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A ghost in my suitcase ( - Ghost articles, links adn resources.

Alien Hub ( - Discussion group on the paranormal and conspiracies.

All about ghosts ( - Resources, articles, links.

All things paranormal (

Acadine Archive ( - free encyclopedia of the mysterious, occult, religious, paranormal, and unknown.

Archives of the Unexplained ( - A paranormal library

Altered Dimensions - The study of weird, unusual, and stnge phenomena (

Amazing Anomalies ( - Ghost, the strange and bizarre.
An Unlike World ( - "A resource center with information and links for many paranormal topics, such as aliens & UFOs, alt. science, cryptozoology, ghosts, occult topics, psychic things, religious phenomena and many others. There is also discussion on (psuedo)science & (psuedo)skepticism."

Angel Star's Paranormal Web Room ( - Paranormal: Ghost, Aliens, Cropcircles, Angels.

Anomalies (

Anomalies and Enigmas Forum (

Años Luz ( - Investigación, artíuculos y foros de lo paranormal

Archive X ( Paranormal phenomena - Crop Circles (

Bermuda Triangle Mysteries (

The Black Vault ( - UFO Conspiracies site ( - Bob Lazar S4 UFO Site

The Book of Thoth ( - UFO,Ghosts,Psychic and Phenomena of all kinds discussion and research.

The British Paranormal Alliance ( - "An experienced UK-Based paranormal research team, who also promote the concept of sharing knowledge, information and experiences with other groups. Fully Interactive Website."

Bunny'Cool Paranmal links (

Castle of Haunts ( - Community that shares the interest in the paranormal. Share ghost stories and photos.

Clairvoyancy and the Paranormal ( - For the spiritual, psychic and those interested in the paranormal. Chat rooms, odd photos and forum message boards.

Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (

Consciousness Research Laboratory ( - An excerpt from "The Conscious Universe"

Cryptic Conspiracies ( - Forum, picture gallery, paranormal encyclopedia's, articles and stories.

CrypticLink ( ( - Halloween, Renaissance, Gothic, Pagan, Horror, Science Fiction and Supernatural sites.

Dark Skies ( Lost civilizations, the paranormal and UFOs.

Dios! ( - Portal dedicado al estudio de las creencias contemporáneas.

Dreamscapes ( Mysteries site

Encyclopedia of the unusual and unexplained ( contains detailed articles on variety of paranormal phenomena, including the Afterlife, Religious Miracles and many more.

Enigmas ( - Misterios y enighmas del mundo

E.Din ( Paranormal, prophecies, the bible

Fortean Times ( - Paranormal articles

Gagnon's Phenomenons ( - Extraordinary and eerie events from actual cases witnessed and investigated.

Haunted NJ ( - Information on New Jersey's local legends and unwritten history. Included are the Jersey Devil, the roads to nowhere, haunted places, ghosts, strange attractions, ufo's, abandoned places.

Hotspots of the Paranomal (

Freaky But Fun ( - Discussion site about ancient mysteries and the paranormal

Foundation for paranormal research ( - Some articles and studies.

The Georgia Guidestones (

Heart of Darkness ( - A site on Therianthropy, Werecreatures, Preternaturalism and some personal thoughts and insights.

Hot Spots of Paranormal Phenomena (

In Another Life: Reincarnation in America ( - Reincarnation documentary project.

Labyrinth 13 ( - An online magazine featuring true tales of the occult, crime, & conspiracy.

Losenigmas ( - Enigmas y lo paranormal.

Lo Inexplicable ( - Artículos y cursos en lo paranormal.

Loutopia ( - Paranormal articles ( - News about all things Paranormal, Occult, and Magickal. Users are encouraged to interact with the news stories on the site, and submit new links to stories. | the dark night of the soul ( - "Looking for something strange? Religion, philosophy, and occult science intermingle to form an amalgamation ripe for the counterculture -, keep your nightmares in order with the one site that keeps you up to date on the dark night of the soul."

Modern Paranormal phenomena ( ( Parapsicología, ovnis, criptozoología y enigmas.

Mundo misterioso ( - Noticias, artículos y recursos de lo paranormal.

The Museum of Unnatural Mystery ( - New science and paranormal museum.

My Paranormal Life (

MysteryStuff ( - News, Articles, forum, and stories about UFO's, Alien's, Pyramids, Conspiracies

Mysteries, legends and the Paranormal ( - Articles.

Mysterious people ( - Some enigmas about strange and mysterious people.

N.O.R.A. - National Occult Research Association - Witchcraft, Wicca, Satanism, Cemonial Magic (

Occult and Paranormal ( - Occult and paranormal investigations

Paranormal (

Paranormal News (

Paranormal news ( - News, articles and resources.

Paranormal Research Organization Of Florida (P.R.O.O.F.) (
Paranormal Storm ( - Paranormal investigation and stories.
Paranormal Utah (

Parascope ( - Paranormal, ufo, conspiracies, covert operations

The Paranormal Palace ( - Your gateway to the paranormal. Topics include ufo's, alien species, conspiracies, psychic abilities, ghosts and cryptozoology

Port Adde Noctum ( - Magia, filosofía, parapsicología, leyendas, chamanismo, culturas antiguas, ufología, satanismo, vudú

PsiCraft ( - "PsiCraft is an online psionics academy and community founded by experienced psions for those practicing or just interested interested in parapsychology and psionics."

The Psyworld ( Paranomral site on telepphaty and related subjects

Reptilian Parallel Worlds ( - Alternave views of reality.

Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society ( - Paranormal research group

Seekers of the Unknown ( - Seekers of the Unknown is dedicated to investigating all aspects of the paranormal including ghosts, demons, ufos, aliens, cryptozoology, Fortean phenomena, psychic abilities, etc. Our cases are posted as well as reader submitted stories. We feature quizzes, polls, photographs, a message board and more. Updated on the first of each month.

Seven paranormal research ( - dedicated to the research and investigation of haunting and ghost phenomenon.

Shadow research ( - Large collection of paranormal news and articles. Skeptics Society and Sptic Magazine ( ( - Articles about Ghosts, Hauntings, Magic, Demonology and all Paranormal activities.

Spirit encounters ( - Paranormal site.

Spirits in the Sky ( - Paranormal photos, EVPs, forum, links to other sites. Investigations of areas in Ohio including my home.

Strange Encounters ( - Paranormal site. Articles, book reviews, etc.

The Supernatural Universe ( Dedicated to the discussion of the supernatural, paranormal, conspiracy theory, occul and other unexplained phenomena. Here you will find discussion forums, galleries and related news articles.

Tim Boucher, Occult Investigator ( - Tim Boucher is a 23 year old occult investigator from New York City, who specializes in how traditional wisdom/religious/mythical systems intersect and correlate with modern pop culture and information systems.

The Trickster and the Paranormal ( Electronic book

The Underground Files ( - Informative website on Paranormal, government conspiracies, cryptozoology, and many other topics.

Trails End Paranormal Society of Oregon ( - Trails End is a paranormal site with members interested in research.

Unexplained Mysteries ( - "Reporting on the latest paranormal, bizarre, science and space related news stories from all over the world on a daily basis." ( - "The purpose of this website is to present information pertaining to phenomenon that remain unexplained in terms of current mainstream scientific thinking."

The Unexplained Site (

Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country ( - "Daily news of the Edge ". The paranormal and strange news.

The World of The Paranormal (

World Mysteries ( - Mysterious places and artifacts

The WWW Virtual Library Archive X, Panormal Phenomena (
X-project paranormal magazine (