Libellus Magicus


nineteenth-century manuscript

of conjurations.


Johann Scheible first published the Verus Jesuitarum Libellus, or, The true Magical Work of the Jesuits, also called the Libellus Magicus, in Stuttgart, Germany in 1846 (Note). In 1875, Major Herbert Irwin made a manuscript translation of this work and a second work published by Scheible (1847), the Praxis Magica. The manuscript is now in the John G. White Collection of the Cleveland Public Library. The English translation has never been published, although A.E. Waite discusses the manuscript and cites words and phrases from it in several of his works.

The Libellus Magicus is noteworthy in that it presents the dark arts in a Christian context: devils find their proper place in hell, and angels are called on to appear with assistance. The work is curious in a number of other ways. For example, "treasures from the sea" is a constant refrain in the manuscript; both devils and angels are called on to retrieve these treasures. The name of God in various ancient languages and the symbols of the passion and death of Christ are called on to keep devils and demons in line.

One aspect of this type of incantation literature that is particularly noticeable are the long lists of real and made-up names for angels, demons, powers, and potencies. "European magic frequently makes use of 'words of power' which are names of gods and spirits (although some of them are gibberish words whose original meaning has been lost)" (from Man, Myth & Magic: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Mythology, Religion and the Unknown (New York: Marshall Cavendish, 1995), volume 13, p. 1823). These names are given magical powers:

To tap divine power, magicians used various biblical names and titles of God in their incantations, including El, Elohim and Eloa ("the god"), Adonai ("the Lord"), Sabaoth ("Lord of Hosts") and Shaddai ("the Almighty"). But the name which is closer to the inner reality of the god of the Old Testament is the Tetragrammaton, or name of four letters (transliterated YHWH or JHVH), which means "he is" and which used to be rendered Jehovah and is now usually spelled Yahweh. Yah or Jah, and Ehyeh ("I am"), are variants of it. (from Man, Myth & Magic: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Mythology, Religion and the Unknown (New York: Marshall Cavendish, 1995), volume 13, p. 1824)

Other names or words frequently cited in incantations include Anaktam Pastam Paspasim Dionsim (these words have no known meaning and are from the 13th-century Sefer Raziel; Metatron (the angel who guided the Israelites through the wilderness); Yod (the first letter of the Tetragrammaton); Cados (Hebrew Kadosh, "holy One"); Joth a variant of Yod(a name Jacob learned from the angel with whom he wrestled); Agla (which Lot heard and was saved from the destruction of Sodom); Emmanuel ("God with us," which Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego cried out in the fiery furnace); Alpha and Omega (the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet); Sabaoth (with which Moses brought the plague of frogs upon the Egyptians); Escerchie Ariston (Greek words for "mighty" and "noblest," with which he turned the rivers of Egypt into blood); Elion (a Hebrew title of God, which brought the plague of hail); Hagios (the Greek word for 'holy"); Jetros (Greek for "healer"); Paracletus (the Holy Ghost); and the three holy and secret names Agla, On (another name for Heliopolis, the Egyptian city of the sun), and Tetragrammaton.

The noted scholar A.E. Waite owned the manuscript before it came into the possession of the Cleveland Public Library. In his book The Book of Black Magic and of Pacts (Chicago: The de Laurence Company, 1940), Waite dedicated several paragraphs to the manuscript; these references fall under the subheading "Minor and Spurious Rituals of Black Magic" (pages 84-87). Waite wrote

The Verus Jesuitarum Libellus, or "True Magical Work of the Jesuits, containing most powerful conjurations for all evil spirits of whatever state, condition, and office they are, and a most powerful and approved conjuration of the Spirit Uriel; (note 1) to which is added Cyprian's Invocation of Angels, and his Conjuration of the Spirits guarding Hidden Treasures, together with a form for their dismissal," -- purports to have been published at Paris in the Latin tongue, and in the year 1508. It was reprinted by Scheible at Stuttgart in 1845, forming part of the curious collection of Faust documents already mentioned. Finally, in the year 1875, the late Major Herbert Irwin made an English translation, which remains in MS. The date placed on the title-page of the original edition at once betrays the imposture. It will be almost needless to say that in the first decade of the sixteenth century there were no Jesuits; the Society originated with St. Ignatius, who died in 1556, being two years after the confirmation of the Society by Pope Paul III. The Conjurations are excessively curious. The first addressed to a spirit whose name is not indicated, but he is supposed to have been obedient to Abraham and Isaac, and is directed to bring the magician out of the depths of the sea so many millions -- the number is not specified, and depends upon the cupidity of the operator -- of the best Spanish gold; otherwise, says the Conjuration, I will condemn thy body (sic) and thy soul. In the second formula, the spirit is cited by the knowledge and exorcising power of Agrippa, (1. Cornelius Agrippa died in 1535.) which again puts a definite limit to the antiquity of the collection, were it otherwise necessary. The third Invocation is addressed to the spirit Zayariel, who is conjured by Agla Scheffert and the great Jehova Podashocheia. The remainder, to the number of seven in all, are nearly identical in character and quite in purpose, the demon being invariably required to bring that which is desired by the operator from the depths of the sea, or from the abyss of the waters, or from the spiritual abyss. The Discharge or Absolution which concludes the series is really an additional conjuration.

The "Citation of St. Cyprian" is presumably an experiment in White Magic, seeing it addressed to an Angel who was the guest of Lot and Abraham. As the object is "help in need," it is apparently appropriate for every strait in life, and should be, therefore, noted for reference by those who may think it work [i.e. worth] while; it is too cumbrous and tedious for these pages. A similar observation would apply only too truly to the "Process for the Magical Acquisition of Hidden Treasures," but it is much more complete than the rest, and has so much connection with the Summum Bonum, the desire of the eyes of all Ceremonial Magic, that it is necessary to give it. It is, however, an operation of Necromancy, and will be found in its proper place in the Second Part. (2. Part II. C.9.) The Verus Jesuitarum Libellus closes with a fuliginous conjuration of the entire hierarchy of Infernus, which continues for many pages, and contains more unintelligible words than several combined Grimoires. In the absence of all knowledge of its original edition, it is impossible to throw any light upon this singular exposture.

The Praxis Magica Fausti, or "Magical Elements of Dr. John Faust, Practitioner of Medicine," claims to have been printed from the original MS. In the Municipal Library of Weimar, and is dated 1571, at which period it must be respectfully affirmed that there was no Municipal Library in the birthplace of Goethe. Furthermore, the existing collection does not include the MS. Whether the original edition was antedated cannot be certainly affirmed, as it is exceedingly scarce, and we are acquainted with it only in the reprint of Scheible, and in an unprinted transcript by Major Irwin. The work consists of a few curious plates, in the manner of the seventeenth century, and a few unintelligible conjurations, all exceedingly brief. The third of these exhorts the Evil Spirit on the quaint ground that now it is the time of the Great Name Tetragrammaton. The purpose of the citation is not indicated; the formulæ are Christian, broken by innumerable crosses, and by the names and terms which defy conjecture as to their significance. The hierarchy of the spirit is determined by the closing words: "I command thee, O Spirit Rumoar, even by Lucifer, thy mighty sovereign." (from Waite, A.E. The Book of Black Magic and of Pacts (Chicago: The de Laurence Company, 1940), p. 84-87.

