Reuniting People with Reality

Healing Humanity

by Edward Kemp,

Dedication - Unveiling of Pista Sophia

Pista Sophia means 'wisdom', something that we attain, as we get older, from what we know. This book is dedicated to her, as I am now older and hopefully wiser. She is a kindred spirit with Isis of whom no one has lifted her veil, but what about Pista Sophia's veil? To tell it like it is, if you are a woman then it is your second name, if you are a man then it is your mate. I did not say spouse, for that would be

misleading. Woman is to wisdom as man is to knowledge. Please just remember that there is a condition to this; consciousness.


I met Pista Sophia, and while unable to properly be with her as of yet in this life (which is a story for another book), the times that we spend together are like nothing that one can describe; when you can synthesize all of the knowledge that you have gathered, because of a profound love that takes you places you never dreamed of; then you know that you have attained 'wisdom'.


To her, whom I nicknamed 'Venus' for all the possible reasons; I really dedicate this book; with the hope that with the grace of the cosmic energies and all who will read and partake in it will themselves find their true soul mate. Oh yeah, just remember the ancient Buddhist's saying: 'You may meet your soul mate in this life, but one or the other may not be ready, just yet'; one day was our answer.


It is also dedicated to Mom, Venus number one, as she is, and last and really the most from the book's conception, to my daughter Samantha. She has lived all of the stuff you will read of herein, and then some. Together we have covered all the ways of nurturing as well as the problems of nurturing. As with Venus, together we lived the not so nice stuff, so that we could really appreciate all of the great stuff. She deserves the beautiful life that she is embarking on as she 'paid the price of chastisement and penitence', in a very conscious manner.


As well, I dedicate it all to humanity, to you and you and you. May you find some light within and continue to live the joys of it all on your path to conscious enlightenment.


'Things are not always as they appear to be'. 'Just because you do not believe something is true, it does not mean it is not true'. 'The truth in the hands of one person is still the truth'.


In neuro-linguistics parlance, these sayings can easily be mixed up in the sense that we can make ourselves mean what we want them to mean. Sort of our take on reality and thus make it mean this or that. So, please remember throughout the book, that while trying to be explicit as possible, do not just take things to mean what you would like them to mean, try and understand the flavour of it and thus attain the true 'gnosis' of what is being said and thus meant.


The 'gnosis' of it would be the 'higher, leaning towards, spiritual truth' of what is being said.  Which means to feel the message in your heart as you read it with your mind. These are two processes that when joined within you allow you to really understand the 'total' meaning.


Our preconceived notions on the meaning of words lead us to repeat what we were taught and thus, take away from our thinking side, the philosophical side of our human nature. Be inquisitive and when you come across something that peaks your interest reread it and check it out on the in a dictionary or on the Internet.


The word evil for many means something maleficent, while to us it simply means the absence of God, God whom we will cover and discuss in the chapter ' What are God, Soul, and Spirit etc?' Suffice to say, that 'things are not always as they appear to be'.


What we are presenting here is a work of love that can help heal things that are painful. While not all of us will want to admit to certain things, we all have an inner voice that tells us something is wrong and needs to be fixed. The truth is what is wrong, because, for too long now we have stopped using our investigative and analytical abilities to discover what is going on with us and thus the world, for the world is but a reflection of the totality of mankind. We should be awed by it all, thinking to ourselves that something is really strange because the system is getting nuts with all the wars and focus on profit, meaning that we, each one of us has something that we do not really or fully understand inside of us. The short answer is our soul and thus our heart and the way we externalize that which we think internally.


If some of the material upsets some people, I truly am sorry that you got upset, and please do not read anymore of my writings. To those of you that find it a little too incredible, please continue to read my writings to better understand, and, to those of you that are lost in the mire of it all, send me an email and I will point you to some source materials that can help you out. 


Please relax, enjoy, take notes, make your judgment call at the end of the reading, as 'things are not always as they appear to be', until we have all of the facts in hand.


Start with my heart felt word that I pray will stay with you always,




When working out the details on writing this book my daughter said I should let everyone know that just as in the movie 'American Beauty' I gave up the financial world, cashed in the chips so to speak and went off to really live life with all its beauty exposed to me. Assuredly the 'deities' had a lot to do with it, such as Venus incarnated, but it was mostly as I had seen what economic enslavement was all about, doing and chose 'economic poverty' over money. Funny how you can learn to live on bread and butter from steak and potatoes when you really want to, when the reward is your soul's growth.


As beauty is diametrically opposite to ugly you can work out the math when I tell you that I have found, seen and lived things of such great beauty that a billionaire would trade places with me to have lived it; yet it is not for sale but is given freely to those that choose to awaken from within to be all that they can be.


My Dad taught me that things are not always as they appear to be and, as he did not want to answer questions on any skeletons in the family closet, I had to become an investigative researcher for and by myself. It was fun, intriguing and most of all it was being all that I can be and living life to the fullest. Yeah, some of the buried stuff was not treasures to my Dad's chagrin, but God rest his soul (actually he is back as one of the twins) he took it all in good stride. Good humour would be pushing it. Mom is just starting to deal with some of it now at 82. She tries to use humour with it all. (Not sarcasm but silly humour that helps reality sink in). This was a good thing as I feel too much when I see a woman cry. If a guy cries he most likely deserves it and is just making up for all the times he did not and should have, so I am just empathetic and nothing else. When you cry as much as many adept have on their path, you will better understand.


So read on, learn what your soul wants you to know, and most of all please do the exercises at least once to see how they make you feel. 'Just because you do not believe that something is true does not mean it is not true'; that is until you prove or disprove it for yourself.


Oh yeah, if my sentences seem to get too long sometimes, known as run on, please forgive me and edit yourself, to what you believe it to mean, just remember that 'things are not always as they appear to be'.

 Reuniting with Reality - A kick in the pants or a pain in the butt?

Why you may ask 'reuniting with reality?' Well most of us think that there are as many realities as there are humans on earth, which is partially correct from their bio-organic paradigm, but not from a universal point of view.


Please do not think that reality is what you make it, for that is just being lazy and saying that I will take whatever is spoon fed and swallow it whole. As a child they gave us cod liver oil for our own good, but that was the bio-organic stuff. Life stuff, be it philosophical, psychological or metaphysical etc. is too important to each one of us to just take things verbatim without investigating first.


If we take the saying 'no pain, no gain' from the physical point of view, we can apply it to the spiritual part of our life as well. That is to say, if we don't get off of our butt and do some work, that may cause us pain of some kind, we will not be able to grow into being all that we can be.


By the way, you are not your credit cards, assets or the last hot date you had; you are your soul trying to experience life through a bio-organic organism erroneously called a human being. Given all that we as humanity have gone through, put ourselves through and are doing right now, we aren't human. At best as we have a brain we are using the basic bio instincts of animalism as a poor substitute for being human, but acting more like animals. Then again some would say that animals do not do what we do.


Our reality consists of a myriad of perceptions that when put together by our brain's processing system, make up for a jumble of this and that, with 'me' at the center orchestrating it all. This 'me' is not your soul or your spirit, but what is known as the counterfeit spirit, a mulitplystic ego. In ancient times they called the soul/spirit our 'ego', and as we said about neuro-linguistics, words can mix us up. Our soul/spirit is one thing and our 'ego(s)' are our shadows within us. Keep on reading and you will understand. Suffice to say, that our reality is a made up concoction from all the input we receive and has nothing to do with our soul/spirit.


Unfortunately, it has been said over and over again and too many of us who have lived the experience to know that what follows are too truthful for most of us. 'There is no real awakening within us, there is no real need to search for truths unless we hit a brick wall, unless we get that kick in the pants that we need in order to move into action and wake up'.


Rest assured that there are many psychological reasons for us doing things as we do, like not seeking to be all that we can be and thus awaken from within; these are why we have psychologists, religious leaders and counselors to help us figure it all out. Otherwise we live forever frozen in the psychological state that we need to blossom and blossom we can when we give our soul a chance.


Pain is something that no one wants to go through voluntarily, and thus all refuse to be coerced into. Well unfortunately as we Scorpions know (yes the dark ones that go seeking deep within where others don't want to go, basically because we are indestructible even with all the pain that gets thrown at us,  you will want to read up on your sign to get a general idea as to what you can and cannot take) we have to face our deepest fears, for the fact of the matter is, the more we avoid it all, the more fate (more on this in a later chapter) will make sure that it is brought up and thrown in our face to deal with, sooner or later as it goes.


P.S. better sooner as the more you wait the harder it all gets.


Ambivalence and denial are not options when it comes to our need to wake up and see what we have been missing. Assuredly some of what we have been avoiding and thus in denial about is not very nice, but on the other hand, what have we been missing that can be of such ecstatic beauty?  Unfortunately for most of us we have lived our ambivalence towards so many things that are going on around us; we have seen it, somewhat experienced it, found it not to be to our liking and thus turned away from it and let it be. Our ambivalence towards the situation in fact ended up helping to perpetuate the problem, the challenges, not only for ourselves but also for the rest of the masses. To read and understand just how this has affected us in today's world, surf the website, ( every once in awhile and take a look at what the effects of these causes are.




Take a topic of say current events that you feel very comfortable in discussing (not argument-ing) and ask ten people what they feel and believe about the subject. Please do not persist in your views but just note theirs. Then with each one of them ask them why they believe what they believe and then once they have given you some semblance of an answer ask them why they gave you that answer.


What you will be doing is simply peeling off the layers like an onion, going to the core to understand what makes them tick and what they have used to formulate their thinking process. Sometimes it is simply that they were taught it as such, or given some inner fear they want it to be this way or that. It is not necessarily what they really whole-heartedly believe, for many they never really thought about it at all and hid behind the answer they gave.



The daughter asks her mom, "how come you always cut off the ends of the roast beast before cooking it?"  Oh that is really important comes the reply, " because my mother taught me that way." "But why", she continues to inquire? "Well actually I do not know so you had best ask your grandmother."

"Grandmother why do we have to cut off the ends of the roast beast to cook it?" Laughingly she replies, "because my dear, in the olden days the roasting pan was much smaller than the cut of meat", and we just kept on repeating our old habits without thinking, fearing that if we changed what would the outcome be.

 Evolutionary Anthropology (a.k.a. Cosmos-Genesis) for Dummies

This is the real fun stuff that will make you go ooh, ahhhh, or whatever other sounds of amazement. After all we are all dummies when it comes to cosmos-genesis of who we are, where are we from and what the heck are we really doing here? The short answer is hopefully living life to the fullest and being all that we can be. Bringing light to where darkness is, says Thoth a.k.a Hermes Trimesgist.


We will take it from the so called 'big-bang' and give you a somewhat simplistic view of it all. This is in order not to bog you down too much with detail.


When the solar system was formed, it was from there that all of what we know as deities and identifiable solid objects emanated. In short the planetary Gods created all that we know of in our solar system by using the materials that the Creator God provided. This in part explains the multiple Gods. This was all some two billion years ago, as per our most ancient writings, those of the Hindu. Within this time frame, we have as soul/spirits that is, passed through six of the seven races that make up each round of which there are seven in total. We are presently at the bottom of the fifth race of the fourth round. 


The first round that leads all the way into the third is made up of divas or divine creators. The races found within these rounds are in the etheric, the cellular and molecular state. They are not humanoid, as we know it.


Then as the fourth round comes into material being the races are at first 'giants' and hermaphrodites, then changing into androgens, they reduce in stature, something to the likes of what we have seen in remote areas of our globe where the people are on an average over six feet tall.


Then as we start to exit the fourth race at the same time as the fifth race is forming within us, we find ourselves as we now see each other, averaging under six feet tall and either male or female. This state of being has been with us for some 19 million years.


For those that are interested in further information, we are in the present age of what is known as Kali- Yuga, which started around 3100 BCE and is the called the 'Dark Age' as apparently we can't get any worst than we are, yet look at what has happened to us since then and especially the last one hundred years. Fortunately all things being relative, being as we are at the bottom of the fifth race in the fourth round, we have only one place to go and that is up. Keep these dates in mind, as they will be used in the section on 'skull-duggery'.


I forgot to mention that evolution does not work in the pure sense that has been attributed to Darwin. He had his own misgivings of it all, but those were not part of the public, i.e. scientific platform that was used to tell us all that we evolved from apes. As a matter of fact, the apes evolved from us messed up trials when making human beings, out of what was at one-point human-animals. Yep, there were half men half beasts once upon a time. 'Just because you do not believe something to be true, it does not mean it is not true'.


