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Concepts and Poetry of The Tao (http://www.the-professor-mon.com/) - Tao books, poetry, posters and music.

Taoism Information Page (http://www.clas.ufl.edu/users/gthursby/taoism/) - Taoist sources and knowledge, other chinese philosophy links.
Daoism Depot (http://www.edepot.com/taoism.shtml) - Taoist site for beginners and practicianers alike. A collection of Tao Te Ching translations and a discussion forum for Taoists.
The Abode of the Eternal Tao (http://www.abodetao.com/) - A collection of information on contemporary Taoism.
Taopage (http://taopage.org/) - Taoist resources.

Taoism and the Philosophy of Tai Chi Chuan (http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/Philosophy/Taichi/taoism.html) - A summery of the growth of Taoism and information on deities and major figures in both religious and philosophical Taoism.
Taoism directory (http://www.taoism-directory.org/)

Taoism info (http://www.taoisminfo.com/)

Taoist Restoration Society (http://www.taorestore.org/%20) - Nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring and preserving China's Taoist heritage. Resources on practical Taoist living in the modern world. Discussion boards.
Taoist Mysticism: (http://www.digiserve.com/mystic/Taoist/%20) - Explores the mystical literature of Taoism. Consists of quotations from scriptures and the writings of individual mystics compared and contrasted by topic.

Zen-Centre Tao Chan (http://www.zen-meditation.org/) - Site about Zen-Master Zensho W. Kopp.