(Note 1: The modern reprint of Scheible reads Usiel throughout, as does also the MS. English translation. Supposing the latter to have followed the original edition, it would seem conclusive that the blunder--for such it evidently is--occurs also in that.)

The English-language manuscript at the Cleveland Public Library presents certain challenges in addition to the problems pointed out by Waite. As mentioned above, the Latin and German sources for the two main works included in the manuscript translation are known: Scheible's Kloster. However, the translation confuses the spelling of a great number of the nonsense words included in both the translation and the source works. The mistakes in the manuscript are such that one is led to believe that the translation was made from a longhand transcription of the printed sources, and the common errors in reading handwriting account for the difficulties. In the text of the manuscript given below, some of these errors are pointed out with the word from the printed source supplied in brackets after the manuscript word. In many instances, the manuscript word is not clear enough to venture a certain guess, and the word as found in the printed sources is used instead.


Half-title on recto of first leaf:

Libellus Magicus
M. S.



Title page on recto of second leaf:

The true Magical Work of the Jesuits

Most powerful charges and Conjurations for all Evil
Spirits of whatever State - Condition or office they are
And a
Most powerful and approved conjuration of the
Spirit p
To which is added Cyrprians [Cyprians] Invocation of
And his Conjuration of the Spirits Guarding
hidden treasure - together with a form for their dismissal
Paris 1508
Translated from the Latin by Herbert Irwin
- 1875-

Leaf [1]

The True Book of the Jesuits


                    "Somnia, Terroses [i.e. Terrores], Magicos, Miracula. Sagas
                    Noctuiroos [i.e. Nocturnos], lemures, - portentaque Thessala risu
                    Eccipio [i.e. Excipio] - [p]

1st Conjuration



      N_____ The most unworthy creature of our Lord
      J. C. and servant of God, beg, call, and exorcise thee,
      Spirits by Water + air + fire + and by earth - and by all
      those which have life, being and moving therein - and
      by the most Holy name J. C. : Agios + ischiros + paracletus
      + Alpha and Omega + beginning and end + God +
      and Man + Zebaoth + Adonai + p +Tetragrammaton

      + Abua + Deus + Elijon [i.e. Eljon]+ Jana + Jehovah + God +
      Sachnaton + arumna + Messias + Cherub + Misol +
      Amburel [i.e. Ambriel] + Achteol + Jachenas + and by the
      power of God the Father + and by the strength
      of God the Son + and by the virtue of the Holy
      Spirit + and by the words with which Solomon

Leaf [2]

      and Manasses exorcised the spirits and by the words
      which have power over thee +

      That thou immediately - even as thou wert
      obedient to Isaac and to Abraham -- render due obedience
      unto me - and appear before me, in a beautiful. mild and
      human form - and bring to me (out of the depths of the
      Seas)  N  millions of the best and true spanish gold
      without tumult or else I will condemn thy body and thy
      soul +
      I command thee - abstaining from all harm and
      without noise - thunder - or tempest - without tenor and
      without trembling - to place thyself before me - beyond
      this circle

      - I command this to thee Spirit + by the
      virtue of God the Father + of God the Son + and of God
      the Spirit + and by the power with which all are
      created and made ++++

+Let it be done +


Leaf [3]

Conjuration II

      N______ Servant of God + command, call, and exorcise
      thee - O Spirit! by the Holy apostles and disciples of God +
      By the Holy Evangelists - + By st Matthew + By St Mark
      + By St Luke + By St John + and by the most holy
      men Shadrach + Mesach + and Abedingo [i.e. Abednego] + and by
      all the holy Patriarchs + Prophets + and Confessors +
      Priests + and Levites + and by the chastity of all the
      holy virgins + and by the most holy and terrible words
      Aphriel Diefriel + Zada + Zadai + Lamabo +
      Lamogella + Caratium + Lamogellay + Logim + Lassein [i.e. Lassim]
      + Lepa + Adeo + God + alenaboy [i.e. aleu aboy] + aboy +
      alon=pion dhon + Mibizime + Mora + Abda + Zind [i.e. Zeud]
      and by the most holy Magi Caspai + Milchisi + and
      Balthusai + and by that which Solomon + Manasseo
      + Agrippa Cyprian Knew and exorcised the spirits
      and by the ascension of Christ into the highest
      realms of peace +

Leaf [4]

      That thou appearest before me in a beautiful affable,
      and human form - and bring to me (out of the depths
      of the waters)  N - without tumult - without hurt to
      me - without the noise of thunder and of tempests -
      without terror - and without trembling, and place it
      before this circle - and this I command to thee by
      the Most Holy Mary + Mother of God + and
      by the principal merits of the Mother of God +

Leaf [5]

Conjuration III

I.  N.  the servant of God call cite and command
thee - Spirit - By all the holy angels and archangels + by
the holy Michael + by the holy Gabriel + By the holy
Raphael + by the holy Ariel [Note]+ by the holy Thrones +
Dominions + Principalities + Powers + and Virtues + by the
Cherubim + and by the Seraphim + who incessantly
proclaim by their voices Holy + Holy + Holy + and by the
most Holy word Noah Soter + Emmanuel + Adonai + El + Elly +
Eloy [i.e. Elloy] + Braum [i.e. Braun] + Joseph + Jona + Calphia + Calphas +
and by that word by which Solomon and Manasses -
Agrippa and Cyprian - knew the spirits - and by that
which the power to exorcise thee and as Jesus was obedient
to his parents so be thou obedient unto me - and appear
before me in a beautiful, affable, and human form - and
bring to me out of the depths of the waters  + + + +  [Note] without
tumult - failing which I condemn thee both spiritually
and materially - abstain from all evil towards me -
and without noise, without thunder and without trembling
and without fear, appear and place thyself before this circle,
and this do I command thee by the power of God the Father

Leaf [6]

      God the Son and God the Holy Spirit +

        I . N.  do cite thee spirit of Iayariel to appear before
        me though aroram Lasunabula Sol Jesus Christus the
        victor by Schehostia Schelam Jehova Votmehasehla
        Schebevek adonay Proemischoea avit By the
        wonderous power of the names agla Schaffort. And by
        the great spirit Jehova Podashocheia

Leaf [7]

Conjuration IV

    I. N._______ Servant of God, call command and exorcise thee,
    O Spirit! by the wisdom of Solomon + by the obedience of
    Isaac + by the blessing of the tribe of Abraham - by the
    piety of Jacob + and of Noah + who sinned not against
    God + By the Serpent of Moses + and by the twelve tribes of
    Israel + and by the most holy words + Abill + Dellia +
    Dellion + Ensusellas + Jazy + Zatael + Olam + Dithaton +
    Sathos + Reckamaton + Anab + Illi + Hogo + Adathgiur +
    Gueb + Suna + Amon + Deuth + alos + Gaoth + Egaoth +
    Lilu + and by the works with which Solomon, and
    Manasses - Agrippa and Cyprian Knew the spirits - and
    as God commanded His Most Holy Mother to St. John, when
    he was departing from this material world - so do I also
    commend myself to thee and do command thee immediately
    to appear before me in a beautiful - affable - and human form
    and bring to me out of the depths of the Sea (N ++++++   [Note])
    which if thou dost not I will condemn thee in body and
    soul - without hurt to me - without noise of thunder - nor tempest
    without terror and without trembling - and place it before

Leaf [8]

    me in this circle - This do I command thee by the most
    Holy Trinity +

Leaf [9]

            Conjuration . V .