So now we have a human-animal that becomes a human-being, but how, how did it become a human-being? Well as the story goes, and a lot of this at this point is a story that is in the making, i.e. the book you are reading; human-animal was lacking a soul, as were all non-deities, and were totally subjected to the will(s) of the creator(s). They had no 'free-will'. Enter stage left a mythological person known as 'Prometheus' that stole the fire of the 'Gods' to give it to us, fire is our soul; and all this time you thought this figure was just a myth. This figure did not want to see us going around as a robot to the Gods without our own free will.


Now an astute reader will certainly ask, but where did the fire/soul come from. Well we all know a little bit about the story of the fallen angels, that is actually our souls; we were sent out of heaven to live here as a soul in a then human-animal body. Thus we became human beings, of which we are still under development as we can see by the way we act with each other. Anyway, we, that is to say our soul/spirit was at one time divine as the deities still are. We just don't remember it at all. Some of us have intuitive senses that speak to us loud and clear about all of this, but these senses are usually down played first by our parents caregivers that tell us we are seeing or hearing things, then by society that tells us we are different and thus it cannot be, through it all for most who have these senses, they are buried deep within and just shut out who we are. We are made to believe their story and ways and thus have never been able to really live and experience our true inner being.


So yes, the short version is that we are just about all fallen angels. We will not get into the exceptions that make the general rule in this book. Suffice to say that we really do have some really good parts deep inside of us. This is the most important reason why we need to live and be all that we can be. We can be truly amazing if we want to be.




Go to ten people and ask them to really tell you the truth about any 'extra-sensorial' perceptions that they may have had in their lifetime. Then once they tell you, ask the ones that have these perceptions what they think, feel, believe in general about the material presented here that you can summarize in fifty words or less: What you want to do as they are remembering those innate, but latent faculties, tap into the energy they are producing and see what results you get. You may be joyfully surprised.

What are God, Soul, and Spirit?

God, our creator that is, is known as the 'unknowable', the ones that we do know are the deities, the various manifestations of the creator God, which means that collectively they all make up the creator God, but this gets even bigger. Our creator God has always been known as the energy of love. An energy that is truthful, conscious and unconditional. Actually this is how our Creator God manifests in the here and now, through what Quantum Metaphysics calls, Universal Consciousness, or the Totality. Thus as we are all capable of being love in the sense of truth, conscious and unconditional, we are all capable of manifesting part of our creator God in the here and now. It is really what our soul is from where it originates, as do all things.


For simplistic purposes and to differentiate between our creator God and the Gods in general, we will call our creator God, 'OM', which is one the sacred names of the unknowable. The Quantum aspect explains that as we experience life in the here and now, our soul/spirit that is within us sends messages back to OM that is processed as our will and thus collectively the will of humanity.


This communication is one of vibrations, as in reality all communications are, one of vibrating the etheric fluid that surrounds, is in and makes up all things. While being simplistic in detail here, the point is this fluid is what all things consist of and when fully understood, is actually what OM is as it is everywhere and everything and nothing is devoid of it. We prefer to call this fluid, this energy, by its name from whence all things come, Love.


In the past when Prometheus brought us the fire/soul for our free will, we started a process that would allow us to better understand who we are in our evolution through the seven rounds and the seven races of each round. Remember that we said in the prior chapter that our soul was what made us different from the animals, well that was the first part of the story. To better understand the so-called 'fall' into generation, we have to take a look at what the spirit is.


The spirit is actually the highest part of our being that communicates if you will between our soul/body in the here and now, with the cosmic world; the higher dimensions. Think of it sort of, as you are a part of a creator deity, and you created your body in the here and now, with a fire/soul placed into it to give it 'free will' and thus what is of the creator deity is simply known as your spirit.  Our spirit is where our soul goes every time we sleep, to visit, learn and continue planning what we are doing, and the why of it all.


In order not to complicate things too much, think of it as the gray area, where your soul blends into your spirit when need be and becomes one with it. Rest assured that there are, have been and always will be those humans on earth that are actually at Onement with their soul/spirit. These are the ones that we have come to know over time as Masters, Ascended Ones, Saviors, Messiahs, etc.


Some of their names you are familiar with, be it Hermes, Buddha, Moses, Christ, and Mohammed, etc. (forgive me for the ones I left out as it would take pages to name them all). They were at total Onement with their spirit and their spirit is nothing less than a deity above us all. While the actual process is fascinating, it is more complicated than the space allotted for in this book.


OM is in constant communication with our spirit and our soul is in constant communication with the planetary God from whom we emanated. This we will cover in detail in the chapter on 'Nurturing our Soul via Sounds'. It really is easier than it sounds and is so much fun, you may want to skip ahead to that chapter, just remember to come back here and continue.



Here we will get into a little bit of meditation. Sit down by yourself quietly with some soothing music and while closing your eyes; try to stop the chattering going on inside of your head. This chattering by the way is unanswered questions from your wounded inner child that has been abducted by your egos. They will only give up once you have addressed their concerns. For now just tell them that you are doing an experiment and you will get back to them.

With your mind now at ease, with the best stillness that you can attain from the chattering contemplate that dark void and start to formulate a hypothesis. As there is OM all around as Love, and as we have a soul/spirit within; and have been told (if yet to be experienced directly) that our soul astral travels when we sleep; where does it actually go when we have no recollection of it all?

As you breathe deeply, place your tongue on the roof of you mouth (this is part of the tantric sex practices later on in the book, so learn it well) while inhaling and as you exhale do the mantra 'O' as many times as you can. Focus on your question and keep vibrating, to which we are sure you will get an answer. What that answer is only you will know for sure as you open up to your soul and to your spirit.


If it tells you no, or nothing that you can make heads or tails out of; find the ten people that you are starting to use as guinea pigs for your questioning. Ask them what they make of it all and whatever they answer, ask them why to see what is at the base of their formulated answer. Is it their soul/spirit talking to you or just their own wounded inner child that has been abducted by their egos?

Our natural state of Being, versus, How we are living

We were born, born to be alive. We are alive in the sense that we all have a soul/spirit that was, is and forever will be. Forget about the next Manvantara, as it is too far off. We have an innate state of 'being' that our soul/spirit knows, but for some reason our brain doesn't and worst in most cases does not even try to know.


First and foremost, within us is, divine spiritual beings that are experiencing life in the here and now in a 'body suit'. We have limits with this 'body suit' as it is not divine and thus cannot manifest things that a truly pure divine nature can. Suffice to say that we can, with practice once we have paid our dues so to speak, see into the past and future (what are those winning lotto numbers), read someone's mind (does she/he really love me for me), hear what is going on in the private conversation over yonder (what insider stock information are they sharing), move things around without a sweat or even get up from the chair (just don't throw them around without being able to duck), growing plants like in high speed photography (all you need to buy is seeds from now on), but most of all, help heal the sick, help those less understanding than you, understand, share your loving energy that now surrounds you to help, to heal, to literally be all that you can be.


Amazing stuff, because if you really wanted to, you could actually fly like we use to do in the days of old (real old like millions of years ago; how do you think we got away from the dinosaurs). These and other powers are all innate within each and every human being, and can be accessed by us. Actually they are being accessed as we communicate by those that have them and some are not the nice guys; but more on that in the section on skull-duggery.


Oh, I forgot one, no actually two teeny weenie pieces, as there is always a but in these things, you have to be vibrating in harmony with the cosmos, karmically, and most important you need to be practicing tantric sex with your mate. (Didn't you just know that sex would show up somehow and really be a key to a lot of this)? Both of these will be covered in their respective chapters.


You see the way we are actually living our lives on a day-to-day basis is not conducive to being all that we can be. Our vibrations are out of balance, due to a myriad of factors, such as: ingestion of chemicals that have a negative effect not only on our bio-organic system but more importantly on our neuro system (which will be covered greatly in the chapter on skull-duggery); improper eating habits that work against the natural functioning of our body and it's metabolism, (read Dr.Diamond's 'Fit for Life' and you will get a good understanding of basic nutrition and metabolism); our psychological state of mind, which more and more people are recognizing as the basis for just about all illnesses, and most important of all, (while yet having left out many) our constant miss use of our sexual energies. The chapter on it will really cover all the bases, so please wait until you get there instead of jumping ahead as you need to know some other things first.



Sit in the meditation mode. Relax all of your energy centers (look up the Chakras and how they work) and while doing so, start your deep breathing, remember to put your tongue on the roof of your mouth as you inhale. What you are about to do is prove to yourself that you have a lot of electro magnetic energy in your body and this can be tapped and used to work with your innate powers and latent abilities. Once you are in a deep rest, totally relaxed, with your hands still resting on you legs, turn them so that the palms face inward, towards each other. Continue the deep breathing, and this time bring the inhalation using visualization techniques to the palms of your hands. As you do this, with you palms about a foot apart, start to move one hand and see if you can move the other palm by the force from that other hand. This would be like a magnet, in that the closer you move on to the other, the more you will sense the magnetic effect. If you are having trouble sensing or moving it, try the same process lying on your back. Keep your arms on the floor, bend at the elbows upward with palms facing each other. Keep trying until you sense the magnetism, it is there and just waiting to be discovered.

Thus Spiritual Psychology

The main point for us is to know what we need to know above all else, and that we are really not in control of ourselves, at all or just about zero; unless we have in fact been here and have done it before, which I can guarantee some of you have. How? Because we are all at various states of consciousness. Some of us are on our last reincarnation and have most likely gone through what the Buddhists call the annihilation of the egos. As for the rest, you can be sure that you have at least been exposed to it somewhere in past lives and just need some electro shock treatment to wake it up. Oops, there it goes again, the part involving pain.


Poor old Sigmund Freud, while he gave us some of the greatest insight to problems relating  back to sexuality somehow (see the chapter on that later in the book) but he was totally stumped as to what the 'id' was. He called it the spot of unknown origins where the primary chaos of who we are sat. We have actually discovered it to be the seat of, or the seed of, our soul.


In simplistic terms, all things come out of primary chaos, as has been well-defined in Quantum and Metaphysics. As with all the ancient sacred writings, OM created our solar system and the multiple universes out of chaos, sort of like the big bang theory and all emanated from there.


As the soul needs its place in the physical body, the seed of the soul needs a place to lie dormant until awaken, and more important the soul is in chaos until it is awakened/germinated, nurtured and grown; the 'id' is its holding ground. Perhaps in today's day and age where no one believes any longer much of what is said, especially if it is not scientific, many may doubt this. We bid them to read the chapter on Tantric sex and they will see for themselves the process of its awakening and then judge for themselves. 'Just because you do not believe something to be true, it does not mean that it is not true'.


A most fascinating part of this process of the 'id' is that it is known to lead to and create the 'ego' of the self and then the 'super ego' of parentage and society. Now this part is very important in the chapter on what our biggest challenge really is, the 'id' in growing, its formulating process into the ego/self (not the ego/sin yet, that will be covered later) goes through a process known as narcissistic growth. The process happens as a toddler and helps to define the fact that we are not God. Our little minds know nothing of what is really going on and as such in various stages of growth we can actually think that we are in fact God. Later on in our youth and again in early adulthood we are confronted with this again to assure ourselves that we understand that we are not God; unless.


Unless. is psychologically speaking. Should we encounter some obstacle going through this phase as a toddler, we will in fact create a disorder (to some degree or another) known as narcissism. I would suggest that you read up a lot on this, as it is something more than prevalent in our day and age. It is basically speaking about a disorder of the self-esteem and we are sure that we all know some people that have an injured thus low self-esteem. This in turns leads the 'ego' to setup coping mechanisms, which actually create a bigger self (now we are talking about ego/sin) and this erroneously created entity while useful in helping us to live and cope in life, is also the basis of our current greatest challenge (see the chapter on The Narcissistic Epidemic).


Now that we have this coping mechanism setup, we know it is not the real self, as it is still asleep and yet to be germinated and nurtured. This mechanism is what is called by the Buddhists, the 'egos' or as we in the west would call the 'sins'. These egos/sins are erroneously learned behavior patterns that we have never been nurtured out of. So as time goes on and the nurturing is forgone, we end up actually creating more coping mechanisms to cope with the already created ones, which is actually creating a monster within our mind; albeit mostly subconsciously.


It is said by the sages, that our egos/sins are like a spider's web within us and there are a multitude of combinations that will affect us, until we understand what is going on and disintegrate the egos into cosmic dust; which is supposedly easier said than done. Well not really as you will read all about in the chapter on Tantric sex. Things are not always as they appear to be.


