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Ancient Order of Sabazios & Alethes Temple of Americas (

Church of the Left Hand Path ( - Left-Hand Path philosophies: Satanists (Symbolically and Theistically), Dark (LHP) Pagans, Setian\Typhonian traditions

Demonic Portals ( - This site is dedicated to the study of demonology and various esoteric/magickal systems. It is about self-alchemy and the endless quest for gnosis.

Demonology (

Emerald Dragon ( - Mystical and magical order of Luciferian light

Goetia Satanis ( - Site on satanism

House of Enlightenment ( - dedicated to unlocking the misconceptions of satanism. We also aim to give as much information about different esoteric groups as possible.

karloz 's Page (

Joy of Satan ( - Traditional Satanism, Demonology, Meditations, many articles on the true origins and meaning of Satanism.

OHDN ( - Traditional Satanism, Thelema, Hermetics & Magick

The Official Temple of Set World Wide Web Site (

The Satanic Alliance ( - A Organization dedicated to social and political change embracing a Satanic idealism.

The Satanic Net ( - Satanic portal, articles, links, discussion, resources.

Satan's Portal ( - Satanic site.

Templars Of Satan ( - Black magical lodge which adheres to devil worship.Since 1892.

Temple of Set ( - Information about the Temple of Set and the requirements for affiliation

United Order of Cerberus ( - "Promoting the issue of unity within the Satanic community.Join the fight!"