          I    N________  Servant of God - call - cite, and
          command thee O Spirit + + + By the most holy in=
          carnation of J. C.   by the most Holy Nativity +
          Circumcision + Flagillation [sic] + coronation + His bearing
          of the Cross + His + Crucifixion + his bitter passion -
          and death - and Resurrection + and his ascension
          + by the sending of his holy comforting Spirit +
          and by the most terrible words of the God of Gods
          Elhor + Genio + Jophiel + Zophiel + Camael +
          Elemiach + Ricol [i.e. Richol] + Hoamiach + [Note] Imaniach +
          Namuel + Damobiach + and + by those words
          by which ---- Solomon + Manasses +Agrippa+
          and cyprian + Knew the Spirits + and by those
          words which have special power over thee - as
          Jesus came into the world - even so come thou
          to me and appear thou before me in a beautiful
          affable and human form - and bring to me
          (N + + + [Note]) out of the great abyss - which

Leaf [10]

        if thou does not I will condemn thee to spiritual
        and material torments - abstaining from all evil to=
        wards me, without noise either of thunder, or
        of tempest without fear and without trembling -
        and place thyself before this circle - and I command
        thee by the all powerful and Eternal God -
        that thou Spirit art obedient unto me +

Leaf [11]

Conjuration VI

    N _ _ _ Servant of God, call, cite and exorcise
    thee Spirit! + + By the bleeding and by the -
    sweating of J. C. by his Divine love and Mercy,
    By his Providence + omnipotence + and immensity
    and by all the virtues of J.C. and by all which
    he has suffered for the human race - and by the
    seven words which he uttered when on the cross
    to his Heavenly Father when he gave up his holy
    Spirit and by the most Holy and terrible
    words - agios + Tetragrammaton+ Ischyros +
    Athanatos + Abua +Agla + Jod + Jadoth +
    Menoch + Alpha and Omega + Raphael +
    Michael + Uriel + Schamaiadiel [i.e. Schmaradiel] + Zadia +
    and by all by which Solomon + Manasses +
    Agrippa + and + Cyprian + assembled the
    Spirits + and by which thou art summoned
    + and even as God shall come to judge the

Leaf [12]

    living and dead - so come thou to me and
    appear before me in a beautiful affable, and
    human form - and bring to me (N****[Note])
    out of the abyss of waters - which if thou
    dost not I will curse thy body and soul -
    abstain from all harm - come without noise of
    thunder or tempest - without terror and without
    trembling - and place thyself before this circle -
    this do I command thee by the true Living



Leaf [13]

Conjuration VII

    I  N_ _ _ Servant of God do conjure, cite,
    and exorcise thee, O Spirit! by the five most holy
    wounds of J.C. by his flesh and blood, by his
    torments and passion, by his life and death and
    by the precious drops of blood which he has shed
    for the salvation and sanctification of the
    human race - by his anguish and distress, and
    by the most Holy and terrible words - Soter +
    Choma + Geno + Jehovah + Elohim + Rilach [i.e.Velaoch]
    + Devoch [i.e. Divoch] + Alvoch + Alrulam + Stopiel + Zophiel
    + Jophiel + fabriel + Elophoi [i.e. Elopha] + Alisomas [i.e. Alesomas] + Difred
    Mabach [i.e. Malach] + and + by + the words by which Solomon
    + Manasses +Agrippa+ and cyprian + called together
    the Spirits - and even as J.C. sent from
    him his spirit - and delivered it up onto the
    hands of his heavenly Father - so do I command
    thee that thou appearest without delay, and
    comest before me, in a most beautiful affable
    and human form - and bring to me (out of the
    Spiritual Abyss (N + + +[Note]) without doing injury

Leaf [14]

        to me, without tumult - without thunder -
    without tempest, without fear - and without trembling
    and place before this circle - and this I command
    thee by the Deity and humanity of J.C.


Leaf [15]

To discharge the Spirits

    Now I command and charge thee Evil Spirit! that
    thou shalt bring to me immediately that which
    I commanded thee - and shalt depart from
    the circle - abstaining from all noise - terror - tumult -
    and ill savour [sic] - which if thou dost not I will
    punish thee both in body and in soul - abstaining
    from all evil to any creature or thing and depart
    immediately to the place which the justice of God hath
    set apart for you                     Depart from my
    sight thou cursed spirit -
    This I command thee in the name and virtue,
    potency and power, of the most Holy Trinity +
    Father + and Son + and Holy Spirit + Behold
    the Cross of Lord + fly to the adverse parts +
    The Lion of the tribe of Judah + of the root
    of David conquers + Allelujah + Allelujah +
    Allelujah +
    Hasten now bring to me what I require, and
    depart from this circle, by the virtue of the name
    of our Lord J.C. and by virtue of his words

Leaf [16]

    his words [sic] which caused the Earth to tremble-
    In his name - and by his power I command
    thee, that thou dost immediately, and without
    delay withdraw thy accursed presence from
    my sight - by virtue of the words Messias +
    Soter + Emmanuel + Zebaot + Adonai +
    Hagios ho + Thess [i.e. Theos] + Ischyros + athanatos +
    Eleison + hymas +Tetragrammaton+ our Lord
    J.C. by that most Holy name I constrain +
    thee, I force + thee I compel + thee and
    urge, and confine + thee, to the place to which
    the justice of God hath sent thee, therefore recede
    immediately and continually - neither return
    hither again unless I do call thee - this I command
    by the uncreated Father + by the uncreated
    Son + by the uncreated Holy Spirit + Behold
    the Cross of the Lord! + By the sprinkling of
    the blood of J.C. + by the virtue of the Holy
    Water + by the virtue and power of the most
    High + shalt disperse thee thou evil spirit
    + The word is made flesh and dwells amongst us +

                            _____ Amen _____

Leaf [17]

                                    The Symbol of Athanasius, and
    the 132 Psalm "De profundis" - are to be used -



Leaf [18]

The Conjuration of Usiel

    Hear Usiel _ _ I  N _ _ _ an unworthy
    Servant of God, conjure, require, conquer
    and call thee - O Spirit Usiel! not by my
    power - but by the strength, virtue, and potency
    of God the Father       and by the Redemption
    and Salvation of God the Son    and by
    the power and victory of God the Holy Spirit
    and by the strength and potency of the words
    Eli - Elé - Lama Assabtham Emmanuel Agios
    Tetragrammaton by Adonai Ejeh El Schadai
    Chije  Ischyrion Agla Chab and Hoim
    Aron Alpha and Omega Shoch [i.e. Ohoch] Lauth
    Doffuaphi Sohuffo [i.e. Lohuffo] Rugo Dolah by
    the Father Lord   by  J.C. and by the
    Holy Spirit   Allelujah    by God of Abraham
    the God of Isaac     the God of Jacob   by
    the God who appeared to Moses his servant
    on Mount Sinia [sic]  and who led the children
    of Israel out of the land of Egypt.   By
    this I conjure thee O spirit Usiel - be thou either
    on high or in the abyss   in water, or in fire, or in

