About the Gnostic Tradition

V.M. Samael Aun Weor
From: http://www.gnosticinstitute.org/institute.html

"The centers of knowledge are now converted to business places, each with its tyrant that forbids its adepts and students to go out in search of knowledge; the prohibitions here, the excommunications and threats there, always leaving things for tomorrow, making a big issue out of the password, the protective amulet, the non-plus-ultra... of the secrets that no other school possesses.

"We are not looking for flatterers of masters nor are we interested in hard-hearted henchmen. We are guiding pillars. We indicate with logical thought and exact concept the path to follow so that each person arrives at his Internal Master, he who lives in silence within each of you. We inform you that knowledge belongs to the inner Self and that virtues and gifts are not a matter of false pretense and false humility but that they are terrible realities that convert us into powerful and gigantic oaks so that the frailties of the mind, the threats of black magicians, the envy of tyrants can shatter against our strong hearts.

"This school is for all the rebels of all schools, for those who do not believe in "masters," for those dissatisfied with all beliefs, for those who still have in them a little manhood and a spark of love. We are not interested in anyone's money, nor are we interested in monthly fees, or temples of brick or cement or clay, because we are conscious visitors in the cathedral of the soul and we know that Wisdom is of the Soul.

"Flattery tires us, praises should only belong to our Father who is in secret and watches us minutely. We are not in search of followers, we only want each person to follow himself, his own Internal Master, his sacred Inner Self, because He is the only one that can save and glorify us. We do not want more comedies, pretenses, nor false mysticisms and false schools. Now we want living realities, we want to prepare ourselves to see, hear and touch the reality of those truths.

"Let us take the sword of our will to break all the links of the world and launch ourselves head-on to a terrible battle for liberation, because we know that salvation is within man."