These egos are for the most part just learned behavior patterns from our parents/caregivers who learned them from their parents etc.  Assuredly there are a number of them from our society and culture that we are brought up with, but the real big part of it all is from our cosmic past, from our reincarnation process having to deal with that past which we did not clean up in previous lives and, you really thought you could get away without cleaning up your room. Mother/Father is watching you; well actually it is fate and you will read more on that part later.


So all of our egotistical friends and foes out there are just the opposite of what they appear to be. Remember things are not always as they appear to be, in that they created a bigger 'self' in order to make up for or to cope with, having a 'self' that was injured growing up, low self-esteem. Now that we know what is wrong we can fix it. The soul has been neglected because of the problems that the person must cope with, and as such they cannot truly live their real self and be all that they can be.


This point also applies to our infamous sometimes hidden feeling of being possessed. What we do not know, but have a feeling that something inside of us is just not 100% right. You are right to have those feelings and you right with the emotions that you are sensing, you have been, are and will be possessed by your egos/sins until you can put a name to them, to the emotions that are welling up inside and that have not been expressed. This possession is simply your wounded inner child that has been coping with life using the egos as protection mechanisms and that your logical conscious mind has yet to understand. Your soul knows this and is counting on our courage to at least start to face some of what many call our inner demons, but in fact are just the erroneously learned behavior patterns, either from this life or from the previous ones.


For a fun esoteric/psychological venture, visit any of the local esoteric bookstores and look up the charts that have been made up, mostly based on eastern holistic medicine; known as 'attitudinal awareness guides' in which you will find how many of our 'dis-eases' or 'sick-nesses' etc. are in fact based upon some inner psychological imbalance. You are sure to find some of your own discomforts listed therein.



Figure out which of the people you know are the most greedy, self-centered and cold hearted. Then ask their mother (father can do but may remember the childhood less as they are usually the biggest perpetrators of this disorder) if they can remember any type of toddler problems these people may have gone through. Agree with them politely, yes, to  'just like all the usual stuff' or they will shut down and not tell you the details. What you will more than likely find out is something that you can conceptualize on as a 'problematic event' for the toddler. Be it not being breast-fed, not being held enough (many children adopted in later months suffered from this), a family trauma of sorts, or even problems in toilet training. When you have these results and have read up on the narcissistic process, next go and find the description for those who have the disorder itself to see what it contains. We are more than sure that you will find these people described well there. Remember that there are levels and degrees of these types

 Earth, the Dimension of Dualities, thus the Good and the Bad

Perhaps here we will gain some understanding of why it is that people are required to live those parts we described in the previous chapter, for narcissism is not something that is easily removed by one person from themselves. Basically because they pumped up their self so large they do not believe that they have a problem.


You see, in the material realm that we live in, versus our spiritual one that we go to when we are sleeping, our level of vibration is heavy and gets close to that of a stone. Stones vibrate, to their own frequency as well have a soul, but that is for another book, at another time.

This realm of lower vibrations in order to manifest 'solid material' requires a cosmic law that not too many want to believe in or even think about. It is the one law that most of us would wish just went away; the law of cause and effect, the law of dualities. You know to have good you need bad, for how can you describe good. Ugh the vicious circle is about to start up.


It really is easy to fully understand if we just give ourselves half a chance. When OM created, it was out of love and wanting to share and grow. In order to procreate you need two things, which we will call plus and minus, negative and positive, which begets neutral. You see you just made something.


As a deity we are actually an androgen having both energies at once, so no need to live negative- positive equaling neutral. While at the same time, as we have heard on many occasions from various sacred writings, the deities are jealous of us for they cannot feel the same things that we do. So as a consolation prize in going through all the pain that we sometimes do, we live all the joys as well. They are just in a constant state of bliss, which at this point in our evolution and human condition is looking very interesting. Don't forget our soul is eternal (well at least for some four billion years) and we are only here for some 100 years, if we are that lucky or bad, you decide, so it really is not a long time to spend here.


On a vibration level this duality can be seen as dis-harmony of our energies. Thus as we live out of sync with ourselves we fall into a bad harmonic vibration that we have to deal with until we get out of it. We start to better understand that without living what we did, we do not fully understand who we are and what our capacities are. Thankfully each life is different when we come back choosing to work on this or that aspect and unless we are really bad in a prior life, we will be able to deal with the dualities.

Where we run into problems is when we fight ourselves on this or that, refusing to learn why there is bad (the dark side) to live the good (the light side). All things are of OM, which is love energy and what we do with it all is up to our own free will.  Once we attain consciousness of these dualities, we in fact transcend it to a higher level and that in turn brings us enlightenment.


In the religious or biblical sense, for those of you who are interested, there is a very interesting website that takes biblical writings and analyzes them in both the dead letter sense (our dark side) and in the spiritual sense (our light side), our duality. At the website known as 'Embracing the Contradiction' you will find just about all you could want on getting a better understanding why and how duality is at work, as well as, to how most of our biblical interpretations have left out the fact that as we live in a world of dualities, paradoxes will necessarily be a part of our learning experience so that we can awaken our soul and be all that we can be.



Sit and meditate on all of this. Take a good look at what is happening in the realm of dualities and ask yourself if what you are seeing is not simply two sides of the same coin. The harmonic part is to always try and live with the head side up, but when the tail side does appear, then take it for what it is with the knowledge that cosmic law is in motion and that the head side will reappear.
Now take any one of your egos and then follow it back to your earliest recollection of when it first appeared. Once you see the situation clearly, ask yourself if it was not simply living the negative side of the coin (albeit for coping reasons) and that positive side can now replace it as living the virtue that is its opposite. You see the process is quite simple, what is not so simple is doing it. Apparently we are all really too lazy, it must be the low vibrations that we have to live with.

Nurturing our Soul via Sounds (a.k.a. Electro-magnetic vibrations)

Calling all planetary Gods, please come to our aid and help us figure out all of the messed up information from the last number of aeons. In order not to offend any of the other cultures, we will simply use the names of the planets as is. So we have: Lord Sun, Lord Moon, Lord Mercury, Lord Venus, Lord Mars, Lord Jupiter, Lord Saturn, Lord Neptune, Lord Uranus and Lord Pluto. (Lord Hercolobus and Lord Alcyon have not been discovered yet). That makes twelve, just as the zodiac has been setup.


You see, these are really our creators from the dead letter biblical sense. Nowhere in the Bible did they really talk about OM; they just made us believe, hopefully what they only believed (see the chapter on Skull-duggery) and the error keeps getting perpetuated as well as magnifying the challenges, as we do not have all the pieces of the puzzle to work with. Actually that is what your soul's work is all about, finding the missing pieces and thus 'bringing light to darkness' to quote Lord Thoth.


Each one of the planetary lords is a creator in itself that has a dual aspect (remember law of duality) positive aspects and negative aspects and has created part of us and thus has influence over part of us. The Taoist who has been working with the energy of the body for the longest time in our current civilization have a great way of explaining it all.


To them our body is like a computer. The brain is the C.P.U. and each organ is a software program that runs the whole system in unison. The planets emit electro magnetic impulses that our body captures, that is to say, that our organs feel this energy and based on the current state of the organ the program runs this way or that. Our actual receiving antennas are what they call in India our Chakras. These seven major points throughout the physical body (there are actually twelve, but that is for another time) are captors for the incoming energy that is then directed to the various organs.


The Taoist work with the following five planets, having missed those that are still not quite understood: Mercury governs the bladder and kidneys which stores the emotions of laziness and diligence, Venus governs the lungs and the large intestines which stores the emotions of lust and chastity, Mars governs the heart and small intestines which stores the emotions of anger and love, Jupiter governs the liver and gallbladder which stores the emotions of envy and altruism, while Saturn governs the spleen and pancreas which stores the emotions of gluttony and temperance.


In turning for a moment to C. Casey's book, 'Making the Gods Work for You', we find the following information on all the planets: With Saturn the light side is discipline, while its dark side or shadow is depression, Pluto is transformation and exploring taboo without sacredness, Neptune is vision and addiction to substances, Uranus is intuition and erratic rebellion, Jupiter is philosophy and excess, Mars is desire and anger, Venus is love and vanity, Mercury is communication and superficiality, Moon is emotions and tantrum and the Sun is radiance and narcissism. So here we have a similar system whereby the planets are known to have an energetic affect on us, which coupled with the Taoist system via  organs, which are the inner software programs.


If we choose not to pay attention to any of this, then fate as it is (the see chapter on fate and how it really works) will process the information based on what we are doing at that time. So if we are in good health physically and mentally then we will be living the light side of it all. If however, as is the case more often in these times, we are not in harmonic balance with our self and thus with the planets incoming energy we end up living the dark side.


Now that we have a general idea of how the planets affect our bodies, take that basic understanding of energy and start to apply it to all the other areas of how we live. First and foremost is the food that we eat. In basic neurology we learn that with all the chemical process that goes on in our brain so it can  operate it, we have zillions of connectors with chemicals doing this and that, and affecting us in this way or that way. Next take in the pure chemical component of what we eat and see what type of affect it has on us.


We have long understood that the cigarettes manufacturers know which chemicals have what type of affect on which parts of our brain. Now extrapolate this onto all the foodstuff we ingest and you then can imagine what we have. A brain that is generally controlled by what we eat. To this many would say that we have our own thought process and pattern and thus free will does this or that. Sso now take our thoughts that we started forming as a toddler by the parents/caregivers and what do we end up with? Learned behavior patterns that once etched onto the psyche are very hard to remove or replace. These erroneous patterns are our egos/sins and need to be nurtured as they are part of our wounded inner child.


In psychological parlance we need to rewrite the tape that is playing inside our head. Yet, with the constant usage of the neuro-pathways that we started as a child and keep using blindly not knowing that until now, changing it is not an easy process. Our chemical intake solidifies what pathways we want to keep using, our behavior patterns (both good and bad) are so use to this or that pathway that they do not want to change the route they are taking. Now, heap on top of all of this our 'super-ego' formed by cultures and society and what do we have that is really our own free will? Truthfully speaking the only thing we have left is our soul which is asleep or at least being held prisoner by our brain's activities, mostly on chemicals and worn out routes which we can easily call ruts.


Unfortunately, this needs to get worse so that we can understand how to make it better. Take our energy field that we alone live with and grow it first into the family cell/module/circle. In the family you now have some four or more people emitting and taking in energy that surrounds them. If the family is harmonious and listens to classical type music, then you will feel at peace with your self and them and not seek changes. If the family unit is dysfunctional (in general most of them in north America are) then you will have a distorted, imbalanced energy field around yourself and thus not know where to turn for help.


Wait, it gets bigger. Now take this to the level of the community and see if it is a harmonious one and then the next level the city, province, country and then to mankind. If we are all ingesting chemicals that hamper our brains activities; if we are all reusing our neuro-pathway (rut), who is left doing the real thinking and important stuff for our soul's growth. If no one taught us how can we do it?


In all situations of electro magnetic fields and thus energy in general, there is always a point that they call critical mass. The critical mass is the fine line between order and chaos. Once we have entered the point of critical mass, which we all do at some point in our lives and some many times over, we have at that point an opportunity to finally awaken from within and to be all that we can be. At this point in our evolution it seems that the only way we get to this point is when we have a crisis of some psychological importance, which many call the mid-life crisis. Yet, those that have yet to hit that brick wall can take the side road, i.e. get out of the rut that has been overused and do some inner work without the crisis.


In the final part to this electro-magnetic field study, we have to bring in the earth and the solar system. In M.Cotterell's book 'The Tutankhamun Prophecies', which covers the electro-magnetic field of our solar system very well; we find a little known fact that through the analysis of the rings from a tree, they have been able to prove that strife, war, and anger on earth are what creates the flare-ups on the Sun. These flare-ups in turn have a negative effect on the earth's electro-magnetic field and thus on our own bodies. Now take that process and contemplate what would happen when there is some kind of nuclear explosion, and worse, continuous nuclear war. Watching the movie 'Core' will give you a good example of these workings.


Once we are able to better understand how energy works from without/within us, then we can start to work on rebalancing it and literally re-energizing ourselves and being all that we can be. Sounds remember are energy vibrations, so all we really need to do is to work with them consciously to see a positive effect on ourselves, be they from mantras or instruments of various kind.


One of the greatest tools that we can use to help ourselves relax and get in contact with our inner being is the method of 'mantras'. Mantras are simple vibrations we make while humming or singing the various vowels of the alphabet. There are also many 'mantras' that have been constructed for specific purposes of prayer, invocation as well as general relaxation and transmutation of the energies. You can look these all up on the Internet, or by visiting any of the local esoteric bookstores.



