Satan Worshippers

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The Church Of Satan

Just in case you haven't read any Satanic material before now, here is a quote from The Satanic Bible:

There is no heaven of glory bright, and no hell where sinners roast. Here and now is our day of torment! Here and now is our day of joy! Here and now is our opportunity! Choose ye this day, this hour, for no redeemer liveth! [ The Satanic Bible: The Book of Satan IV:2 ]

A Satanist does not believe in God, Satan, The Devil, Angels, Heaven, Hell, etc, all these items belong to Judeo-Christianity. If this is news to you then please, at some point, read the Description of Satanism. Neither does a Satanist believe in the Buddha's reincarnations, any myths of Judaism, Islam or Upanishad. They are irrelevant and silly ideas. (Although, for some strange reason, some Satanists say they believe that the world is carried on the back of a huge turtle (-sex unknown) by four elephants. But that's another story.)

Devil Worshipping

These are people who claim to worship The Devil, Lucifer, the Anti-God, The Dark Lord or Satan or whoever. Often they talk of their prefered deity in the same way that Christians talk of their God, ie, worship Him or die. Frequently Devil Worshippers require that you Sell your soul to the devil in order to "be one of them".

If someone says that are in contact with an entity such as these then you're in ill company. It is Devil Worshipping that make the noises which most people assume is in league with the Church Of Satan - IT IS NOT. Devil Worshippers are immature, unstable and nothing to do with us. There are groups of people on the internet such as "The Temple of Set" and The "First Church Of Satan" who claim to worship a dark, evil, lord.

Most the time these people cannot verify or decide who they are actually worshipping. They claim to love the AntiChrist. They are of course admiring characters from The Bible, or more accurately, they are using characters from a variety of religions. It is very rare that they also accept the other deities and myths of the religions that they take the Devil to have originated from.

If these people believe in the Bible it is clear that Satan/The Devil is not a God, but a fallen angel. How can you worship a mere angel, an inferior? As they do not believe in the Bible it must be a different Devil that they worship, but anyone can make up a God and pretend to worship it! Many Devil Worshippers are young (immature?) and know nothing of the Bible so do not realize just how silly they are!

Actively worshipping a being that is defined as bringing you ill fate is not something a fully functioning mind does!

Some of these twisted individuals call themselves Satanists when really they are just scapegoating the religious concept of Satan in order to quell their guilt, or to justify their actions. "Satan made me do it!" - but it has been proven not to hold up in court. Some people _do_ believe it, for the same reason this is called guilt avoidance and is psychologically unhealthy but generally the people involved outgrow this - it is jst unfortunate that they often do not care for distinguishing Satanism from Devil Worship.

I can only justify these comments on Devil Worshippers by insulting them directly, and saying that most of them grow out of it anyway and no long term damage is done. There are other types of devil worshipper, the death metal types, who haven't really thought about the concepts involved at all! Being a death metal fan myself, I am not stereotyping them, just pointing out some of the social reasons why certain people chose to call themselves "Satanists" when they are only "Devil Worshippers".

It is unfortunate that many Devil Worshippers do not care to name themselves as such, they indiscriminately use the term "Satanists" despite the fact that their views blatantly contradict the Church Of Satan. It is relevent that the word "Devil" means "great deception", because confused are the Devilists! [Disputed linguistics of 'Devil']

Why do people worship the Devil?

Rebellious youths will often find things to rebel against and many of them are aware of the concept of the Devil, or Satan. In one's youth it is possible to take an immature interest in Satan Worshipping however most people will forget about it after realizing what a silly and unsound idea it is.

There are Satanists and members of the COS who used to, in their youths, imagine themselves to worship an Evil-Deity called Satan but at some point or other (often when they get access to the correct information) they will find other Satanists and realize that there is a legitimate and moral equivalent to that which they tried to achieve through Devil Worship - self confidence and a more directed life.