Satanism, Nazism and Fascism

The last time I talked to Boyd, we discussed our Barbie collections. Some Nazi.

Here's how Nazism and fascism fit into Satanism, as I see it:

1. You're already a Satanist, the most evil being the status quo could ever imagine. Why the hell do you care if they call you a Nazi? Is there a Good Guy Badge stuck to one of your old suits? Go check your closet.

2. Nazism scares people. Satan scares people. Some Satanists like to scare people, so they dress in Nazi fashion and have fun goosestepping down the strasse. B.F.D.

3. Satanists see nature as a dark force, a very fascist force, within them and without them. When you hear them talking about fascism, they are often thinking of what I can only call "deep fascism," not political fascism. I agree with the assertion that a Libertarian society would be the best one for Satanists, from a political perspective, but we also have a lot of opinions about the social structure of a Satanic society. Would we be "free" to enslave ourselves to each other, if that's how we wanted to live? While Libertarianism might rule the land, Satanists may choose to live in tribal settings that are _internally_ very Communistic or Socialistic. For example, I wouldn't mind "working for the good of others" as long as the "others" were of my choosing, my tribe of loved ones.

4. Nazism, like the image of the ArchDemon, appeals to the young because it embodies strength and control to those who have little of either in their lives. They'll get over it.

5. It's a fashion trend.

6. "The plague of Nazism" is being trumped-up by those who would choose to drive a wedge between us, disperse us and weaken us. Don't let them do it. Lighten up.