Once again in the meditative position, which is great for relaxing; and with an instrument of any kind, if you do not have one take a spoon and a piece of wood. As you relax produce a sound out of the instrument and start to move it all around you. As you do so notice how your outer body feels and reacts to the vibrations and if you are deeply relaxed and in tune, see if you can sense how the vibrations are affecting your organs.

Fate as Karma the Cosmic Comptroller

We earlier described the law of cause and effect, the law of duality. This law is actually known as the Cosmic Law of Karma and Reincarnation. It is a retributive law that watches over and settles all unbalanced energies. As one can appreciate, if the planetary Lords themselves are dual in nature, yet always in perfect balance; then we ourselves must necessarily fall under the same law for guidance proposes. For those of us that may put up a fuss over this part it simply requires a little contemplation to fully understand the need for this law, at least at our level in the here and now. Imagine if this law did not exist and what we would end up with.


We would have everyone doing literally everything the way they wanted to without any regard to the consequences. It was our religious system, the Christians erroneously gave humanity, a) a short cut by removing reincarnation from the Bible sometime in the 13th(?) century, b) crucified Christ our lord so that all of our sins were forgiven and thus no karma to deal with, c) told us to listen to them and not seek out for ourselves as we could not understand it anyways, while allowing them control over ourselves and our thoughts. On top of this they have been keeping a lot of things hidden as well. The other religious groups are just as guilty but this one moreso for having hidden too much and turning us into sheep based on blind faith.


Secondly, the ensuing chaos that would be created would either lead to a dictatorship in world government where the meanest with the most weapons, rules (sound familiar), or mayhem to the point that we would end up killing one another in order to posses what the other has; we are generally a fairly lazy lot and would rather 'get it' than 'work for it'.


Thirdly, there would be no real justice for the inner beings growth in the style of chastisements, for without these guidelines we believe that whatever we do is okay and right, which translates into 'my will', is 'god's will'. This then feeds our vanity, greed and narcissism. Wait till you read the chapter about that epidemic!


So thankfully the law does exist, although too many of us are 'dummies' when it comes to it. We literally never had to think about it, but rest assured we have all been dealing with it. Funny thing is that we know about the laws of the land, (don't park here or you will get a ticket etc.) and with all of this we are told that ignorance of the law is never an excuse in front of the tribunal. Could you imagine the judges of karma in our judgment/review between each life telling us that ignorance of this law is not an excuse, why we would all end up in the abyss before we knew it and there would be no one left on earth to play the game of life.


This law is governed by fate, versus our biological expiry date that is governed by destiny. Fortunately both fate and destiny can be dealt with, can be changed given the work that we do on ourselves and thus that of our soul's growth. Actually all that they want us to do is to live, learn and be all that we can be.


Destiny is what we could call the manufacturer of our bio-organic body and stamps the various biological processes that we have chosen (mostly willingly and some not so) to go through in this life and learn there from; with a date of circumstance. These dates are much harder to transcend or change than the ones of fate.


Fate is more concerned with our spiritual growth unlike most of the deities and cosmic laws. Fate has to oversee that the cosmic energy of OM stays in balance or else chaos ensues. From chaos things are procreated but that is a subject for another book and time. Suffice to say that this comptroller is watching our every move and requires that what we mess up, we clean up; in this life or in the next one, or even the one after that.


My personal complaint on this process is that I personally really don't know what I threw out of balance in previous lives and I am hard pressed to figure it out. Actually that is why fate gave us what is known as Karmic Astrology, which was started by Edgar Cayce who was known as the sleeping prophet. He literally went to sleep on his couch and his secretary wrote down all that he saw and said in a manner that to most of us is beyond belief. He must have really had something special because the U.S. army never stopped bothering him to find out how he did it with such accuracy, yet he once awakened couldn't remember what he saw, did, nor said? 'Things are not always as they appear to be'. 'Just because you do not believe something to be true, does not mean that it is not true'.


Never-the-less fate is here as the watch guard for OM and the cosmic deities; which is a relief because at least we are not going it alone and everyone will get there just reward. Nirvana (paradise) sounds like fun, but then we don't get to play games on earth anymore.


So with fate around rest easier knowing that all the bad guys will 'get theirs', but, please be sure that you don't become one of them because you will not like what would be in store for you depending on the gravity of the sin-tuation. If you are really curious of what it is all about, find the writings on our Lord Christ after the ascension from Mount Olive entitled 'Pista Sophia' and you will find more than a few hair raising details. Some of it can also be found in the book 'The Nagahamidi Papers'.



On the Internet find the site, ( and seek out the free sample section. Once there enter you birth information and read the 'blurb' that they will give you on your 'past life' influences into this one as well as the 'karmic past' that you are bringing with you. You could order the full report for a modest amount, and I guarantee that you will be astonished as to the details of your life you will see in front of you in black and white. These details are more and more impressive the older you are and get. Remember that you could run the report for a child or when they are an adult and it will be the same given it is the same birthing information. Who needs designer babies and DNA when we can see into the future of our child and adjust things accordingly? Now that is what I call nurturing!

How we got into the mess that we are in? (a.k.a. Skull-duggery)


(Please note that as this section is going to be tough on some groups. I will make it clear that I dislike people who do not live by the fact that men and women are equal in soul/spirit, no matter what, all men and women are brothers and sisters. There is no one between you and OM, period, and if we are not our brother's keeper then we are not living OM. Truth is paramount, and it must be conscious, while unconditional in its actions.


I love that word, it sounds like skulls and bones; or better yet, digging for treasure and finding it in the arms of a skeleton. Actually this is not a laughing matter as that is how the word was created when those that had found some hidden, buried, secret information were caught and disposed of. Let's face it, conspiracies exist everywhere as we humans are either lying or not telling the whole truth about many things to each other; and worse, to ourselves.


We said throughout the book that this section was going to contain a lot of information on stuff that either people choose not to believe, or that the various 'systems' do not want exposed. Think of it as sort of an illicit love affair that is never to be exposed; if it does then 'heads will roll'. So, get a cup of tisane, caffeine-free (the chapter will give you enough adrenaline pumps to keep you going) and bring all the pieces of the puzzle of life together in aid of helping you be all that you can be. If you have knowledge then you can attain wisdom from it; with wisdom you are being all that you can be.


Oh yeah, and please remember to keep in mind those sayings that have been following you throughout the book :

Things are not always as they appear to be.

Just because you do not believe something is true, it does not mean it is not true.

Even if only one person has the truth, it is still the truth.



Take a walk around a few of your 'ethnic' neighborhoods, enjoy some of the food and ask yourself, ask your deep inner being; are these bio-organic people really any different from me and in experiencing this life as a soul in a body suit? See if you are not making some kind of soul level connection with it all.


Up to say somewhere around 5000 B.C.E.

It was strange for us in the west to find so many ancient facts that came out of the east. For sure with the vanity of our forefathers (now replaced by narcissism) they looked down on the easterners as heathens etc., of a lower class then they were. Yet when we search through all of the records we start to realize that these so called 'heathens' were in fact our forefathers, forefathers, who had come from the original continent of Atlantis with all the knowledge of our cosmos-genesis as well as our anthropo-genesis.


There is a myriad of information available today thanks to the Internet that makes for fascinating study of most things we dream of. However, as with all things ancient many of the more profound facts and figures have been handed down through a cultural or caste system, keeping the masses in the dark so to speak. This as we will see has unfortunately been abused. Today there are still those groups that keep things to themselves, saying the masses are not ready for it, all the while reaping untold benefits because they are not sharing it and thus have advantages over others. This in itself has become a pre-cursor to economic enslavement that we are all living under, for an advantage over someone is okay as part of life, until it turns to some type of control, enslavement because the other has knowledge that you don't; with knowledge leading to power.


In the most ancient systems that have been accessed, studied and understood, that of the Hindu's is the most detailed and of the greatest interest to understand in our pre-modern era. Say up to 5000 B.C.E. They explain quite clearly the cosmic evolution of our solar system, as well as the deities and how things actually function. It is clear that when our race, the Aryan one, known as the fifth race, started, there were many from the Atlantean continent that survived and that taught all that they knew of the workings with the elements of nature. We seem to prefer to call it mystical, magic, as we have yet to understand how it works or if it really does having not experienced it ourselves.


There have always been and always will be people all over the world that are capable of using their innate abilities to work with the forces of nature, to control them, and this either for the good or the bad of it all. We commonly call this white magic or black magic. Magic it is not, as it is part of who we are and is just latent within. The word magic comes from the Magi group that had knowledge of how to work these abilities and would perform feats for those uninstructed. Needless to say they have disappeared underground as have most groups that have any of these powers.


If those using 'magic for black' are unseen, then those using 'magic for white' are also. Remember we live in a dimension of dualities.



Take a mythological trip on the Internet and see what you can come up with in searching Atlantis and the esoteric groups that are the earliest known to us. In doing so be sure to ask yourself the question, as we all reincarnate from life to live here on earth we do with our experiments and practices of our soul's growth. Is what I am reading about purely fantasy, or do these myths have a basis somewhere in reality that I haven't paid much attention to up until now. Have I actually been there and done that? Use your intuition to talk to you.


What happened around 5000 B.C.E.?

We cannot be sure of the date given the type of data and because back then they kept 'real secrets', secret; however the facts are the facts and this is the approximate time period. By this time Egypt was well underway to becoming a powerful nation and other countries in the area had a multitude of religious 'sects' as well as 'cults' for this and that God/Goddess and other deities. It was a period of much Onement between man, nature and thus OM. But somehow it was also a turning point for mankind, basically in its preparation for the coming age of Kali Yuga and thus the decline into heavier vibrations, materialism and darkness. Remember that things do not just happen over night and can take centuries to come into being, while at the same time go un-noticed.


In Buddhism there is a very high 'degree' of esoteric understanding which was well known by the leaders and taught as Secret Tantric Esoteric Sexuality. This would become the revelation of the sixth key to esoteric understanding of the seven we need to bring in the so-called 'Golden Age'. Keep this topic in mind when reading the chapter on Tantric Sex where it will be fully explained. The short version for the purpose of this chapter is that coitus copulation creates the strongest energy field around, through and thus of the human body; when properly worked with and controlled.


The energy and thus the magnitude of possibilities that is created during this process is what has been veiled throughout all the sacred writings over the years, and, has just recently in the 'Age of Aquarius' been permitted to be exposed to the masses, in the past, exposure of certain profound secrets to the profane was inviting a death warrant. Such is the system of secret this and that. Whether they were right or wrong in doing so is a debate for another book. It is the reality we need to reunite ourselves with and thereby adjust our knowledge base so that we can continue working on being all that we can be. 


The Brahmins were the highest caste at the time and were directly involved with the Buddhist teachings, as was the case for most high society people that had the time for leisurely study of philosophical ideas. They were already doing a good job with all the ancient sacred writings that contained so much of our cosmos and anthropo-genesis. They had the sages and enlightened by doing 'magic' or 'working with the forces of nature'; but these 'adepts' were also privy to this 'key to it all' that even many of the higher Brahmins were not.


As the teachings began to spread, there were naturally arguments and disagreements over what should and what should not be allowed or taught. As the challenge goes, the higher and more ascetic ones would have nothing to do with the teaching of Tantric Sex and 'coitus interuptus'. The leaders argued that it took away from the adepts work knowing very well that at some point, the adept, in order to attain the 'samhadi', needed to work with the female energies to mix with his male. You see at this point we have a group cognizant of what needs to be done, and has woman placed in second position, behind man, and want to control the Ashrams for financial gain.


In order to appease the warring groups, this part of the esoteric knowledge was 'veiled' so to speak by the highest Buddhist leaders so that the Secret Tantric Esoteric Sexuality was kept out of the mainstream part of the teaching. What this allowed for was the Brahmins to create what was to become the strangest 'thing' for us westerners to understand, the 'Temple Prostitute'. Knowing at the outset what this female energy could do when worked with the Brahmins and created a business out of initiating men into Tantric sexuality in the Ashrams, at a price of course. This will be made clearer in the chapter on Tantric Sex, misuse of sexual energies leads to the loss of many things, and the leaders knew this and they also knew it was a way they could covertly entice their enemy into 'wearing themselves out' and making money at the same time.


