The Harvest of the Sun

By Samael Aun Weor
Here we are to study, you are here to listen to me and I am here to speak to you. Of course, knowing how to listen is a very difficult thing; it is easier to know how to speak. When we listen, normally a translator interferes inside us, who is the I, the Ego, the myself, who translates everything according to his own concepts, opinions, ideas, etc. Thus, knowing how to listen is not that easy.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that there is something within us, which is beyond the mere physical body. We have a body made of flesh and bones, this is obvious, and anyone accepts this reality. But very few understand that we have a psychology susceptible to change. It is necessary to understand this psychology if we actually really want to transform ourselves. Those who really accept that they have a psychology begin to observe themselves. When someone observes himself, it means that he is trying to transform himself, and we must transform ourselves.

Life, the way it is, actually is not very attractive. To be born, grow up, get old and die turns out to be extremely boring. It makes no sense working very hard for existing, existing in a miserable manner. Not only exist in a miserable manner those who have money, but also those ones who don’t. There are two manners of wallowing in the mud; some wallow in the mud of misery and others in the mud of wealth. All that is desolating. Living for living, existing for existing, without knowing why nor what for, is something with any sense. What are we? Why do we exist? What do we live for?

Each one of us is simply a machine in charge of transforming energies. The energies of the seven planets, the planetary energies of our solar system cannot pass into the interior of the Earth, because our planet is a different one, it is a world governed by 48 laws, a completely different world from the other worlds of the solar system. The solar system requires channels that allow the cosmic or universal energy to pass directly into the planetary interior. And it must not only pass, it need to be transformed through these same channels; only this transformed and adapted energy can be useful to the planetary organism.

Consider that the Earth is a living organism, which needs to exist, which requires cosmic energies for living, as well as we need energy for living. This energy comes from the other planets of the solar system. But as our Earth is different from the other planets, it is necessary to transform this energy to be able to feed the planet. And it could not be transformed if there weren’t channels through which the energy could pass. Fortunately, these channels do exist; they consist of organic life, a thin layer that the Logos has established above the Earth's surface/crust. The thin layer of organic, plant, animal and human life is necessary for the energies to be transformed and pass into the interior of the Earth. Only this way the Earth could exist as a living organism.

We, human beings, are simply machines through which the energy may pass. Each one of us receives certain electric and magnetic charges, which we soon transform unconsciously and retransmit automatically into the very depths of the Earth. Therefore we exist. We go through so much bitterness for the Earth to exist, for this planetary mass to turn around the Sun. And we think we are so big, but we really are nothing more than little energy transforming machines. That’s the reason for our existence. So that this huge planetary mass exists, we must continue our little lives.

Poor us, to work for a living, to exist for the economy of Nature. No matter what ideas we have what beliefs... The only thing that matters for Nature is that it may receive the corresponding nourishment, the energetic nourishment that may pass through our body, that is all. And so we live, fighting either at home, or on the streets, or battle fields, suffering, having a hard time with oppressors, in the factory or in the office, paying our taxes to be counted as citizens, paying rents in order not to be thrown unsheltered on the street, etc. And all that for this planet to be able to exist, be part of the concert of the worlds, to be able to pulsate and exist. How many mothers suffer, how many get sick from starvation, some don’t even get to milk their offspring. How many elders, with their so-called experience, how many children recommence to receive warnings, in short, all in order to this planetary mass exist.

It’s a bit hard, a bit cruel, and even merciless. But that is so. If only we were human, but we aren’t either... We are just some poor intellectual humanoids carrying the burden of living. That’s what we are. It would seem pretty pessimistic, for there are contrasts - if we still remember so many parties, how we laughed over the glasses, it would seem that life has its happy moments. That’s because we don’t know what is happiness.

We mix the instants of pleasure with real and true happiness. Of course we wander along mistaken ways. And after pleasure’s fulfillment comes disillusionment, disappointment.

Think of a man who believes he loves a woman, and a woman who believes she loves a man; they get married, but actually they were fascinated, they did not love one another. They thought they loved each other... What happens is that one mistakes passion for love. After the merely animal passion is satisfied, the only thing left to the couple who loved one another so much is boredom, disillusionment, that's all. They only talk about bank accounts, the rent, the dirty clothes which have to be washed, breakfast that has to be ready in time for leaving to work; sometimes they go out somewhere for a walk, to escape from boredom, or go to a party that ends in drunkenness.

