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Submit your site ( - Alternative theories on physics site.

Early Evolution of Consciousness ( - Theory on mind-body problem

The Everett Interpretation ( - ManyWorld theory interpretation and FAQ.

The Gyroverse ( - Review of the book.

Holistic Quantum Cosmology with Decreasing Gravity ( - Physics e-book.

The interpretation of dreams ( - Hipotesis about dreams from a quantum physics perspective.

The Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics ( - Physics articles.

Quantum Physics Model ( - "Working notes from the research of a new ontological, discrete physics based entirely on empirical data. Includes a mathematically correct Unified Field Theory and a mathematical explanation of Zero Point Energy"

Quantum Power Devices ( - The Grand Unified Theory and Darwinian Selection

Seven steps to Truth of Nature - Central Reality and Grand Unification ( - "The quantum reality and oneness of nature is discovered on a new foundation to science that explains all the developments in science sensibly and goes ahead bring grand unification Ancient and modern knowledge systems "

This Quantum World ( - Essays on quantum physics