Remember that the top-level leaders still had the real esoteric understanding of what the energy could do; i.e. the actual 'etheric' manifestation of the deities, as well as the now infamous 'manifestation of Braphomet'. We will not get into the esoteric meaning of which Braphomet is in this book, just don't forget that things are not always as they appear to be. Suffice to say we now have a group that has knowledge and methods on how to access power over the forces of nature. They have started to use the female body for Tantric Practice as if it was a tool, toy or some object and this in and of itself was the most negative action that could be taken because one day men would come to understand it as their dual-half, their soul-mate, without it man cannot access the higher mysteries of life. Much of what was being done was for selfish gain and thus considered black magic.


When we look at all the teachings of all the masters that have been amongst us we see that women are always on equal footing with man, without reserves. When we take a look at our Biblical teachings that are part of Jeudo-Christian-Islamic ways, we see that women are treated as 'chattel' and yes in many instances 'cattle'. With all deities being dual in nature, how can we have males being better in any way than females? So somewhere along the line, someone for some reason started to make the male the strong one and thus dominant over the female. Power will certainly do it. Even in polite society today we see women happily being subservient to the men, thus exacerbating the situation for their sisters and daughters; really believing that somehow they are less than man. Forget this notion, it is not and never was as such. So what happened at this point to create our challenges?


Remember before we talked about the Sons of Belial the dark side so to speak. Well just as some of the sons of one God had migrated out of the areas that were affected by the cataclysm that hit in the time of Atlantis, so did some of the Sons of Belial who migrated out to continue doing what they were doing; being a 'pain in the butt' to the rest of us. They loved to 'control' whatever they could and would do all that they could to attain it. They wanted to dominate people wherever they could, just as they had dominated the females and made them feel inferior and thus needing to be subservient to men. Assuredly there would be some women in the background being just as manipulative as the men, but in general they had to keep their place. This is the point of solidifying women as less than men. Take a look around you today at all the men in power and you will get a good idea as to what it was like back then. For today is just a repeat of yesterday.


Were the Brahmins at that point, actually the Sons of Belial? You decide remembering that they initially had full understanding of the esoteric power over nature via Tantrism, they treated women as less than them, to use them as objects, and of course this would be the power of control over the economics of Temple Prostitutes and the start of economic enslavement. It would probably do you well at this point to remember that things are not always as the appear to be and just because you do not believe something is true it does not mean it is not true.


In the last 100 years three documents have come to light, that have a lot of groups fighting with each other. Everyone denies it has anything to do with them; denies that they wrote it in an attack towards another group etc. Once you have made yourself knowledgeable of them and their ramifications as well as to just how much of what is written has been true, and will continue to be so, you will understand  what we call the 'dark side' (instead of the other guy or evil) which has continued to mess things up and steer us to the challenges that we are presently facing.


The documents are 'The Protocol of the Elders of Zion'; 'The Protocol of the New World Order' and

'The Protocol of Jesuit Priests'. It would be nice to think that this is science fiction, but unfortunately it is not. Our earth has finite resources and thus finite energy. Cosmically speaking the universe is in constant expansion as OM energy is infinite, yet for us in the here and now during our present four billion year process, our cosmic earth energy is finite. This was what the war was about back in the time of Atlantis and it is also what the war is about right now. When we read these protocols we can only conclude that not only are the manners and goals outlined being acted out and put into place, but more to the point, the guys behind the scenes playing this out, rolling this out are a 'bunch of sick dudes'; power hungry and looking for absolute power over everything that is corrupting them.


Thank OM that there is no honour amongst thieves and there are splinter groups in all of this while not stopping the main goal to be attained, they are creating situations that allow us to realize what is going on and thus face the reality of it all and once cognizant of it, can do something about it all.


The term Zionist in modern usage can be compared to the Mafia as well as to capitalism. In short, a Zionist (aside from all the religious rhetoric), is, once investigated and understood a 'Mafia/Capitalists'. This is from a God that was brought into being in the exodus period and has been misrepresented, misused in order to control the masses. We are not suppose to read the Bible, as we cannot understand it say the churches. There are so many ways to interpret it say the masses. We are suppose to listen to the Elders as they know best and what is good for us. Yet all they gave us looking at the world today, as it was in the time of Atlantis, is war. War can only be brought on by lies, for it becomes an issue of one king making his subjects believe that he is right and the other guy is wrong. (I apologize for using the word Mafia, but it is so current in our language; Attila the Hun, Kangis Kong; the Butcher of Lyon are more appropriate, but they were people, Zionist is a system).


In short, somebody is lying somewhere (we can thank the Jesuits for a lot of it), and the only way to fix it is to find out who is lying and more important, why? Suffice to say we can realize that it is all about power, greed and economic enslavement. Without economic enslavement there can be no control over the masses and thus no power over the masses and the greed subsides or disappears.


These protocols while only coming to light in the present time can easily be referenced back to the Sons of Belial and Atlantis once we take up the thread of deceit for control over the profane as well as the knowledge of the forces over nature and how they can be activated within each of us. Don't forget we all have the same chances to be all that we can be one because we all have a soul (regardless of its state of development) and two we all have these powers latent within us. What we are missing is the keys needed to access them and the understanding as to why we are not looking for them. It was all about energy back then just as it is now; and sexual energy is actually the most powerful of all.



This is a really hard one and not for the weak or faint of heart. Search out in whatever manner you prefer; although the internet is still the best library around; and investigate the protocols as to what they actually say and the manner in which  they are becoming fact. Please be forewarned that one of the Zionist's is descriptively quite hard to read. But the information is invaluable.


Christian Era Onward

We all know the stories of how JC was upset at the moneychangers using the temple for business. What most of us have yet to grasp, as up to now we have not really been looking for it, is the fact that as with Jesus and all the other masters, avatars, lords before and after; they were all upset with the way the Elders, the leaders, the upper class were mistreating the masses and hiding esoteric truths that could actually help each person to be all that they could be.


A little antidote here is that when we investigate a master from the perception of another cultural group that dealt with them, but did not necessarily follow them, we see that they more often than not came from an upper class background. This makes sense given the masses were not instructed or schooled at all. So the masters were very well placed to understand the totality of things that were being kept from the masses, while not believing it to be right in the manner that they did. This freedom of thought and thus of speech was a key to the souls growth that they all so lovingly supported.


One point that is very sensitive with most people is the fact that somehow we have ended up with a multitude of Gods. At this point we will not get into the mix up of who the Gods really are and what names they go by, nor how we ended up not really praying to OM. Jehovah is a whole story unto itself. That is quite long and involved and as there are many a scholar that has clarified it all for us, you can easily access this information if you are so inclined. Again all you need do is to spend hours on the Internet and you will find a multitude of sites that will give you all the same information in various graphic formats. Things really are not what they seem to be once you understand the reality behind it all.


Most of us have never heard of the Sons of Belial (the Dark Siders) let alone contemplated how they could, exist. within our cultures, societies, and religious orders. This concept has simply been filed in the back of our mind with the myths and fairytales. To this we can well understand that as we choose to live a life of what we don't know supposedly cannot hurt us, we are in denial of many parts of reality. Reality is when we face our fears, for that is the bottom line to what stops us from being all that we can be.


When the 'elders' along with the kings, emperors and the like started to solidify the system they made sure that the message to the masses was the one that they wanted to give, and it was not necessarily the whole conscious truth. They had a vested interest in keeping information out of the hands of the profane masses telling us it was for our own good. Yet, our only good that we can keep and take with us  is has been and always will be the growth of our soul. This part is not negotiable, unless we really don't care what type of soul we have and how our spirit involves from life to life. There is an abyss or what we can call a recycling plant for unwanted souls. It is not hell with the devil; as that was created by the church system to keep us in line. It is simply been taken out of circulation of existence consciously (remember that in between lives we are fully conscious) before the expiry date. The concept of burning in fires until purified would probably best describe the process. It is not fear in use but simply the process of getting rid of that which is of no use to cosmic order and OM's love. We have lots of chances to get it right, as long as we have our soul and spirit to guide us. Lately many of us have been negating this part of our being and this is one of the greater reasons for this book.


With power corrupting the mind it is easy to see how war breaks out, because one side that has power either feels threatened by the other side, or seeks to control the other side as they do the masses under them. We are the masses and we have collectively allowed the system to control us and by whatever manner they choose. When we study up on karma, fate and control we see that the three issues that haunt us all to some degree or another, are the main concepts that we need to become conscious of and work on in order to be all that we can be. Just sitting back as so many of us do and saying, but God will help me, God will save me is somewhat correct, as long as you are keeping your part of the deal. Just remember that as mentioned before, there is a difference between the words God and OM, so we need to be conscious of what it is we are actually hoping for, because too many of us do not even pray. Think of it this way; in all of the strange movies where there is a group of cultists that are performing a ritual and the new comers really do not have a clue as to what is really being said and invoked. At the last minute they find out that they really don't want to be there, doing this; just as most of us have or perhaps should feel in repeating the dead letter process of our respective religions. At the start of our Christian era there were no churches per se, but within the villages there was always a local meeting place that was used for exchange of ideas and enlightenment of the gnosis of life. These places were closed or turned into churches that taught what the ruling elders wanted as the doctrine. The biggest challenge to all of the initiates of the higher mysteries were the ones usually helping the masses understand, around 500 A.D. when the Bishop of Lyon was sent by Constantine to eradicate all of the infidels to the word of Jesus in the manner that they had decided it should be extolled and not what had really been said. This was the greatest turning point in our known history that drove the sects underground, where they have stayed and flourished for over 1500 years. Yet, fortunately, as we all know the truth cannot be hidden forever and it must come out sooner or later. Thus the present age of Internet communication and the seeking of historical facts to explain the fables and what many want to be fiction, but alas is not.


Who were the real 'other guys' (as it is always someone else and never us, yet with reincarnation as a fact of life, it could very well have been us back then doing this and that and today having to rebalance it all) that perpetuated this mess that we are living in and trying to clean up, before cosmic order calls 'end game'? Start with the Sons of Belial as the first known Dark Siders having knowledge of the powers over the forces of nature and using it all for their own greed; add into this the Brahmins that had the knowledge from the Atlantis period of the power over nature and having setup the Temple Prostitutes for their economic gain; next we see the Protocol of the Elders of Zion (suggesting that it was in fact written by the Sons of Belial) coming into the picture via the Jewish elders; at this point we move in most of  the heads of state throughout the lands starting with the roman emperors (pagan to start and mystified by those that have the power over the forces of nature), thus Christianity (not the original Roman Gnostic Church) through its setup of the Vatican system of Popes, of which Igneous Loyola with the Jesuits having accessed the Brahmin's teachings started to integrate 'pagan rituals' into the masses; and finishing up with just about every dictator, king, and capitalist that comes to mind. (Other cultures, religions not noted above are not exempt from all of this, but they did learn from us). All of the 'really bad dudes' are interested in first and foremost, money and power. When they get rich they will help out the poor they say. Basic math says that if they get richer, you have to get poorer.


With a little bit of investigative research that will do your mind and soul well, you can find out all about these facts and find out the figures and deep dark details that I have purposely left out. Some like to study while most of us don't want to read, so you decide where your limits are. Now that we have the challenges facing us, the next question becomes, how did they get to us as they did and how has it been perpetuated for such a long time? Move on to the next chapter and you will understand it all.   



Go back to the chapter on Spiritual Psychology and with the exercise you did there, seek to give yourself a good understanding of the word and disorder 'narcissistic'. In the old days and in polite society it was called 'vanity', but it is really much deeper than that. This is most likely the biggest hidden secret of our time and our own life. 

What our biggest challenge really is? (The Narcissistic Epidemic as the real axis of Evil)


In our youth, many of us most likely read the Herman Hess book 'Narcissist and Goldman' sloughing off the character as just one weird person; who would have realized Hess was actually seeing the state of affairs that would affecting all mankind, to the point of nuclear war.


When I first learned from my psychologist that I was a magnet for these type of people, I was lost as to what it really meant and of course why me? Suffice to say that just as my divorce gave me the inner crisis I needed to wake up to myself and being all that I could be; this word changed my world completely. I guess I was living in rose colored glasses using my strong intuitive abilities to see a person's soul and light within (that unfortunately unknown to me then, they did not even see) without realizing that 80% of humans are living a dead letter life, from their minds, brains, thoughts and not much on the heart and soul side. In essence the words all came together 10 years before the narcissism problem jumped out and bit me.


Egos/sins and virtues were not something all that common place growing up as a united protestant (and with a Dad and Mom that were generation gapped with four boys, and not knowing  Dad had been a Sunday school teacher either) where we sought out for ourselves, confronted things, challenged things and sought to have a conscious understanding of why. It may just have been my own karmic/fate that propelled most of it, but never the less I was not burdened by the mind traps of other cultures and religions that all seemed so closed minded as well as somewhat arrogant.


