Cor Lucis

COR LUCIS is an initiatory order based in Los Angeles. We place a strong emphasis on the teaching of "Know Thyself." Our name means "Heart of Light."

Many have studied magick with desire to perform miraculous acts, some even with the worthy goal of improving their lives, but few have understood the necessity for really knowing who they are as a foundation for their endeavors. Hence, highly skilled practitioners of the art of magick are not common.

The ancients considered alchemy a process by which base metal could be transformed into gold. The enlightened among them understood that as the vehicle of the Soul, it is the personality which undergoes the transformation.

We offer a graded, step by step program that combines group and private ritual, study, and meditation. Our primary tools are a framework provided by The Golden Dawn, the Tree of Life, the Tarot, and specific explorations into self understanding. We are not a school of wizards, and all who do enter our doors must leave their delusional sense of self importance behind.

Thelema, as put forth in The Book of the Law, is the philosophical belief system on which COR LUCIS is based. Our expression of this belief system is a gentle interpretation with a clear view toward bringing its principles into manifestation, enhancing society in its evolution.

While COR LUCIS is not a Christian based order, aspirants with traditional religious beliefs are welcomed. Our members come from Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Pagan, and Buddhist and other experience. We draw much of our inspiration from The Book of the Law.

Most of our predecessors in the Western Mystery tradition expressed the gender biases prevalent in their own time period. The feminine and masculine are held in equal esteem within COR LUCIS, giving its members the foundation to spread the concepts of equality into all the areas of their day to day lives.