (also see number 2 section b.)

2.) If a Student below the Philosophus grade wishes to bring up a matter or concern, then they MUST convince a Vault Brethren to do so on their behalf, or submit their concerns in writing to the Vault. If they do not wish to do these, they will have to wait until they themselves get there.

a.) Until reaching a higher grade, a student doesn't usually have enough knowledge or experience to ACCURATELY make decisions that will affect others.

b.) To avoid confusion a "VAULT MEMBER" refers to an "ADEPT", a "VAULT BRETHREN" refers to an Exalted Student who works with but has yet to enter the Vault or Adepthood.

3.) Magickal workings must be encouraged at ALL levels, with as few restrictions as possible.

a.)Any full Students should be able to work on Rituals with other members without having to seek prior permission. However, if they are without an Adept; a written record stating what was done, when it was done and who was there MUST be given to the Vault within 48 HOURS of the working.

b.) Grade workings and materials, as well as private workings are exceptions.

c.) As always - Probationers DO NOT work together unless SUPERVISED by a Higher Grade.

4.) Personal attainment in the way of Grade Materials, Rituals, Books, etc. will be checked up on by the Vault. Especially when the Vault has to decide when and if a grade change is necessary.

5.) Lodges and Lodge Officers will continue to run their groups, but always they will keep in mind that Liber 77, Liber 220, Liber 650 as well as the other Holy Books are the core of our workings (Being).

a.) The continuance and governing of the Lodges will be watched and changed if they fail to grow and run properly.

6.) Any members who feel that they cannot abide by this restructuring of the Order of the Midnight Sun are asked to discontinue their membership. For We have but a few years to get things in order and to proceed with the Establishment of the Current of the Thelemic Age.

7.) The subject of the "WILL" is a difficult one, for until you reach Tiphareth, no one can really know their "TRUE WILL". So the words;"It is not my will, or, It is my will". should NEVER be used by any Student for an EXCUSE. For as it is stated in The Equinox volume 1,#8 page XII (O.T.O.);

A Student's will is of their Lower Nature. For they know not of their Higher Nature. It is only by following their Adept (Master) that they'll be rightfully led to it.

Note also; A disciple who has no faith in their Master cannot be led, taught or guided by him. Most importantly there may be things which appear strange and for which no reason can be given to the beginner; but when the Student has attained a certain state of development all will be clear to them. So in obeying the WILL of the Adept, or Teacher; instead of following the one which they believe to be their own (will, lower nature.); they will obey the WILL of their Higher Nature. The pupil will then be uplifted to Magickal Attainment.

These seven steps will lead to success, and they who decide to stay with us or join us will be Most Welcome;

"Few indeed are called, but of these few many are chosen."

For Change is Stability.

Frater Hextas 9 = 2

P.S. Concerning the quote; "As Brothers fight Ye, there is no Law beyond 'Do What Thou Wilt!'

Any who decide to leave may leave peacefully, but if they choose to do harm to the Order of the Midnight Sun or its members, they will have that same harm returned.

Note) The Magus will "over see' the restructuring of the Order of the Midnight Sun, without interfering with it's dealings and decisions for the rest of the cycle.