The Nine Satanic Statements of Reality

1. Satan is the "dark force" that permeates all of nature and motivates all things to act according to their inner nature.  The Boundless Darkness Itself is SAT. The ACTION of emanating out of, unfolding out of, springing forth, is TAN.  The motivator and the act of motivating all things are together:  Satan.  Satan is that which is the origin of all and the unmoved mover, and it is described by both the unfolding and the thing unfolded:  Satan 

2. All things have a beginning where all was one.

3.The "big bang" came from a spark within the one Dark Presence and all that results from the "big bang" is permeated by the Dark Force.   The universe was emanated by this force going from Chaos-Dark into Cosmos-Light. 

4. All things, over time in the cosmos, become separate and change without ceasing to change.   

5. All things are constantly motivated to change according to environment, and then they change the environment by being in it, of it:  there is a dialectical interaction.  If they do not do this they perish and go into dissolution; but this is not destruction; it is only more change. 

6. All things are constantly motivated to change by inner urge.  This is "Self Becoming" or "Self Evolving." All beings everywhere have it. Most living things have this solely and together with their own species, as if linked.  When the individual becomes into, the species becomes into; in fact, large groups of similar living things speciate in this manner and diversify.  A thing can not become what it is not already at it's inner core, at it's fundamental essence, nor can it resist becoming "what it is" as that center of itself moves forward in time.  The thing "becomes into" what it is.  One can have inner truth of what they are and actively increase their potentialities, or one can flow with what one is.  If one resists it or tries to become, in the inner sense, what one is not, one will become Nothing - Klippoth. 

7. All things have an individual characteristic, a unique identity that defines what they are and become. They are a singularly occurring event in time/space. 

8. All things are ultimately connected, even if they appear to be separate, in the great web of life.

9.  And all this is the esoteric meaning of "Do as Thou Wilt" for that truly is the whole of the Law, Cosmic Law and SAT-TAN-ic Law.  The joyful act of Doing and Becoming-Into is Love. It is experienced as Joy.  Being is Joy.  Joy radiates Love just as the sun radiates light. 

It follows from these that Satanists do what is best for themselves using foresight.  Satanists demand freedom to govern their own lives, again, using foresight since, as mammals/primates, we are not solitary animals biologically. Satanists oppose those that would combat the principles of the cosmos.  Man is just another animal: Self-inner-truth-Wisdom is knowing what kind of animal a human is. - Satan represents undefiled wisdom, and the desire and Will to Know the Truth. All animals practice Indulgence according to their Kind; they have Vitality, and they are capable of Knowing the Inner-Truth of their own Beings, the Mystery of their own Beingness. Satanic Humans, falling into the category of mammals/primates, are Kind to those who deserve it and have responsibility of Self and are responsible to others of like kind: automatically!   That is the kind of animals Satanic humans are: Zos /Eros. They are OF NATURE.  What rebels against its own nature is Klippothic. What lives in Unreality and desires the Lie is klippothic. The Klippoth is the enemy of Being - and since Being is Joy, the klippoth is the enemy of Joy. The Klippoth can be defined as the Unlife - Thanatos.