Needless to say that Dad was a disciplined nurturer (he had practice raising his older sister's children for many years when she lost her husband) who made sure we understood right from wrong virtuously. There was no room for oversized egos and sins were met with confronted communication. Mom was part of my deep karmic past I learned later on, and she was always helping the underdog and making sure we felt loved. (I still have my own unrequited issue from past lives up to this day; but that is for another time and place). Suffice to say that I saw things with beauty first, compassion second. (I hitch-hiked the Mediterranean to the middle east in 72 and that was where it all came together, we all need to see what is going on in poorer countries), because of my parents and karmic past I have an inordinate amount of love for all people, regardless of colour or creed. My motto really is 'be all that you can be'.


Now back to the word, which was not biblical to say the least. Hopefully by now you have done some reading up on and understand how it manifests itself when a toddler and unless the nurturing is strong, it does not adjust itself from its behavior patterns. But how can it maintain itself when it really is not a true part of our soul and in the animal world just appears because 'the strongest one wins'? There are a few factors that most of us would rather deny than admit to being possible, but rest assured that after some contemplative thought, you will come to understand the pieces to this puzzle.


First would have to be the lack of proper parental caregiver nurturing. While perhaps there are a multitude of reasons that we lived through a problem in this stage of our psychological growth as a child, it should be picked up and rectified by nurturing. Suffice to say that in more cases than not we can all look back and see how the nurturing was not complete or lacking in some aspects. This non- nurturing would also spill over into our cultural and religious beliefs as they too had a direct affect on our innocent and fragile minds. If they made a devil to exist, then they made sure that we knew that it was so. Fear was, is and will always be the greatest manipulator. In the Buddhist system where most of our learned understanding of the human psyche and behavior stems from, they knew that the 'egos' existed within us and that we needed to go along a path to their dissolution, with fear being the leader.


As we mentioned in the chapter on Spiritual Psychology, these egos are simply erroneously learned behavior patterns that we never corrected, that we never unlearned. In most cases we have relegated them to the sub-conscious and as such we do not know, that we do not know that we have them; lurking around inside as it goes. When our minds were young and fresh, the imprint for our manners and behavior patterns was soft and starting to be formed. As we formed them the neurological impulses led to creating the cause and effect neuro-pathways that eventually became the rut within our minds. Just a Pavlov taught the dog to salivate at the ringing of a bell, so do we react automatically to an action.


Our school system unfortunately did not teach us to first, stop reacting (life is not a matter of fight or flight, although sometimes it seems as such) then contemplate what was happening, going on and then set out a planned reaction to the stimulant we were receiving.


For those of us of the T.V. and then Nintendo generation, we were brought up with a good dose of mind-altering advertisements, programs as well as desensitizing to our emotions. We became the emotions that T.V. taught us to be and thus again we relegated our true emotions to the sub-conscious. Unfortunately for us while our friend Mr. Freud was digging up a lot of great understanding on our sexual behavior he also exposed our mindset, thought patterns to how they worked and thus for the powers that be, unscrupulous to mind suggestion. Mind suggestion was first picked up and tapped into by the advertisers as a general stimulant response, but it did not really alter our thinking pattern. It was more like seeing a pretty picture and wanting it, i.e. that is to say they just played on our egos. Today however we are faced with a phenomenon that is lending itself to full mind control over us, researchers have not only discovered that 95% of our thoughts pass through the murky way of our sub-conscious (they have to, or are suppose to be in line with our super-ego and Id)by way of using Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and can tell the emotional feelings deep down and thus adjust their advertising, or mind control message, for maximum effect.


Now, add on the fact that chemicals affect our neurological processes, while perhaps unknown as to how it works on the masses, the companies are more than cognizant of the minutest effects on the neuro-pathways of our brain. We can all at least agree that chemicals and our bio-organic structure do not go hand in hand, and thus with we are what we eat, what is it that we are actually eating? I myself have become 80% vegetarian for the last 10 years and one day I will tell you all about what actual positive affects it has on me, besides stopping my diabetes. This is the spot where I have to write a few words for all the old hippies that still have yet to grow up, as they hang on to justification for their actions, but at least the statement is 100% truthful, that 'if God did not grow it, I will not smoke it'. Just replace food for smoke.


So we have mind control, chemical control and all of this is affecting our behavior patterns. All of this is making us envious of wanting what we see on T.V., getting bored because things are too slow, of impulse buying to make ourselves feel better, because what they actually did was reinforce our already weak self-esteem (remember what narcissism is) because we are not, as good as, as skinny as, in possession of, living in etc. In short, all of this is playing around inside our head, albeit mostly subconsciously; reminding us that we are less than what they are portraying and thus requiring us to react with the behavior pattern called defensiveness, which has been built into an oversized ego, by us telling ourselves that once we get this, look like that, etc. We will be this or that and we will get it, as we deserve it, because at the bottom of it all, I am God. Remember God never usurped our parents and so far us neither, so I must be God.


Thus an epidemic quietly slipped into our commercial/materialistic culture/society while we were simply watching T.V. and reading magazines. How did they do that? The short answer is that we really and truthfully just let them take control over us. In ego analysis, it is always the strongest one that controls the weaker one; meaning that if we are not consciously controlling our mind and thoughts, reactions to actions, then we actually allow our ego to control our reaction or behavior pattern; which is just about 80% of the time. If we are not controlling our ego consciously, meaning some sin type of stuff on purpose, justifying it, then we are having the egos controlled by the sub-conscious where the system has setup shop and is doing all that it can to get us to do it their way. We gave up, well not actually, we sold our free will for whatever the newest thing was and decided that we really don't want to be all that we can be, as long as we can have this or that. Once I get this or that then I will take care of my soul's growth and be all that I can be; maybe; sort of; kind of; just give me what I want first and then you will see. To use the biblical phraseology, our ego played Judas to our soul and sold out for a few pieces of silver. Literally this is what was meant in the Bible. Remember things are not always as they appear to be.


Alas, today we are living in a society (especially North America) that consumes itself until diabetic (been there and done that) as well as being so selfish that even the ego of greed has no room inside of us. Yet, sadly as it goes, we are at a crossroad where we really do need to see who we are, mostly deep down inside where it has been too dark for too long and we need to shed some light. Thankfully we even have the light that we need to see in even the smallest and darkest corner. Yet, we have still to turn it on, to wake it up, to germinate it and thus debug our own C.P.U., our mind. That light has an attachment or receiving antenna that is directly connected to the source of all energy, OM. That light, simply put, is our soul, which is overseen by our spirit that is just waiting for us to 'just do it'.


Finally, we are starting to have an idea of what is wrong, of what went wrong and we now at least realize that something really is broken and that we need to fix it. How? Fortunately we can tap into the strongest, greatest, most loving power source around, sexual energy. Get ready for the next chapter and a tale of your life.



I will give you an easy one this time. Take the label on your favorite foodstuff whatever it is, good, bad, junk etc. Write down the list of ingredients and only those that you can at least pronounce. Get out your dictionary and look up the words and what they mean. Now for the fun part of this little investigation, research in whatever manner you can, the neurological and psychological affects that these chemicals can/could have on the human body. Pay particular attention to the neurological affects that while not proven (but for release to the masses the companies know better) and what the side affects are. Do you notice any dis-eases (not at ease within you) that you may have?

Tantric Sex the Path to Sexual Energy/Healing and Ego Bustin

The Basic Stuff

They say that sex is the root to all evil; the challenge to sins of life. Actually it is not sex but our attitude towards it that is the real challenge. Unbeknownst to most people that through our transitional process of life as a soul/spirit from round one down to four and back up to seven; there are seven keys that unlock the higher mysteries of life and thus love. Sexual energy and its' proper use is the sixth key that has been clearly identified since the onset of the 'age of Aquarius' or what we should call the 'age of knowledge'.

Sexual energy is the strongest energy in our cosmos as it is what OM is. OM is everything everywhere and that means energy, but an energy that can be transformed, i.e. that can be procreated with. Just as an atom consists of a proton, electron and neutron, that is also what sexual energy is and seeks its own expression. When energy is properly worked with it can heal the sick with a simple laying of the hands, and thus in duality, when misused it can cause or create the worse wars imaginable. Behind this impulse, for most of us there lies the instigator and thus the driving force to it all; our egos and lust in particular. We need to better understand ourselves and why we act the way we do so we can find out how to fix that which we instinctively know is broken. But most of all, we need to know not to confuse love with sex.


Love is being truthful with the other person, love is being conscious towards you and the other person and love is unconditional in all manners with the other person. If you are sorry then say what you are sorry for. Love is respect for the other person, thus always treating them the way you would want to be treated. Love is having reverence for yourself as well as the other person, as all life is a sacred gift when we are conscious of it. Love is recognizing the uniqueness in each individual and accepting them for who they are, consciously and without conditions. Love is what OM is all about.


As for sex, it is broken down into two basic parts, sexuality and sensuality. The former is the simplistic physical act, while the latter is the ultimate expression of love by sharing the bodies and manifesting OM in this energy circle as best as a couple can. In order to understand how truthful we are being to ourselves, read over the exercise that has been outlined at the end of this chapter to remind yourself what it is you are looking at, looking to understand and looking to really live.


Since we have an animalistic nature at the base of our bio-organic bodies, we also have a sex drive to procreate. Conversely, as we have a soul that is hopefully awakened and evolving into its' spirit we also have a drive to be all that we can be. Duality being what it is,  leads us into conflict to help understand who and what we are and allow with our free will to be sexual and thus lustful, or to be sensual and thus chaste. Being chaste simply means using our sexual energy appropriately at the right time and place, and not for sexual gratification, which only leads us downward into the lust and as we will see, weak mindedness. Weak mindedness then leads our soul to be eaten up, asleep or in a state of germination, by our mind, i.e. the egos/sins.

The Energy It Is

As energy is finite within us given our normal day-to-day living, it is comprehensible that if we expend it to satisfy our sexual drive, then we will lose energy for other parts of our daily living. When we see the aggression of someone at work in the early morning, we often say that they did not 'get any' at home, as we see that they are not tired and placid. This is due to a psychology process whereby sexual release pacifies the aggressiveness within the psyche. In actual terms it is the release of the build up of energy to the point of orgasm that is quickly released in a chaotic manner thereby rendering the person placid and actually malleable. This in itself is misused sexual energy and leads us to wearing ourselves down. Many people may feel a temporary euphoria, but that is fleeting as our metabolism starts to work overtime to rebuild the missing fluids and thus takes away from feeding our souls growth. Our soul does need nurturing as you will read more of in the next chapter.


From the ancient writings of Buddha through to the Taoist teaching on the use of energies, via all the sacred writings of the various sects and cults, Tantric Sex, or what is known as 'coitus interuptus', the act of making love without having an ejaculatory orgasm; has been a secret key to the powers of healing, the powers of dissolution of the egos/sins and believe it or not the powers over the forces of nature. Simplistically if we can control our own inner nature then we can transcend it to the levels of the higher mysteries. This is known in all cultures that practice meditation, yoga and breathing exercises as the transmutation of energies, the alchemists transformation of lead and our animalism turned to gold for our divinity. Being all that we can be.


Remember that OM is love in the purest form of active sexual energy that can be worked with and thus can be procreated with. A couple in true love, practicing higher levels of sensuality and thus conscious love; are procreating with the sexual energy that they each have and are fusing together. They are in essence calling on, transmuting their base animal urges into their high aspirations of divine nature, thereby giving OM a chance to manifest through them in the here and now. All the ancient sages knew of this process; all the ancient sages knew that it was something terribly strong; and thus they knew it could be used to heal or destroy. Unfortunately there were just too many of us that did not pay attention to the meaning of our sexuality and used it for our own egoic pleasure and thus fell into involution and degeneration. They tried to call it the mystery schools that teach Tantric Yoga Sex and then tried to maintain the mystery surrounding the process to lure people into the school. Then again given all the egoic sexuality that is going on around us in the world, one must ask if we really can blame them for doing so. Kali Yuga is at its deepest and 'Aquarius' is nearing its' peak, you decide if the information is appropriate at this time or not. Cosmic order maintains it all 'karmatically'.


