The Chaos Trophy


An Exercise of the Egg


The Chaos Trophy can be committed for as long as the member desires, though at least one week is suggested. This Trophy can be committed in Lesser, Greater, or Extreme form. The Chaos Trophy should only be committed when a member has gone through the steps of a Monk (Monasticism), Aeonic Warrior (Jihad), Vessel (Eucharistia), and Pilgrim (Excursion). The period of time spent on each of these is unimportant, as is the degree - in fact, the member may have done each for different periods of time and in different degrees. For instance, you may follow the Extreme Observances of Monasticism for two weeks, the Lesser Performances of Eucharistia for three weeks, The Greater Jihad Duties for one month, and the Extreme Excursion for three weeks, or whatever. It is not necessary to have gone through each of these in immediate succession, though it is suggested for added effectiveness. The purposes of the Chaos Trophy are as follows:

To unify the powers of Chaos in a properly disorderly fashion.

To strengthen the Aetheric magical abilities.

To phenomonize the powers of the other four observances in a central core.

To use the powers of all four observances for the Immanentization of the Eschaton.



Perform the Vortex Rite to Immanentize the Eschaton once upon awakening and once upon retiring each day.

Perform one Pathworking or Shamanic Journey each day which includes the four elements or tools or in some way and includes manipulation of Aether and/or Chaos.

Create a Black Egg which will be carried with you at all times.


Commit all the acts of the Lesser Trophyism.

Perform a second Pathworking or Shamanic Journey each day.


Commit all the acts of the Greater Trophyism (which include the Lesser).

Break the sleep midway through to perform a second Vortex Rite for the Immanentization of the Eschaton.

Perform a third Pathworking or Shamanic Journey each day.


The Black Egg should be created just before the Commitments of Chaos Trophyism begin and can be made of any material which will remain permanent, such as clay. After the Acts of your Trophyism have been Committed, you may consider yourself a "Singularity of Chaos". A Singularity is the center of mass of a black hole. You can never reach the Singularity because (apparently, as no one has done this or can and live to tell the tale) the closer you get to this, the further stretched out you become (infinitely so). Furthermore, nothing can escape or move away from the Singularity, not even light. The purpose of the Black Egg is that it symbolizes Aether. After the Acts have been Committed, the Egg should be kept as a magical tool and can be inscribed with a record of the Commitments. To be a Singularity is to consider oneself a master of the uses of the magical tools and elements.