Leaf [19]

    or in [sic] earth - I command thee Spirit Usiel
    immediately to appear before me in a proper
    human form - visibly to shew thyself and
    modestly to submit thyself - and readily to appear
    and bring to me out of the abyss of the Earth,
    or of the Sea, that which I desire [Note] - in all
    tranquility and patience - without tumult -
    without detriment to me - onto the bodies and souls
    of all created things - without blinding, or
    dumbness, without falsity or fallacy - according
    to the manner in which I have called thee - without
    danger - without whispering - without thunder -
    without hail - without explosion - without puffing
    up - without trembling - and place yourself before
    this circle in that part which I appoint you
            This I  N _ _ _  command thee Usiel by the
    holy passion of J.C. and by all the secret mysteries
    of J.C. and by all the Holy martyrs who gave
    up their bodies and their lives for Christ, and
    by all the words which have proceeded out of
    the mouth of the Creator of Heaven and of Earth
    against the Spirits of Evil - or I will again disturb
    - govern - and torture thee, when I have need of thee

Leaf [20]

    thee [sic] to perform my commands -
    Therefore be not disobedient, for I  N _ _ _ conjure
    thee, command and compel thee - O Spirit Usiel!
    by the judgements of the Most High, and by
    the shining sea which is before the face of the
    Divinity - and by his Majesty - and by the
    angelical virtues of his omnipotence, and by that
    fire which is before the throne of G. O. D. and
    by the domination of the sacred and Holy Trinity -
    by the song which is sung ever before the throne
    of        by the holy angels "Gloria in Excelsis"!
    and by the most high wisdom of the Omnipotent
        and by the most terrible passing away
    of the Heavens and of the Earth - and by the
    most holy majesty of the names Agla Noab
    Soter Emmanuel Adomatai Hurai Amaton
    Elle Eloi Vision Adon Madai Prog Joseph
    Jonas Calphia Calphas by the last and
    terrible day of Judgement by the power of
    Affei       by the holy name Primlumaton [i.e. Primeumaton] which
    Moses used and Dathan [i.e. Datan] Corah and Abyron
    were swallowed up into caverns and abysses
    of the Earth - by the power of the word

Leaf [21]

    word [sic] Primeumaton   and by the power
    which it exercises over the super = celestial - and
    Celestial worlds, and by the strength and
    power of the sacred and holy names Chet
    Hetoi Agla Jad Rabonni Aglos Zachlor
    Septro Phanuel and Sion Onothion Seneon
    Olohe Lamech    and by the potent
    name of J.C. - and by the most High name
    - at which the whole world - and the Infernal
    Abyss trembles Dan Ana Agla Loth Bezer
    Phanum   also by the spiritual efficacy of
    the words by which the Bread and Wine was
    changed into the body and blood of God
    "This is my body" - "this is the command of the Lord
    thy God" the Merciful One     Redeemer of the
    world have compassion on me and this do
    I (N _ _ _) order thee that thou Spirit Usiel
    shalt come immediately to this place, whether
    thou art in the Abyss of Hell, or the Earth -
    or in whatever parts thou mayest be - and shall
    appear - visibly and modestly in a human form
    before me - submitting thyself to me, and obediently
    bringing before this circle (or place) which I have

Leaf [22]

    marked ) [sic] that which I have commanded thee
    - This I (N _ _ _) order thee Spirit Usiel - not
    by my power - but by the strength virtue and
    potency of God the Father    and by the
    binding [?] of God the Son - and by the healing
    of God the Holy Spirit     by the power of
    Tetragrammaton Agla Adonai  Amen! Amen! Amen!

                  Jesus! Sancta Maria!

      I command and order thee not to delay, but to
      do that which I have commanded thee! come!
      come! come! why dost thou delay? Hasten
      for I order thee - in the name of Adonai
      Shadai King of Kings El Ali Titeis Azia
      Kin [i.e. Hin] Jen Chimosel Achadan vai va ej
      ha ejeh Eke hau hau hau va va va a el
      el a hy
          Requiel Atatriel Scholiel Hanel Hamaliel
      Phaiamech Oriph Machiduel Barbiel Zacheriel
      Orphiel Zamuel Rugo Hamaliel Ziriel
      come now by all the most powerful
      words Tetragrammaton adonai agla and
      by the wounds of J.C. by the prophets

Leaf [23]

    by the apostles    and by all the
    saints who live with God in holiness
    by the power of Duisa and of Zebaoth
    Dujam Dujam Dujam

Leaf [24]

          The Angelical Citation of St. Cyprian

      I call - cause - cite - and exorcise thee: O
      Almaziel Ariel Anathamia Ezebul Abiul
      Ezea Ahesin and Calizabin - by the most
      Holy Angels of God by all the dominations thrones
      powers and angelical principalities   by all the
      beatitudes and ineffable delights of Heaven
      By the Angel which announced to the Shepherd
      the Incarnation and nativity of the Saviour - by
      the four and twenty elders who cry incessantly
      before the Divine throne. Holy Holy Holy
      is the Lord our God   and by the Holy
      intercourse of the Angels who have the Knowledge
      of Jesus     by the Cherubim and by the Seraphim
      and by all the archangels-  by the infinity and
      omnipotency of God and by the creation of the
      world - that thou helpest me in this my need
      even as thou didst assist Lot and Abraham
      who were your hosts - as also Jacob and Moses
      Joshua and Samson and many others whom
      you have deigned to visit - come o ye angelic
      ones in beautiful form, full of dignity and

Leaf [25]

    brightness - and do all that which I
    have requested thee - in the name of
    the Triune Jehovah whose praises all spirits
    incessantly sing giving honour to the all Powerful
    who is thy Lord as he is mine



Leaf [26]

A Conjuration for Spirits
Guardians of
Hidden Treasure

        I cite, require, and urge thee, human spirit,
    who frequented this place, and in thy life hast
    buried or hidden thy treasure in this place - and
    not long since _ _ _ in the days of _ _ _ _
    or in the night of  _ _ _ _ about the hour
    of _ _ _ _ shewn thyself in the form of a
    fire above the place, by God the Father +
    by God the Son + by God the Holy Spirit +
    by the most glorious and holy Mother + of God +
    by the most holy wounds of our Saviour, by all
    miracles performed through his holy sorrows, passion
    and tears    and by his material death
    by his descent into Hell by his triumphant
    resurrection - and by his most glorious ascension
    into Heaven and by his sitting on the right hand of
    the Father - from thence, giving to his angels
    government over the whole Earth + by the
    terrible day of Judgement + By the power and

Leaf [27]

    virtue of St. John the Baptist + By all
    the Martyrs - Apostles - and Prophets - to
    come instantly to me, and I conjure and beseech
    thee, by the terrible and ineffable and Divine
    Name inscribed on this sheet - that thou reverencing
    and acknowledging the power of this most holy
    name - shall come to me - making thy sign
    visibly to appear, doing this without lightning
    - without thunder - and without the sound of
    terrible tempests = without loud or frightful noises,
    without causing fear or trembling - without
    causing any hurt to our bodies and souls - or
    even annoying us in any which manner - doing
    my will in all things I shall order you - by the
    great virtue of the stupendous and holy name -
    which even the adverse and inferior powers of
    the Abyss venerate and adore - Even acknowledging
    the All Powerful whose creature we as well as
    you are __
    And let it be done by the virtue of God the Father
    + and by his blessed Son + and by the union of
    the Holy Spirit + and by the Trinity in unity which
    liveth and reigneth - for ever - and ever - Amen +