We have all accidentally at one time or another had the experience of not completing the sexual act with an orgasm/ejaculation. As such we sensed the heightened levels of energy racing throughout our bodies and we were amazed at the power, the clarity that this gave us. Most people (especially males) would then have entered into a period of deep sub-conscious fear over the power that this gave them, while at the same time the ego of lust would start to fight, as it was not satisfied. In general the female is seeking to be assured that the male is satisfied in order to keep his aggression down (albeit subconsciously); to make him what they call the 'puppy'. Men are not consciously aware of the female needs and when they are falling asleep after the act, she is thinking how happy she is that it is over, how happy she is to have given him a present and thus secretly how happy she is to be able to control him. It becomes the accidental, sub-consciously processed neuro-pathway behavior control pattern that is equal in aggression to the males want for control over the female (yet actually afraid of the power that it ignites) as it becomes the manifestation of the female's repressed anger via her passive aggressiveness, i.e. let it happen as he gets off and he becomes the puppy, I control the situation. While many of us will not want to admit to such a process as possible, when we look at it honestly we will feel the signals calling out to us.

Egoic Manipulation

The number one process that this type of activity can lead us to and actually give us is that of dissolving the egos. Dissolution of the egos is certainly something strange for most of us and down right awesome for just about all of us. First we need to admit that we have these egos inside of us, operating the CPU as it were. Well, remember those erroneously learned behavior patterns that we keep on repeating as part of our coping mechanism, as well as having worn them into the now 'rut' of our neuro-pathways; these are just what the egos/sins are. The great thing is that we can now simply, with the love of our mate, with the energies of each other and those of OM with us, transform all of it by procreating it all into our virtues. As in the chapter about the planetary Gods, it is switching from living the negative to that of the positive, now that we know and understand the difference.


In today's society we do not know, that we do not know, that we have automated just about all of our responses. In a consumption, materialistic culture like ours we are constantly seeking out pleasure gratification in hopes of finding the ultimate happiness. For too many people that happiness comes in the form of a sexual encounter that lasts for so many minutes. We need to change our way of thinking, thus reacting and start to consciously act. We need to heal ourselves and our loved ones the best way we can.

The place to start is inside of our mindset and the way we see our lives, our interactions with others and mostly our thoughts of sexuality and its usage. Just as life is not a spectator sport, sex is not a sport. Sex or more appropriately, making love, is a, should be a, sacred ritual between two loving souls. If this is not how you have been living it or seeing it, then you have a great challenge in front of you.


In our society predominantly run by males, we see that the power of running things has them seeking  control over sexual energy. This seeking perhaps started as a mate's search for life living and having children. Then it led to having dominance one way or another over the mate, and now turned into a problem that may necessitate the use of viagra or some other helper. Before getting to this stage however, males go through what has been done by many a guru in the east known as 'getting a young one'. Psychology being what it is, if we have conditioned our mind to think of our wife as this or that, doing this or that, and she does not; then we will start to seek the responses to those wants, thoughts, outside. This outside hunting will normally bring in the younger women as they are just starting to form their manners, they can be easily conditioned by a seasoned veteran, and they are looking for status, money and are willing to sell themselves for it if need be. The male is seeking out the sexual energy and yes is quite willing to pay for it, but thankfully in society we made a way of doing so that does not appear on the surface to be as such; marriage.


Most marriages in North America have not been ones that we could call sanctified by God. Assuredly we got married in a church or some other house of worship making ourselves believe that God was there. But all that was really happening was a marriage sanctified by the church, which if you reflect back to the other chapters they were doing whatever they could to have us under their control, and they knew that no self righteous woman would get married in a church if God was there, if God was not going to be their protector; for as they more than likely had problems with their Dad, they secretly did not want any with their new husband and hoped God would protect them. Alas they forgot all about their own sexual energy and what karmic fate had to say about it all. OM is pure love and 100% truthful, conscious and unconditional. How many marriages even come close to starting, living and finishing as such? When we ignore our sexual energy in our conscious thoughts then they must be repressed into the sub-conscious. In marriage those sub-conscious thoughts can become so repressed that we do things, act in sexual ways that are really not us, are not our soul, but to save face, to not allow ourselves to get upset, we live in the denial of it all and repress them even more. All of which unfortunately leads to increasing the low self-esteem, suppressing our needs and thus creating more narcissism for the soul to deal with.


An amazing aspect to all of this is that, with the 50% divorce rate in North America we can add on another say 30% karmic situations that have yet to be fulfilled and completely played out. Thus leaving us with the old timer, the tried and proven saying of ' 80 / 20 '. In our investigative research to writing this book, in our informal surveys and analysis in which people will always open up and talk about themselves, we can attest to the fact that 80% of the baby boomer marriages are not happy ones, are not communicative ones, are not leading to the soul's awakening, and as such are still drawn out affairs of people, couples, balancing karma of each other from past lives. Smile to yourself while reading this as we mentioned beforehand, if you made the mess you had to clean it up, guess what the baby boomer generation, especially here in North America and given our collective decision to all wake up at once, our massive coming out party is all about: Karma being paid, to your supposed loved one. Ah, don't you just love poetic justice; love your enemy, just be careful if you are sleeping with one.

Expressing this Energy

Sexual energy must have modes of expression, otherwise the organism ends up with the same problem as those that endlessly rut, the mind starts to be weakened and thus in search of food/energy it starts to eat away at the soul. The soul that has not been able to stand up for itself starts to dissolve. Why? As the egos of such things as lust which we all have, conscious or not, have not been dissolved, they have made themselves stronger and stronger, taking total control of the mind's operation and thus assuring the soul is kept asleep. The soul can not express itself using the sexual energy in sensual ways because the egos have them under conditioned response control for the sexual ways.


Yet if this energy is what older men are willing to pay money to buy and tap into, have started wars over, as a fusion of two people capable of manifesting OM, then it must be of much greater use than the average person realizes. It must have a worth more than gold. It does, with the old guy that constantly needs either younger women, or more visual stimulation, sexual energy never weans away, it is always present and when used correctly it can heal. How?


In the practice of Tantric Lovemaking, the two independent individuals are approaching each other with the goal of sharing some intimate sacredness, i.e. each other's body and thus their soul. When they join in copulation, as it has been known since the beginning of time, not for sexual satisfaction via orgasmic release, but for communication between the two at a very profound level with the idea of transmuting by tantric breathing the sexual energy from the gonads and base of the spine, up to the crown of the head and the heart, it is an aspiration of communing with OM, in the here and now. Doing mantras are the strongest ways of re-energizing ourselves, as well as, healing our inner wounded child, awakening our soul and healing our loved ones.


There are many great books that detail how this process works and what needs to be done when, so you will want to look them up with your mate. What they will not tell you is the need to make absolutely sure that your goals are in common and that your are working as a team. If not then this practice is not recommended until you find someone that is on the same wavelength as you. Interestingly enough to this end, all ancient writings on the subject about the split of our bodies into two sexes has to process that in order to rejoin as a tantric couple, the perfect couple in divine bliss; it is only the woman that can choose the mate to work with, not the man. The operation of the split (in allegorical terms) is the negative aspect (female) detaching from the positive aspect (male) who in turn detaches from the central point (actually OM), then in order for success to be attained, the reverse process must be done.


The male (positive) must align himself (spiritually) with the central point (OM) for the return, and when the female sees and realizes this in him, it is her turn to join in and complete the triad. If her present mate is not working on his awakening, then she can (some repeat as Jesus had said, 'must for their spiritual growth') seek out a male partner that has and is doing so. In biblical parlance as so many of us are somewhat affected by things such as adultery and fornication; the problem does not lie with the woman seeking an awakened(ing) male (adultery), but in the process of orgasmic gratification (fornication). For the male to seek out another female and for her to accept it would lead to adultery (actually of the soul), as the energies of all of those that we have had sexual relationships with stays within our aura until it is cleaned out. (Many of the books on Tantric Love will explain this in detail). 


In expressing herself, the woman having first established that he is in fact the 'right one', must ensure that both are exclusive to each other. In our society's present state of either negation or of gratification, it is hard to focus on positive actions that are of the virtuous kind. Yet, given our innate calling to reunite with OM and our having tried our process for whatever number of years and not being happy, not even being satisfied, we know what we don't want and now we need to find out what we do want.


At the same time the man has the hardest part, that of being exclusive to one woman and thus avoiding becoming either an adulterer or a fornicator. For a woman the only term that can apply is fornicator; as in general esoteric terms with a male being aggressive/giving and a female passive/receiving, it is only in the act of copulation and Tantric work that the woman can slip up so to speak. The man is seeking to expel his semen into the woman, yet as we know from surveys, only about 1/3 of women ever have an orgasm; so the woman's job of helping the male to control himself and thus work with the energies correctly is easier than it is for him to actually control himself. If she makes him have an orgasm then it is fornication. If she is working Tantric Love it is never adultery. If he is losing his semen then it is fornication and if he is not working on Tantric Love then it is adultery (especially of the soul).


You see, it is not adultery as the church systems would have us believe the body (the dead letter) but it is in fact adulterating the soul (the spiritual) for the pleasures of the body. At this point we can now say that yes a woman can be adulterous to her own soul; yet given her searching for a Tantric lover (consciously or in just about all cases unconsciously) there is no conscious adultery of her soul. She is seeking communion with OM, knowing that it will bring about peace, love and the greatest beauty. He is seeking sexual gratification, as we now know given the narcissistic epidemic that we are living in, he thinks and believes that he is God.

A Game Plan

Many a wise person has told us that without a mission in life, we are like a boat without a sail. If we set out a path to somewhere then we will most likely get there. If we don't set out any goals for ourselves, then we will just drift around aimlessly. The goals themselves can develop into our mission as we stretch them out into the future. This mission, these goals, must at first be our own; then we need to compare them with our mate's. If there are no common ones (being happy is not a goal, it is a state of mind; raising the kids is not a goal, it is a choice you made in continuing life); then you need to go back to the drawing board and ask yourselves why you are still together and politely inquire as to whether you would both not be better off with someone else.


Divorce is not part of the game plan here, but it could end up being the option that is required in order for both parties to move on with life and allow each other the chance at being all they can be. Remember that karma and fate had a lot to do with your joining together and thus given our un-evolved set or mores, stuck with the one that your hormones picked and are trying to love, stay just as you saw all the elders do. Remember the joke in chapter one, well it fits nicely here; until we are conscious we will simply (as it is much easier) repeat and repeat until the 'cows come home'. As we live in a society and culture that is closing in on 50% of marriages ending in divorce; with a boom of retirements and surplus time to be with our loved ones; are we not better off sitting down and discussing these things openly and honestly instead of denying the challenges, avoiding the reality and somehow someway ending up in, what happens too often, a messy divorce. Psychologically and statistically too many marriages continue past their expiry date because of control and fear issues. However, a funny thing with karmic fate is that sooner or later we all must face our fears and thus as we had control over ourselves to do something about it, but avoided it, denied it, fate took over the control for our soul's growth.


We exist here and now it is said, 'to bring light to where darkness is'. Expressing our sensuality is one of the most profound ways that we can express our love for each other and bring OM into the picture, literally. OM is really our coach once we start to work out the game plan that we setup.


With reality of our sexual expressions being what it is, degenerating due to the time period that we are in, kali yuga (bottom of the fourth and sixth), we need to at least stop the degeneration; which is my challenge that I put out to all the males that are the worst in perpetuating it. Seeking younger, more innocent girls, is not the answer to your viagra needs. If you have any sexual problems please rest assured that it starts between your two ears and while chemicals in your diet etc affect it, taking more chemicals will not rectify it. Sexual dysfunction can be easily fixed by knowing yourself better and being totally honest with yourself; that necessarily includes your dark side with your deep dark secrets; because as males get older the visual stimulation they require grows and grows exponentially, leading to really big problems that they really do not want to experience. Remember the saying 'The Shadow Knows', well please take it literally and find out what it does know.

The Healing

We said that the 'Id' is the seat of the seed of the soul. Now that we can understand that and we have an idea of the process to fix it all, see yourself healing and awakening your soul to be all that you can be.


When two loving people are communicating deeply with each other, when they are being truthful, conscious and unconditional to each other, then they have in fact started the healing process that too many of us need to go through in order to be all that we can be. In too many cases it will in fact be the healing process of a sexual nature due to some abuse or trauma therein. In a lot of other cases it will not be a sexual problem, but a psychological one. Regardless of what the problem is, the Tantric copulation of two Real Lovers, can heal all wounds and help us to be all that we can be.


To better understand the Taoist energy process of it all, read some of their material or seek out a film on sexual healing energy titled 'Bliss'. It is the story of a woman from an abused childhood that heals with the sexual energy and love of her mate. It explains the concept well and the process.