Thus we spend life, until we get old, and when we get old we feel like veterans, we enjoy our grandchildren calling us grandpa, to tell them our sad stories of which we are so proud... Such stories abound in life, that "in my time, such-and-such president did this and that "... Or to tell them about some bloody fratricidal war we took part in, probably even documented by our battle wounds, of which we feel proud. Mere sadness...

That such a brother has died that our cousin lost his fortune, that in those old times things were better, etc. Finally comes death. Unhappy life, if for that we have worked so hard, suffered so much.

Fortunately, there is something else in the Logos, the Sun is merciful. If it is true that the Sun has created us as little machines serving Nature, the Nature it created, it is no less true that it also has a creative interest. It would not create a Nature, organic life on the surface of a world turning around the sun just for fun, aimlessly, without a definite purpose. It must have created this planet for something, creating for nothing would be the utmost nonsense. It would be just like creating a gadget, suffering for it, making it exist and then destroying it. Thus, this creation has a purpose. The Sun charges a price for having created this thin film of organic life on the surface of the world. It wants to profit from that, it has an interest, and it is right.

The Sun wants to harvest solar men. It is an experience, surely an amazing and extremely hard one, in the test tube of Nature. The Sun wants to create solar men.

At this moment I remember Diogenes, with his lantern, in plain daylight, through the streets of Athens, looking for a man, and he couldn’t find one. He had gone to the wise men’s homes with his lantern, he entered the rooms, searched the corners, the hallways...

"What are you looking for?" people asked him... "I’m looking for a man". "But the streets are crowded with men, the squares..." "Those aren’t men", he answered, "they’re beasts, they eat, sleep and live like beasts". And he visited the homes of scientists, artists, and everywhere he did the same. It’s obvious that the number of his enemies increased as he visited more and more homes. Everybody felt obviously offended by Diogenes. And he was right; he couldn’t find a man.

Diogenes lived inside a cask, there he ate, and he didn’t even have a house. What is interesting is that when he was about to die no one less than Alexander the Great, the one who put all Europe and Asia under his power, went to visit him. And he drove him away. A little man like Diogenes living in a cask, driving Alexander the Great away! He said: "Alexander, go away and leave me alone with my Sun", that is, with his inner God. And Alexander had no choice but to go away.

Then, we get to the conclusion that authentic men are very hard to be found. Fortunately, the Sun has settled in our sexual glands the germs for the man. Such germs could develop and grow if we cooperate with the Sun. Then we would stop being just talking machines as we are now, and we would become real men, the Kings of Creation. To say that this mankind is made up of men is to exaggerate, because I understand that man is master and lord, the king, so says the Bible; the King of Creation, created for governing all animal and plant species, for governing the sea, the air, the fire. And if he isn’t a king, he isn’t a man. Who among you is able to control fire? Who of you is able to set off the volcanoes of the earth and make the world shake? To unleash an earthquake, or control it?

If we aren’t masters of the creation, so we aren’t men, because it’s written in the Bible that man is the king of Creation; either we are king or we are nothing. Because if we are the victims of circumstances, if an earthquake kills 7,000 people as has happened now in Europe, where do we stand? Victims of circumstances, where are the men?

If the elements can smash us just like we trample an anthill under our feet, so where are the characteristics of the man in us, that we call ourselves men?

Really, no matter how much we presume, deep inside, we are nothing more than "intellectual animals" condemned to the punishment and pain of living.

There are seeds, however, in our glands, which can turn us into men. These seeds must develop and will develop in us if we cooperate with the Sun and the solar ideas.

For this purpose it has created this race, among other things, not only for serving the economy of Nature, but also with the well-defined purpose of getting a harvest of solar men. In the times of Abraham, the prophet, the Sun was able to get a harvest of solar men. During the first eight centuries of Christianism, it got another small harvest; in the Middle Ages, a few; nowadays, the Sun is making a last effort.

And as this perverted mankind of the twentieth century has become an enemy of the solar ideas, terribly materialistic, mechanicist and one hundred per cent lunar, the Sun makes its last effort, it tries to get from what is already lost a last harvest and then soon destroy the race, because it is no longer useful for its experiments.