Leaf [28]

         Incessantly do I call, adjure, conjure, order,
    and require you - human Spirit - by the
    most Holy and Indivisible Trinity - by the
    Immortality which cometh after death by
    the power and by the triumph of Hell, and
    by the bearer of the Seven Swords - by the most holy
    and Secret Seal - and by the Sacred love of Jesus -
    and by all the Servants, and Archangels of
    God Orphanim + Aralim + Hasmalim + Cherubim +
    and Seraphim + Malachim + and by the terrible
    torments of demons
            By the good angels Maluzim [i.e. Malazim] +
    Peripalabim + and Calizantin + by all the
    powers of Heaven + by the Earth + and by the
    torments of Hell - by all these mysteries do I adjure
    thee by the Crcifixion and by the most sorrowful
    scourging - and by the crowing with thorns and
    by al the bitterness of his death - by his most holy
    and Ineffable name Jesus + which is to all who
    profess to be Christians most sweet, and most adorable,
    but to the evil it is fraught with terrible anguish - for
    they have refused the salvation which has been offered



Leaf [29]

    to them -   By the Great Living God -
    That thou shalt immediately, and without delay
    come before me in a human and visible form -
    as thou didst appear in life when thou didst
    hide thy treasure - and appear before this
    circle and answer me faithfully - without
    falsehood - and without Enigmas all that
    I shall ask thee -
        This I command thee in the name and
    by the power of the Triune God - and by
    virtue of the Son - and of the Holy Ghost



Leaf [30]

When the Spirit maketh visible apparition


    Thou shalt say    Adonai Zebaoth
    Adon  Schadai Eljon Amanai Eljon
    Pneumoton Elji Alnoal Messias Ya
    Heynanan Tetragrammaton

                        +                   + + Amen +

          Then use the following Conjuration

      Adonai Zebaoth Adon Schadai Eljon
      Tetragrammaton Eloi Elohim Messias Ya
      Hagios ho Theos


Leaf [31]

Then repeat the following Conjuration inwardly

    Alley  Fortissian  Fortissio  Allinoson

                                        +                                +

    The spirit is to be dismissed by the following
    Omysoma   Epyn   Segok    Satany
    Degony   Eparygon   Galligonon   Zagogen

Leaf [32]

          A Conjuration compelling Obedience

      I adjure - require - and command thee, Human
      Spirit who visiteth this place and hath in thy life
      hidden and buried thy treasure therein - that in this hour
      of the night - in the day of _  in the month of _ _ _
      thou shall appear before me under the form of a fire
      - by the Ineffable name Jehovah - by the Ineffable and
      Incomprehensible Fiat ----- by the power of which all
      things are created, made known, and strengthened -
      - - I conjure - require - and adjure thee human
      Spirit - to appear visibly unto me beyond this
      circle -    by the great goodness of God who hast
      created men in his own likeness - - by the great
      power of his Justice, by virtue of which he has expelled
      the deomens [i.e. demons] and hast enchained them within the
      Infernal Abyss - - by the infinity of his mercy in
      sending his son to redeem us from the penalties
      of our sins - and by all the other Divine attributes
      and names - - - by the omnipotency of our saviour J.C.
      by which he distroyed [sic] all the works of Hell and

Leaf [33]

    caused a blessing to fall upon the seed of the woman
    giving it power to crush the head of the serpent, that
    thou now answer me faithfully - rendering due obedience
    unto me, I conjure thee by the Ineffable name Tetragramma=
    =ton which is written on this role. that by the
    virtue of this most holy name thou shalt immediately
    render obedience unto me - answering me without deception
    - lying or equivication [i.e. equivocation] - by virtue of the omnipotency
    of our savior who shall come to judge both the
    quick and dead, to judge both thee and me both
    the living and the dead -

Leaf [34]

To be used if the Spirit refuseth obedience to the
preceeding [sic] one.


    I conjure thee human Spirit by the Ineffable name
    of God - written on this sheet which I dare not to
    pronounce and by my blood which was most sacred
    and excellently redeemed, and consecrated by the Lord
    of the Prophets J.C. by his most glorious Mother - by
    the insignia of his humility - by the great book of
    the judgements of God - by the terrible and last
    day of judgement - by all the angels - archangels
    and by all the host of Heaven that thou art
    obedient unto me, who art a Christian baptized
    in the holy waters of Jordan - and answer me
    faithfully without enigma - falsehood - or pretence -
    and on thy own part reveal to me truthfully and
    exactly what is the power that aids thee - this
    do I order thee by the most holy name of God,
    who has condemned thee to frequent and to guard
    this place in which thou hast buried thy treasure
    - Amen! - Amen! - Amen! -


Leaf [35]


      Colpiziara [i.e. Cohiziara]  Offina  Alta Netera fuara Menuet
      Colpiziara [i.e. Cohiziara]  Offina  Alta Netera fuara Menuet
      Colpiziara [i.e. Cohiziara]  Offina  Alta Netera fuara Menuet

                                            X                                                            X


   A Charge

Alim    Jehoh   Jehovah  agla
    On        Tetragrammaton.



Leaf [36]

Names of the Principal Spirits of
with their offices [Note]

    1    Lucifer                            the King
    2    Belial                                Viceroy
    3    Satan
    4    Beelzebub
    5    Astaroth                               Governers
    6    Pluto
    1    Ariel
    2    Mephistophiles
    3    Moubnel
    4    Ariel                                    Great Princes
    5    Amguel
    6    Anisel
    7    Barfael



Leaf [37]


    1    Abbadon
    2    Chamus
    3    Milea                                    Ministers
    4    Lapasis
    5    Merapis

        Milpeza        Secretary
    1    Chinicham
    2    Pimpam
    3    Masa
    4    Lissa
    5    Dromdrom                        Familiar
    6    Lomta
    7    Palasa                                Spirits
    8    Baufa
    9    Luna
    10    Poia
    11    Laya
    12    Wunsolary

Leaf [38]


              A Conjuration of Infernal Spirits

      Come O ye Spirits and Princes of Hell Astaroth
      Berith and Beelezebub  I conjure and call
      ye by the terrible passion of J.C. and
              By all his Sorrows and
              By the terrible scourging which he suffered
              By all his instruments, and -
              By all his wounds, and
              By all the precious drops of his blood
              By his Cross and
              By the bitterness of his death, and
              By the Father    Creator
              By the Son   Reedeemer [sic]
              By the Sanctifying
      Come Astaroth, Berith and Beelzebub!
      Come Astaroth, Berith and Beelzebub!
      Come Astaroth, Berith and Beelzebub!

