The Dialectical revolution


"Our position is absolutely independent. The Dialetical Revolution has no other weapons besides those of Intelligence, nor other systems than Wisdom."
the V.M. Samael Aun Weor


Monotheism always leads to anthropomorphism - idolatry , which by reaction gives rise to materialistic atheism ; that is why we prefer polytheism.

We are not afraid of speaking on the inteligent principles of Nature's mechanical phenomena , even if we are to be labeled as pagans.

We favour a modern polytheism based on psychotronics.

The monotheistic doctrines lead, in the end, to idolatry. It is better to study the inteligent principles, which never lead to materialism.

The abuse of polytheism leads, by reaction, to monotheism.

Modern monotheism sprang from the abuse of polytheism.

In the Age of Aquarius, in this new stage of the dialetical revolution, polytheism should be outlined psychologically in a transcendental form; moreover, it should be be expounded with intelligence.

A monist, vital, integral polytheism must be expounded with wisdom. Monist polytheism is the synthesis of poly - and monotheism... Variety is unity.

The dialetic revolution does not employ the terms "good" and "evil" or "evolution" and "involution", God or religion.

In the present decadent, degenerate times we need a Dialetic Revolution, an Auto-Dialetics and a new education.

In the age of dialetic revolution, the art of reasoning should be conducted directly by the Self to be methodical and fair. An objective art of reasoning will produce an integral and pedagogical change.

All actions in our lives should result from an exact equation or formula so that the possibilities of the mind and the functions and operations of understanding may arise.

The dialetic revolution holds the key needed to create a liberated mind, to bring up minds free from conditioning and from the concept of choice; "unitotal".

The dialetic revolution is not a set of dictatorial norms created by the mind.

The dialetic revolution does not intend to run over intelectual freedom.

The dialetic revolution wants to teach how to think.

The dialetic revolution does not wish to incarcerate thought.

The dialetic revolution aims at the [harmonious] integration of all human values.