What use is this Race anymore? People who do not have any interest in the solar ideas, who just think of bank accounts, bright cars, and Hollywood actresses? People, who just want to fulfill passions, sex, drugs, etc., certainly do not fit into the experience of the Sun. Such people have to be destroyed, and that is what the Sun is going to do. And it will create a new race, in new continents that are going to emerge from the depth of the seas.

The present continents are going to be on the bottom of the oceans soon. The government palaces, City Halls, rich mansions are going to serve as shelter to the fish and seals. That’s the truth: new lands are going to emerge from the bottom of the oceans, where unquestionably there are going to be new people. A special race, a distinct race, fit for the solar experiment. Those are the facts!

And I speak in anguishing days, a time when people don’t believe in the end of the world any longer, a time when people just say "let’s eat and drink because tomorrow we shall die", a time when people just worry about bank accounts, about what others will say, about gossips, about the latest fashion, about drugs or lust.

I talk about that with just one purpose, to invite you to reflection. It is possible to develop these solar seeds for man to be born inside us in the same way as a butterfly is born inside a chrysalis. But above all we must open ourselves to the possibility of Man. If there isn’t such a willingness, man cannot be born inside us. The seeds are there, but they may be lost, and it is normal that they be lost. They are very difficult to develop, we need these seeds to develop and they could only develop if we cooperate with the Sun.

In sex is the "secretum secretorum" (secret of secrets) of inner Self-realization. But we must not be shocked before the "secretum secretorum". When they think about sex, people soon remember their vices, their lascivious habits, their dirty fornication, and their abominable adulteries.

The swan feeds on love, when one of the couple dies, the other perishes of sadness. There is an Order of the Swan both in Europe and in the United States. This Order is concerned with the study of this thing that is called love. It is a cosmic, transcendental energy. For love to exist there must be affinity of thoughts, of feelings, of mental worries... A kiss is the mystical communion of two souls, eager to express in a sensible manner what they feel inside.

Sexual intercourse itself is the consubstantialization of love in the psycho-physiologic realism of our nature. Let’s see an old man in love, he gets younger, all his glands work better; these energies which emerge flow from the bottom of consciousness and activate the micro-laboratories which are the endocrine glands, so they produce more quantity of hormones. Such hormones invade the blood current and the process of cellular revitalization happens.

It’s worthwhile to reflect on that thing called love, that thing which is called sex. Sex and love are closely related, since sexual intercourse is the consubstantialization of love in the psycho-physiologic realism of our nature. How great is love, only the great souls can and know how to love. But we must not mistake passion for love. Thanks to love, to sex, to this force that flows in everything that exists, everything that has existed and everything that will exist, creatures can reproduce themselves ceaselessly, the fruit on the surface of the earth can exist, and species can propagate... Then, to look at sex with repugnance, to consider it a taboo or sin, a reason for shame or dissimulation, is a blasphemy, it is tantamount to spitting onto the sanctuary of the Third Logos.

It’s worthwhile to understand that one needs to work with the wonderful power of sex. If through this wonderful force of the Third Logos all nature exists, if thanks to the sexual force we exist, it becomes essential to understand what this force is, not to profane it. It is necessary to know how to use it to transform us radically.

Many times we have given the transmutation keys: connection of the Lingam-Yoni, without ejaculation of the Ens-Seminis, because in the Ens-Seminis is all the Ens virtutis of Fohat. This is the key; this is the secretum secretorum of transmutation. We don’t use rude words because sex is sacred, and its key must be exposed with rectitude.

When somebody transmutes the sacred sperm into energy, he can originate a complete change. The wise medieval alchemists tell us about the Mercury of the Secret Philosophy which is nothing but the metallic soul of the sacred sperm. When we transmute the sperm, the Exiohehari, when one does not commit the crime of spilling the vase of Hermes Trismegistus, the Thrice Greatest God Ibis of Thot, obviously mercury is produced, the Mercury of the Sages, which is nothing but the creative energy that goes up to the brain.