Leaf [39]


            By the name of the all Powerful Father
            By the name of the Son Redeemer
            By the name of the Sanctifying Spirit

    Again I conjure and command ye Spirits, and
    princes of Hell - Astaroth - Berith and Beelzebub
    by these sacred holy and powerful names and
    words Gang   Egg   yy and by the creation
    of Adam - and by the power of Altho Geng=
    ia and by the words Joth annathon
    annathom  Aura  phamanatoma   ana
    Phohetona  by the wisdom of Aaron - and
    by the wonderful power which he exercised
    over all Spirits and by the names Saloth Orista
    Oristion  Oriston  Onesta Onsta  Onltiani
    Oresoresta   Elli   Elli   Age   Ellion
    Ellona - and by the power of the names
    Antim  Gege  Artyra  Gega  anphectesta
    Gephaaton, and Rypheton  Seplatony arbetri
    Arso  Arbitria  Eyam  Elgas  Ellyorum
    now again do I call conjure and evoke
    ye Spirits  and princes of Hell  Astaroth -
    Berith - and Beelzebub - by the power

Leaf [40]


    of Panthess Patheton  aromanom argmon
    Pantharaton Bumon Ygenion Ye Yedeon Yencon
    on Osystrioirus Phanenis Atirat Aunalons nonon
    Anagbany ngyron Eggion Pantheony Iscetan
    Jarch Ega Gareh Ega Gadech Ponte Raton
    Eyin Pantagrion, Hana, Strage   and by the
    love of the Adonai Laniag Ardomaj Calafati
    Lameag Yhui  Amno Caranoag and by
    Adonai Lagryageas Langetatha Leaschomag
    Lanathir Josim Lagtratin In Epyhaltham
    Lebama Libatoraty Lelaglegon Lethafata and
    by In Ell Ellog Ella Ellyrny belleyrm Yoel
    Hy Clryla Goeti Saretho Dellyo Boyla
    Ellony Riel Eveta Batavitos Sorel Aieg Etna
    Paulim Agtath Pantheronia Ethion Aget
    Phemeton Sarapha Panthryon Yaetitia and
    by Emmanuel ominua Ihog Domus Eroel
    Abiel - Usinet - Phatena - Coroy - Isherong - Veha -
    Cyaba - Eha - Hya - Crerus - Ella Ellarcha
    Athereon vava Jana - Sother - Messias Yiase
    Halredion - aheetion arappa Yphaeton
    Zepherion - Ejata - Abica  Yet Pronry Gayin
    by the powers of the morning and of the evening



Leaf [41]


    by the Spirit of Life    and by the
    Spirit of Death   and by the final destruction
    of the world by fire

    Now again do I conjure and call you spirit
    and Princes of Hell  Astaroth Berith and
    Beilzebub  by all secret places by the most
    holy and powerful words and names of the
    omnipotent God our Father-- and by the Son
    our Redeemer and by the Holy Spirit our
    Sanctifier - Jonna Oceanga Agta Adonai
    Sabaott Sother Emmanuel alpha and
    Omega Tetragrammaton Elleator Usyton
    Vevuna Veseomagi Unel Eolli Irethern Noyna
    Messiah Sothery Emmanuelis Sabaoth Joel
    Hath Aglay Croon Metoch Asor Lathleon
    Lanag Lanestas Maoth Oriel Elli Adony
    Sadai Alphor and Omega Dathe Dabe
    Jagthe Asese Us Yon Lanthay Hee Radoing
    Elames Heth Agta Nobaret ananiat Mathriel
    Amayg - and those who govern you - Ayos
    O Oros Isoberos Athanatos Clerson Uma
    Yolli Adonai the all Powerful all seeing and all


Leaf [42]


    loving God  full of might majesty and
    dominion - Blessed be his holy Holy name
    for ever - Jisana Ag - God was in the
    beginning and so shall be in the end
    agla Noah Ellog Yina Pateragata Loth
    Leger Nayog Hego Debuchmor Hachera Boj
    Adyo Arapheus Panthon Adonai Ellog and
    by the most holy Tetragrammaton, and by the
    most wonderful and almighty names of the most
    Holy one God without beginning nor end whose
    name shall be praised eternally by the Spiritual
    as well as the natural




Leaf [43]

The Dismissal of Cyrian

    Now I conjure thee O Human Spirit! by the
    omnipotency, wisdom, and justice of God the Father
    of the Omnipotency of God the Son    by the
    immensity of His Mercy and charity towards men
    by the omnipotency of the Holy Spirit - by his
    infinite wisdom, and inscrutable clemency
        By the Holy archangel Michael and all
    the host of Heaven, to abstain from lightnings
    from frightful and loud noises and tumult -
    without rain - and without thunder to be peaceable
    and quiet without danger or injury to our bodies
    or souls - I command thee to depart from this
    place, and to appear not again unless I
    summon thee
        May the peace of the Triune God, be with
    us now and preserve us from all danger
        O God be with us and have mercy upon us
    O God turn this Spirit N_ _ _ to the path of
    righteousness and give us peace
    Glory be to the Father! and to the Son,
    and to the Holy Spirit      AmenJ.O




Leaf [44]

Finis April IX die Ionis
Anno Christi 1875



Leaf [45]


Praxis Magica Fausti




Leaf [46]

Praxis Magica Fausti =


The Magical Elements

Doctor John Faust - Practitioner


            From the original Manuscript in the
            Municipal Library of Weimar -

            Passan anno adventionis Christi

Leaf [47]

Praxis Magica

    Karuze X Karoth X Karathoi X Kemelton X Achatum
    Ella X Dyestim + Rim + Warmat + Ko +
    Nemarram + Palat + Themat + Amarrh + Gyseton +
    Ralapharos + O Sachman + Machey + Gacles +
    Bachat + Gyrta + Somon + + + Now do I call
    thee + + +

Leaf [48]

        Teome [i.e. Twsme] + Qaror + amathema + Jamhay + Schea +
    Stal + Salmazan + Pamphilos + Aziel + Alechemelor +
    Raphael + Salathiel + Ve Sar + Amathemach + Heroe +
    Somini + By the loving Kindness of the Holy
    Incomprehensible and invisible God - which is
    displayed in all his works - for all things which
    he hath created are good and holy + Barion
    Salmafan + Raphael + Neman + Azan + Raphael +
    come thou I call thee vehemently +


Leaf [49]


    O Spirit by the power and virtue of the letters
    which I have inscribed - do I command thee to give
    me a sign of thy arrival



      I command thee to be obedient
    unto me - and now is it the time of the great
    name Tetragrammaton and I command you
    to appear before me in a beautiful and pleasing


Leaf [50]


    Larabay + Belion + Sonor + Soraman + Bliar +
    Sonor + Arotan + Niza + Raphael + Alazaman +
    Eman + Nazaman + Tedoyl + Teabicabal + Ruos,
    Acluaar + Iambala + Cochim [i.e. Iochim] +


              AET + W

      Zebaman + Sehemath + Egibut + Philomel +
      Gazaman + Delet + Azatan + Uriel + Facal +
      Alazamant + Nisia + By the most sacred and
      holy mercy of God + Zeyhomann + Acluaas + Niza +
      t Tachal + Neciel + Amatemach + Her somina [i.e. somini] +
      By this I compel thee to appear unto me before this
      circle and to do what I command thee -



Leaf [51]