One thing that needs to be fully understood at this point, is that Tantric practices may not be for everyone; that is to say in the present couple arrangement. In fact, in some instances it maybe quite dangerous as it can allow for abusive control of one over the other and as you experience the heightened ecstasy, of your angelic nature, you can easily fall into degeneration and thus your demonic nature will show itself. This process is one of using sexual energy consciously for the healing and the betterment of both. It is about attaining Onement with the cosmic forces in unison, being fully aware that the dark side is somewhere around and waiting for a chance to enter the picture. This was the biggest reason that for so long this process was one of the hidden keys to the higher mysteries. It has only been in our present age, the age of Aquarius (knowledge) because it has been permitted to be extolled to the masses. Why? Unconditional love from the 'carriers of the light', the 'masters of compassion' and the ending of kali yuga and thus the start of, into, the 'Golden Age' of enlightenment; the renewal and turning point for our ascent upward.


Know yourself and you will know that God really meant what it said, but no one took it for real, as we did not have the ingredients needed to know ourselves and to be all that we can be.



I  can be quite direct when it comes to issues that most consider sensitive, but which I consider imperative virtues. Sensuality versus sexuality is the big one, so here is an acid test that we can all do, and should do in order to really understand who and what we are: Sit with your mate in a meditative situation where you are both communicating very openly. Then ask each other the following, promising to be as truthful as possible, remembering to respect each others opinion and not turning this into an argument:

How would you like, how would you feel, how would you deal with the fact that:


>1.     God is watching our every move when we are making love and seeing our every thought and wants us to share it all with each other unconditionally?

2.     Our children will live and go through exactly what we have lived and gone through inside our so-called 'secret' bedroom?

3.     Would you really want your children to act as you did with their mate?

4.     Would you really want them to live the thoughts as you did?

5.     If not, then what do you think God would say to you should God suddenly appear in your bedroom and want to discuss it all with you?

6.     How would you react?


Remember that God is everything and everywhere so God knows it all. God's love is purely unconditional, but God is not looking for justifications or excuses, just the facts. To add a Biblical slant to this remember that, 'when two people have a common goal, God is there'. If what you are doing and what you are wishing for your children are not the same thing; then there is a problem that needs to be worked out.


To really practice Tantric Sex the following is a general outline that you can use; but please, please do look up and buy any of the really great books that 'talks' to you and your mate about all the intricate details that should be worked on to ensure the joint growth of each. Remember, and this you may want to practice first to see how it feels and how you can manage with it; make love without any orgasm, without any ejaculation. Literally.

Talk it over with your mate and then while in a Tantric embrace, make love while talking about soul stuff that pleases both of you. Be sure to do deep breathing and visualize the energy moving up your spine from the coccyx area to the top of your head, then down to your heart. Sense how you are feeling as you move away from the animal function of orgasmic pleasure, ejaculation; to that of transmutation of your sexual energies for procreating both you and your mate's souls' awakening. Pray to OM and the deities you are comfortable with for help and you will be surprised with what you will attain.

Re-parenting our Soul with God


So we found out that the seed of our soul is asleep within, waiting to be germinated and parented. We have understood that with Love and Faith in 'OM' we can become conscious and enlighten our soul. Yet, we still realize that with our own parents and caregivers not having done the parenting of our soul, how can we do it ourselves. We had enough worries with a physical being and now we have to turn around 180% to re-write a preprogrammed tape playing somewhere in our sub-conscious that is attached to our super-ego and all of this is just abstract to a meat and potatoes kind of person, (vegetarians included).


Just as our parents forgot about the parenting of the soul, are we going to forget about 'OM' now that we know 'OM'? Are we going to try and do this all ourselves as if 'OM' does not exist? Why would we even want to think that we could and try? Does it still not hurt enough yet?


Just as a child, we would ask our parent or caregiver for help and understanding, the miracle in life is that with our direct communications with 'OM', we can ask 'OM' for help and guidance. 'OM' wants us to, wouldn't you if you were 'OM'? 'OM' is not abstract in that 'OM' is everywhere and is the 'Totality'. Our soul was not parented by anyone, so why would we go to just anyone and ask them for help?

They would just turn around and do what they did parenting our physical part, our mind. They would just transfer another set of egos, maybe a different person, a different situation; but none-the-less a set of egos just the same.


Sure we can use anyone as a resource center on where to go to seek the information we are looking for. We can use anyone for help on this part or that part. But, we will also learn in this process that most of those which we will call 'open' ones are seeking the parenting themselves and have their own set of egos, as we all do. What we really need to do is to setup that communication line with 'OM' as our guide and source of inspiration to do all those things that need to be done.


We have lived most of our lives from our egoic mindset and not from our virtues per say. We have not been overly exposed to the inner workings of our psychological nature thus do not really understand our personal characteristics and traits. We have been winging it, and many would like to say doing a good job of it. The sage would ask one simple question to that statement, 'Which ego is saying, doing a good job of it?' Where there is an ego, there is no room for the virtue.


With Faith in 'OM' all things start to become possible and the real essence of life comes through to us as that one beautiful thing that it is (or should be) 'Love'. And as Love is 'OM', we start to actually live as 'OM', that is to say we actually start to live as that loving being we all have within, that is unconditional in it ways and truthful in it's mannerisms and most of all conscious in all things. In fact what we are doing is consciously becoming aware of 'OM' and not just doing it from rote or from fear of this or that.


'OM' will first parent us in our security needs of that when all is said and done, our soul can always count on 'OM' for the things that it needs. Please do not confuse this with want, which is from our ego. Once we feel secure in our place with 'OM' we will be lead onto the feeding of our now germinated soul. This parenting or nurturing will be just like the same steps that a child does, it will be just like watching us parent our own child, only this time we will be the child (as we all have a wounded one inside of us in some shape or form) and 'OM' will be feeding us all those things that we need to grow and be confident, strong and literally all that we can be.


'OM' was, is and will always be there for us. Just as we can count on some relationships coming and others going, due to their impermanent nature. We can count on 'OM' to always be there for us, as 'OM' is the only energy that is permanent. Just like when we reincarnate we can come back with a real pure loved one, a sort of soul-mate, but our true soul-mate for eternity is 'OM', always welcoming us back from wherever we are, to wherever we go, there we are and there is 'OM'. Everywhere.


'OM' will not punish or make us repent for this or that. 'OM' will not ask of us to pay penitence or extract karmic payments from us. That is the job of fate, as we were required to be setup as we got stuck here and our energies were contaminated with egos, which have no place within 'OM'. Fate will help us see the error of our ways so to speak and once we are conscious of whatever situation, we will know at that point what to do. If we were to try and think of and know all that is to know, our minds could not comprehend and handle it all, as our energies have been dissipated from various things. We would more than likely not go crazy, that is to say, if we are not already, albeit not conscious of it, as we are asleep. It is safe to say the more asleep we are, the crazier we are. The only exceptions are the loony-toons, who started to become conscious without 'OM' as their guide and then decided that they would rather stay asleep. This is a real no, no. So if we are not strong enough yet, better just keep asking 'OM' for the courage and strength. As the saying goes, 'OM' will not give you more than you can handle at any time'. Just watch out for fate, it does not have the same meaning as 'OM'.


Aside from most of the foregoing, who would not want to be parented by 'OM'? Who would not want 'OM' as their best friend, constant companion and personal guide in this wonderful world called 'life'? Just use tact when you are telling all your friends about it, some get a little touchy when you start to talk about 'OM'. But, the fun part is that if you want, with your own free will, you can start to tell them all about 'OM' and then they can tell two people and so on and so on. Just like that silly commercial, make one up for the boss as well, 'OM' does have a sense of humor. Look at our predicament.



Either go back to your caregivers and ask them, or set and communicate with your mate and ask them; Do you feel that your soul was parented? If so, how? If not why do you think that? Then follow the thread to wherever it leads. Remember to ask why. Remember to act as if you are the inquisitive child and then, as an adult, what you would be doing and saying to that child questioning you. We have been told time and again, that the answers lie within us; and they really do; we just have to know how to ask the right questions. Why? Why? Why?

Rebirth of the System & Being all that You can Be


We are in the fourth round and nearing the bottom of the sixth race. There is just a final stretch and then we are back on our way home, back up to 'OM'. Please do not think about the future that is endless in our concept of time, think about the here and now and what we are facing. In order to be all that we can be we need to reunite ourselves with reality, the good, the bad and the ugly. Without taking cognizance of reality, we do not live life, we exist and we try to enforce our concept of reality into the world and make the world our place, how we see it, and thus live. All the problems that we have, do and will remain until we literally wake up.


There are not as many realities as there are humans, there is one and that is what OM really is. All the rest that we live is our interpretation of what we see through our body suit, using our mind as reality. In the old old days, reality was that the earth was flat. Some of us lived back then, thus some of us believed it back then and lived our life out based on that fact. While hardly a life shaking example, do we really want to go through life believing that white is black and black is white? Do we not want to at least mix it up a little and have some gray?


Our solar system is cyclical, just like everything in it, including our own lives. We are born, live a life, die and then are reborn and start the process over. Each time we are different based upon what we learned, want to learn and need to learn. For some strange reason, at these crossroads in our lives, we have collectively chosen not to know some things, so that we could all learn them together. We are having a massive awakening, or coming out party. Given that this is fact and is here and now, and that we cannot avoid it, deny it as it will come and find us via fate and make us face it; why do we not take it upon ourselves to realize that a new age is dawning, will come when it must, whether we are ready or not; and wake ourselves up to it and be all that we can be?


It can be like a renaissance awakening that happened sometime in the middle ages. It can be like getting a second chance to study for a test that we know if given we could do very well. It is like taking charge of our own inner power and having that second chance at life that goes without saying, if only I were younger and know what I know today. Age is a state of mind, so you are only as old as you feel and let yourself be. Sure at some point our expiry date (destiny) becomes a reality, but it would be better to be  healthy and drop dead, then to be asleep (un-awakened) and die slow as we all seem to be doing. If we can't go out and spend, indulge in the materialistic consumerism then we don't want to play the game of life. That is just sour grapes because we did not have all the pieces of the puzzle until now.


For those of you that have gotten this far, I fooled everyone with the last chapter, I left out the most important part; yes more important than the sensual feelings. It is the fact that ties into the saying, 'when two people are in union in my name (OM) and with a common goal; then it will be'. This should be taken literally, as once the esoteric nature is understood from the exoteric process, then the sky is the limit.


Would you not like to travel anywhere on earth, without a passport and baggage? Would you not like to visit some of the greatest wonders of our world? Would you not like to converse with some of the deities that watch over us, or better, play with them? Would you not like to help heal all of your brothers and sisters, no matter whom they are; because you can? Would you not like to start to understand the mysteries of the cosmos so that you can have the chance of traveling in it? Would you not like to help solve some or even all of the world's problems, before it is too late? Would you not like to take your mate out dancing, with the cosmos doing the orchestration?


You can. It is not a fairy tale, it was handed down to us as such in order to keep the memories of it alive, as to what our potential is. It is not incredulous, for anything that can be imagined can be done, when you figure out the right combination. Up to now we never really had gnosis or the ingredients and so now we should try our own mixing and matching to see what we can come up with. We have not really experimented with life, we have yet to really love; but now we can do it all and more.


Just send me $19.95 and I will I am just kidding; you have it all within you as we speak, you have your own inner gnosis that is unique to you. All you need to do is to wake up to your soul, germinate it, nurture it and then have conscious enjoyment trying out the various ways of making it work through the process of Tantric Yoga. Tantric sexual work is going to be hard to start with as most of us are not really communicators, thus we have not really been communicating with our mates, our inner emotions, passions, fears and longings for a beautiful life of peace and love. Funny thing is that most of us are baby boomers and we were hell bent on peace and love in the 60-70's and sold out our soul's awakening to consumerism, fast cars and fast mates. Thank OM that we now all have a second chance to be and live real love.


So as you blissfully go off on your adventure to be all that you can be while heralding in the Golden Age, smile the biggest smile that you can muster, for regardless of how far you go along the path to the higher mysteries of life, you and your mate will be practicing the most ancient art of love making regardless of the outcome it will make the world a better place and make our relationships better. You will be in communion with OM without anyone trying to buy into you or control your soul. You will be all that you can be; and that is exactly what your Soul, the Deities and OM are waiting for.




P.S. If anyone asks how you got to where you are going, tell them OM sent you.


Things are not always as they appear to be; and just because we choose not to believe something to be true, it does not mean it is not true, for truth even in the hands of one person is still the truth.