This mercury has to pass through definite phases before it can be useful, as the alchemists know. Knowing how to prepare the mercury is essential. At first the mercurial waters are as black as charcoal, putrefied, dirty. Many alchemists waste their time because they never bleach the Waters of Life. And they don’t bleach it simply because they don’t know how to refine the Sacrament of the Church of Roma. If we read the word Roma inversely we have Amor (love). Many neophytes are profaning the Sacrament of the Church of Love. They work roughly in the Forge of the Cyclops, vulgarly, passionately, but don’t refine their work, and the waters remain black.

When one begins to refine, these waters become clear, ineffable, then one gets the right to wear the white linen tunic of Thot, the tunic of chastity. Much later, when the waters become yellow, they can already be fertilized by sulfur. This sulfur is the fire enclosed in our creative organs. Fire is mixed with mercury, with the sexual energy, and rises victorious up the medullar channel to the brain.

The rise of the sacred fire is outstanding. The first center to be open is the church of the coccyx, the Church of Ephesus, in the coccygeal bone, which gives us powers onto the earth element. The second center is on the prostate height and gives us powers onto the troubled waters of the ocean. The third power that opens is on the navel height, power onto the fire element, and then we can set on activity the volcanoes of the earth.

The fourth power is on the heart height, it gives us power to go out and get into the body at will, or put the body in the state of Djins; it confers us the lordship onto the air element. The fifth power is on the creative larynx, it allows to speak in synthesis, and listen to the symphonies of the cosmos. The sixth power in on the forehead height; it confers us the divine clairvoyance, the power to see in all regions of the infinite space. Mercury mixed with sulfur opens all of these. When mercury is mixed with sulfur, fire, it becomes red as purple. Unfortunately, there are many which remain stagnated, because they don’t refine the sacrament of Rome Church.

The excess of all this sulfur, of all this mercury and also of the sublimated salt which rises mixed with sulfur and mercury, when it crystallizes in our cells, in our large sympathetic nervous system, it takes the extraordinary and wonderful shape of the Astral body. That is the body, which is created inside the organism, in the Laboratory, a magnificent body.

Someone knows that he has an astral body when he can work with it, when he can use it, as the hands, as the feet. With the astral body we can visit the other planets of the solar system, with the astral body we can set ourselves in touch with the 30 Eons which have emerged from the aurora of creation. With the astral body we can set ourselves in touch with all those deans, archangels, thrones, which exist in the universe. With the astral body we can travel to all the worlds of the galaxy, including Sirius, which is the central capital around and that all of this large Milky Way turns. It is forbidden to go beyond the central sun of Sirius. I want you to know that Sirius is the fundamental center of the galaxy.

All the constellations of the Milky Way, all the solar systems including ours, turn around Sirius, which is the gravitational center of all these worlds. Therefore the Neophyte who has an astral body can not go beyond Sirius, because there are other galaxies, with different laws, which we don’t understand. I myself, with my astral, sidereal vehicle, with the Eidolon, the way we would call it in high magic, when I tried to go beyond Sirius, I was taken back to Sirius.

There are anti-galaxies, anti-matter, anti-worlds, anti-stars, and anti-atoms. The galaxies of anti-matter are incomprehensible for us. Even wise men as Einstein would be completely ignorant regarding physics, mathematics, if they were taken to an anti-matter galaxy, with inverted charges, made of anti-matter... Let’s think what would it be to go beyond Sirius. We would be completely defenseless, even owning the astral body, we would be nothing more than miserable logs lost in the ocean. So is the infinite. How could we relate ourselves with people who have anti-matter bodies, with their inverted changes?

Their concepts belong to dimensions that we misunderstand. Thus, it’s worth having an astral body, to visit these regions of space, but we could never go beyond Sirius.

Once we have permitted ourselves the privilege of creating such a vehicle, it is essential to create also the mental body, if we want to be men with an individual mind. The way we are, we don’t have an individual mind, we have many minds. If we think we carry inside our Ego, the "I" of experimental psychology and which exists in pluralized form, undoubtedly each of its elements has its own mind. Inside us there are many minds. Each mind has its own ideas, its criterion.

The I of Anger has its ideas, its criterion, its documentation, it justifies itself, it has its logic to argument, can perfectly defend itself before a court, with an amazing intelligence, it can say "I was right, I killed this man because he committed this or that delict"...