    Now do I conjure and command thee O Evil Spirit
    by the powers of Heaven and by the words of life + Maji,
    Staeti, Sche, agla, Naob, Sother, Emmanuel, Adonay +
    Adomaty + Auray + Amaton, Elle + Elloy + Vision + By the
    great love of Jesus Christ and by his triumph over death
    and hell and by the omnipotency of God - who is - who was -
    and who ever shall be - by the word paymow - and
    Mephistophilis and by the power of the words +Tetragram
    + Agla + Adonay + Amin + Amin _m

J + S + M +


Leaf [52]

        I command cite and conjure thee to come quickly
    and without delay + I call thee + + Requiet + +
    Hamaliel + + Hanel + + Atatiel + + Scholiel + + Phacamech
    Oriph + + Malchidaet + + Barbiel + + Zacheriel + + Oriphiel
    Zamuel + + Hamaliel + + Ziriel + + Rugs ) ÷ ÷

    Come now I conjure thee by all the most powerful words
    Tetragrammaton _ Adoney _ Agla _ and by the wounds
    of J.C. - by the Prophets - by the Apostles - and by
    all the saints who live in the holiness and love of God
    Come now by the mystic words + Duisa + Fortis + Zebaoth _
    I do conjure thee to come + Dujam + Dujam + Dujam




Leaf [53]


        I conjure each and all of ye Spirits - by
    the seven archangels - Governors of the Planets -
    Ouphiel + Zacheriel + Samoel + Michael +
    Gabriel + Raphael + who are your Governors
    to do that which I command - In the name of the
    Triune God + + Amen

+  +  +



Leaf [54]


        Now I conjure thee to come from thy
    abode even from the farthest parts by these great
    and mighty names - Tetragrammaton - Adonai -
    Agla - and to appear before me receiving and
    executing my demands truly and without falsehood
    I command thee O Spirit Rumoar -, even
    by t[h]y great sovereign Lucifer   I command thee in the name
    of God the Father + of the Son + and of the
    Holy Spirit + and by the power of the name Jesus
    of Nazareth -



Leaf [55]

                                                                                    24844W [accession number]

[caption]: Magic Figure for Exorcisms.

Leaf [56]



Leaf [57]


Leaf [58]

[blank, unlined back free endsheet]


Inside back cover





Agla.  A term derived from Qabbalistic literature and widely used in demonological texts as a power word for the exorcism of demons.  The word appears in many of the old grimoires, and is found also in such popular contexts as Reginald SCOT in connection with a ritual knife used in both conjuration and exorcism.  The word is made from the initial letters of the Hebraic Athah gabor leolam, Adonai ('Thou art powerful and eternal, Lord'). (from Gettings, Fred. Dictionary of Demons: A Guide to Demons and Demonologists in Occult Law. (London: Rider, 1988), p. 25)

Agrippa, Heinrich Cornelius.  Born in Cologne in 1486, Agrippa studied philosophy, theology, and medicine in Paris, meanwhile acquiring a tremendous knowledge of occult sciences...   ...he wrote On the Nobility and Pre-eminence of the Feminine Sex, commented on the work De verbo mirifico (1494) by the German humanist Reuchlin (1455-1522) -- an attempt, under the influence of Neoplatonic philosophy and Pico della Mirandola, to blend Cabala and Christianity -- and began the De occulta philosophia, his main work.
...After serving in Antwerp at the court of the duke of Bourbon in 1529, and following the deaths f his wife and several children during an outbreak of the plague, Agrippa accepted a position as archivist and historiographer for the emperor in Malines, then capital of the Low Countries. In 1530 the De incertitudine appeared, followed shortly thereafter (1531-1533) by the abovementioned On Occult Philosophy. Though these two works tend to contradict one another, they were both quite successful -- and equally controversial: the De incertitudine itself was condemned by theological faculties of the Sorbonne and Louvain, prompting Agrippa to write an Apologia...  After a short trip to Lyon, where he was briefly imprisoned by Francis I, Agrippa died mysteriously at the age of 49 in 1535 in Grenoble.
De occulta philosophia is a sort of encyclopedia written for the purpose of establishing occult sceinces as natural magic and eliminating superstitious practices. The first draft of the book, finished before 1511, had wide circulation in mnauscript, contributing to the rumor that Agrippa was a magician... In part one, after a discussion of the four elements and of the properties of matter, Afrippa alleges that angels as well as demons can be summoned to help the magus, especially by use of words. (from Witches, Devils, and Doctors in the Renaissance: Johann Weyer, De praestigiis daemonum, ...Translation by John Shea. (Binghamton, New York: Medieval & Renaissance Text & Studies, 1991), p. 670-671.)

Circle. In medieval and modern European textbooks of ritual magic the circle is of great importance. The magician and his assistants stand inside a circle to protect themselves from the spirits, demons or forces they intend to conjure up. ... The magic circle should be nine feet in diameter, drawn on the floor or the ground with a sword or a knife, or with charcoal or chalk. Inside this circle is drawn a slightly smaller one, eight feet in diameter. In the narrow rim between the two circles are bowls of water, crosses, names of power and plants like vervain, which demons are said to dislike, to reinforce the barrier against hostile forces. There must be no gap or break in the circle, through which an evil influence could get into it and take possession of the magician, and when the magician has entered the circle he must close it carefully behind him. (from Man, Myth & Magic: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Mythology, Religion and the Unknown (New York: Marshall Cavendish, 1995), volume 3, p. 423)

Scheible, Johann.Das Kloster. Weltlich und geistlich. Meist aus der ältern deutschen Volks-, Wunder-, Curiositäten-, und vorzugsweise komischen Literatur. Zweiter Bund. Fünfte bis achte Zelle. (Stuttgart: Verlag des Herausgebers; Leipzig: Theodor Thomas, 1846). The Verus Jesuitarum Libellus is reproduced as part II., pages [835]-851.   The illustrations in the English translation do not appear in the German editions, and the illustrations in the German editions do not appear in the English manuscript. The second half of the English-language manuscript, the "Praxis Magica," is found in a later volume of Scheible's Kloster: Das Kloster. Weltlich und geistlich... Fünfter Band, 17 bis 20 Zelle (Stuttgart: Verlag des Herausgebers; Leipzig: Expedition des Klosters, 1847). This volume has its own title page: Die Sage vom Faust bis zum Erscheinen des ersten Volksbuches, mit Literatur und Vergleichung aller folgenden... (Stuttgart: Verlag des Herausgebers; Leipzig: Expedition des Klosters, 1847). The "Praxis Magica" is included as unnumbered plates between pages 1156 and 1157.

The title-page of the original German edition of the "Verus Libellus" reads

      Verus Jesuitarum Libellus, seu, Fortissima coactio et constrictio omnium malorum Spirituum cujuseunque geeneris, conditionis, status vel officii sint. Et Conjuratio fortissima et probatissima in Usuelem huic est annixa Cypriani citatio angelorum, ejusque conjuratio spiritus, qui thesaurum abscondidit, una cum illorum dimissione. Pasisiis, 1508.

The title page bears the following footnote:

      Dieses ist der berüchtigte Meergeist, von Horst und Stiegltz erwähnt, aber nicht gekannt; dort aufgeführt als "Doctor Faust's großer und gewaltiger Meergeist, worin Lucifer und drei Meergeister, um Schatze aus dem Meere zu holen beschworen werden."

The original title page of the German edition of the "Praxis Magica" is as follows:

      Praxis Magica Fausti ANA oder der von Doct Iohann Faust, Practicirte und beschworne Höllen Zwang. Passau Anno 1527.