The I of Lust also has its logic, can present himself before the best courts, with physiology texts in hand and defend himself, saying that lust is a natural function of the human being, that everything which exists may develop sexually; or that it was not lust, but it was developing the erotic function, which is something natural... And make an exposure of physiology, explain the physiology of Eros, the work of the ovaries and testicles and let everybody astonished.

Thus, each of the I's we have within us has its logic, its mind, its reasoning. And each of these minds we carry inside dispute, chock against one another. We have to create an individual mind, but we could not create it unless we transmuted the sperm into energy. With transmutation it is manufactured what is called Mercury and it is with this Mercury of the Wise that we can crystallize, form, organize, create, in our inner, the individual mind. When someone has an individual mental body, can understand, capture, and assimilate, all the science of the universe.

He can also use the mental vehicle for traveling all over the sacred space, from world to world. With the individual mind one can penetrate the Devachan, the superior mental region of the cosmos and nature.

But that’s not all. People are victims of circumstances, they are moved by circumstances; they depend on the law of accidents. How could someone learn how to drive the circumstances, if he hasn’t created the body of conscious will before? When someone creates such a body, he is no longer a slave of circumstances, he can drive them deliberately, he becomes master, lord. This body can only be manufactured with the Mercury of the Sages. It is the result of transmutation of the creative energy.

And with the astral, mental, causal bodies, and having an splendid physique, we can permit ourselves the privilege of receiving our soul principles and spiritual principles and convert ourselves in true men, in real men. The Causal body is the last of the vehicles to be created.

I could say that the causal man is the true man. In the world of natural causes we find the real man, the causal man. It’s pleasing to see the causal men in the region of the natural causes. There we see them, working for the benefit of Mankind. The causal men are real Bodhisattwas in the transcendental meaning of the word, Bodhisattwas who work under the direction of the Father, which is in secret. Each one obeys to his Father, because there are as many Fathers in Heaven as men on Earth. Each of us has his one Father that is in secret. The causal man develops himself under the leadership of the Father and he lives in the world of natural causes. He is the real man, the one we meet in the world of natural causes, in this region where one listens to the symphonies of the cosmos, the melodies of universal life. It is in that region that we see the Karma, because it is there that the Masters of the Law work.

The causal man can absorb his astral and causal vehicles to live precisely in that region. From there he projects himself to the regions of the cosmic mind and its deepness, emerge to the regions of the astral world, to appear further in the physical world.

In the name of the truth I have to tell you, that for existing here among you, I have to project myself from this causal world, because I have my gravity center in the world of natural causes. From here I project myself as far as the mental world, further as far as the astral world and, finally, making a big effort, I come here in the physical world, to talk with you. I am talking with you through concentration, because my gravity center is in the causal world, I am a man of the causal world. And if I say anything, if I explain anything, it’s for commandment, it’s because I was commanded to deliver you this message. And I do it with great pleasure, so that you can follow the path of the revolution of consciousness, of the revolution in march, of the spiritual, integral and divine revolution.

I want you to understand that the man is what is considered and that the Sun has an interest to create men. The Sun wants a crop of solar men it works hard at the moment to get it. I want you to know that when a race loses all the interest for the solar ideas, the Sun also loses all its interest for the race and destroys it. Nowadays the Sun wants to destroy this race, because it doesn’t fit its experiments any longer. But before destroying it the Sun makes a supreme effort to take at least a small crop of solar men.

If you answer to our call, if you create the willingness to man, the Sun will be able to absorb you as solar men. But it is necessary that you cooperate with the Sun, only this way you can transform yourselves into solar men.

It’s urgent that you know how to transmute, the solar man can only be created with the solar energy. That energy is found exactly in the raw quicksilver of the wise men, the raw mineral. Such element is the EXIOHEHARI, the sacred sperm. Those who commit the crime of extracting it out of their organisms with passionate purposes step away from the Sacred Absolute Sun and sink definitely in the infernal worlds until their final disintegration.

For the seeds of the man to develop inside the organism, it is necessary that they be touched by the rays or emanations which come out of Sacred Absolute Sun. Without such emanations the seeds remain unfruitful and degenerate, retrogress surprisingly until their second death. For the cosmic waves which come from the Sacred Absolute Sun can touch the seeds of the man, it is necessary not to step away from the Sacred Sun. And those who fornicate and commit adultery step far away from this star.