Despite the German in the title page, the work is in Latin with the exception of the text for leaf 51 that reads: Nün beschwore ich dich Gottes heil. Maje StFti S'che Nahmen Agla, Naob, Sother, Emanuel, Adomatay, Auray, Amaton Elle, Elloy ViSion und bei dem Füngsten Gerichte Jesu Xtiu bei der stärcke dieser heil, Nahmen Chel, Heoti Agla jat daß du mir Zwei mahl Hundert Tausend N hier in diesen Kreiß bringest das gebiethe ich dir Paymon und MephiStophiles die Macht Tetragram Agla, Adonay Amin Amin. J + S + M + Cito Cito Cito veni nec morare velis. The German text that should have fallen between leaves 52 and 53 is not included at all in the English translation: Nün fahret und weichet von hinnen bei diesem Großen Nahmen und Macht Porten Tetrag: Adonay Agla denn ich gebe Ürlaub fahret hin in friede ohne allen Rumor Schauer Hagell und gefahr ohne Verletzung meines Kreiser Meiner und Meiner gesellen in Nahmen Gottes der Vatters + der Sohnes + und der heilige Geistes + Weichet von Hinnen in Nahmen Jesu von Nazareth Amen.

The title page on page 1157 follows the text of the manuscript. The eight-page text should have been bound after page 1157, not before it:

      Fausti Praxis magica (in der Grossherzoglichen Bibliothek zu Weimar, auf Pergament) ist auf nachfolgenden acht Blättern lithographirt nachgeahmt.

There are differences between the Latin and the English texts. For example, the Latin text spells out the name "Jesu Christi" whereas the English manuscript invariably abbreviates the name "J.C." Other differences between the Latin text and the English translation are the following:

1. The quote on the first page is given to "HORATIUS" in the Latin edition (Leaf 1).

2. "Ariel" is used instead of "Uriel." (Leaf 5)

3. Phrases are sometimes omitted or abbreviated such as on leaf 5 and again on leaf 7, leaf 9, leaf 12, and leaf 13 where the symbol "(N + + + +) is used instead of the phrase "N. milliones optimi auri et expensibilis ubique [leaf 5 leaves out the "ubique"] monetae hispanicae." This same concept is given another expression on leaf 19 where the phrase "that which I desire" takes the place of the Latin, "nonaginta novem millia dimidium scutatorum et duplonorum in auri monetis cursivis." Other phrases are added such as the lengthy one at the bottom of leaf 6: I . N.  do cite thee spirit of Iayariel to appear before me though aroram Lasunabula Sol Jesus Christus the victor by Schehostia Schelam Jehova Votmehasehla Schebevek adonay Proemischoea avit By the wonderous power of the names agla Schaffort. And by the great spirit Jehova Podashocheia (Leaf 6).

4. If the text of the translation did not otherwise so closely follow the Latin text published by Scheible, certain changes would suggest a different source. For example on leaf 9 in the fifth conjuration, after the nonsensical word "Hoamiach," the Latin text continues " jerozel, habel, vechne, daniel, stachios, imaniach, namuel, damobiach, et per illa verba, quibus Salomon, Manasses..." The text on leaf 54 does not seem to appear at all in the German edition of the "Praxis Magica."

5. One lengthy passage in the English manuscript translation does not appear at all in the Latin original (Scheible). The entire text on leaves 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, and 42 is not present in the Latin edition. The Latin text takes up again with the Dismissal of Cyprian (Dimissio Cypriani) on leaf 43.

6. The Latin text of the "Libellus" ends with leaf 43of the English translation.

7. Throughout both works, the English translation supplies diagrams and symbols not present in the German editions. In addition, the "Praxis Magica" has several symbols, illustrations, and diagrams that are not transcribed into the English translation. A noteworthy example is the string of letter-like symbols wanting on leaf 49.

8. Curiously enough, "controversial" phrases in the German edition have been ommitted in the English translation. A good example is the phrase that should have appeared at the end of leaf 50: "Lucifer amicus meus dilectus et Servus."



Tetragrammaton. The four Hebrew letters of the name of God in the Old Testament, spoken as Jehovah or Yahweh; regarded with profound awe it was rarely pronounced, and in the ordinary services in the synagogue the names Adonai or Elohim were substituted for it; it passed into European magic as one of the major "names of power." (from Man, Myth & Magic: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Mythology, Religion and the Unknown (New York: Marshall Cavendish, 1995), volume 18, p. 2590)

Uriel. Uriel, whose name means "fire of God," is one of the leading angels in noncanonical lore. He is identified variously as a seraph, cherub, regent of the sun, flame of God, angel of the presence, presider over Tartarus (hell), archangel of salvation, and, in later Scriptures, as Phanuel, "face of God." The name Uriel may be derived from Uriah the prophet. In apocryphal and occult works Uriel has been equated with Nuriel, Uryan, Jeremiel, Vretil, Sariel, Puruel, Phanuel, Jehoel, and Israfil... It is asserted that the divine discipline of alchemy was brought down to earth by Uriel, and that Uriel gave the Cabala to man, although this key to the mystical interpretation of Scripture is also said to have been the gift of Metatron. (from Lewis, James R. and Oliver, Evelyn Dorothy. Angels A to Z (Detroit: Visible Ink Press, 1996), p. 402)

Usiel (Uziel, Uzziel, "strength of God")--in the cabala generally, as in Targum Onkeles and Jonathan, Usiel is an angel that fell, and is therefore evil; he was among those who wedded human wives and begat giants. Of the 10 unholy sefiroth, Usiel is listed 5th. In The Book of the Angel Raziel, Usiel (Uzziel) is among the 7 angels before the throne of God and among 9 set over the 4 winds. (from Davidson, Gustav. A Dictionary of Angels, Including the Fallen Angels (New York: The Free Press, 1967), p. 299-301)

Waite, A. E.  In the 1890s, when its members were quarrelling among themselves, Arthur Edward Waite took over the stewardship of the London branch of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. At once he set about Christianizing its rituals to the dismay of his more pagan brethren, who resigned by the score. A formidable scholar, Waite was responsible for, among other things, translating Eliphas Lévi's books into English. Waite's autobiography, Shadows of Life and Thought, has two chapters on the history and organization of the Golden Dawn. (from Conway, David. Magic, an Occult Primer (New York: E.P. Dutton, 1972), p. 281)

Portrait of A.E. Waite
Voorhis, Harold V.B.  Arthur Edward Waite: A Check List of His Writings (Red Bank, N.J.: Privately Printed for the Author, 1932), frontispiece.

A self-proclaimed mystic whose theories have become accepted occult doctrine, Arthur Edward Waite was born in 1857 in the unromantic Brooklyn area of New York.  Soon after his birth his mother returned with him to England, where she became a Roman Catholic; and Waite was to remain under the influence of Church ceremony all his life...
In 1881 Waite discovered the writings of the French magus Eliphas Levi... and his first "occult" work (1885) was a digest and codification of Levi's teaching... (from James Webb, "A.E. Waite," in Man, Myth & Magic: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Mythology, Religion and the Unknown (New York: Marshall Cavendish, 1995), volume 20, p. 2759)